7 little words

7 Little Words answers

Ice Cream

Clue Answer
kitchen leader CHEF
hair curler BEAUTICIAN
government of the few OLIGARCHY
government takeover COUP
not military CIVILIAN
hiring of relatives NEPOTISM
college graduates ALUMNI
foretell PREDICT
state officially ANNOUNCE
narrow attention FOCUS
cause commotion DISRUPT
bouncy beast KANGAROO
prickly plant CACTUS
Bahamian capital NASSAU
copied illegally PIRATED
not smooth UNEVEN
resistance to disease IMMUNITY
type of ship SLOOP
fare well PROSPER
spicy pork sausage CHORIZO
singing bird WARBLER
nut hunter SQUIRREL
high cost of leaving ALIMONY
club or hero SANDWICH
rugby position FULLBACK
old pal CRONY
community of purposes SOLIDARITY
friend of Charlie Brown LINUS
mischievous scoundrel RAPSCALLION
friendly AMICABLE
out of money BROKE
illicit political doings GRAFT
having doubts SKEPTICAL
golf club choice IRON
small computer NETBOOK
unit of language WORD
an absolute must NECESSITY
canine command COME
school assignment COMPOSITION
clothes to be washed LAUNDRY
funeral bier that's ignited PYRE
valuable silvery metal PLATINUM
breakwater made of stones JETTY
pearl yielder OYSTER
long, vehement speech HARANGUE
newspaper section SPORTS
sluggish TORPID
kidney-related RENAL
recent arrival LATECOMER
predicament QUANDARY
sports authority REFEREE
King Arthur's paradise AVALON
spotted horse PIEBALD
heavy bedcover COMFORTER
not dressy CASUAL
costume favored by old Elvis JUMPSUIT
chocolate candy FUDGE
bearlike URSINE
rumor heard at the hive BUZZ
outer cover of the eyeball SCLERA
inadmissible evidence HEARSAY
French military cap KEPI
nice work if you can get it SINECURE
failure to compete DEFAULT
counterclockwise WIDDERSHINS
cave deposit STALAGMITE
extremely dangerous TREACHEROUS
stop from rocking STEADY
very tasty DELICIOUS
cat's prey MOUSE
someone keeping watch LOOKOUT
reduce to strips SHRED
money given to a cause DONATION
lag behind TRAIL
thumb a ride HITCHHIKE
Smokey Bear's concern FIRE
know by heart MEMORIZE
tiny organisms BACTERIA
barrel or box CONTAINER
surrounding AMBIENT
ready for business OPEN
hair remover DEPILATORY
put on display EXPOSE
space shuttle passenger ASTRONAUT
small lizard GECKO
speeder's penalty FINE
innumerable COUNTLESS
momentous EVENTFUL
bad effect of cold weather EXPOSURE
fit for the task QUALIFIED
act of reading PERUSAL
skillful with the hands DEXTEROUS
partially melted snow SLUSH
large juicy fruit WATERMELON
cheap imitation KNOCKOFF
played cat and mouse with TORMENTED
grudge DERRY
stairway support RAIL
Australian journalism award WALKLEY
grate together GRIND
it makes bread dough rise YEAST
light jacket WINDBREAKER
not imaginary REAL
firecracker sound BANG
better than average SUPERIOR
deeply troubled DISTRAUGHT
blocked out OBSCURED
pool shot consideration ANGLE
regular hangout HAUNT
crawl abjectly GROVEL
doctor's explanation DIAGNOSIS
wretched MISERABLE
thin and flexible FLIMSY
portmanteau meal BRUNCH
cloud left behind a jet CONTRAIL
auto court MOTEL
college board member REGENT
rebellion UPRISING
summon up MUSTER
never dying IMMORTAL
quick grab SNATCH
capable of success VIABLE
indifferent APATHETIC
worn out JADED
clearing of the throat AHEM
volatile MERCURIAL
right on the nose EXACT
Xerox machine PHOTOCOPIER
two-week period FORTNIGHT
scrape off ABRADE
deeply embarrassed MORTIFIED
toothed wheels SPROCKETS
close up tightly SEAL
