7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
helix SPIRAL
3/4 dance WALTZ
bunny food CARROTS
fancy cup GOBLET
nautical greeting AHOY
orbiting sphere PLANET
marsupial WOMBAT
spring upon POUNCE
full of hot air BOMBASTIC
backless chair STOOL
Kirk's middle name TIBERIUS
breakfast food OATMEAL
tough spot PICKLE
fill up the tank REFUEL
Motor City DETROIT
full of danger PERILOUS
can be depended on RELIABLE
time of year SEASON
act of winning VICTORY
where the conductor stands PODIUM
extravagant LAVISH
swimming stroke BUTTERFLY
dolphin relative PORPOISE
52 cards DECK
first class, perhaps HOMEROOM
sell VEND
horn of plenty CORNUCOPIA
freshwater catfish BULLHEAD
living fence HEDGE
shameless audacity CHUTZPAH
pancreas output INSULIN
pilot AIRMAN
"To the Manor Born" butler BRABINGER
Ryder Cup sport GOLF
Othello's wife DESDEMONA
mental bewilderment VERTIGO
heavy load BURDEN
like a stuffed shirt POMPOUS
good for what ails you THERAPEUTIC
wrap loosely DRAPE
infection fighter ANTIBODY
having many windows VENTILATED
nonhuman plane flier AUTOPILOT
openly declare AVOW
"go away" SHOO
set an ambush for WAYLAY
birdwatcher's need BINOCULARS
cinematic part two SEQUEL
partying REVELRY
prairie wolf COYOTE
watch or clock TIMEPIECE
palatable SAVORY
drop anchor MOOR
kind of triangle SCALENE
stamp collecting PHILATELY
dairy product MILK
slightly off-center CROOKED
shining metal CHROME
darkest color BLACK
nest alternative BIRDHOUSE
point of view PERSPECTIVE
noctambulous one SLEEPWALKER
visceral cavity ABDOMEN
token fee HONORARIUM
destitute INDIGENT
he drags his feet LAGGARD
upset the authority of SUBVERT
it has its ups and downs ELEVATOR
closest planet to the Sun MERCURY
country of tacos and burritos MEXICO
crabby GRUMPY
emergency rescue vehicle AMBULANCE
envious JEALOUS
Hungarian dish GOULASH
where sheep may roam MEADOW
intense enthusiasm FERVOR
time away from work LEISURE
groundskeeper's ride MOWER
of strict moral standards PURITANICAL
well-versed writer POET
study of language structures GRAMMAR
free prize GIVEAWAY
bring to pass ACCOMPLISH
it's only skin deep, they say BEAUTY
duty of high importance PRIORITY
sentry's duty CHALLENGE
prevail upon INDUCE
lab work RESEARCH
meat on a skewer KEBAB
easy piano piece CHOPSTICKS
spider or mite ARACHNID
Antarctica direction SOUTH
come up from the depths SURFACE
having skill CAPABLE
arch piece KEYSTONE
defeat, slangily LICK
prep for surgery SCRUB
practical joker PRANKSTER
freedom of choice DISCRETION
round up, as livestock MUSTER
Al Capone, in slang PHONE
restrain one's arms PINION
meringue dessert PAVLOVA
one facing El Toro BULLFIGHTER
call off CANCEL
popular search engine GOOGLE
crocodile cousin ALLIGATOR
honest statement TRUTH
spiky plants CACTI
swiveling joints HIPS
ship access GANGWAY
without difficulty EASILY
cheerful and happy SUNNY
clenched hand FIST
destructive storms HURRICANES
feeling optimistic UPBEAT
informational booklet PAMPHLET
intensely bright VIVID
space objects with tails COMETS
working well EFFECTIVE
saying over and over REPETITION
foolproof CERTAIN
use of a yardstick MEASUREMENT
good economic time PROSPERITY
mathematical quantity CONSTANT
provide SUPPLY
sophisticated WORLDLY
very good-looking HANDSOME
return figures TAXES
hilarious HUMOROUS
divvy up ALLOT
sign of hard times BREADLINE
film at the start of the reel LEADER
price break DISCOUNT
kino gum, for one RESIN
take into one's family ADOPT
plundering during a riot LOOTING
numerical facts STATISTICS
plane trip FLIGHT
report source GUNSHOT
