7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
weatherman's prognostication FORECAST
prenuptial party SHOWER
Cinderella's deadline MIDNIGHT
for the most part MAINLY
reindeer CARIBOU
prisoners, briefly CONS
musical line MELODY
send angry email FLAME
Gilbert's musical partner SULLIVAN
spruce up FRESHEN
slang for mind NOODLE
vibrates SHAKES
tropical wood MAHOGANY
mendicant BEGGAR
joint participant PARTNER
orphan's hope ADOPTION
quivering SHAKING
wealth-producing LUCRATIVE
not accustomed UNUSED
gigantic MASSIVE
parting of the ways DEPARTURE
offer to work without pay VOLUNTEER
impossible to erase INDELIBLE
resembling glass VITREOUS
lasting only a short while EPHEMERAL
precious red stone GARNET
hard, silver-gray metal ZIRCONIUM
architect Paul RUDOLPH
hot, fragrant spice GINGER
fermented dairy product YOGURT
cow for beans swapper JACK
fast-moving shark MAKO
white area on a horse's face BLAZE
cut of meat SHANK
dental deposit TARTAR
frequent library visitor BOOKWORM
puncture PERFORATE
blood-clotting particle PLATELET
popular Mattel doll BARBIE
musician who performs alone SOLOIST
not severe MILD
what a man might be made of GINGERBREAD
sweaters with high collars TURTLENECKS
green veggie served steamed BROCCOLI
looked upon VIEWED
feeling of remorse PANG
artificially high voice FALSETTO
thorny flowers ROSES
compass direction SOUTHEAST
summit ZENITH
cheese for spaghetti PARMESAN
generally popular MAINSTREAM
balanced EVEN
banana damage BRUISE
home of the Packers WISCONSIN
"M*A*S*H" character RADAR
peculiar trait MANNERISM
countrified violin FIDDLE
dolt CHUMP
popular cobbler choice PEACH
older unmarried woman SPINSTER
fit for farming ARABLE
record holder SLEEVE
llama relative GUANACO
Drew in books NANCY
failure to drive well SLICE
set of letters ALPHABET
beef patty HAMBURGER
largest African island MADAGASCAR
incredible event MIRACLE
"butter" source PEANUT
fruit in a split BANANA
opening above a fireplace CHIMNEY
guinea pig CAVY
Diana Ross's group SUPREMES
Batman's butler ALFRED
work with a libretto and score OPERA
abrasive product SANDPAPER
increase in value APPRECIATE
Venetian boatman GONDOLIER
developing baby FETUS
where to keep a dictionary BOOKSHELF
great mass MOUNTAIN
former TV host Carson JOHNNY
the body politic STATE
existing ACTUAL
stretch of mountains RANGE
bird with sharp vision EAGLE
spotted beetle LADYBUG
schoolroom feature CHALKBOARD
incorrigible BODACIOUS
worker with time and chimes CLOCKMAKER
roundabout CIRCULAR
time in the joint SENTENCE
swimsuit COSSIE
festy GRUBBY
leave baffled PERPLEX
cantaloupe ROCKMELON
emergency event CONTINGENCY
everyday life NORMALITY
TV collie LASSIE
singable words LYRICS
instrument with four strings VIOLIN
United States AMERICA
TV photographer CAMERAMAN
after today TOMORROW
symbol of South Carolina PALMETTO
sea angler's trophy SAILFISH
popular cowboy hat STETSON
Florida baseball team MARLINS
small skin opening PORE
red in the face RUDDY
coated with varnish STAINED
bird singing TWITTER
having long, unkempt hair SHAGGY
vocal characteristic ACCENT
spicy cuisine CREOLE
rice variety BASMATI
broken DAMAGED
World Series month OCTOBER
wares GOODS
built in INHERENT
gracefulness AGILITY
result of logical thinking DEDUCTION
rolling in dough AFFLUENT
dictionary listings WORDS
dog with papers PUREBRED
tax break EXEMPTION
aerobatics stunt TAILSPIN
plug away PERSEVERE
drop feathers MOLT
dunderhead IDIOT
bigger than desired BLOATED
big name in cameras KODAK