act of checking oneself RESTRAINT
complaint investigator OMBUDSMAN
like a crow CORVINE
moisten, as a turkey BASTE
TV control VOLUME
tennis shoes SNEAKERS
propaganda through music AGITPOP
small round ball PELLET
gently sloping hill RISE
disagreement FRICTION
easily or smoothly CLEANLY
sugary fruit dish COMPOTE
longing for the familiar NOSTALGIC
percussion membrane DRUMHEAD
dance music played on guitar FLAMENCO
tough to crack CHALLENGING
driver's control WHEEL
characteristic of rock music BACKBEAT
tiny amount of money PITTANCE
hand protection POTHOLDER
disturbed state AGITATION
it's made up FALLACY
form a ring around SURROUND
golden king MIDAS
Andean nation CHILE
integrated circuit MICROCHIP
freshwater protozoan PARAMECIUM
esprit de corps MORALE
witty reply REJOINDER
form of needlework CROCHET
metric measure of mass KILOGRAM
legal guardian TRUSTEE
bag on a lawn mower, say ATTACHMENT
loosen a knot UNTIE
3-D miniature scene DIORAMA
pick-me-up STIMULANT
tailor's work ALTERATION
chatty bird MYNAH
elegant or refined COURTLY
get at slyly IMPLY
Congressional runner PAGE
plucking of a violin PIZZICATO
make someone's mouth water TANTALIZE
lay out cash SPEND
where seconds stand by DUEL
tanned BRONZED
wildly excited FRENETIC
mountain peak PINNACLE
least hazardous SAFEST
water vapor disperser HUMIDIFIER
CD manager BANKER
crossword characteristic SYMMETRY
become due, as a CD MATURE
kind of note PROMISSORY
mortgage reduction POINT
would-be cowboy DUDE
car or dessert COUPE
the green-eyed monster JEALOUSY
reporter, at times INTERVIEWER
leg muscle HAMSTRING
weasel relative SABLE
requiring extra care DELICATE
bottom of the rainbow VIOLET
dinner and a movie, maybe DATE
hoity-toity SNOBBISH
Japanese grill HIBACHI
shrewd CUNNING
uncivilized PRIMITIVE
larval toad POLLYWOG
lemming relative VOLE
young lady DEMOISELLE
very loud DEAFENING
tale with a point PARABLE
throwback ATAVISM
bruise CONTUSE
leftover piece REMNANT
sundial part GNOMON
between bow and stern AMIDSHIPS
awkward, lazy person SLOUCH
wilderness fringe FRONTIER
itinerant worker MIGRANT
metal bob PLUMB
pit bull quality AGGRESSION
sentimental sort SOFTY
builder ERECTOR
weather alerts ADVISORIES
attacked by a chicken PECKED
more cold and damp CLAMMIER
tall grass TIMOTHY
marching method LOCKSTEP
scheduled for destruction CONDEMNED
serving for salvation REDEMPTIVE
bridge to transport water AQUEDUCT
what an arrow is nocked to BOWSTRING
wakes up AROUSES
digging for data DELVING
geologic layers STRATA
borough of New York BROOKLYN
make evident MANIFEST
gunpowder ingredient SULFUR
lug around TOTE
tacky and showy GLITZY
squares and triangles POLYGONS
legal scholar JURIST
fascinated by INTO
they live together ROOMMATES
legislative building STATEHOUSE
"Wheel of Fortune" buys VOWELS
partition in a ship BULKHEAD
it passes through the eyes SHOELACE
word game with cubes BOGGLE
small computer TABLET
throat masses TONSILS
alienate DISAFFECT
socially inept AWKWARD
chopped into tiny pieces MINCED
curving outward CONVEX
poke fun at RIDICULE
brownish photo tint SEPIA
stationery feature LETTERHEAD
gave lip to SASSED
easy to get around AVOIDABLE
Nobel-winning chemist CURIE
starchy Southern side CORNBREAD
talks softly MURMURS
family tree member GRANDSON
driving force IMPETUS
existing only on paper THEORETICAL
interrogate after a mission DEBRIEF
volume of reprinted works OMNIBUS
like some cardboard or iron CORRUGATED
