7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
hole at golf clubhouse NINETEENTH
children's activity time PLAYGROUP
constant UNFAILING
spelunker's pastime CAVING
cause a chemical reaction CATALYZE
sixteenth note SEMIQUAVER
record-keeper ARCHIVIST
instructional talk LECTURE
court proceeding HEARING
not clear VAGUE
picture-taking device CAMERA
tell the reason for EXPLAIN
insult SLAM
newsman REPORTER
mother's brother UNCLE
apprehend COLLAR
hand movements GESTURES
Gadget's niece PENNY
prevent success FOIL
Spiderman's occupation SUPERHERO
amazing event MIRACLE
weather science METEOROLOGY
salt container SHAKER
35th US President KENNEDY
servant or slave VASSAL
river transport BARGE
fruit juice NECTAR
tired WEARY
place that attracts visitors MECCA
beast with a single horn UNICORN
lavish generosity MUNIFICENCE
World Cup sport SOCCER
too small to bother with TRIFLING
attractive person DREAMBOAT
use of dynamite BLASTING
"Dynamite!" TERRIFIC
measure of dynamite STICK
inventor of dynamite NOBEL
what dynamite does EXPLODES
"Napoleon Dynamite" llama TINA
set off, like dynamite DETONATE
always eager to fight SCRAPPY
dungeon internees wear them CHAINS
stroke tenderly CARESS
revolutionaries INSURGENTS
Bob Marley's hairstyle DREADLOCKS
shipshape TIDY
seldom seen UNCOMMON
stagger LURCH
commencement ONSET
force out EXPEL
long-snouted mammal AARDVARK
colleague COHORT
type of pen BALLPOINT
it gets your heart pumping EXERCISE
"Willy Wonka" star Gene WILDER
bone break FRACTURE
overwhelming victory RUNAWAY
unleavened bread MATZO
uncertain IFFY
photography aid FLASHGUN
half a line of verse HEMISTICH
governor of feudal Japan SHOGUN
stone-hurling weapon TREBUCHET
"hair-conditioned" business SALON
area around a manor GROUNDS
how an art contest is settled DRAWING
molding material CLAY
storage box CHEST
line around the Earth EQUATOR
society as a whole COMMUNITY
blood vessel VEIN
leaflet BROCHURE
tiny web image THUMBNAIL
resisting wear DURABLE
communication INTERACTION
continue SUBSIST
course of conduct POLICY
"order in the court!" SILENCE
one out to make things better REFORMER
high wire TIGHTROPE
fisherman's worms BAIT
he kneads what you eat BAKER
generally accepted rule CANON
sleeper car PULLMAN
independence FREEDOM
cash flow REVENUE
one competing for a position CONTENDER
lay the fault on ACCUSE
refuse to grant DENY
nullify NEGATE
young child INFANT
Lightning Range gems OPALS
characteristic SYMPTOMATIC
prevent from doing FRUSTRATE
waiter's tip GRATUITY
come out ahead PREVAIL
baby stroller PUSHER
hardly BARELY
small bit of food CRUMB
household animals PETS
count of people POPULATION
Juliet's love ROMEO
chase after flies SWAT
astronomy tool TELESCOPE
uncle's offspring COUSIN
science of matter and energy PHYSICS
from birth to death LIFELONG
gather into a whole AGGREGATE
whole amount TOTALITY
fancy clothes FINERY
china piece PLATE
Enterprise engineer SCOTTY
raw, as an outlook BLEAK
raw, as meat UNCOOKED
young, not fully aged IMMATURE
tasteless CRUDE
revealed EXPOSED
rub raw CHAFE
uneasy feeling ANXIETY
sound of a dying engine SPUTTER
astounding TREMENDOUS
comfortable environment ELEMENT
hornet's attack STING
terrify DISMAY
make catcalls HECKLE
spirit SPUNK
fault-finding CRITICISM
grand jury accusation PRESENTMENT
subscribe to BELIEVE
portion FRACTION
fidgety ITCHY
admired quality VIRTUE