festive occasion AFFAIR
small chocolate treats KISSES
curmudgeon on "60 Minutes" ROONEY
sliding fastener ZIPPER
meaningless EMPTY
food used for a second meal LEFTOVERS
white as a sheet PALE
pedant PURIST
roman a clef, for one NOVEL
manner of speaking PARLANCE
creative thinking INGENUITY
place to find a taxi CABSTAND
like a golf ball DIMPLED
piece of veal, maybe CUTLET
green dip GUACAMOLE
brain cell NEURON
mileage counter ODOMETER
prolonged applause OVATION
laundry chore IRONING
sign of things to come HARBINGER
ham it up OVERACT
like a chimney sweep at work SOOTY
marble worker SCULPTOR
not likely to stumble SUREFOOTED
shortcake topping STRAWBERRY
bright orangish-red VERMILION
aquatic rodent MUSKRAT
healthy, ruddy color RUBICUND
collective wisdom LORE
titled peer NOBLE
held in suspension ABEYANT
after-dinner treat PEPPERMINT
mythical riddler SPHINX
county jail WORKHOUSE
damp down DEFUSE
city on Lake Erie CLEVELAND
sneak a quick glance PEEK
like some hands HIRED
demand money for secrets BLACKMAIL
telescope housing OBSERVATORY
abandoned FORSAKEN
armor piece BREASTPLATE
kind of jury PETIT
ducktail or mullet HAIRSTYLE
shot a hole-in-one on ACED
office door panel NAMEPLATE
workings MECHANISM
study of behavior ETHOLOGY
political withdrawal DEFECTION
in a talented way ABLY
the process of wearing down EROSION
willing to fight AGGRESSIVE
scrub up for surgery PREP
out to get results FORCEFUL
requiring great patience DEMANDING
unyielding in one's opinion INSISTENT
combative by nature MILITANT
disagreeably assertive PUSHY
noodle grain BUCKWHEAT
minute bit IOTA
carbon-14, for one ISOTOPE
one with his hat in the ring NOMINEE
forgiveness for a crime CLEMENCY
give the brushoff SNUB
alligator pear AVOCADO
series of connected spirals COIL
kind of memory EIDETIC
significant MEANINGFUL
melting pot CRUCIBLE
go boldly forward EXPLORE
state of matter PLASMA
sign of chapped lips CRACKING
short vocal solo ARIOSO
rumored UFO crash site ROSWELL
tuna type ALBACORE
alley prowler TOMCAT
Scottish body of water LOCH
business deal MERGER
Mother Hubbard HOUSEDRESS
cultural revival RENASCENCE
fast-growing vine KUDZU
expose to danger HAZARD
generous GIVING
lunch site CAFETERIA
distribution DISPERSAL
official permits LICENSES
came after ENSUED
study of the skeleton OSTEOLOGY
causing wear EROSIVE
yellowish green CHARTREUSE
clock birds CUCKOOS
wildcat LYNX
weed-killer ingredient PARAQUAT
coded message CYPHER
keypunch data INPUT
calls dibs on CLAIMS
end goal OBJECTIVE
grows larger EXPANDS
bring back to life REVIVE
list of editors MASTHEAD
it has atomic number 13 ALUMINUM
pipsqueak RUNT
fried Mexican dish TOSTADA
three-time Oscar winner STREEP
loosen, as a shirt UNBUTTON
tennis rival of Nadal FEDERER
tiny wood fragment SLIVER
it contains fairy tales STORYBOOK
onslaught ATTACK
like some swimming pools ABOVEGROUND
continued existence SURVIVAL
person with a paddle CANOEIST
indoor swimming pool NATATORIUM
United Kingdom member WALES
snack with tea CRUMPET
alter, as a protein DENATURE
make numb DEADEN
push to excess OVERDRIVE
ocular signal WINK
purple plant FOXGLOVE
Botswana neighbor NAMIBIA
eerie sight APPARITION
evasive response RUNAROUND
picnic items COOLERS
wood preservative CREOSOTE
lending a hand to AIDING
soul food staple COLLARDS
power, in mathematics EXPONENT
impossible to miss UNAVOIDABLE
errand runner GOFER
story of lore FOLKTALE
author of surprise endings HENRY
powerful engines TURBOJETS
never-ending sequence CONTINUUM
poor living conditions POVERTY
plant-killing chemical HERBICIDE