nickname MONIKER
at a later time AFTERWARDS
inventive TV character MACGYVER
hasten the progress of EXPEDITE
yell of encouragement CHEER
person next to you on a plane PASSENGER
sea bottoms BEDS
capital of the Philippines MANILA
window or door covering SCREEN
different in nature CONTRARY
rich patterned fabric DAMASK
electric company, for one UTILITY
engage in conversation DISCOURSE
mesh fabric FISHNET
skin on the head SCALP
piece of jewelry STICKPIN
robbers THIEVES
in need of training UNSKILLED
Gepetto was one WOODCARVER
resolution CLOSURE
hesitating PAUSING
corporate symbol LOGO
one who knows the territory GUIDE
cantankerous CROTCHETY
make nervous FLUSTER
part of the eye RETINA
vessel with an outboard MOTORBOAT
fundamental principle BASIS
period of childhood INFANCY
squalid WRETCHED
proprietary PATENTED
winter danger FROSTBITE
Pilgrims' vessel MAYFLOWER
freshman or sophomore YEAR
pull the wool over one's eyes BEGUILE
one with doubts AGNOSTIC
want badly COVET
chastise REPROVE
cosmetic hand-holding MANICURE
strong dislike ANTIPATHY
text-searching element KEYWORD
emir's cousin SULTAN
earthquake SEISM
loud, like applause THUNDEROUS
haiku or tanka POEM
without a doubt SURE
geometric figure CUBE
shipment of sales goods CONSIGNMENT
shadowing TAILING
preachy person DIDACT
depth charge, for one EXPLOSIVE
removed to safety EVACUATED
acting INTERIM
adhering strictly to rules STRINGENT
certification of a will PROBATE
farmland area ACREAGE
whimsical music HUMORESQUE
enjoying a good game COMPETITIVE
down-at-the-heel person WRETCH
formal vote in Parliament DIVISION
wet kiss SMOOCH
ill-natured PEEVISH
overly fancy ORNATE
ill-tempered SURLY
ruffed grouse PARTRIDGE
do a double take REACT
aromatic rice BASMATI
conception result PREGNANCY
provide funding for ENDOW
heartfelt SINCERE
moccasin decoration BEADWORK
be a couch potato VEGETATE
dropping off DROWSY
floral arrangement CENTERPIECE
charge the quarterback BLITZ
variety of eagle BALD
practical approach PRAGMATISM
location of some resorts SEASIDE
small wedge SHIM
flying disc FRISBEE
baseball action HITTING
six shooter HANDGUN
soft and wet SQUISHY
expressed disrespect SNICKERED
overabundance SURFEIT
ceremonial procession CAVALCADE
political platform SOAPBOX
keep watch on SURVEIL
decoy users HUNTERS
derogatory SLIGHTING
first-rate TOPFLIGHT
not on the same level as BENEATH
motherboard layout CIRCUITRY
coupon users REDEEMERS
launch LIFTOFF
large antelope HARTEBEEST
liable to ignite COMBUSTIBLE
fish-eating duck MERGANSER
remembered RECOLLECTED
list of recordings DISCOGRAPHY
0.621 miles KILOMETER
message on Twitter TWEET
faux pas GAFFE
give new energy to REJUVENATE
member of the Supreme Court SOTOMAYOR
biological grouping GENUS
high-pitched woodwind PICCOLO
up for an award NOMINATED
search thoroughly SCOUR
knot of hair CHIGNON
where Superman was born KRYPTON
what galoshes can handle PUDDLES
fanatical belief system EXTREMISM
completely broke PENNILESS
storage media DISKS
having mixed feelings AMBIVALENT
closeness PROXIMITY
lively ballroom dance MERENGUE
egg-white mixture MERINGUE
relate TELL
use Photoshop, maybe RETOUCH
parts that may be flared NOSTRILS
extinguishes, in a way SMOTHERS
how one may turn CLOCKWISE
cuts into cubes DICES
augment ENHANCE
put in a familiar role TYPECAST
Delaware's largest city WILMINGTON
display of data READOUT
distinctive mark CACHET
Jordan's team, once BULLS
on the decline FADING
four-sided figure RECTANGLE
