7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
native American tribe HOPI
teacup mate SAUCER
Ulysses or Cary GRANT
green's complement MAGENTA
afternoon nap SIESTA
thorny bushes BRAMBLES
where you are LOCATION
money in the bank SAVINGS
two-wheeled transport SCOOTER
something funny COMEDY
make current UPDATE
responsive SNAPPY
80s hair style MULLET
entry point GATEWAY
undersea vessel SUBMARINE
"20,000 Leagues" author VERNE
Andromeda or Milky Way GALAXY
one who chops down trees LUMBERJACK
guiding light BEACON
head of state GOVERNOR
speak quietly WHISPER
needle work ACUPUNCTURE
second planet from the sun VENUS
Oklahoma native SOONER
vocation CALLING
Texas fortress ALAMO
illegally copied BOOTLEGGED
plant disease BLIGHT
from God DIVINE
understand GRASP
information storage MEMORY
hammer into shape FORGE
house thief BURGLAR
lightning bug FIREFLY
innocent CHILDLIKE
carrion-eating bird VULTURE
high-rise home CONDO
it may make you pause PUNCTUATION
small river CREEK
spurious work of art FORGERY
strong aversion DISGUST
hard to believe UNREAL
like permed hair, perhaps WAVY
exploding noisemaker FIRECRACKER
breathing heavily PANTING
longest river NILE
airplane seat request AISLE
summertime drink LEMONADE
begin to bloom SPROUT
sea cow MANATEE
day spa's offering PEDICURE
circling bird of prey BUZZARD
what peace talks might resolve DIFFERENCES
result of ground grain FLOUR
lakeshore activity WADING
artificial channel GULLY
time spent with an artist SITTING
bootlicker SYCOPHANT
74-time "Jeopardy!" champion JENNINGS
having multiple meanings AMBIGUOUS
cylinder of meat TORCHON
peasant scarf BABUSHKA
low, felt hat BILLYCOCK
loose, bright African shirt DASHIKI
shocking read TABLOID
part of a meal COURSE
leader of the Lost Boys PETER
write down RECORD
one way of cooking an egg POACHING
"Jaws" menace SHARK
10-legged sea creature SQUID
beach watcher LIFEGUARD
indecent SHAMEFUL
tool or utensil IMPLEMENT
society shunner HERMIT
make further use of RECYCLE
come to the rescue of SAVE
whiteboard companion MARKER
take a taste of SAMPLE
causing fear ALARMING
troubleshooting test DIAGNOSTIC
Indian cracker PAPADUM
announce officially PROCLAIM
not in a good way BADLY
divine being DEITY
wooing period COURTSHIP
go under water SUBMERGE
not to be taken seriously LAUGHABLE
involving risk CRITICAL
general agreement CONSENSUS
giving freely GENEROUS
make a plaster cast MOLD
cooler ESKY
window washing tool SQUEEGEE
breed of cat SIAMESE
no part of NONE
kangaroo rat POTOROO
calls a meeting CONVENES
polite and agreeable PLEASANT
make changes to REVISE
huge cut GASH
meadow surface GRASS
horse rider JOCKEY
office furniture DESK
bad news from the dentist CAVITIES
second year student SOPHOMORE
untested GREEN
not dim BRIGHT
wither SHRIVEL
fish caught in a stream TROUT
intense sorrow ANGUISH
thin-skinned TOUCHY
absence or need PRIVATION
of the city URBAN
off the leash LOOSE
magnificent GLORIOUS
believable CREDIBLE
pieces in many board games DICE
out for revenge VINDICTIVE
bad scene DOWNER
vamoose HIGHTAIL
causing destruction PERNICIOUS
make feeble DEBILITATE
inhale and exhale RESPIRE
resistance exercise system ISOMETRICS
work up a sweat TOIL
rub the wrong way GALL
despicable ABJECT
especially hungry VORACIOUS
softly sob WHIMPER
let people go DOWNSIZE
baseball shelter DUGOUT
refrigerator ICEBOX
rationed biscuit HARDTACK
fanged snake VIPER
protective coloring CAMOUFLAGE