receive a bequest INHERIT
high point of a story CLIMAX
playing card symbol SPADE
Former Soviet leader Andrei GROMYKO
times of relaxation PLAYDAYS
pro golf tournament MASTERS
make well-liked POPULARIZE
cherry and apple HARDWOODS
fishing lures JIGS
composure while under strain EQUANIMITY
not airtight, as a tire BLOWN
embroidery NEEDLEPOINT
hospitality, for example KINDNESS
hoarse THROATY
large units of memory GIGABYTES
regains consciousness REVIVES
foolish dandy COXCOMB
new dot-com company STARTUP
stocking material NYLON
exterminators eliminate them PESTS
con man SWINDLER
purposely misleading talk DOUBLESPEAK
roadside advertisements BILLBOARDS
Old Hollywood star Marlene DIETRICH
decay after being discarded BIODEGRADE
least-powerful chessmen PAWNS
period of watchful attention VIGIL
places for planes to land AIRPORTS
inanimate cornfield guards SCARECROWS
bitterly ironic SARCASTIC
old empire based in Istanbul BYZANTINE
Oscar winner Berry HALLE
Greek or Latin idiom CLASSICISM
like a Persian cat LONGHAIR
ornate decorative style ROCOCO
tending to a wound BANDAGING
with ire ANGRILY
like a head of lettuce LEAFY
say in another way REPHRASE
paid attention LISTENED
representative ICONIC
1960s cartoon hero group HERCULOIDS
greeting among Muslims SALAAM
pulsating with life VIBRANT
mother-in-law need HYPHENATION
part of a top SHIRTSLEEVE
"West Side Story" gang SHARKS
Deborah of "The King and I" KERR
most barren STARKEST
points out INDICATES
musical works OPUSES
more ridiculous GOOFIER
traveling long distances JOURNEYING
seem appropriate for BEFIT
where Ed Norton worked SEWER
Don Rickles jokes, mostly INSULTS
plotted together CONSPIRED
champions VICTORS
very childish INFANTILE
cites incorrectly MISQUOTES
Liberty Bell feature CRACK
casual eateries CAFES
quality of voice TIMBRE
make uniform HOMOGENIZE
Irishman's persuasive speech BLARNEY
the former East Pakistan BANGLADESH
certain to succeed SUREFIRE
sheepish males RAMS
Australian music makers DIDGERIDOOS
use up DEPLETE
fly ball catchers FIELDERS
Oscar winner Day-Lewis DANIEL
moved as a group FLOCKED
blogging platform WORDPRESS
gets shabby, as a sweater PILLS
like well-groomed nails MANICURED
in good shape HEALTHY
go away LEAVE
was plentiful ABOUNDED
without strong morals CORRUPTIBLE
potential spouses SUITORS
swamp reptile, briefly CROC
return to office REELECTION
in need of a plumber's help LEAKY
call the wrong name MISIDENTIFY
pushes the envelope MAILS
sports participant COMPETITOR
five babies at once QUINTUPLETS
spy fiction author Tom CLANCY
made sterile SANITIZED
tenderhearted person SOFTIE
she loved Chachi, on screen JOANIE
certain trig function COTANGENT
common sayings EXPRESSIONS
gobbled down DEVOURED
army grub RATIONS
class lass SCHOOLGIRL
most courageous BRAVEST
secretly plotting CONNIVING
fill with too much air OVERINFLATE
what Regis and Kelly were COHOSTS
small and thin-looking WAIFLIKE
go totally awry, as a plan BACKFIRE
fixed right up CURED
making obvious SHOWING
nonnegotiable statements ULTIMATUMS
classic Chinese dynasty MING
was second-billed COSTARRED
African family of languages BANTU
Turkish strait DARDANELLES
shutterbugs enjoy it PHOTOGRAPHY
Mel who voiced Bugs Bunny BLANC
bug used in surveillance WIRETAP
bug in the program GLITCH
lightning bugs FIREFLIES
prettifying oneself PRIMPING
a forlorn state WISTFULNESS
external computer device PERIPHERAL
without question EVIDENTLY
one's relatives, rustically KINSFOLK
blood-red SANGUINE
he welcomes tourists to town GREETER