inflect, as a verb CONJUGATE
weakness DEBILITY
mouth, in slang KISSER
Madagascar primate LEMUR
diminish IMPAIR
circus floor covering SAWDUST
carefree DEBONAIR
blue bloods ARISTOCRACY
taffeta or terrycloth FABRIC
showered with missiles PEPPERED
business owner PROPRIETOR
sticky substance GOOP
honor recipient AWARDEE
standard practice CUSTOM
maker of women's hats MILLINER
state bordering Lake Erie OHIO
didn't hear the alarm OVERSLEPT
drag down DEPRECATE
off the cuff UNSCRIPTED
curiosity or awe WONDERMENT
like some prunes STEWED
ironclad ARMORED
woodworking CARPENTRY
waving of a white flag TRUCE
motley assortment POTPOURRI
irritation of the skin CHAFING
ballet practice posture PLIE
group of homeboys RETINUE
correct a printing error EMEND
deceive HOODWINK
mask a smell DEODORIZE
variety of duck CANVASBACK
wolfram, today TUNGSTEN
breathing tube SNORKEL
casting one's purls KNITTING
cartoonish representation CARICATURE
optical phenomenon PARALLAX
undecided TORN
given the green light AUTHORIZED
ill-advised drive JOYRIDE
lean and lanky GANGLY
flattened, fried cornbread JOHNNYCAKE
popped the question PROPOSED
lawn waterer SPRINKLER
lodging for troops BILLET
sudden gust of wind WILLIWAW
be effusive GUSH
student of language PHILOLOGIST
organized association SOCIETY
small wingless insect BRISTLETAIL
commandeered TOOK
first-grade reader PRIMER
like a Furby ELECTRONIC
coming out on top TRIUMPHANT
mudslinging CALUMNY
maxim SAYING
permanent magnet LODESTONE
joke conclusion PUNCHLINE
cocky walk SWAGGER
wear the pants DOMINATE
very generous MUNIFICENT
lightheaded GIDDY
easily understood LUCID
man Friday ASSISTANT
demanding attention CRYING
hooded cloak BURNOOSE
kitchen appliance DISHWASHER
mall activity SHOPPING
reverse of a cameo INTAGLIO
back in working condition RESTORED
arrogant COCKY
business at street level STOREFRONT
noble gas XENON
steak restaurant CHOPHOUSE
milliner HATMAKER
causing to float on air LEVITATING
home of the Wright Brothers DAYTON
temperature gauge THERMOMETER
interfered MEDDLED
mounting hobby TAXIDERMY
injure badly MAIM
high-quality parchment VELLUM
web browser choice FIREFOX
it provides a cool mist HUMIDIFIER
beard location CHIN
not a picky eater OMNIVORE
Denmark territory GREENLAND
excluded from the group OSTRACIZED
gave approval for CONSENTED
required NEEDFUL
funny columnists HUMORISTS
canoe stabilizer OUTRIGGER
gossip's tidbit RUMOR
of the Earth's internal heat GEOTHERMAL
large holding area STOCKYARD
swimming move SIDESTROKE
criminal helper ACCOMPLICE
attorney played by Griffith MATLOCK
found a new date for RESCHEDULED
kangaroo relatives WALLABIES
with command DECISIVELY
gaunt-looking EMACIATED
very beautiful person STUNNER
grazing areas PASTURES
struggle greatly AGONIZE
part of a fence PICKET
fit to be flown AIRWORTHY
become faded, perhaps DISCOLOR
person named in a will BENEFICIARY
"Runaway Bride" star Richard GERE
Iberia or Scandinavia PENINSULA
remnant of the past FOSSIL
set free RELEASE
feather pen QUILL
make easier SIMPLIFY
takeoff site HELIPAD
lake in Nevada TAHOE
shake relative FRAPPE
cake frosting type BUTTERCREAM
fake mustache, e.g. DISGUISE
snake with reddish scales COPPERHEAD
city in India BANGALORE
rushed speed HASTE
derisively humorous SARDONIC
walk like a show horse PRANCE
griddlecake FLAPJACK
fictional porridge eater GOLDILOCKS
currently accepted PREVAILING
