7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
was nonspecific GENERALIZED
fifth wheel's quality USELESSNESS
make plump FATTEN
cause a new spark in REIGNITE
region with reindeer LAPLAND
Elsie the Cow's company BORDEN
give and take VERBS
in line QUEUED
crustacean's limb SWIMMERET
controlling, as a car STEERING
sleeveless jersey SINGLET
potato chip brand RUFFLES
long speeches LITANIES
folding bed alternative FUTON
narrate RECOUNT
frighteningly bad HORRIFIC
diploma, e.g. CERTIFICATE
family moniker SURNAME
author Vladimir NABOKOV
hits the ground LANDS
strove with difficulty STRUGGLED
Mary's follower LAMB
math master EUCLID
overhauling REVAMPING
commemorate MEMORIALIZE
"flighty" talker MYNAH
Japanese city of hot springs BEPPU
birthplace of Pete Best CHENNAI
popular spaniel COCKER
final letters, in Britain ZEDS
English composer Sir Michael TIPPETT
make sulky and discontented DISGRUNTLE
leguminous flowering plant LUPINE
Amsterdam airport SCHIPHOL
home of Nelson's Column TRAFALGAR
premium on exchanged money AGIO
the Beatles' Rocky RACCOON
moved quickly CAREENED
appreciating VALUING
making numb DEADENING