firing range sounds GUNSHOTS
community members TOWNSFOLK
oddball MISFIT
living anachronisms THROWBACKS
in a peevish mood IRRITATED
former Genesis member Peter GABRIEL
fishing rod attachment REEL
pendant from a lobe EARDROP
industrial Russian city VOLGOGRAD
out of juice DEAD
sport done with a chute SKYSURFING
"American Idol" emcee SEACREST
goes through a workout CONDITIONS
accusation IMPUTATION
batted the ball gently BUNTED
archive's contents DOCUMENTS
computational devices CALCULATORS
go up ASCEND
wheelchair access RAMP
drink owned by Pepsi GATORADE
mystery author Agatha CHRISTIE
Oliver Twist was born in one POORHOUSE
go along with the majority CONFORM
natural gas component METHANE
worrywart's many ANXIETIES
dependable TRUSTED
1980s guerrilla CONTRA
cough syrup amount SPOONFUL
paper-fastening device STAPLER
corporate bigwigs EXECUTIVES
savage and cruel VICIOUS
wealthy Asian island nation SINGAPORE
premier guitarist Jimi HENDRIX
worker who mends shoes COBBLER
embankments around a castle RAMPARTS
whistle blowers, at times OFFICIALS
selection of appetizers SAMPLER
police radio SCANNER
heckling JEERING
taken unawares STARTLED
beachcomber's find DRIFTWOOD
one who tends to children NURSEMAID
rebellious DEFIANT
deep black EBONY
shows in a picture DEPICTS
grave or serious AUSTERE
onion roll BIALY
calls from home UMPIRES
informal for female relative AUNTIE
had a debut showing PREMIERED
walking ostentatiously SASHAYING
frozen chocolaty treat FUDGSICLE
star quality GLAMOR
it plaits elaborate nests WEAVERBIRD
"Band of Gold" singer Freda PAYNE
large flightless birds EMUS
from Dixie SOUTHERN
classic R&B group, with The TEMPTATIONS
headwear at graduation MORTARBOARD
chic-looking STYLISH
heavily populated DENSE
prevailing weather CLIMATE
feelings of affinity ATTRACTIONS
opera singer Sills BEVERLY
obsession with extravagance MEGALOMANIA
cloud nine BLISS
shreds RIPS
like a bad actor HAMMY
poisonous herb WOLFSBANE
rousing sound REVEILLE
befitting a sovereign's son PRINCELY
very spiteful VENOMOUS
litter container PIGSTY
evening party SOIREE
"bossy" mood IMPERATIVE
trundle bed ROLLAWAY
Tour de France vehicles BIKES
peg on a line CLOTHESPIN
cows chew them CUDS
Subaru model IMPREZA
assailant INVADER
opened, as a scroll UNROLLED
jumped over LEAPFROGGED
nonconformist, for short BOHO
armpatches, for example INSIGNIAS
back muscle RHOMBOID
salty snack PRETZEL
carnival game with pegs RINGTOSS
annual bird flight MIGRATION
honest and direct FORTHRIGHT
moving aggressively INVASIVE
wind storms TORNADOS
clears out EVACUATES
spotted, like a horse DAPPLED
beach footwear SANDALS
tennis legend Arthur ASHE
warm-blooded animal ENDOTHERM
toothpaste attribute, often WHITENING
grind together GNASH
hurry up RUSH
with prudence JUDICIOUSLY
placed in advance PREASSIGNED
jazz trumpeter Marsalis WYNTON
in an overcrowded way DENSELY
longtime journalist Charles KURALT
fertilizer ingredients NITRATES
using up DEPLETING
contortionist's asset FLEXIBILITY
changing gears SHIFTING
type of sword SABER
in no specific place ANYWHERE
more old-fashioned, in a way DOWDIER
Gomer of sitcoms PYLE
clickable text HOTLINK
visiting frequently HAUNTING
Milwaukee's NBA team BUCKS
iconic actor Al PACINO
food on sticks KEBABS
stick to it PERSEVERE
alternative to a stick shift AUTOMATIC
sticky substance PASTE
small sticks TWIGS
bread "stick" BAGUETTE
conductor's stick BATON
ancient king of Macedonia DEMETRIUS
soda can openers TABS
