7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
unmeasured serving DOLLOP
oblong yarn balls SKEINS
stumbles TRIPS
automatic reactions REFLEXES
tropical fruit PAPAYA
almost NEARLY
mushrooms FUNGI
serving dish PLATTER
poison VENOM
join permanently MARRY
it comes with age WISDOM
Duke's surname ELLINGTON
1/4 penny FARTHING
striped equine ZEBRA
thick-soled shoes PLATFORM
damage CORRUPT
not sure UNCERTAIN
computer file transfer DOWNLOAD
grasps HOLDS
prefer FAVOR
show under the big top CIRCUS
result of an event AFTERMATH
keep in existence SUSTAIN
word origin ETYMOLOGY
period of relaxation or rest VACATION
transform MORPH
widely practiced PREVALENT
sack material BURLAP
murder mystery WHODUNIT
pitch style OVERHAND
nautical speed KNOT
atmosphere AMBIENCE
list of cases DOCKET
excessive weight POUNDAGE
hard Italian cheese ROMANO
take the place of SUPERSEDE
rice field PADDY
wild dog of Australia DINGO
showing extreme diligence ASSIDUOUS
twist together ENTWINE
little rabbit BUNNY
season for leaf peeping AUTUMN
sat upon, as a fence STRADDLED
destined to happen INEVITABLE
gentle persuasion COAXING
horrific event DISASTER
what a retiree might live on PENSION
masonry block BRICK
fast food side FRIES
humorous AMUSING
queen of the savannah LIONESS
go across SPAN
without cheating HONESTLY
green garnish PARSLEY
flapper's dance CHARLESTON
haggle DICKER
move unexpectedly JERK
clever WITTY
on your own two feet BIPEDAL
revolving spindle CAPSTAN
opposite of horizontal VERTICAL
country reunited in 1990 GERMANY
symbol of authoritarian rule JACKBOOT
everywhere at once UBIQUITOUS
large roll of cloth BOLT
mind-numbing TEDIOUS
expressing approbation PLAUSIVE
reproduction without meiosis APOMIXIS
arrange in overlapping periods STAGGER
soup scooper LADLE
tending to the lawn MOWING
erase from existence OBLITERATE
walking measurer PEDOMETER
search or adventure QUEST
all ready PREPARED
leather seat on a horse SADDLE
unattractive HOMELY
dull pain ACHE
squeezebox CONCERTINA
high singing voice TREBLE
eschew the doorbell KNOCK
silly LOOPY
look forward to ANTICIPATE
satisfy FULFILL
one playing for fun AMATEUR
lack of naturalness CONSTRAINT
building near a runway HANGAR
apprehensive FEARFUL
every time ALWAYS
tip in a box SUGGESTION
on one's knees BEGGING
insurance salesman AGENT
one who scoffs CYNIC
where Napoleon meets danish BAKERY
standard of quality TOUCHSTONE
part of some drawings STRAW
stand by for AWAIT
hamlet resident VILLAGER
spotted quoll CHUDITCH
exaggerated accent STRINE
windfall BOON
site of the Ekka BRISBANE
quick look GLANCE
street location ADDRESS
trumpet metal BRASS
kind of wrench MONKEY
refrigerator neighbor FREEZER
overpower with strength FORCE
bouyant AFLOAT
construction equipment BULLDOZER
dog pest FLEA
market place BAZAAR
trumpet sound BLAST
fragrant flower JESSAMINE
without equal PEERLESS
financially reliable SOUND
character weaknesses FOIBLES
what bicycle riders "pop" WHEELIE
type of jewelry COSTUME
stomach TUMMY
take to the cleaners FLEECE
bad blood ANIMUS
many a screenplay ADAPTATION
beginning START
oar movement STROKE
leg joint KNEE
time in the spotlight FAME
painting on a wall MURAL
infamous NOTORIOUS
ophthalmology concern EYESIGHT
didactic PREACHY
punctuation symbol MARK
love seat or divan COUCH
variety of apple BALDWIN
substitute voter PROXY
wooden xylophone MARIMBA
radio tuner KNOB
weaken the impact of UNDERCUT
hand wave, for example GESTURE
hair goo POMADE
associate COLLEAGUE
not egotistic HUMBLE
sudden shock BLOW