rule out the possibility of PRECLUDE
horrify SHOCK
"The Tonight Show" host Jay LENO
streetcars TRAMS
occasional INFREQUENT
got loose ESCAPED
encounter INCUR
removing varnish STRIPPING
abounding in resources SUPERRICH
barely-awake person SLEEPYHEAD
partition DIVIDE
humorous remark WITTICISM
3-time Oscar winner Jack NICHOLSON
participated in an election VOTED
thick paper on a desktop BLOTTER
frightening FEARSOME
egomaniac's frequent feeling SUPERIORITY
what intimate talks require PRIVACY
port city in Sussex BRIGHTON
hand in one's notice RESIGN
"Vertigo" actress Kim NOVAK
close associate COMPADRE
long-armed ape of Borneo ORANGUTAN
moon vehicles BUGGIES
make out the meaning of DECIPHER
hospital caregivers NURSES
pertaining to heat THERMAL
one of the Three Stooges CURLY
attacker ASSAILANT
like authors with many books PROLIFIC
bordering on COTERMINOUS
humidity DAMPNESS
mournful poems ELEGIES
conchologist's collection SEASHELLS
doing laundry WASHING
San Diego team PADRES
rounds of military service TOURS
purple gemstone TANZANITE
pop singer Gloria ESTEFAN
reliable TRUSTY
lamp insert BULB
hooks up again RECONNECTS
making a mistake FLUFFING
chewy cookies MACAROONS
order taker WAITER
Beethoven and Bach COMPOSERS
made a ruling ADJUDICATED
grade of silver quality STERLING
Bravo talk host James LIPTON
ventriloquists' costars DUMMIES
pound sign OCTOTHORPE
out of the sack AWAKE
like kissing lips PUCKERED
Chuck Mangione's instrument FLUGELHORN
accompany ESCORT
intimidating DAUNTING
2nd-largest city in Oregon EUGENE
part of the skull CHEEKBONE
French carmaker CITROEN
put out QUENCH
gave the forms of a verb CONJUGATED
pointing a finger at ACCUSING
enthusiastic, in slang STOKED
place for grazing PASTURELAND
sources of illumination LIGHTS
small area of dead tissue INFARCT
look with eyes wide open GOGGLE
steps taken by sailors HORNPIPE
listlessness LASSITUDE
affixed signature to SIGNED
being prudently silent DISCREET
fingers and toes DIGITS
like some war reporters EMBEDDED
soaking up BLOTTING
fear and anger EMOTIONS
makes more refined CULTIVATES
"Tulips and Chimneys" poet CUMMINGS
makes a sweater KNITS
kind of logical argument SYLLOGISM
in a brazen manner SHAMELESSLY
not wowed at all UNIMPRESSED
brand of heartburn remedy TAGAMET
persistently annoying PLAGUING
standard methods PROCEDURES
blimp name GOODYEAR
one of the Kennedys CAROLINE
water supply RESERVOIR
airplane's touchdown LANDING
quarterback's guide PLAYBOOK
bewildering MYSTIFYING
title of respect HONORIFIC
life in residential areas SUBURBIA
violin string material CATGUT
Energizer rival DURACELL
German mathematician Carl GAUSS
basketball infraction GOALTENDING
merely SIMPLY
mopey SULLEN
people who could get audited TAXPAYERS
disconnecting the power UNPLUGGING
warded off REPELLED
English county SOMERSET
giving off EMITTING
incites PROVOKES
fish resembling a herring ALEWIFE
confused scuffle MELEE
sound of larks, perhaps BIRDSONG
leading a dull life VEGETATING
Chinese gooseberry, once KIWIFRUIT
one of Ontario's tri-cities KITCHENER
come back in REENTER
make plans STRATEGIZE
general plan OUTLINE
without a plan HAPHAZARDLY
careful in planning PRUDENT
novelist's plan PLOT
underhanded plan SCHEME
have an ambitious plan ASPIRE
good qualities VIRTUES
backless seats STOOLS
comprehends FATHOMS
"Out of Africa" star REDFORD
gave homework help to TUTORED
stamp collector, e.g. HOBBYIST
