7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
make angry INFURIATE
suppress STIFLE
green-headed duck MALLARD
rowing team CREW
fashionable TRENDY
nutritional supplement VITAMIN
one who can fix it all HANDYMAN
made-up story FICTION
be proficient EXCEL
ancient unit of mass TALENT
benefit PROFIT
more than one MULTIPLE
what a graduate receives DIPLOMA
"Little Fugue" composer BACH
connecting wire CABLE
restricted CONTROLLED
more than half MAJORITY
art museum exhibit MASTERPIECE
quickly leap SPRING
advance LOAN
older friend GOOMBAH
hand-sized wind instrument HARMONICA
funny TV show SITCOM
pests VERMIN
constantly in the way UNDERFOOT
use a stamp IMPRESS
"Cry, Cry, Cry" singer CASH
unlicensed physician QUACK
pretzel-like pastry KRINGLE
large seabird ALBATROSS
"The New Yorker," perhaps MAGAZINE
Mesopotamian city BABYLON
excessively harsh DRACONIAN
small monetary unit CENT
Joyce Kilmer poem TREES
refuse to buy BOYCOTT
economic self-sufficiency AUTARKY
part of the foot INSTEP
book of maps ATLAS
filthy "Peanuts" kid PIGPEN
curved sword CUTLASS
rapidly-growing burg BOOMTOWN
prepare surgical tools for use STERILIZE
in need of an ironing RUMPLED
equal-sided geometric figure RHOMBUS
out of control FRANTIC
Samuel Morse invention TELEGRAPH
person, place, or thing NOUN
commuters' homes, often SUBURBS
noisy bird MAGPIE
spoilsport KILLJOY
defect of the eye ASTIGMATISM
imprint made with ink or wax STAMP
one who has "class" TEACHER
potato dumplings GNOCCHI
duck and dodge EVADE
dental woe CAVITY
swap TRADE
cutting deeply and quickly TRENCHANT
good-natured ribbing RAILLERY
winding and twisting SERPENTINE
closing speeches TAGS
site of conflict COCKPIT
Ed White's 1965 adventure SPACEWALK
intelligence KNOWLEDGE
island state HAWAII
Jurassic lizard DINOSAUR
catsup's partner MUSTARD
King Kong was one GORILLA
large constrictor snake ANACONDA
big tree cat JAGUAR
Celine Dion or Shania Twain CANADIAN
go backwards REVERSE
make into a whole UNIFY
carry on CONTINUE
like some newspapers DAILY
moveable piece of train track SWITCH
charming WINSOME
put forth for an office NOMINATE
countertop material FORMICA
island near China TAIWAN
very valuable GOLDEN
snag or math work PROBLEM
turn aside THWART
institution starter FOUNDER
when the stars come out NIGHT
person without influence NOBODY
receive warmly WELCOME
defensive back in football SAFETY
quick bite to eat SNACK
beach danger STONEFISH
open to doubt PROBLEMATIC
good health FETTLE
malevolent presence PESTILENCE
take into account CONSIDER
soak up ABSORB
Ian Thorpe's sport SWIMMING
x-ray vision and flight SUPERPOWERS
uncontrollable WILD
dried grapes RAISINS
nothing fancy PLAIN
metal plate for cooking GRIDDLE
custard-filled pastry ECLAIR
spaghetti topper MEATBALL
bend or curve CROOK
blanket material FLANNEL
utter nonsense FOLDEROL
overly scholarly PEDANTIC
wander away STRAY
form tight hair curls CRIMP
disease containment QUARANTINE
location PLACE
self-worth DIGNITY
blood feud VENDETTA
word knowledge VOCABULARY
just middling FAIR
day care attendee CHILD
not required VOLUNTARY
legitimize JUSTIFY
sumptuous living LUXURY
obvious EVIDENT
not very heavy LIGHT
have legs ENDURE
one way to keep bills down PAPERWEIGHT
charming quality APPEAL
get off the hook EXONERATE
relative size of 2 amounts RATIO
biological classification TAXONOMY
loud horn KLAXON
suspire BREATHE
emulate an oyster pirate POACH
sense organ, e.g. RECEPTOR