birds with spindly legs FLAMINGOS
anonymous UNSIGNED
willing to mingle SOCIABLE
selection CHOICE
ignites again, as a spark REKINDLES
communal feast POTLUCK
economical with resources EFFICIENT
strip worn over the sleeve ARMBAND
tree-climbing marsupial POSSUM
bearing one's initials MONOGRAMMED
injectors SYRINGES
city on the Arkansas River WICHITA
southpaw LEFTY
Olympic star Lewis CARL
dressed in style NATTY
making pleased GLADDENING
runs out EXPIRES
kind of tire RETREAD
make less complicated SIMPLIFY
oil paint alternative ACRYLIC
profoundly disappointed HEARTSICK
epitome of slowness SNAIL
devoid (of) BEREFT
father of one's father GRANDDADDY
disappointment LETDOWN
one who thumbs a ride HITCHHIKER
add-on to a building ANNEX
like lemon juice ACIDIC
tires with stripes WHITEWALLS
"Le Pere Goriot" author BALZAC
first game of the season OPENER
fastened, as a shirtfront BUTTONED
popular earring shape TEARDROP
dirty campaign tactics MUDSLINGING
cruel, savage person BRUTE
sooty mark SMUDGE
like shockproof wiring INSULATED
tourist's reference GUIDEBOOK
not given enough money UNDERPAID
starting points ORIGINS
saved SPARED
dental inserts PARTIALS
spraying for bugs CROPDUSTING
most frigid COLDEST
left out EXCLUDED
best way to write LEGIBLY
laying down new tar REPAVING
iridescent black bird GRACKLE
show a lack of courtesy DISRESPECT
younger actor Sheen CHARLIE
generous sort SHARER
British barnyard HOMESTALL
germicides ANTISEPTICS
monotonously lilting SINGSONG
draws forth EXTRACTS
period of idleness INACTIVITY
dated, on an envelope POSTMARKED
guileful quality TRICKINESS
DC baseball team NATIONALS
scholarly work TREATISE
Sunset, for one BOULEVARD
Saudi Arabia's capital RIYADH
cheap and tacky TRASHY
clothing RAIMENTS
chanted INTONED
like some vegetables LEAFY
spent too much OVERPAID
Susan B. Anthony, for one SUFFRAGIST
putting digits on NUMBERING
dermatological problem ACNE
talked endlessly RAMBLED
excitedly hyped BALLYHOOED
places for laces EYELETS
presents GIFTS
Ecuador's highest mountain CHIMBORAZO
all there is UNIVERSE
where a chopper comes down HELIPAD
Sir Henry, man of steel BESSEMER
pal CHUM
red-baiting senator Joe MCCARTHY
took by force EXTORTED
store worker SALESCLERK
jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
took out a loan BORROWED
1990s tennis star Monica SELES
showed disdain, in a way SNIFFED
violet relative PANSY
certain football players LINEBACKERS
began to boil BUBBLED
zigzagging road SWITCHBACK
gave comfort to CONSOLED
they're sent away DEPORTEES
having sequins SPANGLED
consequently PURSUANT
smell badly STINK
call back RESUMMON
produced eggs OVULATED
Underdog's girlfriend POLLY
hardens like bone OSSIFIES
amount of liquid lost SPILLAGE
subtly detailed NUANCED
plaster used for patching SPACKLE
like rave reviews PRAISEFUL
picked CHOSE
upward climb ASCENT
quitting a game of chess RESIGNING
launders WASHES
wacky person KOOK
flight zone AIRSPACE
more than merely curious NOSY
furthest down LOWERMOST
without making any noise SILENTLY
meteorite crater in Chile MONTURAQUI
bad hand SCRAWL
they stick together ADHESIVES
avoided work SHIRKED
not certain DOUBTING
address in America GETTYSBURG
department head SUPERVISOR
heads-up WARNING
make headway ADVANCE
head off BLOCK
vegetable sold by the head LETTUCE
headstrong WILLFUL
head over heels UTTERLY
incredibly painful AGONIZING