armored truck company BRINKS
oppose COUNTER
government subdepartment BUREAU
city east of Des Moines DAVENPORT
Turkish dynasty member OTTOMAN
Mick Jagger or Bon Jovi, say ROCKER
self-pride VANITY
strike repeatedly BUFFET
some postal deliveries PARCELS
baseball pitcher, e.g. THROWER
acted as a hired driver CHAUFFEURED
Cleopatra's crown, for one HEADPIECE
chief support MAINSTAY
Milwaukee AFL team MUSTANGS
took away SUBTRACTED
eye doctor OCULIST
potato eye SPROUT
the green-eyed monster JEALOUSY
its eye is threaded NEEDLE
"Eye of the Tiger" band SURVIVOR
type of cheese with eyes SWISS
eye, for CBS LOGO
longshoreman STEVEDORE
long dozen THIRTEEN
so long GOODBYE
long-winded WORDY
before long SOON
longing CRAVING
long-sighted PRESBYOPIC
dispirited DAUNTED
supportive members LEGS
least tidy MESSIEST
province of South Africa LIMPOPO
sole supplier FISHMONGER
management consulting firm MCKINSEY
long-bladed kitchen knife CLEAVER
crescent-shaped knife MEZZALUNA
well-balanced knife SANTOKU
short ax CHOPPER
cutting tool SHEARS
kitchen slicer MANDOLINE
wood-cutting tool CHAINSAW
Asian plant used in cooking LEMONGRASS
father, colloquially DADDY
language spoken in Hong Kong CANTONESE
Bell Labs OS debuted in 1969 UNIX
indigestion symptom STOMACHACHE
walk with a heavy tread PLOD
barbecue parties COOKOUTS
originating from the people GRASSROOTS
things of no importance NONENTITIES
frequented low class spots SLUMMED
small spacecraft rockets THRUSTERS
cease battle with an enemy DISENGAGE
it keeps baked goods fresh BREADBOX
automotive loss of control SPINOUT
matar para comer CAZAR
estado en el medio de México PUEBLA
lo que vende Ikea MUEBLES
provincia francesa de Canadá QUEBEC
forma en que se compra atún LATA
microorganismos unicelulares BACTERIAS
escritor argentino CORTÁZAR
"el granero de Paraguay" ITAPÚA
diseñador Giorgio ARMANI
de Dinamarca DANÉS
remoto, desde lejos DISTANTE
grupo indígena de Costa Rica BRIBRI
traducción VERSIÓN
tener un preferido FAVORECER
estudio, oficina DESPACHO
tipo de baile mexicano FOLKLÓRICO
estado vaquero de los EEUU OKLAHOMA
deporte sobre hielo o césped HOCKEY
mil gramos KILOGRAMO
capital de Japón TOKYO
islas de España CANARIAS
expert in a specific field CONNOISSEUR
spare time activity AVOCATION
fond of fine food EPICUREAN
indulge greatly WALLOW
treat with indulgence PAMPER
pleasure seekers HEDONISTS
person devoted to eating GOURMAND
flat, in the UK APARTMENT
flatbread PITA
flat-footed RESOLUTE
flatland PLAIN
flatline FAIL
flatware CUTLERY
flatfish FLOUNDER
arrogant, or unwiped SNOTTY
it treats some infections ANTIFUNGAL
loaded, like a hamburger DRESSED
like a surprise meeting UNSCHEDULED
the suburbs of the suburbs EXURBIA
forced into retirement PENSIONED
frowned angrily SCOWLED
large suitcase PORTMANTEAU
combined with oxygen OXIDIZED
female sworn in at court JURYWOMAN
it's tiny and free of charge NEUTRON
gave official permission for AUTHORIZED
island of Equatorial Guinea BIOKO
made uneven ASPERATED
peaks in Namib desert SPITZKOPPE
cause widespread damage to RAVAGE
"sheepish" youngster LAMB
jazz drummer Art BLAKEY
common honeysuckle WOODBINE
in every way THOROUGHLY
moved quickly and loudly ZOOMED
Commodore computer model AMIGA
spray that keeps bugs away REPELLENT
Missouri mountain range OZARKS
three-dimensional images HOLOGRAMS
names no one else can use TRADEMARKS
like serious crimes FELONIOUS