protective headgear HELMET
unctuous FRUITY
social event MIXER
football score TOUCHDOWN
term of abuse EPITHET
syndicate member MOBSTER
dog experimenter PAVLOV
kind of triangle EQUILATERAL
acute pain AGONY
good friends BUDDIES
faithlessness DISLOYALTY
index of words in a book CONCORDANCE
one who trespasses INTRUDER
cowboy boot attachment SPUR
cotton fabric PERCALE
shell game THIMBLERIG
swirled pattern of fabric PAISLEY
lying down HORIZONTAL
ocean sport SURFING
landfill DUMP
angle measuring instrument PROTRACTOR
hotel unit ROOM
loafer WASTREL
bundle SHEAF
ephemeral EVANESCENT
pass out of sight VANISH
diligent SEDULOUS
whipping utensil WHISK
skulduggery TRICKERY
resplendent EFFULGENT
dated, as humor CORNY
casual or carefree BREEZY
John-Boy and family WALTONS
slippery lawyer SHYSTER
open hostility DEFIANCE
wrestle a rodeo calf BULLDOG
frivolous prank CAPER
big pig BOAR
hockey mask wearer GOALTENDER
graffiti artist VANDAL
establishing as truth PROVING
devalued money SHINPLASTER
cruise ship cabin STATEROOM
become inflated BLOAT
proof of payment VOUCHER
claim against property LIEN
equivalent in barter value FUNGIBLE
not actively participating PASSIVE
cast out EXILE
of poor quality SHODDY
yielding positive results PRODUCTIVE
place to wash clothes LAUNDERETTE
vitality OOMPH
horned hat wearer VIKING
radiate or emit EXUDE
memory aid TICKLER
summer attire SUNDRESS
where things may develop DARKROOM
awards show attire GOWN
lotion additive MOISTURIZER
sorghum product MOLASSES
tailpipe emission EXHAUST
many a telethon FUNDRAISER
consumption INTAKE
Robin's alter ego GRAYSON
one who complains a lot BELLYACHER
toy pistol ammo CAPS
around the time of CIRCA
indefatigable UNREMITTING
welder's protection FACEPLATE
monkey business MISCHIEF
monkey bread tree BAOBAB
play "monkey see monkey do" IMITATE
South American monkey TAMARIN
grease monkeys MECHANICS
home for a proboscis monkey MANGROVE
Super Monkey Ball company SEGA
words on a ring, perhaps ENGRAVING
hitting in the head BEANING
attacked by a robber MUGGED
Richardson's ground squirrel FLICKERTAIL
traffic signal STOPLIGHT
small lump NUBBLE
swindled FLEECED
made a king CROWNED
joining together CLUBBING
cries without restraint BLUBBERS
visiting often FREQUENTING
washes hair SHAMPOOS
fluke, for one FLATWORM
tolerably FAIRLY
where Java is INDONESIA
afresh NEWLY
really tired EXHAUSTED
temperature measurements DEGREES
Cabinet department COMMERCE
news anchor Katie COURIC
savage BRUTISH
learning place SCHOOLHOUSE
ornamental flower HOLLYHOCK
cornball HOKEY
bagel topping SHMEAR
Reykjavik's country ICELAND
fatherly PATERNAL
growth on a rock LICHEN
chewing the fat GABBING
M, in an alphabetic sequence THIRTEENTH
like a leaky faucet DRIPPY
place for convalescence SANATORIUM
connect (with) AFFILIATE
assess MEASURE
he of "Crime and Punishment" DOSTOYEVSKY
personally-owned land HOMESTEAD
in the midst of AMONG
trivial details MINUTIAE
place to get an espresso COFFEESHOP
rambunctious quality ROWDINESS
Elvis Presley's birthplace TUPELO
more flexible BENDIER
lacking energy or drive LISTLESS
have a skirmish (with) GRAPPLE
school dance occasion HOMECOMING
"Swift" traveler GULLIVER
city in India DELHI
event with floats PARADE
cooking, as ribs BRAISING
Jackie of "The Honeymooners" GLEASON
cork in a bottle STOPPER
ancient Roman amphitheater COLOSSEUM
pang of guilt QUALM
boil over, as a radiator OVERHEAT