alleviated EASED
clear examples PARADIGMS
putting into a new form RESHAPING
general weather conditions CLIMATES
played a guitar STRUMMED
strongly spiced sausage SALAMI
smooth-textured sausage BOLOGNA
type of sausage LIVERWURST
sausages served with mash BANGERS
French sausage SAUCISSON
spicy pizza sausage PEPPERONI
Mexican sausage CHORIZO
pitted, like some roadways POTHOLED
open, uncultivated land MOORLAND
where Guam's government sits HAGATNA
one who undertakes a journey WAYFARER
done in a pigheaded manner WILLFULLY
"growing" clay pet CHIA
avian sound maker BIRDCALL
heartache DESPAIR
heartfelt REAL
heartless brute BARBARIAN
heartthrob BOYFRIEND
heartwarming SATISFYING
"Heartbreak House" writer SHAW
heartburn remedy GAVISCON
its capital is Baku AZERBAIJAN
Hyundai model AZERA
colorful garden flower AZALEA
Portuguese archipelago AZORES
horizontal angle AZIMUTH
suburb of Los Angeles AZUSA
shade of blue AZURE
Australian gum tree COOLABAH
aphids, in the UK BLACKFLIES
old "banger" MUSKET
die-cast toy brand MATCHBOX
capital loss BALDNESS
ages EONS
large bird of prey GOSHAWK
sit on eggs INCUBATE
judge's seat in court BANC
outdoor sitting place STOOP
seat for Indian princes MUSNUD
where the pilot sits COCKPIT
Sitting Bull foe CUSTER
sit-down ender SETTLEMENT
ugly sights EYESORES
lacking a clear purpose UNFOCUSED
at first INITIALLY
radio component TRANSMITTER
pop diva Celine DION
motivates IMPELS
conveyed, as emotion EXPRESSED
first principle RUDIMENT
"handy" tip FINGERNAIL
Swiss lake NEUCHATEL
rock band STRATUM
following one another SUCCESSIVE
"lousy" bloodsuckers LICE
express vehement protest FULMINATE
médico del corazón CARDIÓLOGO
nombre de pila de Gandhi MAHATMA
electrodoméstico APARATO
colección de arte GALERÍA
un hotel para un viajero ALOJAMIENTO
marca italiana de moda GUCCI
opuesto de privado PÚBLICO
llevar toga y birrete GRADUARSE
persona no identificada INDIVIDUO
ciudad de Andalucía MÁLAGA
resultado final de un curso EVALUACIÓN
piloto de automovilismo Juan MONTOYA
después de tercero CUARTO
fija la posición del barco ANCLA
símbolo de la realeza CORONA
diafragma del ojo IRIS
invento redondo RUEDA
opuesto a grave AGUDO
alimento grande y anaranjado CALABAZA
síntoma de resfriado ESTORNUDO
naranja o limón CÍTRICO
sacked player QUARTERBACK
ready to hit the sack EXHAUSTED
sack fabric BURLAP
sad sack BUNGLER
sacked purchases GROCERIES
sack, as a city PILLAGE
soldier's sack MUSETTE
lawbreaker CRIMINAL
order by first letters ALPHABETIZE
against the law ILLEGAL
in working order OPERATIONAL
focus of Newton's three laws MOTION
follow orders OBEY
law and order concern MISCONDUCT
with regret RUEFULLY
1 with 27 zeroes OCTILLION
sloping downward DECLINING
sporty Mazda model MIATA
"Beverly Hills" rock band WEEZER
espresso-and-milk drink LATTE
golf course expanses FAIRWAYS
maliciously damaged VANDALIZED
plant pests APHIDS
result of getting cold feet CHILBLAIN
American ballerina Maria TALLCHIEF
express with the voice VOCALIZE
earth mover MOLE
area of dead tissue INFARCTION
British Olympic runner Mo FARAH
moving furtively SLINKING
not clearly BLURRILY
winter animal feed SILAGE
female minority GIRLHOOD
yellow bloomers DAFFODILS
India's "Golden City" JAISALMER
Sam's Club rival COSTCO
improvised in a concert JAMMED
surrealist painter Dali SALVADOR
"Letters to Juliet" star SEYFRIED