reach for a dream ASPIRE
new colony SETTLEMENT
related AKIN
weatherproofing material SIDING
red pigment in tomatoes LYCOPENE
tow truck WRECKER
winding SNAKY
blooming early PRECOCIOUS
Damascus dweller SYRIAN
overhaul, perhaps MODERNIZE
dim nighttime illumination STARLIGHT
live variety show VAUDEVILLE
illegal pitch SPITBALL
African nation KENYA
make worse EXACERBATE
mild yellow cheese GOUDA
maintain to be accurate AFFIRM
stupified DUMBSTRUCK
flower with a "mouth" SNAPDRAGON
all mixed up JUMBLED
pull one's attention from DISTRACT
university administrator PROVOST
pale purplish blue PERIWINKLE
four-minute man MILER
rapid QUICK
subtle shading NUANCE
explosion of anger APOPLEXY
frying pan SKILLET
bit of history EVENT
way to get in ACCESS
exercise equipment TREADMILL
spin doctor's concern IMAGE
brawniness STRENGTH
bitingly cold NIPPY
Israel's largest city JERUSALEM
uncivilized BARBARIC
southwestern thicket CHAPARRAL
dryer trap accumulation LINT
list of movies FILMOGRAPHY
personal appearance PRESENCE
opposite of altruism SELFISHNESS
canoe or clipper WATERCRAFT
golden song OLDIE
knight's page VARLET
getting taller GROWING
informal party MIXER
groundskeeper or janitor CARETAKER
short-lived insect MAYFLY
public lavatory WASHROOM
flat-topped tableland MESA
terrifying FRIGHTFUL
artist's workspace STUDIO
tender feeling SENTIMENT
perpetual emotion LOVE
mess about TINKER
mind-blowing AMAZING
bakery items PASTRIES
feature of some ovens CONVECTION
wedding planner, say COORDINATOR
memorable phrase QUOTATION
holding tight CLINGY
fundamental atomic particle NEUTRINO
second-rate imitator EPIGONE
hammock material NETTING
balcony railing BALUSTRADE
as expected PREDICTABLY
abandonment REPUDIATION
microscopic hairs CILIA
above ground level MIDAIR
old-fashioned MOSSY
incriminating INCULPATORY
send word to NOTIFY
goldbrick IDLER
exemplary performer STANDOUT
fade resistant COLORFAST
16th-century steel helmet BURGONET
long in the tooth AGED
handled badly BUNGLED
small Spanish horse JENNET
encouragement INSTIGATION
beam walker GYMNAST
loathed ABHORRED
be in awe of REVERE
grief SORROW
insurance investigator ADJUSTOR
beaches SHORES
criticize harshly VITUPERATE
small pit POCKMARK
frightful GHASTLY
replacement car LOANER
can't, for example CONTRACTION
what all mothers are WOMEN
out of focus INDISTINCT
dark red PUCE
garden flower HYACINTH
borough of New York QUEENS
part of a string quartet VIOLA
when most people work WEEKDAYS
gets hold of OBTAINS
not talking a lot TERSE
fly catcher SPIDERWEB
high praise KUDOS
parcels PACKAGES
schisms RIFTS
The March King SOUSA
titles on a page HEADINGS
like governmental branches COEQUAL
wrongly totals, as a census UNDERCOUNTS
with a raspy voice HOARSELY
tireless worker YEOMAN
praiseful LAUDATORY
excess amount GLUT
Food Network watcher, maybe EPICUREAN
long-haired maiden of story RAPUNZEL
like sea-dwelling fish SALTWATER
disrespectfully casual FLIPPANT
disentangle UNSNARL
running scams GRIFTING
publicly chastises PILLORIES
archaeological find ARTIFACT
lovable rogue SCAMP
Canadian quarterback Doug FLUTIE
monstrous BEASTLY
doubter's opposite BELIEVER
starts the business day OPENS
female dynamo at child care SUPERMOM
powers of the mind FACULTIES
fashion designer Louis VUITTON
tiny hollows in one's cheeks DIMPLES
British wholesaler STOCKIST
like a meadow GRASSY
Grand Canyon river COLORADO
order to testify SUBPOENA
clinic workers SPECIALISTS
with excessive love AMOROUSLY
setting free LIBERATING
store that many visit weekly GROCERY
