7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
cleaning HOUSEWORK
furtive moving STEALTH
flawlessly clean IMMACULATE
extra tidy FASTIDIOUS
ancient city TROY
at a high cost PYRRHIC
FM receiver RADIO
social network FACEBOOK
went beyond PASSED
try to reach agreement NEGOTIATE
hit against IMPACT
white bear POLAR
obstacle HURDLE
not probable UNLIKELY
container for carrying BASKET
highly educated LEARNED
Jurassic Park attraction DINOSAURS
demand EXPECT
one who fixes cars MECHANIC
shared, as telephone line PARTY
ambassador's residence EMBASSY
on the verge of sleeping GROGGY
capital of Idaho BOISE
thoroughly covered PLASTERED
last name in wristwatches OMEGA
Abbey Theatre city DUBLIN
water moccasin COTTONMOUTH
personal stereo of old WALKMAN
early release PAROLE
mischievous scamp URCHIN
cheese cured in brine FETA
Laverne's roommate SHIRLEY
word-guessing game HANGMAN
sandpiper relative CURLEW
appease PACIFY
causing a strong reaction PROVOCATIVE
peasant dress DIRNDL
camera crew member GRIP
paramount CARDINAL
on a daily basis QUOTIDIAN
lane for pedestrians CROSSWALK
early Spielberg blockbuster JAWS
without wavering FIRMLY
made better IMPROVED
close associate COMPANION
levelheaded CALM
porch chair, often ROCKER
tailless cat MANX
narrative STORY
really weird UNCANNY
planet near the Sun MERCURY
black cat PANTHER
violent whirlpool MAELSTROM
insurgents REBELS
financial backer ANGEL
spend money freely SPLURGE
dressed DECENT
sit for a photograph POSE
desert hazard SANDSTORM
heavy burden ONUS
voltage adjuster TRANSFORMER
narrow space INTERSTICE
one hundredth of a right angle GRAD
10,000-story building LIBRARY
use of splints and braces ORTHOTICS
gaseous volcanic crater SOLFATARA
isolated CUTOFF
make visually prominent HIGHLIGHT
work advancement PROMOTION
chocolate or vanilla FLAVOR
cup awarded as a prize TROPHY
sudden unexpected attack AMBUSH
ray of light BEAM
not clear HAZY
take a shine to FANCY
very intricate COMPLICATED
ending suddenly ABRUPT
endure defeat SUFFER
court jester FOOL
art revival RENAISSANCE
mental strain TENSION
kind of clause GRANDFATHER
achievement of a goal SUCCESS
the big house STIR
support garment GIRDLE
mariner's map CHART
school penalty SUSPENSION
warrior aliens on "Star Trek" KLINGONS
revolvers and rifles FIREARMS
part of the invisible spectrum INFRARED
dissenting group FACTION
procure OBTAIN
cowardly YELLOW
down on paper WRITTEN
simple machine LEVER
fish who ends up in Sydney NEMO
cowboy boot accessories SPURS
footy no-no PENALTY
wooden wind instrument DIDGERIDOO
coach robber BUSHRANGER
common feeling SYMPATHY
negotiate, as a price HAGGLE
cover with ribbons DECORATE
grungy DIRTY
just read the highlights SKIM
light at night MOONBEAM
"Sesame Street" character ERNIE
counterfeit IMITATION
ready for action ALERT
change from better to worse SETBACK
get in the way of HINDER
fleshy fruit POME
extremely cold GLACIAL
realize ATTAIN
making money PROFITABLE
deli roll BAGEL
way out DOOR
supply with goods STOCK
definition collection GLOSSARY
act of wooing COURTSHIP
multiplication term TIMES
sticky mud SLUDGE
bill of exchange DRAFT
evergreen shrub HEATH
pulpy fruit PERSIMMON
plump ROTUND
marriage license signer WITNESS
piece of jewelry EARRING
fortitude METTLE
batting-practice area CAGE
duplication of effort REDUNDANCY
photo holder ALBUM