part of some board games SPINNER
end of the day SUNDOWN
like a vignette DECORATIVE
opposition ENEMY
bronze film PATINA
societal ban TABOO
in common MUTUAL
cunning SLYNESS
ahead of the times INNOVATIVE
cribbage counters PEGS
food container CANISTER
not as rough GENTLER
sultry HUMID
acted offended BRISTLED
ponder MULL
relief from distress SUCCOR
toasted sweet bread ZWIEBACK
cave explorer SPELUNKER
pry open JIMMY
rookie sailor LANDLUBBER
chock-full of vitamins NUTRITIOUS
packing heat ARMED
clear for all to see VISIBLE
back of the ship STERN
impure form of quartz AGATE
what a go-getter takes INITIATIVE
outdoor party FIESTA
vibrating sound ZING
regained RECOVERED
rock hurler CATAPULT
Old West artifact ARROWHEAD
molding near the floor BASEBOARD
Middle Ages Italian family MEDICI
fret WORRY
chicken purchase BROILER
analyze, as a poem SCAN
annoyance IRRITATION
medical treatment DOCTORING
unit of local government TOWNSHIP
people of the Pyrenees BASQUES
South American monkey TITI
longest river in Europe VOLGA
private eye GUMSHOE
rouse WAKEN
hot fashion TREND
built to operate underwater SUBMERSIBLE
greasepaint MAKEUP
small stream RIVULET
hard to predict SQUIRRELLY
winter jacket ANORAK
arm bone RADIUS
no longer cool PASSE
up in arms ANGRY
arm, for one APPENDAGE
strong-arm tactic COERCION
a shot in the arm, perhaps BOOSTER
astronaut's landing SPLASHDOWN
it's all for show CHARADE
old document storage format MICROFILM
dreamlike SURREAL
leader of the Marx Brothers GROUCHO
raise to first class UPGRADE
illegal move at the mound BALK
anybody SOMEONE
breakwater EMBANKMENT
reduce CURTAIL
rose-colored glasses wearer OPTIMIST
snack NOSH
most dangerous RISKIEST
not much fun UNPLEASANT
meagerness EXIGUITY
salon tool HAIRBRUSH
home remodeling RENOVATION
car seat feature HEADREST
Geppetto was one WOODWORKER
wrongdoer CULPRIT
overlooked a wrong FORGAVE
pavement destroyer JACKHAMMER
study of insects ENTOMOLOGY
extremely annoying OBNOXIOUS
Hawaiian garment MUUMUU
gloomy MURKY
pendant with a picture LOCKET
editorial omission EXCISION
kind of risk CALCULATED
180-degree arc SEMICIRCLE
boating facilities MARINAS
Iraqi river TIGRIS
cable WIRE
disc player PHONOGRAPH
desert oasis, for one STOPOVER
false argument SOPHISTRY
long South American river ORINOCO
more conducive to sliding SLIPPIER
shipped out of the country EXPORTED
like tight, curly hair FRIZZY
hit 1990s sitcom SEINFELD
city of seven hills ROME
person who pillages MARAUDER
kind of sweatshirt HOODIE
goldfish's home AQUARIUM
rodeo prop LASSO
more succinct SHORTER
eavesdropped on OVERHEARD
equine-like toy HOBBYHORSE
personal script HANDWRITING
sound from a clock TICK
drummer's "punchline" RIMSHOT
longtime CBS news anchor CRONKITE
Wolverine State native MICHIGANDER
smallest chesspiece PAWN
musical keyboard CLAVIER
ownership POSSESSION
upright ERECT
rate by the hundred PERCENTAGE
moving like a hammock ROCKING
trusted friend CONFIDANT
grammatical mood SUBJUNCTIVE
marionette operator's field PUPPETRY
doesn't wield properly MISUSES
seaside merchant FISHMONGER
type of heel STILETTO
nourishing FEEDING
what a lead singer provides VOCALS
flip over, as a boat CAPSIZE
"Gumby" style CLAYMATION
cover in goo BESMEAR
former "American Idol" judge COWELL
pinstriped baseballer YANKEE
coachman's controls REINS
returning no profit FRUITLESS
roughage FIBER
given the lowdown ENLIGHTENED
truck driver TEAMSTER
pool table's six POCKETS