conference room event MEETING
palatial house MANSION
periodic table creator MENDELEEV
TV network of old DUMONT
slogan phrases CATCHWORDS
fires SACKS
large Eurasian bird of prey LAMMERGEIER
collection of various items COMPENDIUM
eldest child FIRSTBORN
sleeping in a tent CAMPING
German physicist Max PLANCK
object of infatuation HEARTTHROB
easily breakable FRAGILE
plant yielding cooking oil SAFFLOWER
percussion instruments DRUMS
limitations CONSTRAINTS
uncredited, as a poem ANONYMOUS
Gregor who studied genetics MENDEL
turn aside AVERT
profitable enough to pursue WORTHWHILE
like good handwriting LEGIBLE
stall on a turnpike TOLLBOOTH
European viper ADDER
put together CONSTRUCT
minor setbacks HICCUPS
made familiar ACQUAINTED
like some volleyball games INDOOR
no-hitter's many STRIKEOUTS
1991 Sally Field movie SOAPDISH
sore kind of toenail INGROWN
movement on stage BLOCKING
manhandler MAULER
vulnerabilities FLAWS
hunts TRACKS
semi drivers TRUCKERS
laying out a sleeping bag UNROLLING
laundry measures LOADS
flinches, perhaps REACTS
seven-sided figure HEPTAGON
country houses CHATEAUS
punctuation in ratios COLONS
speaking hastily SPLUTTERING
"Wild Kingdom" host Marlin PERKINS
Nevada city, for short VEGAS
supine FACEUP
singularly obsessed person MONOMANIAC
in a deep way PROFOUNDLY
whistleblowers reveal them COVERUPS
delusion of persecution PARANOIA
like some perfumes MUSKY
comic actor Michael RICHARDS
jutting-out part PROJECTION
language of Tallinn ESTONIAN
ruled by women MATRIARCHAL
bringing into the country IMPORTING
"The Sound of Music" star JULIE
like some oats ROLLED
small frill RUFFLE
brand of shortening CRISCO
sounded content, in a way PURRED
in short fashion TERSELY
Mexican archaeological site TEOTIHUACAN
they have two legs and fly TROUSERS
throw into confusion DISORGANIZE
spotted FLECKED
lost blood BLED
celestial object PULSAR
swimmer/cyclist/runner TRIATHLETE
catching a glimpse of SPOTTING
solve an anagram UNSCRAMBLE
V-shaped cuts NOTCHES
roughed it CAMPED
word before alarm or arrest FALSE
left alone UNDISTURBED
holding one's attention RIVETING
crumple (up) SCRUNCH
comedian Chelsea HANDLER
unkind act DISSERVICE
lost weight SLIMMED
relating to small particles MOLECULAR
flourishes THRIVES
money, in slang MOOLA
conspicuous courage GALLANTRY
lock opener COMBINATION
in disarray UNORDERED
filling an elevator car CROWDING
roadside trash LITTER
series of steps STAIRCASE
therefore ERGO
brief plot description SUMMARY
bridge beam type CANTILEVER
dockworker's locale SHIPYARD
little digit PINKIE
rotated TURNED
sponging off of others FREELOADING
with all due prudence CAUTIOUSLY
airhead DITZ
walked heavily CLOMPED
made an error of omission FORGOT
like the Bounty's crew MUTINOUS
"wordy" discipline LEXICOLOGY
whiten BLANCH
murmuring softly COOING
complementary color of red CYAN
stopped moving STAGNATED
musical group BAND
slight trace SUGGESTION
fishing equipment TACKLE
punishment for an offense PENALTY
skunk in "Bambi" FLOWER
accessories JEWELRY
like some objections PRINCIPLED
don't go anywhere STAY
Eliza Doolittle, for one COCKNEY
formal requests PETITIONS
Boise resident IDAHOAN
as a companion ALONG
air layer near space EXOSPHERE
storm with an eye HURRICANE
black eye SHINER
see eye to eye CONCUR
light-sensitive eye tissue RETINA
eyewash NONSENSE
private eyes GUMSHOES
kept an eye on MONITORED
Italian beef dish BRACIOLA
outermost layer of skin EPIDERMIS
