7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
Georgia crop PEACHES
St. Petersburg, once LENINGRAD
part maker COMB
witnesses ONLOOKERS
breakfast option CEREAL
reacted to a glare SQUINTED
fantastic SUPER
makes a metallic ring CLANGS
offbeat QUIRKY
not our allies FOES
change in form TRANSMUTE
taskmasters HARDNOSES
most tastelessly showy GLITZIEST
cut apart, in biology class DISSECT
beneath the waves UNDERSEA
World Cup organizer FIFA
ocean flora KELP
celebrity STARDOM
ill will ACRIMONY
auditory attribute TIMBRE
incomplete PARTIAL
stable cleaning verb MUCKED
shake, as with fear QUIVER
a poor golfer HACKER
portaging leads to this CANOEING
group moving together FLOTILLA
lightness of hair color BLONDNESS
calm under pressure COOLHEADED
legal substitution SUBROGATION
dispossessed property DIVESTURE
canal-side trail TOWPATH
hard-throwing pitcher FIREBALLER
building materials brand CERTAINTEED
first black US admiral GRAVELY
most impaired by wear SHABBIEST
wide-ranging knowledge POLYMATHY
bargains with others NEGOTIATES
curative SANATIVE
seaweed anchor HOLDFAST
having nausea in a vehicle CARSICK