7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
actor's substitute UNDERSTUDY
sugar substitute NUTRASWEET
actress' substitute STUNTWOMAN
substitute governor SURROGATE
emergency substitute BACKUP
cheap substitute ERSATZ
substitute worker TEMP
the next one SEQUEL
worth not forgetting MEMORABLE
Robin Hood's forest SHERWOOD
hero's adversary VILLAIN
suit of clothes OUTFIT
measuring stick RULER
Siam, formerly THAILAND
steamed dough DUMPLING
author Beatrix POTTER
save for later CONSERVE
make longer EXTEND
lasting reminder MONUMENT
airship BLIMP
having love handles FLABBY
bouquet boutique owners FLORISTS
crossword direction DOWN
handheld rocket launchers BAZOOKAS
clubs and spades SUITS
Robin's partner BATMAN
don't see eye to eye ARGUE
compact laptop computer NOTEBOOK
25 or 624 NUMBER
makeup base FOUNDATION
breaking away SECESSION
gentle wind BREEZE
light muffin POPOVER
associate of equal rank FELLOW
fourth of a circle QUADRANT
olive spread sandwich MUFFULETTA
room furnishings DECOR
U.S. president from Georgia CARTER
filled with excitement EXUBERANT
deliberate destruction VANDALISM
become weaker DROP
image on the water's surface REFLECTION
relieved exclamation WHEW
three score SIXTY
argue petulantly BICKER
backbreaking GRUELING
wide-ranging secret plot CONSPIRACY
sign an insurance policy UNDERWRITE
squid appendage TENTACLE
work with dough KNEAD
great ability PROWESS
beachcomber's find SEASHELL
puzzle with pieces JIGSAW
airport landing strip TARMAC
flower with sweet nectar HONEYSUCKLE
quacker DUCK
get back underway RESUME
"Jack" fish species MACKEREL
electrical barb shooter TASER
go around the edges of SKIRT
worn handkerchief BANDANNA
expressing love AMATORY
tiger tender, perhaps ZOOKEEPER
adapted for walking GRESSORIAL
armored glove GAUNTLET
study of elections PSEPHOLOGY
removable magazine section TAKEOUT
sin of omission OVERSIGHT
best guess ESTIMATE
where the Vikings play MINNESOTA
golfer's target BALL
country bordering on India BANGLADESH
one coming to the rescue HERO
part of a newspaper SECTION
polite word PLEASE
cover, as with cooked onions SMOTHER
parting word GOODBYE
kind of truck PICKUP
desert image MIRAGE
firefighter's goal CONTAINMENT
news alert BULLETIN
Pinocchio, for one PUPPET
eat up CONSUME
containers that "burp" TUPPERWARE
underhanded DECEPTIVE
pickling herb DILL
use mouthwash GARGLE
Nielsen listings RATINGS
soda jerk's concoction MALTED
Mudville batter of rhyme CASEY
barren area WASTELAND
one with a high IQ GENIUS
snow remover AERIAL
total surprise AMAZEMENT
bringing success AUSPICIOUS
shrew-like marsupial MARDO
sparkle TWINKLE
study of the mind PSYCHOLOGY
magnate from Melbourne MURDOCH
open-air attraction in Sydney SKYWALK
deadly jellyfish IRUKANDJI
official list REGISTRY
digit protection FINGERNAIL
official order COMMAND
keyboard instrument PIANO
catch some shuteye SLEEP
warehouse room STORAGE
business clothing SUIT
auto racer Danica PATRICK
lying face down PROSTRATE
not the leader FOLLOWER
intensely angry FURIOUS
out of the ordinary ATYPICAL
off the hook EXEMPT
protected from disease IMMUNE
dropped from memory FORGOTTEN
cornfield guard SCARECROW
unquestionable ABSOLUTE
artificial locks WIGS
motionless STILL
bellyache GRUMBLE
willing participant SPORT
fall in drops DISTILL
big name in luxury cars MERCEDES
modus viventi LIFESTYLE
binding agreement COVENANT
cause of a rough flight TURBULENCE
war engagement BATTLE
