7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
region in Ukraine CRIMEA
capital of Pennsylvania HARRISBURG
most sagacious WISEST
open to attack UNDEFENDED
does as told COMPLIES
advice from a fake doctor QUACKERY
brand of tissues KLEENEX
serviceberries SHADBLOWS
one of TV's "Friends" RACHEL
exchanges SWAPS
shack or shanty SHEBANG
breathes RESPIRES
make more complex RARIFY
Middle Eastern country BAHRAIN
here one day, gone the next FADDISH
used aloe, maybe MOISTURIZED
horse's front limbs FORELEGS
separate wheat from chaff THRESH
more like a worm WRIGGLIER
bad pun GROANER
in a rigid manner INFLEXIBLY
similar in sound ASSONANT
opportunities CHANCES
knight of the Round Table GALAHAD
small African antelope STEENBOK
furnace feeder STOKER
Harris of country music EMMYLOU
sea-ear ORMER
weave a design into textiles BROCADE
26.418 U.S. gallons (metric) HECTOLITER
it is to be imitated EXEMPLAR
dawdling PUTTERING
of a leaf, round at the apex OBTUSE
he pitches pitches ADMAN