car's noisemaker HORN
hard-to-stop activity ADDICTION
company or corporation BUSINESS
Sullivan's partner GILBERT
sword handle HILT
assign odds to HANDICAP
frown upon DISAPPROVE
aquatic plant EELGRASS
upper deck section FORECASTLE
fraternity activity HAZING
kind of saw CROSSCUT
receptivity OPENNESS
soft drink SODA
one hoping to avoid an audit TAXPAYER
bugaboo BANE
create FASHION
group of sepals CALYX
affiliation CONNECTION
move backward REGRESS
like a quack UNLICENSED
in confidence PRIVATELY
on a spit, perhaps TURNING
married Frenchwoman MADAME
extraordinary MARVELOUS
uninformed IGNORANT
daily record JOURNAL
man with the plan MASTERMIND
old-fashioned DATED
big prank HOAX
celebrate REJOICE
loud disturbance CLATTER
star-shaped mark ASTERISK
complex entity STRUCTURE
epilogue AFTERWORD
subatomic particle NEUTRON
heavens above FIRMAMENT
deliver an address ORATE
animal catcher SNARE
jab POKE
high window DORMER
group of quails BEVY
arousing disgust LOATHSOME
what a budget should be BALANCED
prompt with the next line REMIND
suspenseful nonending CLIFFHANGER
done without thinking INSTINCTIVE
golfer's target FAIRWAY
ludicrous FARCICAL
many a snake BITER
ransack DESPOIL
very large bovine BISON
overspending PROFLIGACY
four-sided figure TRAPEZOID
track for taxes ITEMIZE
well-dressed DAPPER
when the work week is done FRIDAY
boastful talk GASCONADE
pair of fins SAWBUCK
cattle breed LONGHORN
orange juice giant TROPICANA
sealed up SHUT
shoplifter's problem KLEPTOMANIA
one way to play a chord ARPEGGIO
revert to one's wicked ways BACKSLIDE
impactful PUNCHY
attempt an overthrow REVOLT
like a toy Elmo TICKLISH
one of the giblets GIZZARD
villain in "Othello" IAGO
potato famine site of 1740s IRELAND
watching over PROTECTIVE
forceful HARD
Oscar winner for "Hamlet" OLIVIER
first public showing ROLLOUT
extreme distress SWIVET
perpetually icy ground PERMAFROST
sweet treats GOODIES
court officer BAILIFF
tavern keeper PUBLICAN
deafening CLAMOROUS
strut or stroll WALK
like funk music SYNCOPATED
organism needing oxygen AEROBE
Crimean War participant RUSSIA
admit as a member INDUCT
length of film FOOTAGE
dog pest CHIGGER
horse mackerel SAUREL
in a new edition REVISED
those in hock PAWNERS
no longer married DIVORCED
large bite, perhaps MOUTHFUL
illegal arms dealers GUNRUNNERS
grumpy or rude BEARISH
packing more weight FATTER
indication DENOTEMENT
city scene TOWNSCAPE
one batting her eyes FLIRTER
voice an objection DEMUR
"Dragnet" star Jack WEBB
linen closet items TOWELS
tracking down LOCATING
kind of piano UPRIGHT
largest Basque city BILBAO
young ruffian HOODLUM
type of tooth BICUSPID
used semaphore SIGNALED
boggle the mind DUMBFOUND
hot dog WIENER
large farming machine THRESHER
like a despot TYRANNICAL
played to the crowd PANDERED
country bordering Poland UKRAINE
second of three squares LUNCH
joined at the hip INSEPARABLE
jeweled headband CIRCLET
fast Olympic athletes SPRINTERS
use one's mind's eye IMAGINE
omelet relative FRITTATA
end-of-trial event SENTENCING
like a canyon CAVERNOUS
Harrison's nickname TIPPECANOE
midyear month JULY
comes to AWAKENS
cafeteria worker's wear HAIRNET
certain DEFINITE
Agatha Christie plots MYSTERIES
French painter Paul GAUGUIN
move like a snake SLITHER
tending to wander PERIPATETIC
stoop (to) DEIGN
meaty stews GOULASHES
secluded lair HIDEOUT
leave of absence FURLOUGH