gum that dentists allow SUGARLESS
put dirt back in the trench BACKFILLED
a legendary and heroic tale MYTH
a factor in winter temps WINDCHILL
farthest point in orbit APHELION
strap with holes and buckle BELT
you blow into its holes HARMONICA
cribbage scorer PEGBOARD
draining device COLANDER
tornado shape FUNNEL
boiled roll BAGEL
holey window covering SCREEN
Canadian research university MCGILL
helpful book, by definition DICTIONARY
Yokohama baseball team BAYSTARS
adorned with feathers PLUMED
star's appearance SUNRISE
unskillful painter DAUBER
thunderhead CLOUD
overhead EXPENSES
beachhead FOOTHOLD
bulkhead PARTITION
letterhead STATIONERY
fountainhead SOURCE
bullhead CATFISH
not moving much SEDENTARY
slow mover SLOTH
temporarily inactive ABEYANT
rendered inactive by illness BEDRIDDEN
stationary STATIC
oil producers' organization OPEC
dispossess EXPROPRIATE
in a hurtful manner CUTTINGLY
surround, in battle BESIEGE
"strikers" MATCHES
sounded like a creek BURBLED
fish of herring family MENHADEN
breakaway SECESSION
breakthrough ACHIEVEMENT
breakfast MEAL
breakdown ANALYSIS
breakwater LEVEE
breakneck RECKLESS
breakable FRANGIBLE
beautiful location SHOWPLACE
canned pasta circles SPAGHETTIOS
pay more than OUTSPEND
neighborhood in Queens ASTORIA
donkey's sound BRAY
formal military inspection REVIEW
Endust competitor PLEDGE
deadly tissue issue GANGRENE
usually the case ORDINARILY
South American river PUTUMAYO
can be taken in via needle INJECTABLE
the rate of occurrence INCIDENCE
a burlap bag GUNNYSACK
a light fabric for dresses PARAMATTA
adorno en la cama de niñas CENEFA
Karl Wallenda ACROBATA
donde llevan serenatas BALCON
mesurado FRUGAL
"Evita," por ejemplo MUSICAL
clásico literatura española QUIJOTE
muy alegre CAMPECHANO
Martin, el cantante RICKY
continente del río Nilo ÁFRICA
bebida cítrica LIMONADA
plan de estudios CURRICULUM
fundamento moral PRINCIPIO
Romano, Español o Soviético IMPERIO
rozamiento FRICCIÓN
cantante mexicana THALÍA
opuesto de permitido PROHIBIDO
de la noche NOCTURNO
remolino de viento TORBELLINO
expresión de disgusto QUEJA
sitio de las ruinas Mayas YUCATÁN
raíz comestible YUCA
not under conscious control AUTONOMIC
CONTROL operative Smart MAXWELL
remote control ZAPPER
control all properties MONOPOLIZE
foot-operated control TREADLE
like a control freak COMPULSIVE
horse control REIN
riding the waves SURFING
word accompanying a wave GOODBYE
heat wave event WILDFIRE
wave the white flag SURRENDER
hand-waving VAGUE
New Wave band DEVO
it picks up radio waves ANTENNA
lively French dance COTILLION
medium to dark brown color COFFEE
wee bit SMIDGIN
feudal lord SEIGNIOR
in a joyous way BLISSFULLY
he readies corn for the pot HUSKER
supreme Decepticon leader MEGATRON
measuring instruments CALIPERS
"tower" in the countryside TRACTOR
accumulated AMASSED
tiny insect found in leaves BOOKLOUSE
national airline of Italy ALITALIA
con artist SCAMMER
poor sportsman, in the UK RABBIT
related to muscle sense KINESTHETIC
have a desire WISH
reluctance to give credit SKEPTICISM
capital of Bhutan THIMPHU
seat on board DECKCHAIR
devoured, like Akela perhaps WOLFED
fuerte de Federer TENIS
artista gesticulante MIMO
animal de ocho patas PULPO
fricción estimulante MASAJE
la ciudad de la luz PARIS
proceso de formación APRENDIZAJE
grupo de aviones militares ESCUADRILLA
one of the brain's lobes TEMPORAL
Lyndon's vice president HUBERT
execute, as laws ENFORCE
thanks, in Tijuana GRACIAS
least orderly SLOPPIEST