describe precisely DELINEATE
plenty AMPLE
nations with elected leaders REPUBLICS
improve ENHANCE
stage illuminators SPOTLIGHTS
dangerous pathogen BIOHAZARD
light that's basked in SUNSHINE
grass that contains sucrose SUGARCANE
unseated, as a bull rider THROWN
long-distance oil conduit PIPELINE
poetry VERSE
chest muscles PECTORALS
ruffed grouse PHEASANT
Facebook page heading STATUS
shut out EXCLUDE
bivalve mollusk CLAM
on cloud nine ECSTATIC
explosive VOLATILE
place where IDs are reviewed CHECKPOINT
lead-in to a cymbal crash DRUMROLL
romp around merrily FROLIC
tier in a ranking system ECHELON
state that surrounds Berlin BRANDENBURG
cop visiting schools, say LIAISON
tour the country BARNSTORM
finger protection THIMBLE
toss back and forth BANDY
in better physical shape FITTER
"Airplane!" star Robert HAYS
not leading BEHIND
uttered loudly RESOUNDED
electrical conduit WIREWAY
pop singer Linda RONSTADT
chain stores, often FRANCHISES
Nissan's luxury division INFINITI
in an agonizing way PAINFULLY
Ringo's skill DRUMMING
mischievous IMPISH
looking over REVIEWING
name on an article BYLINE
serpentine sound HISS
emotionally responsive SOFTHEARTED
emailing back REPLYING
spicy, in a way PEPPERY
person to share secrets with CONFIDANT
jousting weapon LANCE
in the recent past LATELY
frequent cinema attendee FILMGOER
coffeemaker needs FILTERS
defeating in a contest BESTING
"I Love Lucy" star BALL
mulling over PONDERING
skill in a language FLUENCY
long, formal speech PERORATION
hurt the pride of HUMILIATED
end of term LABOR
leapt over VAULTED
Japanese car manufacturer DAIHATSU
part of speech CONJUNCTION
jumping gene TRANSPOSON
one of the rooms in Clue HALL
gradually changes MORPHS
groupies, collectively FANDOM
more celery-like, in a way STRINGIER
Mark of "Antiques Roadshow" WALBERG
moved up very quickly ROCKETED
cubes, pyramids SOLIDS
more satiny SILKIER
bears witness (to) ATTESTS
issued forth SPURTED
rid of, as inventory LIQUIDATED
military lodging BARRACK
some iced coffee beverages FRAPPES
classifying together BRACKETING
downright indecent SALACIOUS
like leather CORIACEOUS
poorly maintained GRIMY
Heidi Klum's profession MODELING
rejected as invalid DISALLOWED
grad student's exam PRELIM
not as good as usual SUBSTANDARD
jazz pianist Fats WALLER
acting as manager SUPERVISING
some school exams MIDTERMS
water you can wade in SHALLOWS
easily flexing BENDABLE
in a polite manner COURTEOUSLY
slips and T-shirts UNDERWEAR
emergency delivery of a sort AIRLIFT
metric weight measure KILOGRAMS
veteran TV actress Britton CONNIE
cassette tape brand MEMOREX
sent by mail SHIPPED
putting a halt to STOPPING
Spanish-language TV network TELEMUNDO
felt resentful of MINDED
deserving reproach BLAMEWORTHY
requested the presence of INVITED
part of the inner ear COCHLEA
warm-weather top HALTER
in a waggish way FACETIOUSLY
from Honolulu or Hilo HAWAIIAN
kind of computer code ASCII
city destroyed by Vesuvius POMPEII
type of mushroom SHIITAKE
moving on the runway TAXIING
comedic actress Kristen WIIG
13, in Roman numerals XIII
Slinky shapes, basically COILS
did business TRANSACTED
in total FULLY
raised up LIFTED
showing to a seat USHERING
make an "h" sound ASPIRATE
damaged by winter weather FROSTBITTEN
wheel rim-supporting bars SPOKES
piano levers PEDALS
gear-shifting mechanism DERAILLEUR
decelerate BRAKE
woven container BASKET
kinds of mustaches HANDLEBARS
tuba, for one HORN
ringing tone SONORITY
ostentatious quality SHOWINESS
like Ann or Andy RAGGEDY
Beantown resident BOSTONIAN