vulgar and boorish CRASS
gradual purchasing plan LAYAWAY
position at a newspaper EDITORSHIP
pre-election contests PRIMARIES
veteran TV actor Cranston BRYAN
pen names PSEUDONYMS
manual consultants REPAIRMEN
eating grass GRAZING
the "Show Me" state MISSOURI
dinner seats for tots HIGHCHAIRS
period between dawn and dusk DAYTIME
caught SNAGGED
stall that sells papers NEWSSTAND
unable to process it all OVERWHELMED
forced to stay at home GROUNDED
record of a meeting MINUTES
investigate DELVE
get started BEGIN
mounted police officer TROOPER
gets some shuteye SLEEPS
wedding handouts PROGRAMS
give to a charity CONTRIBUTE
moved slowly and stealthily CREPT
country bordering England WALES
cheese-filled noodle dish MANICOTTI
embarrassed SHAMEFACED
translucent paper ONIONSKIN
barrier protecting a harbor BREAKWATER
heroic courage VALOR
mountaintops SUMMITS
blood vessel ARTERY
craftsman's creations HANDIWORK
soldier stationed at a pass SENTRY
kitchen protection APRON
boundaries PERIMETERS
canvas covering AWNING
supporting timber CROSSTIE
pedestrians' right of way CROSSWALK
'80s workout attire LEGWARMERS
favoring one leg LIMPING
film legend Burt LANCASTER
diacritical caret mark CIRCUMFLEX
parts of a mattress BEDSPRINGS
group in court JURY
cancels NIXES
corporeal TANGIBLE
often-pierced place EARLOBE
partly melted snow SLUSH
overgrown SUV model HUMMER
signing up again REJOINING
movie actress Swank HILARY
Oregon's most populous city PORTLAND
Donna Karan items HANDBAGS
engine unit HORSEPOWER
mud dauber, for example WASP
Dian Fossey, for one ZOOLOGIST
outdated ARCHAIC
befitting a king LORDLY
calculated FIGURED
heart-related CARDIAC
explorer Polo MARCO
worked on shoes COBBLED
safe against the sun HEATPROOF
more laid-back MELLOWER
intelligent BRIGHT
teased RIBBED
having bilateral symmetry ZYGOMORPHIC
clean stuff found on line WASHING
transuranic element AMERICIUM
suffering speech impediment STUTTERING
overthrowing TOPPLING
cutting edge BLADE
springing back BOUNCING
pinches pennies SCRIMPS
start of a bridge hand BIDDING
colorful ice cream toppings JIMMIES
vehicles in a parade FLOATS
obstructed, as in a dragnet BLOCKADED
hanging art MOBILE
airheaded person NINNY
dreaming big FANTASIZING
making a sheepshank, say TYING
certain electrical component CAPACITOR
having hand protection GLOVED
most constricted NARROWEST
providing cover to CLOAKING
cerebellum location HINDBRAIN
D-Day invasion site NORMANDY
set a price for VALUATE
making a lawman of DEPUTIZING
common cloud type CUMULUS
jibs and mizzens SAILS
entreated BESEECHED
capital of Syria DAMASCUS
bounced on one's knee DANDLED
story's lesson MORAL
completely made-up FICTITIOUS
certain musical symbols NATURALS
actor Alda ALAN
discussion group members PANELISTS
making correct RIGHTING
rule of conduct PRECEPT
exaggerates MAGNIFIES
very young learner PRESCHOOLER
hanger-on LIMPET
Brazilian beach IPANEMA
old communications machine TELETYPE
orange-red dye ANNATTO
lacking will INTESTATE
touched with the lips KISSED
moving the lips MOUTHING
"Girl Happy" star PRESLEY
"Happy Feet" birds PENGUINS
look happy SMILE
"Happy Days" star or dad HOWARD
happy-go-lucky CAREFREE
extremely happy JUBILANT
make happy PLEASE
prominence NOTABILITY
asparagus unit SPEAR
they slip under the heel SHOEHORNS
fascinated by actors STAGESTRUCK