like petrified wood FOSSILIZED
variety of sneakers HIGHTOPS
give orders DICTATE
clearing out of rubbish RIDDANCE
like a wagon WHEELED
toy brick brand LEGO
wampum BEADS
insectivorous bird SHRIKE
personal magnetism CHARISMA
put one's feet up RELAXED
reporter NEWSMAN
clothing holder COATHANGER
stick on ATTACH
poet Sylvia PLATH
in working order FUNCTIONING
easily disgusted SQUEAMISH
enter surreptitiously INFILTRATE
as yet undeveloped LATENT
of no value WORTHLESS
brief shower of snow FLURRY
green pigment in plants CHLOROPHYLL
baseball legend Hank AARON
spiral gastropod shell CONCH
made an enemy out of ANTAGONIZED
it is mailed on vacation POSTCARD
jazz bandleader Cab CALLOWAY
mushroom, mold, or mildew FUNGUS
well beyond the coastline OFFSHORE
tiny nation bordering France MONACO
starship Voyager's captain JANEWAY
harassed HARRIED
grotesque waterspouts GARGOYLES
they didn't graduate DROPOUTS
work with clay or marble SCULPT
stable workers LIVERYMEN
small, dirty room RATHOLE
life's work of art OEUVRE
villain, slangily BADDY
bowling game TENPINS
daydreaming MOONY
the real deal LEGIT
countryman COMPATRIOT
barbarians FIENDS
took a stab GUESSED
like a sneak thief STEALTHILY
did some woodworking SAWED
strip in the road MEDIAN
toy brand with vinyl sheets COLORFORMS
wrote down, in a way PENNED
complete failure WASHOUT
South American country SURINAME
snug and warm COMFY
protester's emotion OUTRAGE
materializing APPEARING
"Sir Duke" singer Wonder STEVIE
slumber parties SLEEPOVERS
be overflowing ABOUND
ornamental flower VERBENA
squelching STIFLING
broadcasts AIRS
modified formally AMENDED
president after Jimmy RONALD
gave a nervous laugh TITTERED
providing solace COMFORTING
book peddler COLPORTEUR
Grace, actress and princess KELLY
slippery individuals EELS
"part exchange" TRANSPLANT
taker who intends to return BORROWER
fish-and-chip shop in the UK CHIPPY
refusing to take part in BOYCOTTING
footballers from Chicago BEARS
Communist committee POLITBURO
clarifying EXPLAINING
country singer Hank WILLIAMS
type of earring STUD
longtime Nickelodeon cartoon RUGRATS
in a dreadful way ABYSMALLY
Mexican island COZUMEL
team from Tennessee TITANS
lacking sight EYELESS
inactive period DOWNTIME
Oscars host Billy CRYSTAL
bit of broccoli FLORET
senses of taste PALATES
breathed hard PUFFED
result of basking SUNTAN
spruced up TITIVATED
at a loss for words SPEECHLESS
alike, as a pair of socks MATCHING
movie poster slogans TAGLINES
lowering, as ratio REDUCING
cessation SURCEASE
more light-footed NIMBLER
sits astride STRADDLES
soccer player, outside US FOOTBALLER
occupants RESIDENTS
Richard of "Camelot" HARRIS
herbs and spices SEASONINGS
brand of baby formula SIMILAC
Bermudas or cutoffs SHORTS
ties up BINDS
a way to see the past FLASHBACKS
obstacle-navigating exercise PARKOUR
place for a barn and silo FARMSTEAD
home team at Arrowhead CHIEFS
hammer forger TOOLMAKER
comic strip by Bill Amend FOXTROT
most aggressively forward PUSHIEST
from Down Under AUSTRALIAN
sources of down GEESE
down's opposite, in a puzzle ACROSS
put-down INSULT
down-to-earth PRAGMATIC
lying down PRONE
down quickly, as a drink GUZZLE
small memory holders MICROCHIPS
prospered FLOURISHED
said the wrong thing MISSPOKE
multiplying by two DOUBLING
twists into odd shapes CONTORTS
having an effect on IMPACTING
algebra term BINOMIAL
driver's panel DASHBOARD
painting of three panels TRIPTYCH