Tiberius and Trajan ROMANS
Belgian dog breed SCHIPPERKE
disentangled UNSNARLED
strike with the head BUTT
lack of meanings AMBIGUITIES
makes a fool of GULLS
Pollyannaish ROSY
done in a disorderly way MUSSILY
converse with another COMMUNE
unpleasant situation PREDICAMENT
difficult situation QUAGMIRE
situations of perplexity STRAITS
embarrassing situation IMBROGLIO
situation with no way out IMPASSE
confusing situation MORASS
distressing situation SCRAPE
line of hay raked to dry WINDROW
introduced in increments PHASED
one's junior, informally KIDDO
burned slightly SINGED
fractionally above the line NUMERATOR
hit with a club BONK
a hot place to work SWEATBOX
deadlocks a chess match STALEMATES
on the prowl LOOKING
Native American tribe WAMPANOAG
antiquated stage direction EXEUNT
a supplier PURVEYOR
computing hub MOTHERBOARD
by mouth ORALLY
piece of paper money GREENBACK
worthless paper money SHINPLASTER
currency in Panama BALBOA
British pound sterling QUID
Canadian coin TOONIE
silver dollar CARTWHEEL
$100 bill, in slang BENJAMIN
carefully PRUDENTLY
went on foot WALKED
state in eastern India JHARKHAND
not automatic MANUAL
"unfair" BRUNETTE
illegible UNREADABLE
excessive sentimentality SCHMALZ
awesomely FORMIDABLY
past master HISTORIAN
more chocolatey, perhaps BROWNER
Australian national park WATARRKA
badger PESTER
labor's end CHILDBIRTH
ability to think logically RATIONALITY
elbow below bowel, say ANAGRAMS
compressed CONSTRICTED
capital of Qatar DOHA
he can't go out at night INSOMNIAC
traded for something else SWAPPED
pretentious HIGHFALUTIN
chestnut horse SORREL
getting a running total TALLYING
people from Pago Pago SAMOANS
encroachment INROAD
mystique AURA
lots of falling rocks LANDSLIDES
not likely to succeed UNPROMISING
shopping places MARTS
shone brightly BLAZED
to reserve in advance BESPEAK
yardwork tool RAKE
made less severe MITIGATED
in a voracious way RAPACIOUSLY
lake trout TOGUE
taking off MIMICKING
a dog's dinner EUKANUBA
serve as typical example of EPITOMIZE
loss of hair ALOPECIA
mother countries HOMELANDS
English dog breed BULLMASTIFF
someone with flight plans ESCAPER
corpulence TUBBINESS
it's at the end of the line BAIT
twisted in a spiral CORKSCREWED
US connectivity specialist BELKIN
relating to fall AUTUMNAL
prestigious English school CAMBRIDGE
discounts REBATES
Appalachian Trail user HIKER
ate or drank quickly DOWNED
landscaper's tools RAKES
Japanese automaker MITSUBISHI
you see right through it LENS
Bach's first name JOHANN
relatives of oranges MANDARINS
famed stone in Egyptology ROSETTA
fashion designer Zac POSEN
subway passengers RIDERS
exaggerates, as a story EMBELLISHES
mountain lions CATAMOUNTS
1998 Winter Olympics site NAGANO
fairy tale brother GRIMM
really funny joke CORKER
Marie of French royalty ANTOINETTE
well-educated people SAVANTS
hand-warmer MUFF
critics may cast them ASPERSIONS
yellow coloring matter XANTHIN
having rows TIERED
gear engaging with rack PINION
coarse silk and mohair cloth GROGRAM
like an ammonite, say FOSSILIZED
less smooth LUMPIER
most untidy MUSSIEST
American kitchenware brand PFALTZGRAFF
treatment for thrombosis HEPARIN
digression from main topic EXCURSUS
pertaining to the skin DERMAL
thought out with care CONSIDERED
sat for an artist MODELED
bias of a sort FAVORITISM
oversupplied GLUTTED
TV actress Stapleton JEAN
least flexible STIFFEST
bring back together REUNIFY
carrying on WAGING
in a malevolent manner HATEFULLY