amalgam MIXTURE
unbeliever INFIDEL
chat TALK
Chattanooga's state TENNESSEE
chateau HOUSE
chattel PROPERTY
chatterbox GASBAG
humiliation CHAGRIN
family tree branches PROGENY
well established INVETERATE
smart aleck remark WISECRACK
knock a knight off his nag UNHORSE
novel protection COPYRIGHT
record keeper CLERK
series of small waterfalls CASCADE
border EDGING
spangle SEQUIN
fez feature TASSEL
sweater material MOHAIR
garlic units CLOVES
comforter BEDSPREAD
doggerel CRAMBO
arrow dynamics ARCHERY
inherent INTRINSIC
pigeonhole CLASSIFY
land along the lake SHORE
like the walls of a box canyon STEEP
squid cousin CUTTLEFISH
kind of chamber HYPERBARIC
cachets SEALS
inundated DELUGED
code of silence OMERTA
North Pole's latitude NINETY
someone you laugh at COMEDIAN
straining device SIEVE
rundown of the highlights RECAP
four-sided figure QUADRANGLE
basketball move SCREEN
photograph SNAPSHOT
cockpit captain PILOT
feasible POSSIBLE
down-at-the-heel SEEDY
etagere item KNICKKNACK
one on a honeymoon NEWLYWED
positive judgment AFFIRMATION
fraught with peril PRECARIOUS
auto splash guard FENDER
in the realm of possibility DOABLE
ornamental network TRACERY
highly selective CHOOSY
bit of charred material CINDER
obsessive preoccupation FIXATION
upside-down e in phonetics SCHWA
cloth covering over a cap HAVELOCK
kids' building materials TINKERTOYS
acrobatic feat CARTWHEEL
go to pot DEGENERATE
food fancier EPICURE
ladder step RUNG
old Dutch currency GUILDER
spouse or companion CONSORT
turned to ice FROZE
recommend highly TOUT
purification process CATHARSIS
imagine ENVISAGE
hardy and resilient ROBUST
major turning point in life WATERSHED
argue in earnest PLEAD
throw out solutions BRAINSTORM
entity BEING
meat-filled turnover EMPANADA
similar in nature HOMOGENEOUS
raise objections STICKLE
barrel of monkeys HILARITY
a stab in the back TREACHERY
light sheer fabric VOILE
mineral in granite FELDSPAR
throat ailment CATARRH
pedigree BLOODLINE
price reduction ROLLBACK
work together COLLABORATE
shootout participant GUNFIGHTER
"Casablanca" hero RICK
aloof REMOTE
thick soup POTAGE
flabbergasted DAZED
wheeler dealer HUSTLER
it reduces takeoff distance HEADWIND
put back in office REINSTATED
judicial decision RULING
close friend, in slang HOMEBOY
stalemates IMPASSES
impart wisdom to ENLIGHTEN
positively certain COCKSURE
kind of acid FOLIC
old English coin HALFPENNY
enroll at a university MATRICULATE
medium-sized dog breed FOXHOUND
took on Hulk Hogan WRESTLED
capital of China BEIJING
long period away from work SABBATICAL
commiserate SYMPATHIZE
casually delivered joke THROWAWAY
road warning sign BUMP
"I'd be happy to" GLADLY
rocket engine THRUSTER
winter forecast SLEET
signs up ENROLLS
opponent of war PEACENIK
called to mind REMEMBERED
association FELLOWSHIP
Luke Skywalker's mentor YODA
road-to-house path DRIVEWAY
praiseworthy COMMENDABLE
study of surface space TOPOGRAPHY
protective covering SHEATH
luxurious PLUSHY
soldier at the gate SENTRY
allergy trigger HISTAMINE
not like the Titanic UNSINKABLE
Canadian tribe CREE
unvarying REPETITIVE
without a strong opinion AMBIVALENT
Andean mammal ALPACA
impetus MOMENTUM
volatile, in a way INFLAMMABLE
brief humorous poems LIMERICKS
self-evident truth AXIOM
not to be taken literally FIGURATIVE
rain forest, for one ECOSYSTEM
just as far (from) EQUIDISTANT
react to pollen, maybe SNEEZE
Shakespearean surname CAPULET