type of paneling WAINSCOTING
panel member EXPERT
light-collecting panel SOLAR
control panel location COCKPIT
court panel JURY
workshop tools CLAMPS
social news website REDDIT
financial flip ROLLOVER
feature of a face mask EYEHOLE
burning ABLAZE
deep sorrow HEARTACHE
1941 Alfred Hitchcock movie SUSPICION
1945 Alfred Hitchcock movie SPELLBOUND
1969 Alfred Hitchcock movie TOPAZ
1942 Alfred Hitchcock movie SABOTEUR
1929 Alfred Hitchcock movie BLACKMAIL
1946 Alfred Hitchcock movie NOTORIOUS
1958 Alfred Hitchcock movie VERTIGO
full-blooded PUREBRED
full-bore COMPLETE
full stop PERIOD
full-strength UNDILUTED
full-sounding SONOROUS
full gainer DIVE
full blast INTENSE
foot fault BUNION
deeply admired REVERED
set free LIBERATED
Sicilian tourist destination TAORMINA
fashion designer Giorgio ARMANI
tear-jerker ONION
spiritless coward POLTROON
not brave CRAVEN
abject coward RECREANT
cowardly person CAITIFF
malicious coward DASTARD
scaredy-cat CHICKEN
playwright Coward NOEL
things to do first PRIORITIES
humiliate ABASE
tackle box item FISHHOOK
1950s Hollywood icon Jayne MANSFIELD
exhibiting poor posture SLOUCHING
how bunglers carry out tasks INEPTLY
widely-recognized celebs SUPERSTARS
comfy chairs RECLINERS
hot type of cuisine SZECHUAN
blueprints PLANS
timorous FEARFUL
where frogs are found THROATS
dwelt LIVED
Fuentes, modelo y actriz DAISY
cada día DIARIO
diccionario del internet WIKCIONARIO
gofres WAFLES
amigos de Luke Skywalker EWOKS
marca de chanclas HAVAIANAS
bocadillo o torta mexicana SÁNDWICH
el papá de tu papá ABUELO
guía en una brújula AGUJA
amiga de Peter Pan CAMPANILLA
él calienta el asador CARBON
Iguazú y Niágara CATARATAS
"El Rey León," por ejemplo PELICULA
botella para bebés BIBERON
tormenta repentina BORRASCA
filósofo y escritor francés VOLTAIRE
obra de Víctor Hugo HERNANI
obra de Boccaccio DECAMERON
amor de Don Quijote DULCINEA
poema de Homero ILIADA
autor de "La vida es sueño" CALDERON
strong coffee ESPRESSO
biscuits served at high tea SCONES
place that sells milk DAIRY
old-fashioned coffeemaker PERCOLATOR
Mad Hatter's tea party site WONDERLAND
coffee, tea, or milk BEVERAGE
bread MOOLAH
flat Italian bread CIABATTA
work on a breadboard KNEAD
bread cube CROUTON
like some breads YEASTY
daily bread SUSTENANCE
bread made from a starter SOURDOUGH
where smoke-eaters hang out FIREHALL
currency done in by the dong PIASTER
island visited by Gulliver LILLIPUT
smacked into RAMMED
rowing fulcrum OARLOCK
readying for surgery PREPPING
adaptability VERSATILITY
strong brand LOCTITE
where a spare tire's carried MIDRIFF
recording development CHARTING
suddenly burst RUPTURED
remarkably WONDERFULLY
give title to subject ENNOBLE
city in New Zealand DUNEDIN
Chinese monetary unit YUAN
blue mineral AZURITE
complete set of words SENTENCE
famous Icelandic geyser STROKKUR
"summer" job ADDITION
English composer William BYRD
second test RESIT
payaso del palacio BUFÓN
sonido de resfriado ESTORNUDO
el que envia la carta REMITENTE
árbol del oasis PALMERA
potra adulta YEGUA
acción disparatada LOCURA
pilar de la familia MADRE
marquee sharers COSTARS
stung a bit SMARTED
Liquid-Plumr rival DRANO
appearing in serial form EPISODIC
"The Big Bang Theory" role SHELDON
made gloomy SADDENED
auctioneer's word GOING
short wave RIPPLE
enormously MASSIVELY
irritable TESTY
covered with minute fungi MOULDY
revolving mechanical gate TURNSTILE
show one's teeth SNARL
broad strip or area SWATH