old Roman official TRIBUNE
test giver EXAMINER
etiquette maven Emily POST
signal the approach of HERALD
multiplied by TIMES
record the current events CHRONICLE
not tied to any party INDEPENDENT
reducing friction LUBRICATING
regret for wrongdoing PENITENCE
theoretically ABSTRACTLY
Cambridge university HARVARD
a chip off the old block SPLINTER
knock off DEDUCT
early leader in race PACESETTER
noisy buzzer BUMBLEBEE
Africa's "tree of life" BAOBAB
weep audibly BLUBBER
baseball giveaway, maybe BOBBLEHEAD
Lewis title character BABBITT
something to chew over BUBBLEGUM
Scotland Yard employee BOBBY
kind of pastry CHOUX
creme-filled pastry ECLAIR
pastry dough in thin layers PHYLLO
pastry bakery PATISSERIE
Mexican pastry CHURRO
layered pastry dessert NAPOLEON
kind of pastry PUFF
heptathlon champion Jessica ENNIS
it may go about a yard FENCE
conjunction or opposition SYZYGY
Georgia river OCMULGEE
Venetian or Roman, perhaps BLIND
quintessence APOTHEOSIS
model of excellence NONESUCH
perfect person PARAGON
the best possible IDEAL
outstanding thing LULU
example of excellence HUMDINGER
city planner's concern ZONING
photo-sharing website FLICKR
TV news guys with large maps WEATHERMEN
took a catnap DOZED
rich abundance LUXURIANCE
business magnate George SOROS
country of one's birth HOMELAND
talking in a friendly way SCHMOOZING
leader in a movement TORCHBEARER
gear for climbing FIRST
person who supports a family PROVIDER
expressed regret APOLOGIZED
large town in Hampshire, UK BASINGSTOKE
bear children CUBS
otra palabra para niñera CANGURO
caer bien una persona a otra GUSTAR
sello postal ESTAMPILLA
señal de libertad de alumnos TIMBRE
corto, de poca duración BREVE
dar algo al recibir dinero VENDER
beneficio o superioridad VENTAJA
sueño malísimo PESADILLA
lengua indígena de México MIXTECO
lago bajo de Tenochtitlan TEXCOCO
chocolate en forma de polvo COCOA
A o C, por ejemplo VITAMINAS
provechoso, útil BENEFICIOSO
caracterÍstica de la realeza FINEZA
novia de la Bestia BELLA
algo para contener líquidos BOTELLA
plato árabe de sémola CUSCÚS
denuncia ACUSACIÓN
presidente de los EEUU OBAMA
él es como un caimán COCODRILO
opuesto de crudo COCIDO
put into words STATE
farmer's "field" AGRICULTURE
basketball game chant DEFENSE
toil LABOR
former baseball player David JUSTICE
where wealth is kept TREASURY
hard to identify, maybe INDISTINCT
tried hard STROVE
hardwood tree BEECH
hard puzzle BRAINTEASER
hard drive capacity unit GIGABYTE
"hard water" formation ICICLE
gave a hard pull YANKED
humanoid automaton ANDROID
television's talking terrier WISHBONE
pellet-shaped pasta FARFEL
Thailand, formerly SIAM
five-sport competitor PENTATHLETE
easily molded FICTILE
mutually beneficial acts COOPERATION
the study of hearing AUDIOLOGY
truck leasing firm PENSKE
a small number HANDFUL
producing disease PATHOGENIC
done without emotion NUMBLY
violin maker LUTHIER
conversed by text CHATTED
Indonesian volcano KELIMUTU
smallest in number FEWEST
relating to a kitchen garden OLITORY
sent an invoice to BILLED
transferred between banks FERRIED
Achilles' weak point HEEL
it may produce a calf ICEBERG
cubierta de un libro FUNDA
material escultórico MÁRMOL
ejercicio saludable DEPORTE
toldo del circo CARPA
estudiante en prácticas BECARIO
considerado con el prójimo EDUCADO
aumento de estatura CRECIMIENTO
foreign office CONSULATE
smiled widely BEAMED
leans back RECLINES
19th-century novelist Austen JANE
small unit of weight DECIGRAM
stringed instruments ZITHERS
trial impressions PROOFS