tumultuous ROCKY
bovine herds DROVES
Tony-awarded art form THEATER
attractively plump RUBENESQUE
small, brittle cookie GINGERSNAP
cookie with a central hole JUMBLE
chewy drop cookie MACAROON
uncooked cookie DOUGH
cream-cheese cookie RUGELACH
dry Italian cookies BISCOTTI
Cookie Bumstead's mother BLONDIE
hold your horses WAIT
horse-and-buggy OUTDATED
horse chestnut CONKER
on horseback EQUESTRIAN
horseplay TOMFOOLERY
horse sense ASTUTENESS
horse gentian FEVERWORT
"handy" cosmetic treatment MANICURE
hired audience CLAQUE
comfortable in a dry climate XEROPHILOUS
one can't drive in this NEUTRAL
on an individual basis SEPARATELY
"main" pleasure trip CRUISE
subtle points NICETIES
soothe in disposition MOLLIFY
soothe with concessions PLACATE
soothe ASSUAGE
burn-soothing ingredient ALOE
tending to soothe ATARACTIC
soothing song LULLABY
soothing LENITIVE
think over CONSIDER
strap on the arm WATCHBAND
minimizes DOWNPLAYS
clouding over DARKENING
Amtrak stops DEPOTS
reacting in fear, perhaps SHRIEKING
1970s supermodel Cheryl TIEGS
clever person BRAINS
it holds up current supply PYLON
very strict SEVERE
British inventor Sir James DYSON
missing family HOMESICK
not yet settled OUTSTANDING
gaseous substance VAPOR
película animada INCREÍBLES
primero INICIAL
no conocido, anónimo INCÓGNITO
incompetente INCAPAZ
esposo de Isabel de Castilla FERNANDO
después de septiembre OCTUBRE
lista de capítulos ÍNDICE
pez similar a la sardina BOQUERÓN
un departamento de Paraguay CANINDEYÚ
ser capaz PODER
donde los guisantes crecen VAINA
lo que Neruda escribió POEMAS
opuesto de tirar EMPUJAR
sentimientos de desconfianza INSEGURIDAD
canal de noticias en los EUA UNIVISIÓN
transacción comercial VENTA
sin coraje COBARDE
Sandra, la actriz BULLOCK
imagen de espejo REFLEJO
museo famoso de París LOUVRE
monte más alto de Turquía ARARAT
Big Ten university PURDUE
tenth state in the Union VIRGINIA
five and ten EMPORIUM
ten-gallon hat maker STETSON
ten squared HUNDRED
ten-event sport DECATHLON
ten-four OKAY
fruit pulp source PAPAYA
cheap paper from wood pulp NEWSPRINT
chew into a pulp MASTICATE
sugarcane pulp BAGASSE
tissue around tooth pulp DENTINE
preserve made of fruit pulp MARMALADE
pulpy FLESHY
had a conflict CLASHED
living room furniture item LOVESEAT
neo-soul singer Erykah BADU
partners in crime COHORTS
beachcomber's collection SHELLS
largest kind of sea turtle LEATHERBACK
leads, as an orchestra CONDUCTS
vehicle safety feature AIRBAG
having hidden meaning ALLEGORICAL
common complaint COLD
what good instructions have CLARITY
baseball great Babe RUTH
he advances with interest MONEYLENDER
strictness RIGOR
a scheme to quash a scheme COUNTERPLOT
loudspeakers are this STENTORIAN
generous and kind WARMHEARTED
reddish clay PIPESTONE
a vacillating state INDECISION
lift to assess the weight of HEFT
eight line verse form TRIOLET
murder someone important ASSASSINATE
"tubby" Greek philosopher DIOGENES
changing ALTERING
funny little sketch SKIT
goggling GAWKING
dance fitness program ZUMBA
quality of xeric zones ARIDITY
calling again REDIALLING
Bavaria-based automaker AUDI
having more rise over run STEEPER
making wavelets RIPPLING
Carney and Linkletter ARTS
in a way that can't be fixed IRREPARABLY
orange veggies CARROTS
where the Yellow River flows CHINA
green, as fruit UNRIPE
once in a blue moon SELDOM
"Mood Indigo" composer Duke ELLINGTON
like shrinking violets TIMID