like some progressions GEOMETRIC
three-piece suit part VEST
like a zealot would FANATICALLY
instrument with 88 keys PIANO
R&B singer Keys ALICIA
key that erases BACKSPACE
maker of duplicate keys LOCKSMITH
Key Largo's state FLORIDA
of key importance ESSENTIAL
makes origami FOLDS
not as wide NARROWER
like a certain Snowman ABOMINABLE
spend too much OVERPAY
beginning to tire FLAGGING
impish Superman villain MXYZPTLK
like autumn leaves COLORFUL
leaves helpless STRANDS
leaves in a book PAGES
salad type with basil leaves CAPRESE
it has heart-shaped leaves CATALPA
what a boat leaves behind WAKE
leaves DEPARTS
make angry RANKLE
angry behavior BELLICOSITY
angry expression SCOWL
restrain anger BRIDLE
angry argument WRANGLE
offensive anger DUDGEON
very angry INCENSED
hard top CARAPACE
swarmed TEEMED
Japanese island resort ENOSHIMA
"Toffees" football team EVERTON
exemption from punishment IMPUNITY
hockey great Gordie HOWE
rapacious RAVENING
eating a lot of food VORACIOUS
extremely hungry FAMISHED
looking for a snack PECKISH
beyond hungry STARVED
craving food ESURIENT
money hungry LUCRIPETOUS
it helps you save your skin MOISTURIZER
stand at front of hall LECTERN
pipe from gutter to drain DOWNSPOUT
breathing in INHALATION
a Russian republic MORDOVIA
it makes a point SHARPENER
hid in a safe place SQUIRRELED
cheap trinkets TCHOTCHKES
school runner HEADMASTER
chest muscle PECTORAL
removing pea jacket PODDING
gathered together MUSTERED
Pulitzer-winning columnist LIPPMANN
major Canadian bank SCOTIABANK
a partir de un lugar DESDE
lo que una persona quiere DESEABLE
Arnaz, esposo de Lucy DESI
opuesto de la felicidad DESÁNIMO
apagar la corriente DESCONECTAR
sin devoción DESLEAL
Colón, Pizarro o Cortés DESCUBRIDOR
esposo de Melanie Griffith BANDERAS
un político argentino PERÓN
océano al lado de Nueva York ATLÁNTICO
centro académico UNIVERSIDAD
revista de la moda VOGUE
país holandés de Sudamérica SURINAME
dar una idea SUGERIR
chimpancé chica MONA
utensilio de manicura LIMA
piedra preciosa JOYA
bebida de biberón LECHE
combatir el picor RASCAR
teoría de Einstein RELATIVIDAD
muy frío CONGELADO
Dairy Queen treat BLIZZARD
light snowfall FLURRY
wintertime transportation SNOWMOBILE
dog sled race IDITAROD
hand warmer MITTEN
type of skiing NORDIC
it's always cold there ANTARCTICA
bear in mind REMEMBER
large brown bear GRIZZLY
bearing DEMEANOR
bear witness TESTIFY
howled at the moon BAYED
precluded PREVENTED
Aussie burrowing marsupial BILBY
brief stoppage in play TIMEOUT
mosaic marble flooring TERRAZZO
a source or cause of BREEDER
figure skating jump AXEL
speed-setter PACER
won all of the games SWEPT
maximum volume CAPACITY
mountainside music-maker ALPENHORN
divide into parts SEGMENT
alien-locating acronym SETI
of doubtful authenticity APOCRYPHAL
took the place of SUPPLANTED
seasonal fast-food sandwich MCRIB
suffered extreme distress ANGUISHED
insect-eating bird FLYCATCHER
without definite form SHAPELESS
sets aside RESERVES
"Reds" star Diane KEATON
hotel named for an explorer RADISSON
neighborhood VICINITY
plaintiff's assertions ALLEGATIONS
performed on stage, maybe ACTED
salad with mozzarella, basil CAPRESE
Portugal's second city PORTO
filled up again REPLENISHED
nothing for a tennis player LOVE
Latin American cloak SARAPE
southern English county HAMPSHIRE
not transparently OPAQUELY