go on at BADGER
ferocious little carnivore WOLVERINE
tamper MONKEY
babble, in Britain RABBIT
yellow CHICKEN
devour greedily WOLF
follow a winding course SNAKE
go at top speed SPRINT
bowling's central target KINGPIN
water issues SPRINGS
removing hidden microphones DEBUGGING
two-engined aircraft TWINJET
consecrate by applying oil ANOINT
lawful expulsion from state DEPORTATION
having specified powers ABLED
main island of Tonga TONGATAPU
burst violently EXPLODE
make effective use of UTILIZE
distort, as a ray of light REFRACT
non-carnivore, briefly VEGGIE
pottery CLAYWARE
Brandeis Judges' mascot OLLIE
judge's chambers CAMERA
judge's hammer GAVEL
actor Judge REINHOLD
last name of Judge Judy SHEINDLIN
judge's opinion DICTUM
judge's concern GUILT
send to bed SCUTTLE
old boy ALUMNUS
establish jointly COFOUND
luxury hotel chain SOFITEL
an effortless flight ESCALATOR
went one better TRUMPED
without success VAINLY
annoyed IRKED
Victorian city GEELONG
slow and hesitant HALTING
police department member OFFICER
allocated parts in play CAST
plastered RENDERED
made sure you were right CHECKED
signing-up period ENROLLMENT
corks, for example STOPPERS
performed without backup SOLOED
ocean explorer Cousteau JACQUES
got lost in thought DAYDREAMED
collision protectors BUMPERS
silhouettes PROFILES
French author Zola EMILE
navy vessels BATTLESHIPS
captivating ENTHRALLING
community fairs FESTIVALS
one side of a famous feud HATFIELDS
criticized harshly, online FLAMED
hunting dogs RETRIEVERS
young Oscar winner Paquin ANNA
bad-mouths MALIGNS
like Pavarotti or Fellini ITALIAN
discusses in detail DESCRIBES
protective garment COVERALL
cash dispensers, for short ATMS
newly invented word COINAGE
band of brothers FRATERNITY
misshapen DISTORTED
in a contemptible manner DESPICABLY
stupefied by sleep DOPEY
structure with many "layers" HENHOUSE
nerve pain in hip and leg SCIATICA
rock guitarist Hendrix JIMI
hitting the links GOLFING
spun around SPIRALED
in a despicable way ROTTENLY
speech-reproducing system VOCODER
make a nest egg SAVE
oafish quality INEPTNESS
slowly wasted, with "away" FRITTERED
like Pippi Longstocking PIGTAILED
more streamlined SLEEKER
underlying cause ROOT
canvassing opinions SURVEYING
expressing concern SOLICITOUS
having no one in charge LEADERLESS
lively, fast piece of music SCHERZO
certain Scandinavian SWEDE
30, to 6 FIVEFOLD
recent deliveries NEWBORNS
kidding around TEASING
Poe's middle name ALLAN
to a huge degree VASTLY
expressing gratitude to THANKING
in a generous manner HANDSOMELY
South African native people KHOIKHOI
Dolce's fashionable partner GABBANA
put into another's place SUBROGATE
Roman British city, now York EBORACUM
like Robinson Crusoe SHIPWRECKED
without A,E,I,O or U VOWELLESS
"Flower City" of Ontario BRAMPTON
sources of coins MINTS
use map and compass ORIENTEER
"I will comply," on radio WILCO
warm-blooded ENDOTHERMIC
in a way that can't be read ILLEGIBLY
introduced air into AERATED
peaks of volcanos CONES
hockey hall-of-famer Luc ROBITAILLE
"press gang" REPORTERS
contest to keep one's seat RODEO
Microsoft video game console XBOX
hold rapt ENGROSS
put back on the shelves RESTOCKED
forcing open with a crowbar JIMMYING
go too far OVERSTEP
prepared fish to eat BONED
system controlled by men PATRIARCHY
military doctors MEDICS
material for moccasins DEERSKIN
it allows face-to-face chats VIDEOPHONE
place for pigs and sheep BARNYARD
