7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
fourteen-line poem SONNET
providing with water IRRIGATING
spinning file ROLODEX
orchard fruits PEARS
Solidarity leader WALESA
witticism JEST
four-year position PRESIDENT
it may be sold as lump grade CRABMEAT
Shirley's roommate LAVERNE
spore cluster SORUS
study of disease PATHOLOGY
used without restriction MAINLINED
introductory statement PREAMBLE
getting back on REBOARDING
not too long ago RECENT
returns along one's path BACKTRACKS
gas used in bright signs NEON
in an angry manner IRATELY
yellowish-brown shade SIENNA
pilots' places COCKPITS
caught a big fish, in a way HARPOONED
fragrant, in a pleasant way PERFUMY
Bogotá denizen, perhaps COLOMBIAN
throwing with great force FLINGING
game show creator Griffin MERV
discredited DECRIED
capital on a fjord OSLO
Middle Eastern dignitaries EMIRS
like reactions in the brain BIOCHEMICAL
changes the time of RESCHEDULES
capable of being forgiven EXCUSABLE
holds tightly GRIPS
home of the Cowboys DALLAS
nine-sided figures NONAGONS