7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
leave at the altar JILT
rained very lightly SPRINKLED
atoll features LAGOONS
using a blender MIXING
choose not to vote ABSTAIN
where Bucharest is ROMANIA
Poirot's creator CHRISTIE
looked high and low SEARCHED
sudden plunge NOSEDIVE
burrowing mammal MOLE
acts as the boss OVERSEES
deed holder LANDOWNER
fat cat NABOB
standout hair style MOHAWK
soil science AGRONOMY
like a strict rule HARDLINE
ride on another's shoulders PIGGYBACK
erased, as a record EXPUNGED
Speed Stick deodorant maker MENNEN
exploding star SUPERNOVA
miscellaneous items STUFF
in the running POSSIBLE
British movie star Guinness ALEC
it has an effect CAUSATION
language spoken in Pyongyang KOREAN
annoys PEEVES
singular quality UNIQUENESS
shining brightly SPLENDENT
the 16th century, in Italy CINQUECENTO
county of W.B. Yeats SLIGO
showing the gift of gab ELOQUENTLY
proverbially cool vegetable CUCUMBER
set of kettledrums TIMPANI
pioneering satellite TELSTAR
closing a jacket, in a way ZIPPERING
coffee shop stick STIRRER
made an error, with "up" MESSED
more slick SLIMIER
really stood out SHONE
draws back RESILES