very small jumper FLEA
string quartet members VIOLINISTS
string out PROLONG
toy with a string KITE
puppet controlled by strings MARIONETTE
they're strung on necklaces PEARLS
shoestrings LACES
"Air on a G String" composer BACH
equivocating WAFFLING
simple lens-less camera PINHOLE
the best, as of conditions OPTIMUM
2011 Mars rover CURIOSITY
its purpose may be ransom KIDNAPPING
Indian state bordering Nepal SIKKIM
Guildenstern's fellow spy ROSENCRANTZ
balanced unsteadily TEETERED
filled to the gills SATED
be appropriate APPERTAIN
security SAFENESS
"the pond" ATLANTIC
first gear DIAPERS
subterranean BELOWGROUND
bird with a long sharp bill KINGFISHER
partridge GROUSE
Froot Loops bird TOUCAN
crane-like water bird COOT
fish-catching bird CORMORANT
falcon relative KESTREL
mid-sized game bird QUAIL
south London soccer team MILLWALL
prison warden JAILOR
one after another ELEVEN
capital of Angola LUANDA
made conjectures SPECULATED
a botany class LILIOPSIDA
rained in fine drops DRIZZLED
state once united with Texas COAHUILA
sea air SHANTY
Portuguese soccer club BENFICA
relating to blood vessels VASCULAR
in gear CLOTHED
appears SEEMS
covered in small lumps NUBBLY
it may be well-produced WATER
Volkswagen sedan PASSAT
act of applying a bandage BINDING
"man of the match" BRIDEGROOM
river of northern Russia ONEGA
usher's concern SEATING
greets the villain BOOS
tennis player Davenport LINDSAY
Australian birds KOOKABURRAS
had a meal SUPPED
corn coverings HUSKS
gave off, as light RADIATED
iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses AVIATORS
valved brass instruments FLUGELHORNS
major English river TRENT
play option in football RUSH
criticize in a petty manner NIGGLE
Quebec fries and cheese dish POUTINE
common mushroom variety CREMINI
playwright Ibsen HENRIK
squashed STIFLED
Greg Louganis, for example DIVER
tending to move backward REGRESSIVE
pronoun after a preposition WHOM
cuts off SEVERS
largest city in Vermont BURLINGTON
cozy corner NOOK
marked by problems ROCKY
came through DELIVERED
farthest ENDMOST
outpouring SPATE
stuff used for stuffing FILLERS
river in Pakistan INDUS
muffin pans TINS
country singer Martina MCBRIDE
tool for putting on makeup APPLICATOR
Beatles song about swine PIGGIES
organized piles STACKS
grounded or fined, perhaps PUNISHED
inane quality DOPINESS
tousles MUSSES
black-and-white character ABSOLUTIST
fairly noisy LOUDISH
annual doctor's visit CHECKUP
included COMPRISED
searched through trash SCAVENGED
relaxed seating BEANBAG
small wildflower BLUET
brought about, with "for" ACCOUNTED
college VIP, for short BMOC
hitter, in cricket BATSMAN
in a bleak way GRIMLY
singer-songwriter Hall DARYL
something that's radiated EMANATION
surgical tube STENT
detained in conversation BUTTONHOLED
in a new way DIFFERENTLY
pungent, in a way ONIONY
composers SONGSMITHS
material to keep you warm THINSULATE
inner tubes INTESTINES
treat with disdain CONTEMN
unique landform of the Negev MAKHTESH
assumed a position POSED
errant characters MISPRINTS
Pakistan's largest city KARACHI
relaxing UNWINDING
pianist with candelabras LIBERACE
putting a shine on BURNISHING
to the utmost MAXIMALLY
square of flooring TILE
unexceptional NORMAL
medieval Bavarian city NUREMBERG
man's best friends DOGS
at least six feet YARDS
written in code CIPHERED
one who finds a way NAVIGATOR