seltzer water has them BUBBLES
where to insert a car key IGNITION
game-fetching hunting dog RETRIEVER
clock's sound TICKTOCK
violent anger FURY
clickable words on Web pages HYPERTEXT
blockbuster director James CAMERON
Kenya's capital NAIROBI
adult female WOMAN
gross stupidity CRASSITUDE
check spelling and grammar COPYEDIT
post office delivery MAIL
they fit around horse heads FEEDBAGS
polo period CHUKKER
an amino acid ALANINE
not picked up on UNNOTICED
most mirthful JOLLIEST
aquatic explorer Jacques COUSTEAU
coffee stirrer, perhaps TEASPOON
injudicious MISGUIDED
where Columbus was born GENOA
raw material for leather COWHIDE
tennis champ Steffi GRAF
another word for Celsius CENTIGRADE
higher-learning institutions COLLEGES
fishy pizza toppers ANCHOVIES
workflow interrupter LOGJAM
no longer a king DETHRONED
can shape CYLINDER
speak very articulately ENUNCIATE
aerosol for one's locks HAIRSPRAY
young man who tends horses STABLEBOY
Oscar winner Hilary SWANK
cosmetic for the cheeks ROUGE
Central Park birds PIGEONS
minor criminal offense MISDEMEANOR
Canadian province ALBERTA
not as sharp DULLER
undo a sheepshank UNKNOT
she married Rhett Butler SCARLETT
was a bad dog DISOBEYED
wads of bills BANKROLLS
round and plump CHUBBY
spoke highly of COMMENDED
blood component PLASMA
cell phone covers SKINS
Rome's river TIBER
process of change DEVELOPMENT
confirmed VERIFIED
used a courtroom hammer GAVELED
"Hot in Cleveland" Valerie BERTINELLI
urgent TV interruption NEWSBREAK
came together in one place CONVERGED
sweltering SULTRY
Eurasian falcon KESTREL
coming together MERGING
push down, as a button DEPRESS
Mexican fruit TOMATILLO
pop singer Abdul PAULA
giving one's blessing CONSENTING
exceedingly VERY
made believe FEIGNED
domestic chicken LEGHORN
phony doctors QUACKS
reproducing, like salmon SPAWNING
levels of a building FLOORS
earthquake-measuring gadget SEISMOMETER
assigning to a category LABELING
lessen seriousness of EXTENUATE
one who may work "in bed" GARDENER
ingenuously ARTLESSLY
Canadian singer Leonard COHEN
winged reptile PTERODACTYL
giving way under pressure BUCKLING
it holds a basin of water WASHSTAND
more disreputable SLEAZIER
little mistake BOOBOO
daughter of "The Donald" IVANKA
minor expense-account items INCIDENTALS
"Respect" singer FRANKLIN
person who works in a stable GROOMER
mortgage payers HOMEOWNERS
multiplied by three TREBLED
unscrupulous capitalists PROFITEERS
besmirched SULLIED
TV sci-fi writer Rod SERLING
shatterproof material PLEXIGLAS
Geronimo was one APACHE
large white radish DAIKON
bluegrass violinist FIDDLER
less satisfactory WORSE
in the act of crime REDHANDED
indirectly referred ALLUDED
secure storage for valuables LOCKBOX
weakened, as security COMPROMISED
paint layer COAT
metal-cutting tool HACKSAW
where miners work QUARRY
ornate light source CANDELABRA
African capital ALGIERS
nothing short of amazing MIRACULOUS
"Star Trek" star SHATNER
comedian Phyllis DILLER
certain winter athlete SNOWBOARDER
in a disorganized way SLOPPILY
not too hard to take ENDURABLE
Greek fast food SOUVLAKI
type of atmospheric science CLIMATOLOGY
it can give you a leg up STILT
capital of Chechnya GROZNY
being popular on Twitter TRENDING
methods of deciding LOTS
once more AGAIN
stood around aimlessly LOITERED
official statement COMMUNIQUE
series of eight notes OCTAVE
sharp, high scream SCREECH
howl loudly ULULATE
uproar HUBBUB
roar like a mad bull BELLOW