bannister RAIL
star baseball catcher Mike PIAZZA
what eer means in a poem ETERNALLY
what ere means in a poem BEFORE
"Jane Eyre" author BRONTE
what an heir may receive ESTATE
where the port of Ayr is SCOTLAND
what to err is, proverbially HUMAN
measurement of about 40 ares ACRE
man to man FRANKLY
man of letters WRITER
as one man UNANIMOUSLY
man about town SOCIALITE
straw man SHAM
like some hard disks PARTITIONED
they pack poisonous fins STONEFISH
trees of the pine family FIRS
used orthography skills SPELLED
exclusion from society OSTRACISM
"virtually" alive plush toys WEBKINZ
obsolete DISUSED
former rulers of Iran SHAHS
basic units of meaning SEMEMES
rotary tiller brand ROTAVATOR
half of a semibreve MINIM
a language of southern India MALAYALAM
Scottish actor John HANNAH
Inuit canoe KAYAK
fork parts TINES
period of greatest success HEYDAY
South Carolina metropolis GREENVILLE
stone breakwaters JETTIES
Little Bighorn general CUSTER
video gamer's device CONTROLLER
manicurists tend to them FINGERNAILS
difficult to bear BURDENSOME
a stable worker LIVERYMAN
subject to debate CONTESTABLE
written work's provenance AUTHORSHIP
lodging in the cold months WINTERING
prepare a suspension SLURRY
freaking out PANICKING
transmite nutrientes al bebé PLACENTA
imagen de una cámara FOTO
guitarrista mexicano SANTANA
lo que se quema FUEGO
opuesto de discordancia MELODÍA
la bamba, por ejemplo CANCIÓN
mineral de bananas POTASIO
ciudad boliviana POTOSÍ
salida de humos CHIMENEA
posible PROBABLE
lo que se habla en Tbilisi GEORGIANO
toronja POMELO
resultado de mucho tráfico POLUCIÓN
remedio CURA
baile de disfraces MASCARADA
tercer mes del año MARZO
roedor de alcantarilla RATA
ubicación de la luna ESPACIO
lo que oyen las orejas SONIDO
aparato para calentar pan TOSTADOR
durable floor covering LINOLEUM
floored AMAZED
wipe the floor with LAMBASTE
nightclub with a dance floor DISCO
it travels between floors ELEVATOR
appliance that cleans floors VACUUM
get funding from many CROWDSOURCE
cell phone's sound RINGTONE
make larger, as fast food SUPERSIZE
location in need of tweezing UNIBROW
a ruined picture PHOTOBOMB
impersonal phone message ROBOCALL
holiday at home STAYCATION
Oscars and Emmys STATUETTES
coming-out process EMERGENCE
Acropolis building PARTHENON
Starbucks purchases LATTES
without a good reason NEEDLESSLY
whoops it up REVELS
withdrawing financial aid DIVESTING
Mowat had us lost in them BARRENS
capture and release LIVETRAP
he gave us the battery VOLTA
car tracking firm LOJACK
graphics software COREL
how one lives "ever after" HAPPILY
it may end in "gate" SCANDAL
a trickle DRIBBLET
Europe's largest bird cliff LATRABJARG
intended to put right REMEDIAL
process of adjustment ADAPTION
trouble "afoot" BUNION
"semper fidelis" force USMC
artesano del calzado ZAPATERO
complemento de la barca REMO
bóveda azulada CIELO
munición de la honda PIEDRA
entrenar en la piscina NADAR
derivado de la leche QUESO
deporte de montaña SENDERISMO
global septet SEAS
trimmed with lace FRILLED
composers of folk-rock, say SONGWRITERS
speaking incoherently RAMBLING
political convention speaker KEYNOTER
full-size Chevy SUV TAHOE
TV's "Uncle Miltie" BERLE
iconoclastic historian REVISIONIST
more like a beanpole SKINNIER
state of averageness NORMALCY
spread of disease OUTBREAK
Miles Davis and Satchmo JAZZMEN
farmland measure ACRES
ragged person SCARECROW
part of a suit TROUSERS
a card suit DIAMONDS
professional "suit" BUSINESSMAN
swimsuit maker SPEEDO
file a suit against LITIGATE