like wool-covered sheep FLEECY
goons HOODS
emcee's need MICROPHONE
one-on-one teaching TUTORING
supermodel Macpherson ELLE
coming from behind in a game RALLYING
more aggressive PUSHIER
took a quick siesta CATNAPPED
bad golf shots SLICES
daydreamed FANTASIZED
leader of cartoon Pussycats JOSIE
underground rooms CELLARS
sturdy build STOCKINESS
inhibiting personal freedom REPRESSIVE
London airport known as LGW GATWICK
reassembling REGROUPING
rodent control operative RATCATCHER
growing in a Petri dish CULTURING
plays loudly, as music BLASTS
like some Canadian provinces MARITIME
pet bird homes CAGES
arranged one's hair STYLED
actress Danes CLAIRE
high school math class GEOMETRY
kept at it PERSEVERED
skateboarding trick OLLIE
billboard use ADVERTISING
buckboard CARRIAGE
cupboard CABINET
springboard user DIVER
shuffleboard disk BISCUIT
blackboard location CLASSROOM
European jet builder AIRBUS
unmanned aircraft DRONE
airplane wing flap AILERON
pilot's area COCKPIT
airplane boarding area GATE
sailplane GLIDER
airplane body FUSELAGE
doing extremely well EXCELLING
any one of the Fab Four BEATLE
struck with force WALLOPED
makes clear ELUCIDATES
political overthrows COUPS
manufacturer's assurances WARRANTIES
springlike VERNAL
like whale fat BLUBBERY
place to germinate seedlings PROPAGATOR
the study of rivers POTAMOLOGY
injury or wound LESION
ornithologist BIRDWATCHER
capital of Sichuan, China CHENGDU
bore a child BIRTHED
rich spongecake BABA
sporting competition PREMIERSHIP
breaking down DECOMPOSING
a wealthy socialite SILVERTAIL
cricket team ELEVEN
sheep problem FLYSTRIKE
he's always right, they say CUSTOMER
sportsman's shoe projections SPIKES
Scottish girls LASSIES
wedge or block CHOCK
largest inland sea CASPIAN
source of Charlotte's web SPINNERET
Hamlet's country DENMARK
more like a tramp SCRUFFIER
staid STUFFY
throw violently FLING
capable of being quenched SLAKABLE
made snugger COZIED
excellent CHOICE
so as to cause upset OFFENSIVELY
blow hot and cold VACILLATE
blowout PUNCTURE
"Blow me down!" in London BLIMEY
"the blower," in the UK TELEPHONE
a blower BRAGGART
cry this to give false alarm WOLF
in a manner serving self GREEDILY
rapid and accelerating EXPONENTIAL
cellar quality DANKNESS
nefarious name for the manta DEVILFISH
USSR, as it saw itself CCCP
Seven Sisters star group PLEIADES
Six Nations people MOHAWK
5 gum maker WRIGLEY
The Four Seasons hit RONNIE
"The Three Sisters" writer CHEKHOV
two-bit CHEAP
"Capricorn One" star Gould ELLIOTT
dairy denizen MILKMAID
cushioned, backless seats POUFFES
something excellent DOOZY
least generous STINGIEST
big layers OSTRICHES
farewells ADIEUX
giving care MINISTERING
mending PATCHING
sets of circumstances SITUATIONS
furthest forward HEADMOST
palm fruits COCONUTS
pole host POSTHOLE
in a serious manner EARNESTLY
make a hole through PIERCE
vouchsafe GRANT
airport near Washington, DC REAGAN
dam on Colorado River HOOVER
celebrity child Blue Ivy CARTER
peak locally known as Denali MCKINLEY
Jim Davis comic strip GARFIELD
unfair attempt to own LANDGRAB
escort for protection CONVOY
Milo's puggy pal OTIS
outgoing and gregarious EXTROVERTED
UK consumer watchdog mag WHICH
consumer tech news source CNET
slang expression for jail POKEY
government department MINISTRY
it measures specific gravity HYDROMETER
money owed PAYABLES
maintained CONTENDED
atonement PENANCE
female town leader MAYORESS
shelterbelt WINDBREAK
protective exterior CLADDING