cool quality HIPNESS
never beaten UNSURPASSED
source of rivers HEADWATERS
daffodil, for one NARCISSUS
young kids' planned meetings PLAYDATES
teen's hangout, often MALL
more portly PLUMPER
spills the beans BLABS
element #56 BARIUM
apiarist job hazards BEESTINGS
in a unified manner INSEPARABLY
extinct "Great" birds AUKS
a Steinway's full name PIANOFORTE
in an idiotic way DOLTISHLY
flowery fowl feed in Europe CHICKWEED
cooked on the stovetop PANBROILED
so as to cause harm INJURIOUSLY
Romanian carmaker DACIA
slovenly SLOBBY
very reactionary BLIMPISH
audience member at the Met OPERAGOER
luxury vessels on the sea YACHTS
proverbially fresh flower DAISY
iron horse LOCOMOTIVE
"Iron Man" director Jon FAVREAU
iron-rich pigment HEMOGLOBIN
attractive to iron MAGNETIC
one who works with iron BLACKSMITH
one who works with an iron LAUNDRESS
one who plays with an iron GOLFER
ice cream ladle SCOOP
common ice cream flavor CHOCOLATE
work on an ice cream cone LICK
ice cream cake store CARVEL
ice cream pattern SWIRL
tri-flavored ice cream NEAPOLITAN
molded ice cream dessert BOMBE
Clark's trailblazing partner LEWIS
cold-wave aftermath, perhaps WINTERKILL
Boston NHL player BRUIN
incorporate into a language LEXICALIZE
was on either side of FLANKED
state of being mystified PUZZLEMENT
synthetic antibiotic QUINOLONE
Putin and Medvedev, for two RUSSIANS
giving formal consent to RATIFYING
secretion of tears LACRIMATION
pain in the neck KINK
relating to parrots PSITTACINE
thin, narrow strip of wood LATH
WA port near Perth FREMANTLE
arboreal marsupials POSSUMS
worldwide UNIVERSAL
fund-raising appeal DOORKNOCK
Newcastle pop group SILVERCHAIR
bond between friends MATESHIP
peculiarities QUIRKS
courses of action PROCESSES
support from beneath UNDERPIN
destroying WRECKING
turned off DEACTIVATED
mixing gadgets BLENDERS
many-legged bug MILLEPEDE
changing MODIFYING
structural underpinnings FOUNDATIONS
packing material WADDING
mercury-filled device THERMOMETER
copper, formally speaking POLICEMAN
nitrogen-fixing plants LEGUMES
"Ironman" event TRIATHLON
Silicon Valley state CALIFORNIA
they're baked in tins PIES
hydrogen-fueled airship HINDENBURG
becoming white CANESCENT
in the area HEREABOUT
instability WOBBLINESS
Kenyan national park AMBOSELI
agreeable to the taste SAPID
rappel ABSEIL
one with "major" problems COLLEGIAN
tools that suck, briefly VACS
avian Fillmore of the comics MALLARD
tending to repel AVERSIVE
punch quality FRUITINESS
outdoorsy guys WOODSMEN
with adequate skill COMPETENTLY
loose quality SLACKNESS
Italy's Mediolanum, nowadays MILAN
falling down COLLAPSING
squeamishly QUEASILY
The Three Tenors' José CARRERAS
punched BIFFED
Newcastle United's nickname MAGPIES
unsteady with age DODDERY
digging machines EXCAVATORS
deal with incorrectly MISHANDLE
very scary HORRIFYING
back-up soldier RESERVIST
potting PLANTING
potsticker, for one DUMPLING
pottery made from baked clay EARTHENWARE
gone to pot RUINED
Soviet cosmonaut Valentina TERESHKOVA
fore-and-aft sail MIZZEN
being a mom or pop PARENTHOOD
speak incoherently GABBLE
females in Fingal, maybe IRISHWOMEN
Naples, to Italians NAPOLI
made less smooth ROUGHENED
implodes CRATERS
Oates partner HALL
like a jester BUFFOONISH
acted the part of PLAYED
Salvador Dali, by birth SPANIARD
embraces, as a cause ESPOUSES
Troi's Star Trek job COUNSELOR
gravity or importance WEIGHTINESS
wind tunnel current AIRFLOW