deliberately sunk one's ship SCUPPERED
restrained or curbed BRIDLED
pursued a litigious solution SUED
one of two NBA teams in LA LAKERS
metric length measure DECIMETER
mountain range in New York CATSKILL
bring to light UNCOVER
waxing or waning moon CRESCENT
book at the top of the chart BESTSELLER
football team complement ELEVEN
tranquil SERENE
hole in a shoe EYELET
one dealing in gems JEWELER
undo, on a keyboard DELETE
geometric bake sale item SQUARE
airs a news item first SCOOPS
took a law off the books REPEALED
quality of being brave PLUCKINESS
newsman's bread and butter REPORTAGE
Satchmo surname ARMSTRONG
line of work TRADE
eBay classifieds site KIJIJI
rendered answerless STUMPED
wholesaler DISTRIBUTOR
the golf ball striking end CLUBHEAD
longest river in Poland VISTULA
convex-shaped deck WHALEBACK
long, easy canter LOPE
shopping center PLAZA
small, biting insect MOSQUITO
ostentatiously virile MACHO
civilian law enforcer VIGILANTE
knowledgeable devotee AFICIONADO
irregular fighter GUERRILLA
military government JUNTA
not able to be rejected IRRECUSABLE
heavy downfall AVALANCHE
short records NOTES
likely to turn quickly PERISHABLE
person at the bar COUNSEL
unite into one identity MERGE
Mozilla email THUNDERBIRD
picture puzzler REBUS
river in the Orinoco Basin CARONI
presidential acronym POTUS
put into action ACTUATE
lose lots of assets or blood HEMORRHAGE
having no coastline LANDLOCKED
come out on top PREDOMINATE
not abundant SCANT
decaf instant coffee brand SANKA
ways to get in ENTRANCES
West Virginia city CLARKSBURG
comedian and actor Jamie FOXX
metric units KILOS
not standing SEATED
showing to be false DISPROVING
dashboard device, for short TACH
fixed, as a cat SPAYED
signing up REGISTERING
actor Pattinson ROBERT
for quite a duration LONGTIME
Watson or Crick GENETICIST
cab driver HACK
high schoolers, typically TEENAGERS
with bated breath EXPECTANTLY
leaned back RECLINED
finishes the yardwork EDGES
Italian city of ham PARMA
Kay Thompson's heroine ELOISE
steeping before cooking MARINATING
from Tirana, perhaps ALBANIAN
chewy candies CARAMELS
rod-shaped bacterium BACILLUS
result of taking liberty ENSLAVEMENT
Glasgow soccer team CELTIC
round figure CIRCLE
Swedish "Father of Taxonomy" LINNAEUS
kill by depriving of oxygen ASPHYXIATE
teams SIDES
running a scam on CONNING
female pilots AIRWOMEN
caught up with OVERTAKEN
uppity person SNOOT
list of words, for short VOCAB
black mark BLOT
with precision FINELY
involving hearing and sight AUDIOVISUAL
Charlie Parker, for one ALTOIST
Starbucks CEO Howard SCHULTZ
fine porcelain ware SEVRES
order of Greek architecture CORINTHIAN
feathered "talker" MYNA
taking a risk ADVENTURING
French fashion line GIVENCHY
stuck together in a mass CLUMPED
female deer HIND
was one of the emcees COHOSTED
digs like a pig GRUBS
adheres STICKS
virus battlers ANTIBODIES
relating to teaching PEDAGOGICAL
in two minds CONFLICTED
loosening LAXATION
"Pink Panther" inspector CLOUSEAU
muddle MIXUP
Burns' Night delicacy HAGGIS
fixing socks DARNING
French CEO of LVMH Bernard ARNAULT
Australian itinerant worker SWAGMAN
ripples caused by light wind CATSPAW
stellar STARLIKE
coastal Jordanian city AQABA
chowderheads DOPES
servile person FLUNKEY
animal taken in ADOPTEE
making a liquid mess SPILLING
hid in one's hand PALMED
defeated utterly SKUNKED
actor Brolin JOSH
soft drink packaging firm BOTTLER
youngest Kardashian girl KHLOE
fill up SATIATE
big oafs GALOOTS
self-satisfied feeling COMPLACENCY
grinding teeth MOLARS
its capital is Palikir MICRONESIA