bamboozling FOOLING
go too high, in bridge OVERBID
practicing a scene REHEARSING
Harry of "60 Minutes" REASONER
take a breather REST
put into categories CLASSIFIED
well-fortified place STRONGHOLD
French fortress BASTILLE
fortress near a city CITADEL
defensive fortification BULWARK
fortified structure FASTNESS
fortress tower TURRET
fortified embankment RAMPART
observe the enemy's position RECONNOITER
CB radio interjection BREAKER
Hadrian's Rome dome PANTHEON
tennis serve violation FOOTFAULT
educational extras ENRICHMENT
unleash, as havoc WREAK
O'Keeffe's artist husband STIEGLITZ
blushed REDDENED
not outside WITHIN
type tending to the right ITALICS
main seaport of Bangladesh CHITTAGONG
thin fog MIST
British cosmetics brand YARDLEY
a manuscript volume CODEX
stand over STRADDLE
art stand EASEL
hot dish stand TRIVET
stand the gaff ENDURE
three-legged stand TEAPOY
stand with a slanted top LECTERN
stand-down TRUCE
valved brass instrument FLUEGELHORN
fettered MANACLED
though ALBEIT
bridal path AISLE
ancient Roman silver coin SESTERCE
the end of the line TERMINUS
birthplace of Richard Wagner LEIPZIG
Spanish film director ALMODOVAR
he plays Iron Man's 'Rhodey' CHEADLE
mobile music accessory EARBUDS
guilty of dastardly deeds CORRUPT
strive to outdo RIVAL
on the right side DEXTER
a lustrous black color RAVEN
South American cowboys GAUCHOS
look for SEEK
breakfast restaurant chain IHOP
item in a tackle box SCALER
wrapped-up Pharaoh MUMMY
country singer Waylon JENNINGS
technical devices GADGETRY
money-saving tendency THRIFTINESS
gallon fractions QUARTS
preppy Polo rival IZOD
B.B. King, for one BLUESMAN
hearing expert AUDIOLOGIST
being indecisive TEETERING
solidification by cooling GELATION
picking small fruit BERRYING
Norwegian city in the Arctic TROMSO
in a spunky way FEISTILY
made the wrong call MISDIALED
capable of being postponed DEFERRABLE
put too much in the suitcase OVERPACK
forearmed, proverbially FOREWARNED
he may cry foul REFEREE
spiny egg-laying mammal ECHIDNA
sci-fi and western GENRES
Eastern Chinese province ANHUI
deep-fried Indian dish PAKORA
diet and exercise plan REGIMEN
they are vulpine FOXES
bordering the ocean SEASIDE
like a fading flower WILTED
burglar, colloquially PICKLOCK
circus performer STRONGMAN
Swedish mountain range KEBNEKAISE
crunchy quality CRISPNESS
went along with HUMORED
last name on "Roseanne" CONNER
show the way GUIDE
bronzing agents TANNERS
economist Smith ADAM
person in the headlines NEWSMAKER
passage to a plane JETWAY
put off until later TABLE
having no personal magnetism CHARMLESS
lowlands DALES
darker-colored BLACKER
where the roof ends GABLES
scattered BESTREWN
"Footsie" in London FTSE
it's ignored "in the room" ELEPHANT
poorly UNWELL
warning before driving FORE
accumulated for future use STOCKPILED
favorite place of a "potato" COUCH
ignite again RELIGHT
Jack's window decoration FROSTWORK
old Frankish dynasty MEROVINGIAN
Canadian dollar coin LOONIE
transfer from public control PRIVATIZE
benzene discoverer Michael FARADAY
without the knowledge of UNBEKNOWNST
bobbing respectfully CURTSEYING
Russian republic in Caucasus INGUSHETIA
small, portable stove CHAUFFER
it speeds up spread of fire ACCELERANT
UK's largest pay-TV company BSKYB
give new life to REVIVIFY
playfully, music-wise SCHERZANDO
puts spread on bread BUTTERS
like some subway trains OUTBOUND
opening, as a soda cap UNSCREWING