false notions ILLUSIONS
Porsche model CARRERA
corridors HALLS
having no means of access UNREACHABLE
Georgia home of sweet onions VIDALIA
some babies in a large birth SEXTUPLETS
demeaned oneself STOOPED
clothes cleaner LAUNDRYMAN
simple currency WAMPUM
money, in slang MOOLA
ten-dollar bill SAWBUCK
supply with money FINANCE
cash alternative CHECK
one with lots of money MILLIONAIRE
out of money BANKRUPT
half-empty glass beholder CYNIC
small medical office CLINIC
big fan of Hershey's, e.g. CHOCOHOLIC
hard to decipher CRYPTIC
all the rage CHIC
maker of the Escalade CADILLAC
just on the surface COSMETIC
cover with plastic LAMINATE
chocolate-covered candy RAISINETS
one may be undercover AGENT
book cover mini-review BLURB
cover letter complements RESUMES
manhole cover's shape CIRCLE
covering all the bases THOROUGH
declining health DOTAGE
tendency to take offense HUFFINESS
moving by degrees RATCHETING
frugality CANNINESS
bunny's ear quality FLOPPINESS
impressively skillful HOTSHOT
genus including buttercup RANUNCULUS
ruminant's third stomach OMASUM
shed a skin or shell EXUVIATE
comfortably settled ENSCONCED
in an avaricious way GRASPINGLY
surgical cutting of a bone OSTEOTOMY
without work UNEMPLOYED
free-standing clay fireplace CHIMENEA
schoolteacher CHALKIE
Ned Kelly, for example BUSHRANGER
stylist's lacquer HAIRSPRAY
remote town in SW Queensland BIRDSVILLE
of sickly appearance PALLID
region around Alice Springs CENTRALIA
the nobility PEERAGE
perplexes BAFFLES
Russian coins KOPECKS
leaping over VAULTING
previously mentioned AFORESAID
not using coins or bills CASHLESS
canceling out NULLIFYING
University of Kansas locale LAWRENCE
unplugged guitar ACOUSTIC
pertaining to cinema FILMIC
money, slangily LETTUCE
Chad's place AFRICA
armless tops VESTS
scraped a river bed DREDGED
actress January JONES
march by Strauss RADETZKY
April weather feature SHOWERS
mayflower HAWTHORN
June Carter's married name CASH
"Red October" star Sean CONNERY
capable of being mended REPAIRABLE
not formally charged UNINDICTED
cause of ruin UNDOING
long-stemmed orchid genus DENDROBIUM
getting ready to drive TEEING
sirs, collectively BARONETAGE
Scottish smallholding CROFT
regular sound pattern RHYTHM
astronomical phenomenon SYZYGY
attention-getting noise PSST
immature insects NYMPHS
"I disapprove!" TSKTSK
with a spring in the step SPRYLY
low flights for spectators FLYBYS
person living next door NEIGHBOR
lighted sign above a door EXIT
beam over a door LINTEL
doorkeeper CONCIERGE
two-door car COUPE
doorway curtain PORTIERE
drapery over a doorway LAMBREQUIN
Tiger Woods' first name ELDRICK
able to be salvaged RECLAIMABLE
malaria transmitter MOSQUITO
beluga, sperm, fin or blue WHALES
adorned with fine wires FILIGREED
artificial teeth DENTURE
an undesirable animal VARMENT
flightless bird PENGUIN
female flight pioneer EARHART
acquire feathers for flight FLEDGE
taking flight FLEEING
flight between floors STAIRS
overnight flight REDEYE
add an element to salt IODIZE
cryptozoologist's loch NESS
"snap" in the 1800s TINTYPE
brother kitten, maybe LITTERMATE
big name in binoculars BUSHNELL
buy for its talent, say ACQUIHIRE
in an incorrect way INAPTLY
how lo-fi audio sounds CRACKLY
Justin Timberlake, once MOUSEKETEER
open courtyards ATRIA
comedian Maria BAMFORD
pastoral verse IDYLL
to a ridiculous degree ABSURDLY