bearing apples or pears POMACEOUS
shadowed, like a retriever BIRDDOGGED
all night kids' visit SLEEPOVER
send mail by plane AIRPOST
orchestration of tasks WORKFLOW
foliage-free LEAFLESS
take in food INCEPT
flower's petals, as a unit COROLLA
festivity MERRINESS
gave the main address KEYNOTED
Maybelline model Christy TURLINGTON
giant peach discoverer JAMES
"Giant" actress Elizabeth TAYLOR
one of the giant planets NEPTUNE
New York Giants' stadium METLIFE
giant anteater relative SLOTH
giant slalom competitor SNOWBOARDER
giant dragon lizard SUNGAZER
it swims with sharks PILOTFISH
including a file in an email ATTACHING
like summer vis-a-vis winter HOTTER
follows the rules OBEYS
number 4 on the Mohs scale FLUORITE
makes flawless PERFECTS
very angrily FURIOUSLY
pushing and shoving JOSTLING
Celtics great Bob COUSY
showboat HOTDOG
salon brand NEXXUS
party before a game TAILGATE
cake tier LAYER
region of ancient Palestine SAMARIA
in a timely manner SEASONABLY
Canadian fur trader VOYAGEUR
her vineyard is in Cape Cod MARTHA
moving necessity BOXES
spasmodic tendency JERKINESS
DC Comic hero & villain HUNTRESS
quality of a woman FEMINITY
result of lack of practice RUSTINESS
teariness WATERINESS
inappropriate quality IRRELEVANCY
transported dirty dishes BUSED
come together UNITE
come about OCCUR
come clean CONFESS
come through SUCCEED
come across DISCOVER
come before PRECEDE
come by ACQUIRE
add an extra "charge" to IONIZE
car care specialist DETAILER
liquid coal, for example SYNFUEL
cooing bird TURTLEDOVE
group of editable websites WIKIMEDIA
literary sister of Charlotte ANNE
woke up ROUSED
lessens REDUCES
lukewarm quality TEPIDNESS
Gateway Arch architect SAARINEN
ran faster than OUTRACED
wailed KEENED
small fish MINNOWS
rounding up cattle HERDING
ill from riding the Amtrak TRAINSICK
Lucy's TV hubby RICKY
like the ZIP code system ZONAL
Danish money KRONER
tarmac worker's stopper EARPLUG
animal, informally CRITTER
disconnected DECOUPLED
long river of Canada YUKON
preeminent FOREMOST
casual clothing company FUBU
nerd-like DWEEBY
gives comfort to REASSURES
heavy wool jacket PEACOAT
phrase like "analog watch" RETRONYM
anticipating AWAITING
ordered BADE
has faith in TRUSTS
dog food brand BENEFUL
big-picture summaries OVERVIEWS
electronics brand SHARP
John Dory, for one FISH
John Hancock SIGNATURE
King John's nickname LACKLAND
johnny cake CORNBREAD
John Kennedy's middle name FITZGERALD
johnny-come-lately NEWCOMER
where closers warm up BULLPEN
more raspy HOARSER
returning to the standard NORMALIZING
shared living environments COMMUNES
not absolved of guilt UNFORGIVEN
like a dignified woman MATRONLY
smell concealer DEODORIZER
Sherlock Holmes' topper DEERSTALKER
Frenchman's topper BERET
Mexican's topper SOMBRERO
chef's topper TOQUE
Moroccan toppers FEZZES
Al Capone's topper FEDORA
Scottish toppers TAMS
lack of forthrightness DISHONESTY
utterly abhorred EXECRATED
without shelter from the sun SHADELESS
in a low and harsh manner GRUFFLY
consistent UNIFORM
abnormal eye alignment STRABISMUS
as nerves are NEURALLY
doing an assessment APPRAISING
cognomen MONIKER
central Asian republic MONGOLIA
European UN headquarters GENEVA
robustness SOLIDITY
bottle blonde, say BLEACHER
smoothed with a hammer PEENED
they're at the back APPENDICES
giving a Facebook thumbs up LIKING
Guthrie or Seeger FOLKIE
"Alice Adams" writer Booth TARKINGTON
hog a subway seat, in slang MANSPREAD