fit together perfectly DOVETAILED
makes a mistake ERRS
roaring engine's sound VROOM
stands for SYMBOLIZES
cold sufferer's needs TISSUES
irritating VEXATIOUS
wasn't truthful LIED
dark purple fruit ELDERBERRY
Red Auerbach's team CELTICS
"The Perfect Storm" author JUNGER
weather the storm ENDURE
Stormin' Norman's surname SCHWARZKOPF
noise heard during a storm THUNDER
brainstorm's result IDEA
large-scale windstorm CYCLONE
device that predicts storms BAROMETER
capital of Mozambique MAPUTO
became rigid STIFFENED
where to find a clutch NEST
immaturity JEJUNENESS
stinted SKIMPED
it keeps locks clean SHAMPOO
thick-skinned river dwellers HIPPOPOTAMI
gloom-inducing DREARY
done with cunning SLYLY
found a supplier SOURCED
monetary unit of Paraguay GUARANI
formally enacted or decreed PROMULGATED
snobbishness HAUGHTINESS
type of dive GAINER
two-sided BILATERAL
two-time BETRAY
two score FORTY
in two shakes QUICKLY
two-fisted AGGRESSIVE
in two ASUNDER
species of lichen OAKMOSS
you can count on it ABACUS
minute divisions SECONDS
Sara Lee coffee brand MOCCONA
deepest ocean trench MARIANA
man often taken on board PAWN
appropriateness EXPEDIENCE
without realising UNWITTINGLY
obviously PLAINLY
legendary AC Milan player MALDINI
rubbed out ERASED
speaker MOUTH
prompt service AUTOCUE
small bunch of flowers POSY
small beachside stones PEBBLES
tracking technology RFID
one who shows the way PATHFINDER
he popularized "The Twist" CHECKER
measures depth at sea SOUNDS
excessive remittance OVERPAYMENT
an uncivilized quality WILDNESS
three-dimensional CUBIC
absolutely amazing SPECTACULAR
spins around WHIRLS
jazz musician Benny GOODMAN
Engels or Trotsky MARXIST
central campus areas QUADS
small-grain sugar SUPERFINE
some hard candies PEPPERMINTS
smoldering ill will MALEVOLENCE
leaping from planes PARACHUTING
accumulates, like interest ACCRUES
3M innovator William MCKNIGHT
too dear PRICY
state of being unified ONENESS
aromatic, medicinal plant CAMOMILE
"plucky" way to play violin PIZZICATO
not exactly IMPRECISELY
emitting a sad exhalation SIGHING
saved from danger RESCUED
Iraq's "capital of culture" KIRKUK
quality of uneven quality STREAKINESS
made a conjecture SURMISED
prison workers WARDENS
gray semimetal element GERMANIUM
coordinating SYNCHING
Nepalese guides SHERPAS
box for holding logs WOODBIN
buying advertising on SPONSORING
cold-weather fabrics WOOLS
belittled DEPRECATED
the boonies BACKCOUNTRY
takes a catnap DOZES
peaks HIGHS
like some lore or councils TRIBAL
student LEARNER
very stuffy AIRLESS
Old Hollywood star Stanwyck BARBARA
packs down TAMPS
Roman ruins in France ANTIBES
backing out RENEGING
bicycle, for example VELOCIPEDE
like some office work CLERICAL
making stiffer, as a collar STARCHING
it may be plausible DENIABILITY
veteran TV actress Susan LUCCI
one by one SINGLY
letting go FIRING
famous New York City hotel ALGONQUIN
scurry SKELTER
nickname of King Richard III CROOKBACK
Don Quixote's old nag ROSINANTE
state in central Mexico HIDALGO
having tines PRONGED
man from Laramie, say WYOMINGITE
having an external cause EXOGENOUS
Spanish enclave in Morocco CEUTA
inflammation of the eyelids BLEPHARITIS
it gets wetter as it dries TOWEL
carnivorous plant SUNDEW
sudden rebound SNAPBACK
one wielding a thimble SEWER
falling to pieces CRUMBLING
combed, as hair KEMPT
filled with fascination ALLURED