suit material TWEED
like a spacesuit PRESSURIZED
involving shapes and angles GEOMETRICAL
country singer Rucker DARIUS
basketball targets RIMS
Yiddish bungler SCHLEMIEL
long-winged seabirds PETRELS
being a boarder ROOMING
snapper, perhaps REDFISH
called to court SUMMONSED
place far from civilization BOONIES
fixed bone-dry condition SLAKED
ancient ruins in Malta GGANTIJA
tea party requirement DAINTINESS
influential composer Igor STRAVINSKY
procession of horsemen CAVALCADE
procession of camels CARAVAN
processionary insect CATERPILLAR
military procession MARCH
wedding procession wind-up BRIDE
procession attendant WHIFFLER
take part in a procession PROMENADE
unwilling Russian republic CHECHNYA
in exactly the same way IDENTICALLY
husband and wife PARTNERS
place to find gunpowder, say TEAROOM
"Der Kaiser" Franz BECKENBAUER
snap, in Britain POPPER
made a sortie SALLIED
again, please REPEAT
packed with promise HOPEFUL
rock art symbol PETROGLYPH
fail when it matters most CHOKE
"broke the ice" THAWED
a big cheese in dairy SAPUTO
bring fries and Coke, maybe WESTERNIZE
give in ACCEDE
in disarray MESSY
enjoyed an ice cream LICKED
putting on a lower level DOWNGRADING
artist Warhol ANDY
be a hot dog SHOWBOAT
not made lowercase CAPITALIZED
use a sailboard WINDSURF
film-editing device SPLICER
singer-songwriter Merchant NATALIE
gals on a ranch COWGIRLS
bursts of light FLASHES
told a joke QUIPPED
AAA offerings TOWS
credit card purchases CHARGES
newsletter for aficionados FANZINE
prances around CAVORTS
Adidas casual shoe brand ROCKPORT
birthplace of Francisco Goya ARAGON
noggin HEAD
slender swords RAPIERS
held in great respect VENERATED
ballast or foundation ROADBED
as a flibbertigibbet would CHATTILY
luster, of ceramic wares REFLET
worshiped ADORED
cotton-eating caterpillar BOLLWORM
wart-like tree growth BURL
an inhabitant of Nicosia CYPRIOT
it lights up your pictures FLASHLAMP
a setting agent HARDENER
generate excitement ENTHUSE
made a covering for ROOFED
Soviet policy of openness GLASNOST
spice from an Asian seed CARDAMOM
fine details NICETIES
general solvent ACETONE
cooked with pieces of onion LYONNAISE
vigorous offensive ONSLAUGHT
emptiness NOTHING
involved in difficulties ENTANGLED
hack's writing JOURNALESE
making more aware SENSITIZING
poet of 14 lines SONNETEER
apportioned appropriately PRORATED
athletes JOCKS
seaside city PORT
straight ahead ONWARDS
overgrown tropical areas JUNGLES
it's proverbially golden SILENCE
a Jedi Master he is YODA
shortcomings FAILINGS
Australian cricketer Allan BORDER
indigenous people of Lapland SAMI
reparation for a wrong ATONEMENT
chattering inarticulately GIBBERING
great apes CHIMPANZEES
they're in a row ARGUERS
measurement of the skull CRANIOMETRY
let go of RELINQUISH
large European peninsula BALKAN
Jordan's "rose-red city" PETRA
yellowish-red vegetable dye ANNATTO
running a temperature FEVEROUS
Bavaria, in German BAYERN
become full-grown MATURATE
founder of UK equipment firm BAMFORD
ardently HOTLY
people to keep up with JONESES
famous Ottoman troops JANISSARIES
loitered DALLIED
quiver contents ARROWS
some nonspecific person WHOMEVER
they may be fine or liberal ARTS
terrible smells STENCHES
person who copies PLAGIARIST
former soldiers VETERANS
the dog on "Frasier" EDDIE
hides the bad parts of SUGARCOATS
getting a one-base hit SINGLING
instance of overeating PIGOUT
hits on the noggin BOPS
sign up in advance PREREGISTER
some evergreens YEWS
epidemic disease PESTILENCE
fur-hating group, for short PETA
