7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
make larger ACCRETE
ridiculous OUTLANDISH
impressive or majestic SUBLIME
jester BUFFOON
eccentric CRACKPOT
put in order ORGANIZE
like a bird in the hand CONVENIENT
prepping for competition TRAINING
golf implement CLUB
having a sharp end POINTED
in the middle CENTRAL
one presiding over the court JUDGE
acting organization AGENCY
thought to be SUPPOSED
tile game DOMINOES
Australian capital CANBERRA
made an analogy COMPARED
send to another REFER
allow PERMIT
turn from liquid to gas EVAPORATE
regard highly ADMIRE
reign coat wearer KING
putting on airs AFFECTED
feed in a field GRAZE
shiver in disgust CRINGE
layered ice cream SPUMONI
short race participant SPRINTER
women of high rank DUCHESSES
partner of potatoes MEAT
baseball glove MITT
Batman villain PENGUIN
Australian "station" RANCH
remedy for all diseases PANACEA
John Elway's position QUARTERBACK
chain of amino acids POLYPEPTIDE
feature of Saturn RINGS
place of public discussion FORUM
world travel document PASSPORT
compound found in detergents BORAX
give pleasure to GRATIFY
in addition ALSO
natural talent KNACK
at a disadvantage, in battle OUTNUMBERED
disagreeable OFFENSIVE
stone set in a ring JEWEL
gently encourage COAX
musical tempo indication PRESTO
billiards bounce CAROM
derision MOCKERY
lemon or lime CITRUS
the Hunchback of Notre Dame QUASIMODO
guaranteed to work FOOLPROOF
shy partygoer WALLFLOWER
worth VALUE
blade holder RAZOR
business meeting CONFERENCE
football variant RUGBY
guard at the Tower of London BEEFEATER
catsup brand HEINZ
first British Prime Minister WALPOLE
early form of cannon SAKER
tall penguin GENTOO
verb derived from a noun DENOMINAL
exciting person FIRECRACKER
the way it's always done CONVENTION
sword favored by pirates CUTLASS
fungus eaten on pizza MUSHROOM
bones in the body SKELETON
force that pulls GRAVITY
northernmost US state ALASKA
the upper hand ADVANTAGE
cookie man GINGERBREAD
Ferb's stepbrother PHINEAS
instructs TEACHES
from around here NATIVE
Carl Sagan television series COSMOS
lines to read TEXT
group of trees GROVE
watchman GUARD
able to answer RESPONSIVE
rain forest treetops CANOPY
corrupt ROTTEN
people around the same age GENERATION
scale CLIMB
establish FOUND
wee tree SAPLING
legal responsibility LIABILITY
it's not the rule EXCEPTION
where cows chow down PASTURE
chicken piece BREAST
of assistance HELPFUL
unable to sit still WIGGLY
substituted expression EUPHEMISM
large land mass CONTINENT
drill instructor's command ATTENTION
withdraw, as a statement RETRACT
electrician SPARKY
twist out of shape CONTORT
crybaby SOOK
Australian crane BROLGA
Aussie design magazine ARTICHOKE
touch that makes you laugh TICKLE
short golf club PUTTER
edible plant VEGETABLE
Clark Kent's alter ego SUPERMAN
throw out PITCH
tournament winner CHAMP
insect attracted to light MOTH
artistic drawing DESIGN
drive away REPEL
warehouse equipment FORKLIFT
pickup, for one TRUCK
conformity to customs PROPRIETY
advisable WISE
lack of guile INNOCENCE
mogul confronters SKIERS
loot through RANSACK
proverb ADAGE
polo, perhaps SHIRT
skid sound SCREECH
talking back IMPUDENT
go hungry STARVE
get a load of REGARD
attache DIPLOMAT
iPad or Surface TABLET
dinghy ROWBOAT
source of contention DISPUTE
put into words ARTICULATE
unmistakable or understood CLEAR
restrict the movement of HAMPER
garlicky mayo AIOLI
pedal pusher BICYCLIST
act as a substitute SUPPLANT
wrestling move REVERSAL
bad situation PLIGHT
numerical amount FIGURE
provide funding for FINANCE
end result OUTCOME
blueprint PLAN
shock absorber BUFFER
at some time EVENTUALLY
supremely skilled CONSUMMATE