is more than a bully TYRANNIZES
fumes VAPORS
reduce to a fine spray NEBULIZE
seeing eye to eye AGREEING
shown on the tube TELEVISED
has a job WORKS
"hooray!" YIPPEE
Havarti and Asiago CHEESES
snapped BROKE
Mork's pal, on TV MINDY
mobile homes TRAILERS
sections of a circle QUADRANTS
with no going back IRREVOCABLY
Strait of Dover port CALAIS
took back RECLAIMED
comedian & actress Goldberg WHOOPI
obtains GETS
apologist DEFENDER
call into question OPPUGN
call together CONVOKE
call to assemble MUSTER
call off TERMINATE
call in an official matter SUMMON
margin call origin BROKERAGE
"Call Me Maybe" singer JEPSEN
town in British Columbia WHISTLER
actor DiCaprio LEONARDO
fish of the cod family POLLOCK
eat steadily and audibly MUNCH
Citroen compact MPV model PICASSO
tapering container HOPPER
golden auburn TITIAN
endings for words SUFFIXES
one end of a pencil ERASER
never-ending ETERNAL
year-end month DECEMBER
Lands' End mailing CATALOG
end part of a book EPILOGUE
yarn with metallic thread LUREX
wholesaler JOBBER
extremely large number JILLION
"roaring" decade TWENTIES
glucose stored in tissues GLYCOGEN
most depressed GLOOMIEST
the art of horse riding EQUITATION
it's proverbially fit FIDDLE
inflammation of a vein PHLEBITIS
gave a name to DENOMINATED
less embellished PLAINER
2nd largest Austrian city GRAZ
courting controversy TENDENTIOUS
unit of land measure HECTARE
Australian island state TASMANIA
permanent polar mass ICECAP
hospital transport AMBO
cockatiel QUARRION
national football players SOCCEROOS
breed of Orpington fowl AUSTRALORP
casting doubt on IMPUGNING
underground passageways CATACOMBS
roasted lamb ribs RACK
most like Oscar GROUCHIEST
not quite primarily SECONDARILY
study of rhythm and harmony MUSICOLOGY
without meaning to ACCIDENTLY
Knopf partner DOUBLEDAY
in a vague way MURKILY
inflicted, as havoc WREAKED
seaweed thickener CARRAGEENAN
stimulating thing FILLIP
cook asparagus, in a way BLANCH
exhibition soccer game FRIENDLY
law enforcement body POLICE
something vaguely perceived BLUR
female monarch QUEEN
green area in arid region OASIS
enticements TEMPTATIONS
coming into being GENESIS
claimants to a throne PRETENDERS
sticklers PEDANTS
apprehension UNEASINESS
grabbed CLUTCHED
carried through tubes DUCTED
arrangement of flowerbeds PARTERRE
braggarts BOASTERS
barely adequate SCRIMPY
tangled SNARLY
carriage driver COACHMAN
strain excessively OVEREXTEND
place of development SEEDBED
agitator STIRRER
shaking jerkily JIGGLING
architect Frank GEHRY
how a tired person wakes GROGGILY
Indian flatbread CHAPATI
Nobel Prize winners LAUREATES
Scalia of the Supreme Court ANTONIN
having an odd, scary quality KAFKAESQUE
"About A Boy" author Nick HORNBY
referees use them WHISTLES
use charcoal, maybe DARKEN
use charcoal, maybe GRILL
with much endurance DURABLY
self-restrained TEMPERATE
Big Ten university WISCONSIN
aircraft, informally BIRD
score, on the golf course CARD
wedding meal in the UK BREAKFAST
occurring now and then OCCASIONAL
a deep spot in a river POOL
post-washing task DRESSING
outdoor covered music venue BANDSHELL
token of medieval challenge GAGE
Sault Ste. Marie attraction LOCKS
baseball's "Hammerin' Hank" AARON
supported, as a wall BUTTRESSED
mid-air explosion AIRBURST
charmingly attractive girl CUTEY
in an unattractive way CHARMLESSLY
like Rovio birds ANGRY
jests or tricks JAPES
eased off SLACKENED