bad experiences MISFORTUNES
native of England BRITON
fancy neckwear ASCOTS
added incorrectly MISCOUNTED
river through Florence ARNO
popular Apple device IPHONE
like worn hems FRAYED
feels sorry REPENTS
orchestra leaders CONDUCTORS
banjo player's aid FINGERPICK
makes tranquil CALMS
in a strict manner SEVERELY
chicken legs DRUMSTICKS
used crayons COLORED
made unnecessary OBVIATED
broad belt BALDRIC
kimono belts OBIS
belt closer BUCKLE
constellation with a belt ORION
sash worn with a tuxedo CUMMERBUND
cartridge belt BANDOLIER
belt SLUG
make more hardy TOUGHEN
give extra strength to BRACE
strengthen with help REINFORCE
strengthen, as one's focus CONCENTRATE
strengthen, as a color INTENSIFY
furnish with power SINEW
impart strength to FORTIFY
prehistoric cave drawing PICTOGRAPH
cave floor feature STALAGMITE
caveman's weapon SPEAR
bear's cave, perhaps LAIR
cave sound ECHO
cave, during a rainstorm SHELTER
cave in COLLAPSE
Porsche roadster BOXTER
clothes DUDS
shrill, wordless cries ULULATIONS
one of the Channel Islands SARK
patient endurance FORBEARANCE
F1 champion Sebastian VETTEL
destiny FATE
very wide-angle lens FISHEYE
like a twister TORNADIC
it's taken when offended UMBRAGE
spin round TWIZZLE
dark curly lamb fleece ASTRAKHAN
science of fruit growing POMOLOGY
nomadic excursion WALKABOUT
station worker JACKAROO
jettison OFFLOAD
writing instrument BIRO
agricultural event venue SHOWGROUND
parsley salad TABOULI
did some weightlifting BENCHED
minimum age for a senator THIRTY
like a swamp MARSHY
George Jones' genre COUNTRY
stepped on the scale WEIGHED
one with many bosses FREELANCER
"safe" places BANKS
silk filaments FLOSS
easily misunderstood MISTAKABLE
lively BRISK
tragically WOEFULLY
2014 Wimbledon finalist BOUCHARD
the act of supplying PURVEYANCE
shifts attention ADVERTS
work for oneself FREELANCE
working class PROLETARIAT
spot for working out GYMNASIUM
body of work OEUVRE
working man LABORER
stop working STRIKE
working hard INDUSTRIOUS
spicy noodle soup LAKSA
without error INFALLIBLY
oyster plant SALSIFY
debutants NEWCOMERS
without alteration UNDISTORTED
slices finely JULIENNES
gifted entertainers SHOWMEN
wielded piece of armour SHIELD
male honeybees DRONES
in a dashing manner RAKISHLY
door knocker RAPPER
happening two times a year BIANNUALLY
squeezed limes, for instance JUICED
increasing rapidly ROCKETING
comedian Bishop JOEY
white knight PALADIN
Queens' neighbor BROOKLYN
pawn AGENT
King Gillette's products RAZORS
one passing bad checks PAPERHANGER
plain language used daily VERNACULAR
eastern Brazil state BAHIA
not a road warrior UNTRAVELED
author focused on happiness RUBIN
Korean electronics giant SAMSUNG
Smokey Joe maker WEBER
"Peanuts" insurance company METLIFE
impressive to look at RESPLENDENT
superficially attractive FLASHY
spruced up SPIFFY
smartly attired SPORTY
fascinatingly attractive GLAMOROUS
neat and trim in appearance DAPPER
amazingly impressive DAZZLING
not spoken UNVOICED
in an enticing way RAVISHINGLY
military alert status DEFCON
NBA all-star Anthony CARMELO
city near Fort Bragg FAYETTEVILLE
stir from bed again REWAKEN
"i-pad" IGLOO
stiff and sharp PRICKLY
long-time US Senator Mitch MCCONNELL
Greek actress Nia VARDALOS
taking an SAT exam, perhaps PENCILING
getting animated PEPPING
salon employee's job HAIRSTYLING
on the safe side, at sea LEEWARD
criticizing REPROACHING