substance GRAVITAS
crime against the government TREASON
make a slight adjustment to TWEAK
line dance CONGA
authoritative command MANDATE
of the high mountains ALPINE
calamity TRAGEDY
Russian rocketeer COSMONAUT
stock listings PORTFOLIOS
in great quantities MUCH
viscera ENTRAILS
bind the arms and legs of HOGTIE
impertinent person SAUCEBOX
excite curiosity PIQUE
made angry PROVOKED
house for pigeons DOVECOTE
surprise greatly ASTONISH
water supplier in emergencies HYDRANT
joyfulness EXUBERANCE
waste time FRIBBLE
small, worthless ornament TRINKET
escape GETAWAY
using movies and music MULTIMEDIA
cheap, showy trifle GIMCRACK
small, showy ornament BAUBLE
tag number PRICE
self-satisfied SMUG
small bundle PACKET
check a measurement CALIBRATE
happen together SYNCHRONIZE
one stuck in the past HISTORIAN
magnificence GRANDEUR
old name for sulfur BRIMSTONE
uninjured INVIOLATE
bonus entertainment ENCORE
potbelly PAUNCH
political science GOVERNMENT
rabies vaccine scientist PASTEUR
charmer CUTIE
making an outline of TRACING
military capacity FIREPOWER
constant criticism ABUSE
leisurely walk STROLL
handheld device BLACKBERRY
basil sauce PESTO
milking stool user DAIRYMAID
science of looking for codes CRYPTOLOGY
moderation TEMPERANCE
orbital point PERIGEE
slender racing dog WHIPPET
reason for a raise MERIT
chest wood CEDAR
collusive business group CARTEL
perplex BEFUDDLE
large nose PROBOSCIS
roller coaster or skylift RIDE
sweet dessert PUDDING
court action ARRAIGNMENT
recording medium TAPE
explanatory note ANNOTATION
study of antibodies IMMUNOLOGY
blowgun projectile DART
natural environment HABITAT
Oliver Twist was one ORPHAN
books printed pre-1501 INCUNABULA
grown-up girls LADIES
skin around a fingernail CUTICLE
taxonomic category ORDER
just for a second MOMENTARILY
Slovenia's capital LJUBLJANA
protection from hostiles DEFILADE
ice skater's jump LUTZ
improvised music VAMP
bookish LITERARY
reverie DAYDREAM
almond-filled pastry FRANGIPANE
remove, as a hat DOFF
what a sweater provides WARMTH
very skinny BONY
desirable PLUMMY
hard rubber VULCANITE
cotton thread LISLE
hockey arena RINK
German comic opera SINGSPIEL
the Batcave, for one LAIR
they may be over-the-counter REMEDIES
spiteful MALICIOUS
successive SEQUENT
live together COEXIST
apply plaster DAUB
painting or sculpture ARTWORK
peace symbol DOVE
agitation FERMENT
like a day at the spa RELAXING
part of a city map STREET
department store section COSMETICS
capital of North Carolina RALEIGH
relaxing resorts SPAS
Vesuvius destroyed it POMPEII
whine SNIVEL
cavern feature STALACTITE
play boisterously ROUGHHOUSE
esophagus GULLET
sound made by chains CLANK
shake WAGGLE
document digitizer SCANNER
uses a taser ZAPS
sugar substitute SORBITOL
member of a brain trust ADVISOR
achievements SUCCESSES
parcels ALLOTS
take out of the freezer THAW
fierce advocate for a cause FIREBRAND
spider's organ SPINNERET
stitching craft NEEDLEPOINT
isolate, as a jury SEQUESTER
places for cummerbunds WAISTS
sports stars ATHLETES
theater handout PLAYBILL
rainbow-colored IRIDESCENT
thin, as a reason TENUOUS
Don Quixote's creator CERVANTES
scattering DISPERSING
muffin leftovers CRUMBS
tuneful MELODIC
amorphous lump BLOB
liquid in a tub BATHWATER
"Dreamgirls" R&B star Eddie MURPHY
like a mountain cabin ISOLATED
cargo vessel FREIGHTER
faceoff with seconds DUEL
overly subtle or refined FINESPUN
rode on the shoulders of PIGGYBACKED
cafeteria item TRAY
statement of logic RATIONALE
art museums GALLERIES
American poet Carl SANDBURG
not legally permitted ILLICIT
ship of the line weapon CANNON
cooperation ASSISTANCE
antagonism DISCORD
wall-building mason BRICKLAYER
