7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
baseball player Sosa SAMMY
light laugh CHUCKLE
like a yak HAIRY
bursts forth ERUPTS
exam monitor PROCTOR
from Buenos Aires ARGENTINIAN
circus performance items TRAPEZES
Hollywood moneyman PRODUCER
break into and steal from BURGLE
going off on a tangent EXCURSIVE
taking little time BRIEF
recreational pursuits ACTIVITIES
let loose of UNHAND
adjusted (to) ORIENTED
Whole Foods' co-founder MACKEY
meringue cake PAVLOVA
pulverized, with "up" GROUND
indistinct image BLUR
cede claim to RELINQUISH
shaped FORMED
sweater opening ARMHOLE
comic routine SCHTICK
burnt to a crisp INCINERATED
showing displeasure POUTING
high school storage places LOCKERS
Alex Trebek's show JEOPARDY
Florida fruits ORANGES
Zimbabwe game reserve HWANGE
make less sparse DENSIFY
"The Joy of Tech" co-author SNAGGY
the feel of a place AMBIENCE
simplicity NAIVETE
in a loose manner RIOTOUSLY
UK fashion retailer TOPSHOP
winter sidewalk clearers SNOWBLOWERS
person who's anti-elderly AGEIST
says carefully PRONOUNCES
"Wuthering Heights" guy HEATHCLIFF
downpours RAINSTORMS
hockey infraction ICING
likeness IMAGE