sudden shout of joy WHOOP
parrot's cry SQUAWK
shout loudly HOLLER
academically specializing MAJORING
kind of clock or weapon BIOLOGICAL
powerful cutting tool CHAINSAW
righteousness RECTITUDE
like a measuring cylinder GRADUATED
major camera company OLYMPUS
coming back RETURNING
tinker (with) MONKEY
annoy BADGER
fool (around) HORSE
work with alacrity BEAVER
evade an obligation WEASEL
tolerate BEAR
store (away) SQUIRREL
golf course do-overs MULLIGANS
saucy PERT
voted into office ELECTED
sleight of hand result ILLUSION
departing from the norm DEVIANT
inclusive bagel variety EVERYTHING
change to a new system CONVERT
change to a new look TRANSFORM
small change PEANUTS
change in the form of a word INFLECTION
change slightly MODIFY
change the subject DIGRESS
change with the times ADAPT
vegetable in eggs florentine SPINACH
egghead GENIUS
egg white GLAIR
walking on eggshells CAUTIOUS
egg-shaped digital pet TAMAGOTCHI
egg timer HOURGLASS
a West African people MANDINKA
ability to think clearly LUCIDITY
small, hairy biter SANDFLY
paint distributor BRUSH
Irish county WESTMEATH
source of money MINT
bony projection of the elbow OLECRANON
small intestine section JEJUNUM
shrub known for its oil JOJOBA
Korean silk capital JINJU
insipid JEJUNE
gum drop-like candy JUJUBE
Panama hat JIPIJAPA
wide-body aircraft JUMBOJET
candy bar containing coconut MOUNDS
not a good couple MISMATCHED
Old Hollywood actress Joan CRAWFORD
long, straight raceway DRAGSTRIP
wharfs PIERS
offset, as expenses DEFRAY
pertaining to earth science GEOLOGIC
sharp-tasting ACIDULOUS
Scottish soccer team HEARTS
kept in check CURBED
most spherical ROUNDEST
red-haired Australian BLUEY
jumpers which cause itching FLEAS
lamented BEWAILED
interés de Indiana Jones ARQUEOLOGÍA
destruir con fuego QUEMAR
sentirse mal en un barco MAREARSE
lo que calcula con fórmula ÁREA
lo que es verdad REALIDAD
Gandhi o Chávez, por ejemplo LÍDER
primera fecha de la vida NACIMIENTO
temor, aprensión MIEDO
tenemos 5 en cada mano DEDOS
en todo momento SIEMPRE
opinión negativa sin saber PREJUICIO
unos indígenas de Bolivia GUARANÍES
porción de tierra TERRITORIO
aparato del baño INODORO
metro con paradas limitadas EXPRESO
tortilla rellena CHALUPA
golfo, abra BAHÍA
destino de salidas de campo PLANETARIO
estudio de las estrellas ASTRONOMÍA
rodean el planeta Saturno ANILLOS
place to check out books LIBRARY
book with a great many words DICTIONARY
bookkeeper ACCOUNTANT
book with a soft cover PAPERBACK
"The Jungle Book" author KIPLING
cookbook entry RECIPE
missing from the phone book UNLISTED
means of testing CRITERION
physical test EXAMINATION
test tube site LABORATORY
test for qualities TOUCHSTONE
study overnight for a test CRAM
test answer, perhaps FALSE
practice of test giving DOCIMACY
a couple of cents' worth TWOPENNY
radioactive element POLONIUM
Dr. opposing Fantastic Four DOOM
luxury fountain pen company WATERMAN
as much as you can carry ARMFUL
south-central English county OXFORDSHIRE
its waters turn the wheel MILLSTREAM
moved with great effort MANHANDLED
emancipated female slave FREEDWOMAN
immature boring creature WOODWORM
Australian banking giant WESTPAC
criminal money maker FORGER
present GIFT
sleeping partner BEDMATE
without question IMPLICITLY
became frantic with fear PANICKED
a flowering plant ANGIOSPERM
sea of the Arctic Ocean BEAUFORT
"livery" HEPATIC
personal record DIARY
footstool HASSOCK
goes out with SEES