keepers of public records ARCHIVISTS
Italian mountain range DOLOMITES
surface of a healing wound SCAB
a stylish quality SPIFFINESS
underhanded BACKSTAIR
low grade panel CHIPBOARD
hockey hall-of-famer Guy LAFLEUR
spiked boot fittings CRAMPONS
intended to advertise PROMOTIONAL
granite-like volcanic rock RHYOLITE
sharpness of a digital image RESOLUTION
it keeps the wheels turning DRIVETRAIN
from side to side BREADTHWISE
bound with a covering WRAPT
Sri Lankan capital COLOMBO
trimmed with lace RUCHED
lawless ANARCHIC
California county ORANGE
inexperienced GREEN
English Lady Jane GREY
not brave YELLOW
large southeast US snake INDIGO
abandon on an island MAROON
semi-precious stone TURQUOISE
singer-songwriter Alanis MORISSETTE
Russian-Chinese border river AMUR
con men GRIFTERS
in a ridiculous manner LUDICROUSLY
Dodoma residents TANZANIANS
mosquito, informally SKEETER
high hopes ASPIRATIONS
advise suspect of her rights MIRANDIZE
shining brightly IRRADIANT
machinist DIEMAKER
Colombian river CAUCA
cryptographer's key CODEBOOK
poured concrete continuously SLIPFORMED
seed planter SOWER
when things begin airing SHOWTIMES
small country home in Russia DACHA
hands over RENDERS
putting on ice CHILLING
written passages TEXTS
blockage OCCLUSION
Pooh tries to trap one HEFFALUMP
very cold GELID
aerodynamically SLEEKLY
paddled a small boat CANOED
specifically bred plant CULTIVAR
prince's residence PALACE
burned SEARED
random element in the deck JOKER
likely to change PROVISIONAL
up in the air PENDING
ill-defined VAGUE
on the fence UNDECIDED
not clearly formed NEBULOUS
unable to decide CONFLICTED
light-heartedly JOKILY
deliverance REPRIEVAL
without bubbles, say GASLESS
consumer review site EPINIONS
admonished KIBBITZED
just below timberline SUBALPINE
having one stomach MONOGASTRIC
paper size QUARTO
sharpest POINTIEST
does an impression of MIMICS
being cleverer than OUTWITTING
pottery maker CERAMICIST
complaints GRIPES
got dressed in, as clothes DONNED
dog sounds BARKS
region of Cambodia ANGKOR
welcoming areas FOYERS
lanky quality WIRINESS
like some cereal and muffins OATEN
postmark on letter's reverse BACKSTAMP
Russian for "openness" GLASNOST
cease developing OSSIFY
like slip-preventing tires SKIDPROOF
sole cleanser FOOTBATH
Graham McPherson's pseudonym SUGGS
active Indonesian volcano BROMO
end a meeting ADJOURN
finance BANKROLL
bean counter ACCOUNTANT
tight budget CRUNCH
like some risks CALCULATED
make a motion PROPOSE
red ink DEBT
went over again REHASHED
Cod, for one CAPE
more disjointed SCRAPPIER
causes of many calls to AAA BREAKDOWNS
fashion designer Wang VERA
focused, with "in on" HOMED
declaration under oath TESTIMONY
galley proof notation CORRECTION
gossip or rumor HEARSAY
allowed in court ADMISSIBLE
slander or libel DEFAMATION
establishing proof VALIDATION
bombproof shelter CASEMATE
party game question count TWENTY
adorableness LOVABILITY
six-line stanza SEXTAIN
in a clownish manner ANTICLY
island at Amazon's mouth MARAJO
cricket play divisions OVERS
"Goodbye Mr. Chips" star DONAT
something that wows MINDBLOWER
city in western Switzerland NEUCHATEL
positive Facebook hits LIKES
lanes on the sea SHIPPING
designated EARMARKED
makes a drink last SIPS
convulsed SPASMED
in an unchecked manner RAMPANTLY
Green Gables' Anne SHIRLEY
Thai kingdom now in ruins AYUTTHAYA
Sydney Opera House architect UTZON
patsy TOOL
give a talk with someone COPRESENT