listed individual parts of ITEMIZED
put off until later DELAYED
"flashy" building LIGHTHOUSE
affixed firmly ANCHORED
restrain TRAMMEL
open air CANDOR
province of the Netherlands ZEELAND
attend, as to a patient TREAT
computer-age prefix CYBER
instructive program COURSEWARE
digital connector type HDMI
bellyflopped an aircraft PANCAKED
long waves at the beach ROLLERS
Robin Hood's love MARIAN
hoodwink SNOOKER
British hood BONNET
hooded jacket PARKA
hoodlum GANGSTER
Mount Hood range CASCADES
woman's hooded cloak CAPUCHIN
open Inuit boat OOMIAK
highest point in the tropics HUASCARAN
"drill masters" DENTISTS
wire-haired Welsh terrier SEALYHAM
gatherer of information, say GLEANER
in a faint-hearted fashion TIMIDLY
heehawed BRAYED
courageously faced BRAVED
put before court of law PROPONE
trembling caused by fault QUAKE
respects paid HONORS
instrument silent on its own CASTANET
it contains a "liver" HABITATION
Australian bottle tree KURRAJONG
Aussie tennis player Stosur SAMANTHA
military actions TACTICS
clean diligently SCRUB
was a perfect example of EPITOMIZED
sedative CALMING
ripped TORE
fruit salad ingredients BERRIES
specific people INDIVIDUALS
slowing down, on the road BRAKING
attacked, feline-style CLAWED
unreliable person FLAKE
loners HERMITS
put pressure on URGED
"beach movie" star Funicello ANNETTE
using a whetstone on SHARPENING
fireproof storage places LOCKBOXES
danced Highlands-style JIGGED
fails in the clutch CHOKES
jazz musician Herbie HANCOCK
make darker BEDIM
in truth VERILY
at no future time NEVERMORE
oppressive ONEROUS
mosiac piece TESSERA
calculate in advance FORECAST
typical value AVERAGE
small circle RINGLET
lank and loosely built GANGLING
largest lake in China QINGHAI
he has a second helping DUELLIST
highest point of excellence ACME
worked hard LABORED
golf Hall-of-Famer Juli INKSTER
sportsman who takes a bow ARCHER
relating to marriage MATRIMONIAL
gets rolling BEGINS
boyish actor Ribisi GIOVANNI
bulk seller WHOLESALER
still in the womb UNBORN
French resort city NICE
scatters, as a crowd DISPERSES
found the measurements of SIZED
lumberjack's shirts FLANNELS
having a known remedy CURABLE
small sword RAPIER
tries to woo COURTS
surrounds ENCIRCLES
squandered, as a lead BLEW
perfect tosses from the QB SPIRALS
random witnesses PASSERSBY
overt quality OBVIOUSNESS
fogging over MISTING
North American bears GRIZZLIES
director Joel or Ethan COEN
coming up with DEVISING
confer citizenship upon NATURALIZE
stench MALODOR
Bo is this sort of water dog PORTUGUESE
type of star that never sets CIRCUMPOLAR
town lost along with Pompeii HERCULANEUM
Solzhenitsyn's "Archipelago" GULAG
instigate FOMENT
decade from 2000 to 2009 NOUGHTIES
shed light on ILLUMINATE
measured temporally TIMED
letting go of RELEASING
made ends meet BUTTED
hinge-like joint GINGLYMUS
fungal disease of cabbages CLUBROOT
young tulips BULBS
thought through REASONED
hoodlums TOUGHS
dining partner MESSMATE
presumes SUPPOSES
in an unclear way AMBIGUOUSLY
smelling terrible STINKING
take back RETRACT
novelist Hawthorne NATHANIEL
putting down DEGRADING
pastoral poems IDYLLS
having more precipitation RAINIER
leaning keyboard symbols BACKSLASHES
frightful GRISLY
online storehouse DATABASE
in a sensible manner SANELY
getting friendly, with "up" BUDDYING
asking along INVITING
feeling tender ACHY
people good at tactics STRATEGISTS
looking for old treasures ANTIQUING