in an inane way STUPIDLY
ancient port of Israel JAFFA
casual top TANK
observes ESPIES
duck or pelican WATERBIRD
how Oscars are awarded ANNUALLY
record holders SLEEVES
small songbirds WRENS
aircraft like the Hindenburg ZEPPELINS
blown away ASTONISHED
completely ruined, as a car TOTALED
keeping away from AVOIDING
noteworthy BODACIOUS
most wonderful ENDSVILLE
remarkably superior STANDOUT
fine and dandy JAKE
excellent DUCKY
first-rate CAPITAL
highly extraordinary PHENOMENAL
on the horizon LOOMING
entices TEMPTS
former capital of Romania IASI
Mozart, by birth AUSTRIAN
swinging wildly FLAILING
series of quick questions BARRAGE
connected series SEQUENCE
series of hotel rooms SUITE
TV series tryout PILOT
three-book series TRILOGY
unbroken series CONTINUUM
James Arness TV series GUNSMOKE
render weak ENFEEBLE
uttering words SPEAKING
serrated JAGGED
done in a composed manner COOLLY
dish named for a soprano TETRAZZINI
tasteful Swiss company GIVAUDAN
Ralph Emerson's middle name WALDO
kind of chocolate cake SACHERTORTE
to do with the Romanovs, say TZARIST
famous Berlin park TIERGARTEN
it's flying off the shelves BESTSELLER
espresso with dash of milk MACCHIATO
"cozy," to a realtor CRAMPED
extra ingredient ADMIXTURE
Eureka Stockade site BALLARAT
false story FURPHY
mixed breed dog BITZER
typical Australian blokes OCKERS
separation DIVERGENCE
Australian monitor lizards GOANNAS
baseball cap parts VISORS
Wisconsin tribe MOHICAN
they separate list items COMMAS
Oscar winner Frances MCDORMAND
kite leash STRING
says "shhhh!" to HUSHES
Gadget's common utterance WOWSERS
unlimited, like some cups BOTTOMLESS
Oculus VR's headset RIFT
MLS's stellar LA team GALAXY
pampered oneself INDULGED
luxurious outdoor adventure GLAMPING
grows rapidly MUSHROOMS
biting or unkind ACID
produced without chemicals ORGANIC
able to pay one's debts SOLVENT
latex paint, in the UK EMULSION
components ELEMENTS
enclosed area COMPOUND
milk substitute for babies FORMULA
texting image EMOJI
Arctic explorer Sir William PARRY
closing notes, in slang OUTRO
Dukakis who won in 1988 OLYMPIA
comedians Tom and Dick SMOTHERS
scientific & clinical nexus BIOMEDICINE
juvenile quality IMMATURITY
puppy's cries YIPS
one of the Allman Brothers DUANE
made an informal agreement SHOOK
one eating between meals SNACKER
largest lake in Maine MOOSEHEAD
big name in jellies SMUCKERS
German actress Nastassja KINSKI
statements of belief AVOWALS
rod-shaped bacteria BACILLI
babbles PRATTLES
impertinence SASSINESS
one who likes foreign things XENOPHILE
attention-seeking utterance AHEM
lamentably PITIABLY
wrapper's loops BOWKNOT
New Zealand actress Lucy LAWLESS
gravy holder SAUCEBOAT
roped (off) CORDONED
home of skating Coyotes ARIZONA
camera phone mode SELFIE
"Sailing" singer Rod STEWART
on-screen shape for clicking BUTTON
port in Ontario HAMILTON
mountain's minor relation HILL
the cassia tree SENNA
trick-taking card game PIQUET
wheeled stretcher GURNEY
Kate Middleton's sister PIPPA
hotel alternative, today AIRBNB
"The Chosen" author Chaim POTOK
places side by side JUXTAPOSES
first-stringers STARTERS
Schwarzenegger, in office GOVERNATOR
thick Chinese sauce HOISIN
indispensable things ESSENTIALS
tidying up NEATENING
honey badger RATEL
arousing strong interest COMPELLING
a crank, for example WINDER
"R" in the NATO alphabet ROMEO
obsolete golf club MASHIE
"3 Laws of Robotics" creator ASIMOV
clothing and bedding, say SOFTGOODS
an assemblage of peacocks MUSTER
align text at margins JUSTIFY
Madhya Pradesh capital city BHOPAL