sudden outpourings SPATES
Google rival BING
"Catch-22" author Joseph HELLER
anachronistic anesthetics ETHERS
release of breath EXHALATION
fragment of old pottery POTSHERD
bulldozer, for one EARTHMOVER
offers unsolicited advice KIBITZES
rousing from sleep AWAKING
making great demands EXACTING
the morning FORENOON
fastened to something else AFFIXED
complicated details INTRICACIES
was reluctant DEMURRED
located behind the nose POSTNASAL
sluggishness TORPIDITY
not influenced UNSWAYED
not worthy of affection UNLOVABLE
hazard in dairy pasture COWPIE
like Matilda, in song WALTZING
arrived CAME
home of baseball's Pirates PITTSBURGH
name used by Edward Teach BLACKBEARD
act of piracy BOARDING
what a pirate may ignore COPYRIGHT
swift pirate ship CORSAIR
pirate a plane HIJACK
game with kings CHECKERS
Camelot's king ARTHUR
"King of the Road" singer MILLER
it may be king-sized MATTRESS
greedy king MIDAS
Egyptian boy king TUTANKHAMEN
kinglike IMPERIOUS
hair salon offerings HIGHLIGHTS
famed composer Chopin FREDERIC
incidental benefit at work PERQUISITE
made a turkey call GOBBLED
impassioned speeches HARANGUES
tunneling, like a gopher BURROWING
major river of Germany RHINE
upper atmosphere science AERONOMY
female forerunner ANCESTRESS
seaweed-sourced emulsifier CARRAGEENAN
of sights, sound, and smells SENSORY
what collars may cover NAPES
entered a home to steal BURGLED
NT national park KAKADU
tarred road BITUMEN
minor car accident BINGLE
Australian film star, Cate BLANCHETT
marine stinger BLUEBOTTLE
testing person TRIER
moved unsteadily FALTERED
earning a degree GRADUATING
canine protector GUARDDOG
new hall of famer INDUCTEE
turns around quickly REELS
cleaned teeth with line FLOSSED
pats down FRISKS
common bacon flavoring APPLEWOOD
frugal folk CHEAPSKATES
made smooth SANDED
catching sight of ESPYING
southern Swedish city MALMO
trained in a certain field SPECIALIZED
block the way OBSTRUCT
blockade enforcer WARSHIP
block out REPRESS
sun blocker PARASOL
blockhead NINCOMPOOP
lower block of a pedestal PLINTH
toy building blocks LEGOS
sexist guy, say CHAUVINIST
late-night host Seth MEYERS
small wave-riding device BODYBOARD
lends a hand to HELPS
Aeron chair maker Miller HERMAN
gorgeous people DREAMBOATS
rocking out JAMMING
NE Brazilian state CEARA
bulleted story LISTICLE
donkey-zebra hybrid ZONKEY
jointly cared for a child COPARENTED
European mountain range CARPATHIAN
quality of wet ground SQUISHINESS
post to Twitter in real time LIVETWEET
campanula BELLFLOWER
German shepherd ALSATIAN
computer network hub SERVER
they check things VERIFIERS
customs HABITS
repudiate DISCLAIM
one who complains GRUMBLER
ground MILLED
small shield BUCKLER
in a dishonest way CORRUPTLY
severe headaches MIGRAINES
Milton Bradley products GAMES
Marlon Brando movie of 1978 SUPERMAN
Mel Blanc talent VOICES
Michael Buble has won four GRAMMYS
Milton Berle's early medium RADIO
Mel Brooks' real last name KAMINSKY
Minsk, Belarus, for one CAPITAL
"Unforgiven" hard rock band METALLICA
formed, as a jury EMPANELED
opposing hostility ANTAGONISM
with rich imagery VIVIDLY
"Bee Movie" creator Jerry SEINFELD
one who layers many "coats" PAINTER
Denver omelet ingredient PEPPER
where Johnny Cash grew up ARKANSAS
they prevent leaks GASKETS
small Asian deer MUNTJAC
bamboozling HOODWINKING
in a solemn manner SOBERLY
crime fiction author Ed MCBAIN
one who's keen on something LOVER
buttery, crunchy candy BRICKLE
makes over REDOES
surprises ASTONISHES
got rights to, in Hollywood OPTIONED