private Spokane university GONZAGA
oysters' relatives MUSSELS
like some soaps ANTIVIRAL
power plant units MEGAWATTS
cooking in oil FRYING
professor's assistant GRADER
followed unexpectedly SUPERVENED
female goats NANNIES
Julius Caesar's first name GAIUS
like a field that's fallow UNPLANTED
not wise DOPEY
cave-dwellers TROGLODYTES
solemnly declared ASSEVERATED
event in a half-pipe SNOWBOARD
event with a shuttlecock BADMINTON
sledding-headfirst event SKELETON
bow and arrow event ARCHERY
shooting-in-the-snow event BIATHLON
bouncy gymnastics event TRAMPOLINE
two- or four-person event BOBSLEIGH
bamboo-eating animals PANDAS
Oscar winner O'Neal TATUM
more deceptive CRAFTIER
didn't manage well MISHANDLED
outlaw's activity BANDITRY
candy holder WRAPPER
blessed event BIRTH
gripping tightly CLENCHING
followed closely HEELED
dimensionless quantity SCALAR
catches sight of SPOTS
most likely to fall asleep DROWSIEST
obviousness CONSPICUITY
raises LIFTS
like some poor conditions DICKENSIAN
in a disgusting way SICKENINGLY
confused MISTOOK
supermodel Banks TYRA
stuffed vegetable leaves DOLMADES
Ukrainian Jewish actor Mila KUNIS
apprentices' guides MENTORS
Noble's partner in books BARNES
edit again, as a movie RECUT
repeated ITERATED
not productive UNFRUITFUL
toe, to a little kid PIGGY
savage person ANIMAL
salad with walnut and apple WALDORF
chemistry class vessel BEAKER
early supermodel Dickinson JANICE
kid's transport SCOOTER
Prince Charles' wife CAMILLA
foul-smelling Asian fruit DURIAN
checked cost of an item PRICED
a measure of one's activity BUSYNESS
extremely desirable PLUM
chemical change REACTION
glacial fissure CREVASSE
dropping fastballs SINKERS
use a false online identity CATFISH
milliner's accessory HATPIN
ivy or moss GROUNDCOVER
Emmy-winner Mandy PATINKIN
invincible BULLETPROOF
bygone portable music player DISCMAN
in an unsteady manner WAVERINGLY
in a way that lasts ENDURINGLY
famous flying elephant DUMBO
manliness MALENESS
with wood ash SOOTILY
famous animal doctor DOLITTLE
result of undersea quake TSUNAMI
short poem with three lines HAIKU
portable barbecue HIBACHI
business magnate TYCOON
loose-skinned citrus fruit SATSUMA
big cheese HONCHO
puzzle page favorite SUDOKU
shorten, as a word ABBREVIATE
shortened, as a dictionary ABRIDGED
short and sweet CONCISE
knot for shortening a line SHEEPSHANK
prison sentence shortener PAROLE
shorten, as a sail REEF
shorten, as fingernails CLIP
speechless DUMFOUNDED
duvet, to an Aussie DOONA
Mrs. Peel's partner STEED
she prescribes braces ORTHOTIST
it's useful at an ATM BANKCARD
cooker for building blocks BRICKKILN
UK electronic music band FAITHLESS
over ATOP
over the top IMMODERATE
over and above BESIDES
middle CENTRAL
underneath HIDDEN
knuckle under SUBMIT
newspaper or moo shu, maybe DELIVERY
like a bunny's ears FLOPPY
dragging the bottom for fish TRAWLING
U2 guitarist EDGE
garment-shaping method SHIRRING
wooden character PINOCCHIO
opportunity for reflection DOWNTIME
Venezuelan designer Herrera CAROLINA
likely Trailblazer fans PORTLANDERS
responding to a post COMMENTING
in a fiery manner EXCITABLY
toilet valve FLAPPER
spread out DIFFUSE
prime Wrigley Field seats ROOFTOP
summit above Angel Falls AUYANTEPUI
child KIDDIE
hometown of Crispus Attucks FRAMINGHAM
"The Office" HR staffer TOBY
sudden transitions LEAPS
"pizza pocket" CALZONE