7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
scurried SCUTTLED
soft and smooth SILKEN
major money MEGABUCKS
like trains with many stops LOCAL
leftover food SCRAPS
people in the stands SPECTATORS
touch on ABUT
"My Way" singer Frank SINATRA
one who greases the wheels BRIBER
most active BUSIEST
literary summary SYNOPSIS
social shockers TABOOS
removing husks SHUCKING
obtaining as profit REALIZING
troop group BRIGADE
number such as 11 or 13 PRIME
Bulls great Scottie PIPPEN
more rapid SPEEDIER
code inventor Samuel MORSE
rhinoceros relative TAPIR
capital of West Germany BONN
trapped CORNERED
private Atlanta university EMORY
popular votes PLEBISCITES
a female fowl PEAHEN
received ACCEPTED
older of the Wilson brothers OWEN
like a bronco BUCKING
Muppet Dr. Honeydew BUNSEN
forcefully and vigorously MUSCULARLY
name of eight English kings HENRY
Wally Schirra's home town HACKENSACK
it tends to expand with age WAISTLINE
swashbuckler Flynn ERROL
period from dusk to dawn NIGHT
gave a hint INTIMATED
some Middle Easterners SAUDIS
comes through DELIVERS
created charged particles in IONIZED
people from Eugene or Salem OREGONIANS