capital of Mali BAMAKO
surrealist painter Dali SALVADOR
its capital is Kigali RWANDA
argali, for example SHEEP
another name for Denali MCKINLEY
Bali's country INDONESIA
actress Ali LARTER
stale cliche CHESTNUT
Taiwanese computer company ACER
dapper SPRUCE
English luxury fashion label MULBERRY
flat surface PLANE
area of east London POPLAR
having lived a longer time ELDER
vegetable not from a hen EGGPLANT
golf clubs made of metal WOODS
it may be plastic SILVERWARE
it may have only a shower BATHROOM
it may be a male beetle LADYBUG
meat not from pigs HAMBURGER
feature missing from phones DIAL
parcels out ALLOCATES
World Heritage Site group UNESCO
furthest points in an orbit APOGEES
made over, as a wood floor REFINISHED
beginning to understand GRASPING
singing Mars BRUNO
provided workers for STAFFED
both sad and funny SERIOCOMIC
like a full stomach DISTENDED
interdependent COLLEGIAL
quantity for a stevedore SHIPLOAD
shed its skin MOLTED
conjunctivitis PINKEYE
as a daughter would FILIALLY
complete reversal TURNAROUND
Australian aviator, Bert HINKLER
a convenient food SANGER
contest won by an outsider BOILOVER
Australian grape region BAROSSA
icebergs, for example LETTUCES
people you want to be with FRIENDS
coagulating CLOTTING
Madame Curie, to Pierre MARIE
India's "Pink City" JAIPUR
like newly brushed hair KNOTLESS
less stale FRESHER
made a fishtail, perhaps BRAIDED
idling college athlete REDSHIRT
crucial time for TV networks SWEEPS
director Sidney LUMET
Seurat, notably POINTILLIST
mechanical sleeve BUSHING
cloth for tears HANKIE
basis of some predictions ALGORITHMS
insurance firm predictor ACTUARY
mathematical prediction MODEL
election prediction aid POLL
weather prediction FORECAST
warn of future events FORESHADOW
most predictions GUESSES
1970 John Wayne movie CHISUM
California city, informally FRISCO
fickleness INCONSTANCY
"The Ugly Duckling" author ANDERSEN
venomous Australasian snake TAIPAN
American artist Maxfield PARRISH
small gherkins CORNICHONS
most curmudgeonly GRUMPIEST
outspoken, but good-natured BLUFF
like an unfortunate teenager PIMPLY
Roman and Cyrillic, say ALPHABETS
it's struck by a poseur ATTITUDE
his home is his castle ENGLISHMAN
mold and mildew killers FUNGICIDES
enjoys the sun BASKS
made an error MISCUED
Latin band leader Arnaz DESI
when doubled, a fish MAHI
take out too much money OVERBORROW
Donna Karan and Calvin Klein DESIGNERS
marketer's job BRANDING
novelist Christopher ISHERWOOD
Palermo resident, perhaps SICILIAN
winter figures SNOWMEN
song from "West Side Story" SOMEWHERE
contemptible behavior SLEAZE
consisting of COMPRISING
coloring materials PIGMENTS
it may be hit CEILING
it may be beaten RETREAT
it may be kicked HABIT
it may be struck BALANCE
it may be cracked SMILE
it may be wrestled with CONSCIENCE
it may be punched CLOCK
not assisted (in wrongdoing) UNABETTED
famed French composer DEBUSSY
metals mixed together ALLOY
with a violent twist WRENCHINGLY
sweeten DULCIFY
inshore Caribbean swimmer BONEFISH
a variety of hybrid potato MARCY
Spanish snack or appetizer TAPA
garrets ATTICS
incapable of solution UNSOLVABLE
comprised of narrow strips SLATTED
sandpiper with colorful legs REDSHANK
denied upon oath FORSWORE
most like coal BLACKEST
in an unromantic way PROSAICALLY
Bono, or Bob Geldoff IRISHMAN
mellifluous HONEYED
deep blue Atlantic sea SARGASSO
cutter or chopper HEWER