like some old shields HERALDIC
in a merry manner JOVIALLY
presses for payment DUNS
"Your Song" singer John ELTON
after the Civil War POSTBELLUM
photographer's worry BLURRINESS
basic beliefs TENETS
shade of blue CERULEAN
near the Earth's widest part EQUATORIAL
observed SEEN
unknown sources of trouble GREMLINS
department store section MENSWEAR
weapons for knights LANCES
country of 26 cantons SWITZERLAND
place to spend your krona SWEDEN
where Franco ruled SPAIN
it separated from Malaysia SINGAPORE
neighbor of Ethiopia SOMALIA
African democracy SENEGAL
Damascus is its capital SYRIA
country singer Loretta LYNN
close back up RESEAL
not barefoot SHOD
remove suds from DEFOAM
grasshopper relatives KATYDIDS
decadent EFFETE
searches for escapees MANHUNTS
brand of watches TIMEX
monkey puzzle tree genus ARAUCARIA
digital protection TOECAP
made three times as much TRIPLED
African queen CLEOPATRA
knocks lightly TAPS
dinosaur with bony plates STEGOSAURUS
Japan, in Japanese NIPPON
Germany, in German DEUTSCHLAND
Spain, in Spanish ESPANA
Norway, in Norwegian NORGE
Sweden, in Swedish SVERIGE
Wales, in Welsh CYMRU
Poland, in Polish POLSKA
true, in Australia DINKUM
inharmonious sound DISSONANCE
"handy" way to communicate SIGNING
top of the head VERTEX
bitter resentment RANCOR
burning desire PYROMANIA
additional part ADJUNCT
a form of engraving COPPERPLATE
like fairy tale villains MALEFICENT
DC- and LA-based TV dramas NCIS
she'll up your do COIFFEUSE
wound yarn onto a spool QUILLED
bit parts by renowned actors CAMEOS
share a point in common INTERSECT
settled matter SEDIMENT
large, sharp teeth FANGS
inhabitants DENIZENS
shook involuntarily TREMBLED
cut with small strokes SNIPPED
overhead lines AIRWAYS
carried between waters PORTAGED
emotionally scarred TRAUMATIZED
recipe creators CHEFS
TV show sponsor ADVERTISER
not on-camera OFFSCREEN
gravy holder BOAT
John of Monty Python CLEESE
abnormal behavior DYSFUNCTION
partly coincided OVERLAPPED
most upscale RITZIEST
yellow-breasted birds MEADOWLARKS
air on the tube TELECAST
cries weakly WHIMPERS
Olympic skiing great Alberto TOMBA
dull and sluggish STAGNANT
at great cost DEARLY
becomes liquefied by heating MELTS
Indian soap brand DETTOL
in stitches, temporarily TACKED
Wisconsin Native Americans MENOMINEE
giving a price, perhaps QUOTING
Copper, friend of Tod HOUND
brambles BRIARS
saucy demeanor CHEEKINESS
keeping the peace PATROLLING
lack of weight LIGHTNESS
shy, mild actor James GANDOLFINI
glitters SPARKLES
ancient Roman emperor CLAUDIUS
first W of WWW WORLD
insults PUTDOWNS
earthquake epicenters FAULTS
fitting below the waist HIPHUGGER
injured HARMED
one who gets in first PREEMPTOR
cylindrical sponge cake JELLYROLL
in an irritable, unruly way FRACTIOUSLY
not contaminated by disease UNINFECTED
rapper Psy's "Style" GANGNAM
feeling no anxiety UNWORRIED
Kafka and Beckett, for two ABSURDISTS
paired up MATCHED
da Vinci's enigmatic Mona LISA
simple carts DRAYS
high school dances FORMALS
most massive LARGEST
Scout units PATROLS
longest river in France LOIRE
translucence PELLUCIDITY
rendered powerless HAMSTRUNG
Czech tennis star Petra KVITOVA
remove parasites from DELOUSE
European bivalve mollusk COCKLE
tyrannize DOMINEER
Oscar-winning actor Forest WHITAKER
sticking on a stick SKEWERING
overwhelms with sound DEAFENS
the current geologic era CENOZOIC
trounces LICKS
makeshift STOPGAP
Hillary Clinton outfit PANTSUIT