12th Precinct Captain Miller BARNEY
just loll about LAZE
earth and debris hazard MUDFLOW
putting in order SEQUENCING
province of NE China HEBEI
held a strategy meeting CAUCUSED
tissue-destroying process CAUTERY
Greek sauce served cold TZATZIKI
Sherlock Holmes' forte SLEUTHING
Shirley Manson's band GARBAGE
lunch meat choice BALONEY
stewed fruit dessert APPLESAUCE
impostor HUMBUG
cowhand's bed BUNK
edible stomach meat TRIPE
woolen fabric FLANNEL
fly killers SWATTERS
most stressed out TENSEST
spiral CURL
type of fail EPIC
busy people at a "bee" QUILTERS
old-fashioned western OATER
like author Marcel PROUSTIAN
mascot for "Fox NFL Sunday" CLETUS
they're served with beans FRANKS
grin widely BEAM
new Hall of Famers INDUCTEES
fashion model Jill GOODACRE
acted as a waiter SERVED
island group near India NICOBAR
sets down in the wrong place MISLAYS
old alerting devices PAGERS
making the cut QUALIFYING
groups of cattle HERDS
before the current era PREMODERN
rife with purple flowers HEATHERY
"Bad Piggies" company ROVIO
move a little, in slang SCOOCH
geese, swans and ducks WATERBIRDS
big name in banking CITI
with scorn DERISIVELY
rubs the wrong way IRRITATES
Bautista of the Blue Jays JOSE
add a design to EMBOSS
building design BLUEPRINT
fashion design COUTURE
creative new design INNOVATION
have designs on DESIRE
rough design SKETCH
by design PURPOSELY
Robin who was Mrs. Doubtfire WILLIAMS
acquainted by study CONVERSANT
ready to face danger BRAVE
plunge into liquid SOUSE
used, as a tool WIELDED
flinging violently HURLING
nest trespassers CUCKOOS
ancient times PREHISTORY
counted up TALLIED
be a booster for CHEERLEAD
one of the B vitamins BIOTIN
causing worry CONCERNING
baked chocolate treats BROWNIES
lead actor STAR
yielded tamely TRUCKLED
oozed EXUDED
brought forth young FAWNED
Manhattan arts school JUILLIARD
was in seclusion HIBERNATED
naval crew member BLUEJACKET
furtive flirting technique FOOTSIE
city in Minnesota BRAINERD
actor Snipes WESLEY
1980s video game company ACTIVISION
bill featuring U.S. Grant FIFTY
mourns GRIEVES
spewing steam, maybe OVERHEATING
man "of the North" in a film NANOOK
cotton on to UNDERSTAND
lower leg bone FIBULA
made into a sphere BALLED
Canadian province and city QUEBEC
drawing moisture away WICKING
shape wood on a lathe TURN
historic Ecuadorian city CUENCA
sweet-sounding MELLIFLUOUS
sweet treat CONFECTION
"Sweet Surrender" singer DENVER
sweetheart GIRLFRIEND
sweet-talk INVEIGLE
sweet roll BRIOCHE
overly sweet SACCHARINE
least well-known OBSCUREST
hotel offerings ROOMS
removed from one's computer UNINSTALLED
actor Maguire TOBEY
moves nervously FIDGETS
chicken coop sounds CLUCKS
moved like a moth FLITTED
map + recycle = green-yellow CHARTREUSE
banner + tirade = brazen FLAGRANT
whinny + dull = adjacent NEIGHBORING
fish + door = woodworking CARPENTRY
sharpen + pigpen = candor HONESTY
fight + brown = ascetic SPARTAN
garland + certain = rest LEISURE
Secretary of State Powell COLIN
Andes stratovolcano ANTISANA
1955 Elie Wiesel memoir NIGHT
cunning quality WILINESS
approaching ONCOMING
having no playthings TOYLESS
2nd President Roosevelt FRANKLIN
old Peloponnesian city-state SPARTA
wheat and rice GRAINS
quick to defer UNASSERTIVE
not weakened UNDILUTED
Bagheera's "Jungle Book" pal BALOO
Zairean, formerly CONGOLESE
really thin margin WHISKER
fantastically ROARINGLY
French-Canadian meat pie TOURTIERE
guilt CULPA
having power to force out EXPELLANT
winnowing of the competition SHAKEOUT
Shakespearean theater GLOBE
connected by wooden pegs DOWELED