tainted quality IMPURENESS
fingers and toes EXTREMITIES
arrival of foreign goods IMPORTATION
Beyonce's sister SOLANGE
utterly ruined WRACKED
in an audacious way NERVILY
Sea south of the Philippines CELEBES
Goofus' brother GALLANT
hookworm, say PARASITE
by hook or by crook SOMEHOW
let off the hook EXONERATED
hook, line and sinker COMPLETELY
one playing hooky TRUANT
Captain Hook, to his friends JAMES
Epson products PRINTERS
fruit similar to a cherry HACKBERRY
full of spirit SASSY
college heads DEANS
formal cessation ABROGATION
bounced off the side CAROMED
cheesy dinner deliveries PIZZAS
warm area of the US SUNBELT
took as one's own COOPTED
young cows HEIFERS
actor McCormack ERIC
official ban on trade EMBARGO
central Pennsylvania city ALTOONA
problems for an otologist EARACHES
online customer database SALESFORCE
1972 Neil Young album HARVEST
CPU computing collaborator COPROCESSOR
a cute visage BABYFACE
singer-songwriter Regina SPEKTOR
concede as valid ADMIT
lose vividness of color FADE
soft-serve fast-food dessert MCFLURRY
really disappointed BUMMED
people who shoot and ski BIATHLETES
you can't touch this INTANGIBLE
turning into bone OSSIFYING
Al, Mo & Co, say ELEMENTS
least ferocious TAMEST
it's in the rearview mirror YESTERDAY
one orbit around the sun REVOLUTION
toes, in a nursery rhyme PIGGIES
unspecified item SOMETHING
"I said so!" reason BECAUSE
item with a striking strip MATCHBOX
one of 24 baked in a pie BLACKBIRD
like a lad BOYISH
confused ADDLED
physical materials SUBSTANCES
English actress Gingold HERMIONE
medical treatments THERAPIES
like an ex-criminal REFORMED
king-size parrots MACAWS
slimy quality OOZINESS
moving along a curved path ARCING
prepared READIED
national park in Utah CANYONLANDS
large bays GULFS
bested OUTDONE
preparing, with "up" GEARING
rats who talk INFORMERS
"drat!", in Devonshire BLIMEY
pop star Iggy AZALEA
like green energy SUSTAINABLE
Detroit baseball pro TIGER
winter fight ammo SNOWBALL
great ape, for one HOMINOID
customer of a utility RATEPAYER
go to sea UNDOCK
inundate, as with locusts BESWARM
historic Honshu castle MATSUMOTO
seed scar HILUM
lack of respect for elders AGISM
shelf filler STOCKBOY
price scanner location CHECKOUT
sandwich counter DELI
meat cutter BUTCHER
grocery store passageway AISLE
price indicator STICKER
grocery mover CART
more reliable TRUSTIER
delectable YUMMY
does a senator's job LEGISLATES
former U.N. head Annan KOFI
what a perm provides CURLINESS
like many aquatic creatures FINNED
drenches SOAKS
presses the nose against NUZZLES
statement to the press RELEASE
press together IMPACT
product from a press CIDER
clothes presser MANGLE
press into folds CORRUGATE
Associated Press rival REUTERS
underground chamber HYPOGEUM
sign of inflammation REDNESS
China Three Gorges province HUBEI
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, suburb WAUKESHA
Israeli countertop maker CAESARSTONE
moved to the margin, perhaps JUSTIFIED
old Italian Alps festival BAIO
foreign film translation SUBTITLE
the coining of new words NEOLOGY
like some smoke detectors HARDWIRED
unkempt, as a hairdo MUSSED
puts on the slate SCHEDULES
pasta also called risoni ORZO
one way to cook an egg PARBOIL
like school library books BANNABLE
covered in strips of fabric BERIBBONED
excited ENFLAMED
in an anti-government way SEDITIOUSLY
Canadian painter Emily CARR
share the same space COLOCATE
London art gallery TATE