7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
found guilty CONVICTED
in a forthright manner CANDIDLY
construction workers BUILDERS
the 29th US President HARDING
like some obligations CONTRACTUAL
commendable EXEMPLARY
Iams competitor ALPO
very small distance HAIRBREADTH
library user RESEARCHER
virtuously MORALLY
confined to a region ENDEMIC
slammed a volleyball SPIKED
actor Galifianakis ZACH
rewarded, in checkers KINGED
considers REGARDS
sound from a frying pan SIZZLE
strike back RETALIATE
easily offended one PRUDE
didn't type HANDWROTE
syntax studier LINGUIST
proper online behavior NETIQUETTE
public square, in Italy PIAZZA
kitchen storage places CABINETS
fourth-longest African river ZAMBEZI
basketball star Malone KARL
give a new coat REPAINT
slung mud at SMEARED
China's fourth largest city TIANJIN
home for Alsatians ALSACE
becoming swollen TURGESCENT
spondulicks, in England LOLLY
Australian's bathing suit COSSIE
capital of South Ossetia TSKHINVALI
student of the earth GEOLOGER
stirs together MIXES
office notes MEMORANDA
wave peaks CRESTS
messing up BOTCHING
down-home quality FOLKSINESS
put on a slope CANTED
like many foreign films SUBTITLED