7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
the college world ACADEMIA
wire benders PLIERS
summer period MIDYEAR
sticking out obviously CONSPICUOUS
dwelling place LODGING
individuality SELF
lines under the city SEWERS
red tag deals SALES
just barely NARROWLY
following silently STALKING
speaking but one language MONOGLOT
sweet talker CHARMER
midsection measurement WAISTLINE
obedient DUTEOUS
food fish HALIBUT
get better RECOVER
possibly PERCHANCE
semisoft cheese MUENSTER
major and sergeant RANKS
like some jargon TECHNICAL
troublesome PROBLEMATIC
close permanently SHUTTER
"Nobody's Fool" author RUSSO
land-based military ARMY
Mayan site in Belize LAMANAI
carpet or hardwood, perhaps FLOORING
Japanese author Haruki MURAKAMI
went in different directions SEPARATED
wet and spongy BOGGY
from Antananarivo, perhaps MADAGASCAN
most insubstantial FLIMSIEST
harmfully malicious MALEFICENT
Senegal surrounds it GAMBIA
conspirator PLOTTER
gorges CHASMS
in a deserving manner WORTHILY
jumbo jets AIRBUSES
exhibits "model behavior" POSES
mitigating ALLEVIATING
least straight, as hair CURLIEST
pop icon Katy PERRY
"smart" guy ALECK