the 15th or so MIDMONTH
sire BEGET
mining tool PICKAXE
ability to live together COEXISTENCE
ran quickly DARTED
devalues CHEAPENS
creatures with backbones VERTEBRATES
native French speaker FRANCOPHONE
eyeball OGLE
attendance number TURNOUT
a nice editor may give one EXTENSION
covered, as with snow BLANKETED
Mozart's "first" WOLFGANG
moving in a stream FLOWING
having word blindness DYSLEXIC
set on fire ENKINDLE
sources of entertainment AMUSEMENTS
IT news website TECHCRUNCH
preferred state of skin UNWRINKLED
fermented milk drink KEFIR
nut with a cap ACORN
cycling cap CASQUETTE
cap with a neck flap HAVELOCK
red felt cap TARBOOSH
graduation cap MORTARBOARD
visored military cap KEPI
cold weather cap TUQUE
pure love ADORATION
top edges of a boat hull GUNWALES
Anchorage residents ALASKANS
"Frasier" physical therapist DAPHNE
short overskirt PEPLUM
suppresses QUELLS
race of 26.2 miles MARATHON
kind of cheese CHEDDAR
very small dog breed CHIHUAHUA
lively 1920s dance CHARLESTON
game played with oval ball RUGBY
head and face warmer BALACLAVA
intricate fabric pattern PAISLEY
shake violently CONVULSE
spirited debates RHUBARBS
The Doors' lead singer Jim MORRISON
wear a tux to a diner, say OVERDRESS
type of bass SMALLMOUTH
calendar divisions MONTHS
kept going PERPETUATED
person from Reykjavik ICELANDER
immigrant's hurdle ACCLIMATION
less audible QUIETER
spinning masses VORTEXES
getting on, as a horse MOUNTING
destined FATED
brand of Aussie hat AKUBRA
food container TUCKERBOX
caught NICKED
remnant, scrap ODDMENT
arrange in a new way RECONFIGURE
NSW university city ARMIDALE
fine wool MERINO
permanent marks SCARS
changing for the better AMENDING
artificial water channel SLUICEWAY
brick with rounded edge BULLNOSE
at a future time SOMEDAY
elevated regions UPLANDS
come apart DISJOINT
those on parade MARCHERS
put off for now SHELVE
small outlet SUBBRANCH
mixes up JUMBLES
small seedless raisins CURRANTS
small Australian tree MULGA
host of a function COMPERE
trooper's target SPEEDER
cooper's wares BARRELS
Mr. Hooper's street SESAME
grouper FISH
most dowdy FRUMPIEST
French highway AUTOROUTE
go round the bend CORNER
segmented worms ANNELIDS
Tour de France winner Chris FROOME
specks MOTES
Luddite's ultimate fear TECHNOCRACY
meter reader's units KILOWATTS
showy tie ASCOT
paragon of Anytown, USA PEORIA
did a gardener's job WATERED
without tread, as tires BALD
"Philadelphia"-made dessert CHEESECAKE
virtue next to godliness CLEANLINESS
century-starting decades AUGHTS
old-fashioned teacher SCHOOLMARM
popular Subaru model OUTBACK
Indianapolis Colts' symbol HORSESHOE
expanding file type ACCORDION
Pablo Sandoval's nickname PANDA
taxonomic category SUBCLASS
manners maven Post EMILY
accounting books LEDGERS
thin and fine THREADLIKE
cheap and inferior RUBBISHY
in a concise manner LACONICALLY
wharf worker DOCKER
push down with force DETRUDE
push around HARASS
slight push NUDGE
push for RECOMMEND
push slowly on wheels TRUNDLE
push aside RELEGATE
push with the nose NUZZLE
quality of substance TANGIBILITY
take on water HYDRATE
austerity STARKNESS
old-time varieties, as fruit HEIRLOOM
sweet Japanese pepper SHISHITO
unpredictable in performance STREAKY
aloe follower VERA
like some arguments UNWINNABLE
2010 US Open winner Graeme MCDOWELL
put in order COLLATED
walking lightly PATTERING
like a catchy tune SINGABLE
came back with COUNTERED
ruptures BREACHES