Bobby Orr's position DEFENSEMAN
confined, with "up" COOPED
strengthened from below UNDERPINNED
museum in Bruges, Belgium GROENINGE
one answering questions INTERVIEWEE
lopsided UNEVEN
boxer crab LYBIA
slenderly TRIMLY
person who steers the boat COCKSWAIN
European thrush REDWING
genetic disorder pioneer HUNTINGTON
diameter of a buckyball NANOMETER
former Spanish football star HIERRO
white-faced clown PIERROT
bumbling clown BUFFOON
clown's workplace CIRCUS
clown on "Howdy Doody" CLARABELLE
clown handouts BALLOONS
class clown CUTUP
like clowns, to some kids SCARY
put out again, as a magazine REISSUED
turn brown, as sugar CARAMELIZE
they're #1 CHAMPIONS
bad news for tenants EVICTIONS
loose SLACK
walks a beat PATROLS
speaking incoherently GABBLING
Glen Campbell song GALVESTON
dissimilar UNALIKE
luminescence from fungi FOXFIRE
small settlement HAMLET
president of Nicaragua ORTEGA
some vocabulary questions ANALOGIES
prepared with spinach FLORENTINE
capable of being taught LEARNABLE
singer in a musical group FRONTMAN
looks at the answers PEEKS
barter politically LOGROLL
shuffled, say RANDOMIZED
singing, acting, etc. TALENTS
all excited ATINGLE
things to bounce on TRAMPOLINES
E.L. Doctorow novel RAGTIME
serious stories DRAMAS
balanced EQUALIZED
prevarications LIES
bifurcate FORK
type of ship STEAMER
experienced sailor SALT
lute-like instrument MANDOLIN
musical exercises SCALES
"Leave it to Beaver" family CLEAVER
unmovingly STATICALLY
fasten a gate LATCH
discourteous in behavior INCIVIL
meagerness SCANTINESS
clearly seen EVIDENT
nebulousness WISPINESS
variance from circular ELLIPTICITY
teaches EDUCATES
not sink FLOAT
puts forth OFFERS
diamond-shaped RHOMBOIDAL
pecan treats PRALINES
tossed THREW
most self-satisfied SMUGGEST
corrosive ACIDY
what more is, in an adage MERRIER
course deviation DIVERGENCE
Chris or Liam of Hollywood HEMSWORTH
in a rhapsodic way LYRICALLY
what a muse provides INSPIRATION
only English word ending -mt DREAMT
Louis XIII's chief minister RICHELIEU
"Les Troyens" composer BERLIOZ
bacteriologist Louis PASTEUR
François Marie Arouet VOLTAIRE
filmmaker Jean COCTEAU
"Eugénie Grandet" author BALZAC
soccer star Zidane ZINEDINE
"I Love Lucy" actress Vance VIVIAN
inventor of the battery VOLTA
one of Archie's girls VERONICA
actor Price or Cassel VINCENT
"Eclogues" writer VIRGIL
painter from Delft VERMEER
silent film star Rudolph VALENTINO
removed pea pods SHUCKED
swindling FLEECING
Coast Guard craft CUTTER
people from Lincoln NEBRASKANS
actor Neeson LIAM
it measures current AMMETER
male deer BUCKS
voyage home RETURN
undiscovered country HINTERLAND
generations EPOCHS
first contact MEETING
insurrection UPRISING
"into darkness" NOCTURNAL
Farley of "Never Cry Wolf" MOWAT
sore throat PHARYNGITIS
in an utterly detestable way EXECRABLY
such that it can be employed USABLY
remove tough spots DESTAIN
dairy treat MILKSHAKE
unsuccessfully ABORTIVELY
government by thieves KLEPTOCRACY
five-and-dime pioneer WOOLWORTH
Oscar's trademark GROUCHINESS
Yosemite Park waterfall BRIDALVEIL
dance judge Lythgoe NIGEL
innocuously HARMLESSLY
chattering PRATTLING
grammatical case ACCUSATIVE
1970s Boston rock band AEROSMITH
defunct electronics brand REALISTIC
assailable PREGNABLE
causes distress AGGRIEVES
yeast spore sacs ASCI
whey separating from cheese SYNERESIS