"The Age of Anxiety" poet AUDEN
group of seven HEPTAD
accepting without protest ACQUIESCING
attempted ESSAYED
conferring honor onto DIGNIFYING
thick-skinned mammals PACHYDERMS
seaport in Vietnam HAIPHONG
wave on the rocks BREAKER
wave, as a weapon BRANDISH
wave measurement AMPLITUDE
on the same wavelength AGREEING
wavelike pattern in fabrics MOIRE
tidal wave TSUNAMI
microwave, in slang NUKE
soloists' times to shine CADENZAS
esteem too highly OVERVALUE
soccer venue PITCH
provide PURVEY
makes flashier, in a way BEJEWELS
they can be broadened HORIZONS
casting a sly look (at) LEERING
Mike Brady, for example STEPFATHER
English writer J.K. ROWLING
state of irritability CRABBINESS
a football, in slang PIGSKIN
predesigned pattern TEMPLATE
conventional procedures FORMALITIES
sculpture at the beach SANDCASTLE
breaking up soil ROTOTILLING
smooth desserts PUDDINGS
spoke wrongly MISSAID
be far larger than DWARF
kind of moth LUNA
actress Vera FARMIGA
acid in tea TANNIC
actress Molly RINGWALD
brand of chewing gum ECLIPSE
invent, as a new word COIN
winter weather wear SWEATERS
name on a monument, maybe DEDICATEE
approximately AROUND
not on tape UNRECORDED
tax return preparer ACCOUNTANT
return on an investment YIELD
he said "I shall return" MACARTHUR
returned football kick PUNT
return to success COMEBACK
return to the alma mater HOMECOMING
done in return RECIPROCAL
wallpaper choices PATTERNS
exclamation akin to "truly" FORSOOTH
tech-oriented website GIZMODO
form the basis of UNDERLIE
math diagram namesake VENN
Irish-born actor Pierce BROSNAN
part of a tire TREAD
activity at some zoos PETTING
sudden rainfalls CLOUDBURSTS
bag-like structures SACS
person arguing a topic DEBATER
Olympic swimmer Janet EVANS
thrills DELIGHTS
putting into storage WAREHOUSING
Miami and Orlando residents FLORIDIANS
Dr. Phil's surname MCGRAW
esteemed Quebec university LAVAL
automating MECHANIZING
Beach in a CA city name LAGUNA
motel chain, for short HOJO
they're walked on nervously EGGSHELLS
unkempt quality RAGGEDNESS
getting ready for the snow WINTERIZING
response to a legal action COUNTERPLEA
roofing tool NAILER
meaningfully GRAVIDLY
Sharpie quality ERASABILITY
resembling fine powder DUSTLIKE
indolent FAINEANT
one who loves to sleep SLUGABED
good-for-nothing SHIFTLESS
avoid working LOAF
laziness SLOTH
one avoiding work MALINGERER
lazy eye AMBLYOPIA
official procedure PROTOCOL
physician DOCTOR
well-defended location STRONGHOLD
place for a grammar lesson SCHOOLROOM
weather that causes drifts SNOWSTORM
pictures in assembly manuals DIAGRAMS
begins STARTS
celebration PARTY
more candid FRANKER
using a mouse CLICKING
computer chip speed unit GIGAFLOP
characteristic attitude DISPOSITION
angry attitude TEMPER
what a ring may indicate MOOD
manner or bearing MIEN
inclination MINDSET
temporary attitude HUMOR
they may be mixed FEELINGS
popular leg workout LUNGES
waved a white flag SURRENDERED
gather together, with "up" HUDDLE
concise summary of events BRIEFING
kiss merchant HERSHEY
pined ACHED
lover of natural beauty AESTHETE
trait of 1990s Seattle music GRUNGINESS
musical introductions PRELUDES
abbr. in many citations IBID
like old wallpaper, perhaps PEELING
tuba's cousins SOUSAPHONES
The Beatles, e.g. TETRAD
1984 Peace Prize winner Tutu DESMOND
Italian skiing champion TOMBA
destructive mudflow LAHAR
Congo River port KISANGANI
lichen used in perfume OAKMOSS
"Grain Brain" author PERLMUTTER
South Atlantic Ocean islands FALKLAND
daffodils and tulips PERENNIALS