strolled SAUNTERED
synthetic rubber NEOPRENE
outsiders FOREIGNERS
small whale MINKE
basic amino acid LYSINE
person to say "Wassup?" to DAWG
Arizona native people PIMA
element #75 RHENIUM
sordid quality SEAMINESS
Utah's WNBA team, once STARZZ
film actress Juliette BINOCHE
clean clothes LAUNDER
flatware cleaner DISHWASHER
cleansing substance SOAP
cleaned of bad language BOWDLERIZED
make clean and hygienic SANITIZE
kill the germs on DISINFECT
"ER" actress Maura TIERNEY
ice, in slang ROCKS
more pleasant NICER
presenting as a present GIFTING
color-changing creatures CHAMELEONS
being at war BATTLING
more interminable LENGTHIER
Charles Darwin's hometown SHREWSBURY
causing bitter resentment RANKLING
German toy brand PLAYMOBIL
singer-songwriter Braxton TONI
Athens residents GREEKS
without forethought RASHLY
seaport near Nice ANTIBES
eco-friendly GREEN
singer-songwriter Morissette ALANIS
private computer network INTRANET
relating to coin collecting NUMISMATIC
Ritz Hotel street in London PICCADILLY
dark-haired male BRUNET
element named after Niels BOHRIUM
dog's front foot FOREPAW
record on cassette again RETAPE
by surprise UNAWARES
participating in forensics DEBATING
actor James MARSDEN
deceive TRICK
"Daily Double" show JEOPARDY
Dover, Delaware, for one CAPITAL
"Doctor Dolittle" star Rex HARRISON
Duran Duran's hometown BIRMINGHAM
Dunkin' Donuts offering COFFEE
demolition derby setting FAIR
Donald Duck's girlfriend DAISY
flying discs FRISBEES
psychological block HANGUP
Port-au-Prince resident HAITIAN
veteran actor Reynolds BURT
German pistol LUGER
makes as large as possible MAXIMIZES
identical SELFSAME
certain noble's domain BARONY
similar to twine ROPELIKE
was next to BORDERED
unworkable idea NONSTARTER
compass directions POINTS
less well-known OBSCURER
legendary STORIED
African antelope GEMSBOK
"groovy" RUTTY
takes one's sweet time DAWDLES
after-shower garments BATHROBES
parts of a piano's inside HAMMERS
like "1984" DYSTOPIC
a nearsighted person MYOPE
it can be political CORRECTNESS
computer jargon GEEKSPEAK
tennis star Wozniacki CAROLINE
long-legged birds STILTS
pop singer Stefani GWEN
grouchy people CRANKS
manipulative person SVENGALI
crotchety sorts COOTS
wishing to please COMPLAISANT
handling improperly MISUSING
adult male deer STAG
result of ill-fitting shoes BLISTER
foul smell STINK
Sumatran or Indian pachyderm RHINOCEROS
putting into the ground BURYING
gentleman's counterpart LADY
follower of "Tinker, Tailor" SOLDIER
one walking unevenly LIMPER
recommends as beneficial PRESCRIBES
"The Hero of the Two Worlds" LAFAYETTE
breeze (through) SAIL
"Seinfeld" neighbor KRAMER
edges at an auction OUTBIDS
half of a Washington city WALLA
view from Denver ROCKIES
Blackbeard and Captain Kidd PIRATES
seafarers MARINERS
blackbird relatives ORIOLES
heirs to the throne, say ROYALS
young lair denizens CUBS
Mumbai natives INDIANS
"Life of Pi" author Martel YANN
arranging in folds DRAPING
popular Swedish surname JOHANSSON
helium and molasses BYPRODUCTS
Mary Norton wrote about them BORROWERS
hometown of Lupita Nyong'o NAIROBI
Williams and Darling WENDYS
Plato's pupil ARISTOTLE
absorbed ATTENTIVE
supplanted SUPERCEDED
debatable MOOT
medicated, in a way INJECTED
he is more at home ashore LANDLUBBER
kicking this is final BUCKET
Pulitzer winner Seymour HERSH
sassiness, in slang TUDE
sparked anger INFLAMED
inventive sorts CREATORS
modern word for a cute nerd ADORKABLE
ancient equine EOHIPPUS
slander DEFAME