goes beyond capacity OVERFLOWS
Les Paul manufacturer GIBSON
swaddled WRAPPED
2000 NFL MVP Marshall FAULK
Salt Lake City resident UTAHAN
holders of hiker's gear KNAPSACKS
most sphagnous MOSSIEST
simple melody CAVATINA
plant of the mustard family ALYSSUM
provide "airtime" on "ER" INTUBATE
went to places unknown ADVENTURED
viral disease among cattle COWPOX
Ann Taylor competitor TALBOTS
apple-polisher FLATTERER
bananas CRAZY
Peach State GEORGIA
England's "Orange" king WILLIAM
A-list actress Berry HALLE
"Grapes of Wrath" author STEINBECK
"Gilligan's Island" pool LAGOON
sense of inclusion BELONGING
in a defenseless way HELPLESSLY
1926 Channel swimmer Ederle GERTRUDE
motivation for censure DISAPPROVAL
degree of pertinency RELEVANCY
swinging spots BACKYARDS
positrons ANTIMATTER
thinking deeply MUSING
lawyer's title ESQUIRE
state trees of Mississippi MAGNOLIAS
CNN show host Tapper JAKE
eliciting a reaction from PROVOKING
funny show about teens ZITCOM
fear of work ERGOPHOBIA
"The Original Sport Sandal" TEVA
thrown around STREWED
2014 literature Nobelist MODIANO
British Caribbean island TORTOLA
in a nefarious way PERVERSELY
not affected by change UNSPOILED
bring into disorder DISCOMPOSE
not fastened UNSECURED
clump of grass TUSSOCK
plucky players GUITARISTS
fought with lances JOUSTED
water spreaders SPRINKLERS
skiing turn TELEMARK
turncoat TRAITOR
turn down REJECT
downturn WORSENING
turn on the waterworks WEEP
one who turns tail COWARD
heat transference CONDUCTION
she turns novels into films ADAPTER
animal's front appendage FORELIMB
hydropower stream MILLRACE
suitably PALATABLY
in an upsetting manner UNNERVINGLY
exerting power or influence LEVERAGING
seller of stockings HOSIER
North American lizards IGUANAS
sort of bright-colored YELLOWISH
stable workers GROOMS
caused computer problems HACKED
person from England BRIT
some vines CREEPERS
microscopic cylinder NANOTUBE
perceiving by sight, etc. SENSATE
in a way that can be altered CHANGEABLY
doing a machinist's work TOOLMAKING
adamant STUBBORN
marketer's acronym SWOT
impractical person LUFTMENSCH
despicable and mean WRETCHED
shockingly cruel ATROCIOUS
beyond suffering INTOLERABLE
uncouth RUDE
morally corrupt PUTRID
allergy cause IRRITANT
Old Spice product DEODORANT
Old Glory, for one FLAG
"Old Ironsides" CROMWELL
Old Dominion VIRGINIA
Old Faithful, for one GEYSER
"Old Hickory" JACKSON
Old Navy products CLOTHING
L.L. Bean shoppers, likely OUTDOORSMEN
did a certain laundry task PRESOAKED
locks up IMPRISONS
kitchen whistler KETTLE
victimizes, with "on" PREYS
powerful winter storm NOREASTER
freeing from blame ABSOLVING
most direct mail ADVERTISING
direct and to the point BLUNT
direct course BEELINE
sources of direct current BATTERIES
direct the course of CONDUCT
direct safely NAVIGATE
clear and direct EXPLICIT
one ruled by the Houyhnhnms YAHOO
Haley's Comets' 1953 tune FRACTURED
nose-pinching cause MALODOR
Niue's tiny capital ALOFI
Andy's dog in "Toy Story" BUSTER
son of Polonius LAERTES
index items KEYWORDS
homogeneity UNIFORMITY
feudal tribute HERIOT
like ancient city walls DEFENDABLE
where best-laid plans may go AGLEY
clothes whitener BLUING
rate of occurrence FREQUENCY
book's first and last page ENDLEAF
"Stone Diaries" author Carol SHIELDS
"In Flander's Field" poet MCCRAE
western Jamaica resort town NEGRIL
unkind person MEANIE
western Mexico state capital TEPIC
location's GPS coordinate WAYPOINT