Huey P. Long's nickname KINGFISH
medical forecast PROGNOSIS
"The Odd Couple" actor Tony RANDALL
extreme fatigue EXHAUSTION
unhappy WOEFUL
put points on the board SCORE
use a syringe INJECT
no longer around GONE
appeal strongly to INTRIGUE
business periodical NEWSLETTER
demoralized DISMAYED
pained expression WINCE
responsibilities OBLIGATIONS
nation that borders Brazil VENEZUELA
slaked, as a thirst QUENCHED
lowermost building areas BASEMENTS
field of philosophy METAPHYSICS
dilapidated CREAKY
strikes heavily CLOBBERS
he studied with Socrates PLATO
TV series with Kellie Martin CHRISTY
increasing UPPING
those who commute to work OUTLIERS
clothes cleaning vessels WASHTUBS
delicate flower ORCHID
thereabouts ROUGHLY
former NBA star Charles BARKLEY
scrap metal collection site JUNKYARD
humdinger RIPSNORTER
lifted a car JACKED
more than just excited DELIRIOUS
increased, in a way MULTIPLIED
people who are on trial DEFENDANTS
home territory TURF
American soldiers, once DOUGHBOYS
spot removers CLEANERS
diamonds and such JEWELS
trigonometry function COSINE
male athletes SPORTSMEN
immaculate STAINLESS
like some Mexican beans REFRIED
TV journalist NEWSCASTER
declined moderately DIPPED
keeping from leaving DETAINING
travel far and wide ROAM
rock singer Grace SLICK
ate quickly BOLTED
stevedore DOCKWORKER
running not far, but fast SPRINTING
irresponsibly FECKLESSLY
skill in handwriting PENMANSHIP
airline from Reykjavík ICELANDAIR
one under par BIRDIE
one below par SUFFERER
yellow and white container EGGSHELL
fitness-based fundraiser WALKATHON
former Chief Justice Fred VINSON
following closely SHADOWING
something sticking out PROTRUSION
offered temporarily LOANED
painting style REALISM
crunchy things in salads CROUTONS
illegible scrawl SQUIGGLE
shopping centers MALLS
folk artist "Grandma" MOSES
brand of motor oil VALVOLINE
like some elections MAYORAL
adding light to BRIGHTENING
thickset quality BEEFINESS
putting off POSTPONING
counterculture figure HIPSTER
amply RICHLY
more powerful STRONGER
equality movement FEMINISM
breeze indicator WINDSOCK
pestering BUGGING
ran into each other COLLIDED
showing unity COHESIVE
doctor who studies disease PATHOLOGIST
ramparts or seawalls BULWARKS
actress Heigl KATHERINE
seriously weakening CRIPPLING
takes back REVOKES
October baseball event PLAYOFFS
older of aviation pioneers WILBUR
most covered in oil GREASIEST
go under DROWN
prepares the deck SHUFFLES
getting rid of a unibrow TWEEZING
twists out of shape DISTORTS
long tales SAGAS
made easier ALLEVIATED
moving slowly and awkwardly SHAMBLING
auto lubricant brand CASTROL
"Gone with the Wind" actress LEIGH
like much testimony SWORN
making fun of, perhaps MIMICKING
soundalike word HOMONYM
not at all wordy TERSE
word of honor PROMISE
get a word in edgewise INTERJECT
word for word VERBATIM
crossword puzzle component GRID
have words (with) ALTERCATE
Droid and Razr maker MOTOROLA
all people HUMANKIND
dwelling sharer HOUSEMATE
"The King and I" woman ANNA
like children's vitamins CHEWABLE
spilling the beans SQUEALING
sank, as a putt HOLED
careful with spending THRIFTY
with extreme care to details METICULOUS
careful not to spread gossip DISCREET
carefully GINGERLY
carefully made WROUGHT
careful and cautious CHARY
careful not to get tricked CANNY
courtesy POLITESSE
a red suit DIAMONDS
take to pieces DISASSEMBLE
"lowers" COWS
like a black widow, perhaps SPIDERY
castle in Kyoto, Japan NIJO
blatantly FLAGRANTLY
hoax giant's location CARDIFF
Green Giant products VEGETABLES
red giant, for one STAR
giant statue COLOSSUS
New York Giants star Eli MANNING
giant step MILESTONE
chicken wing appetizer DRUMETTE
chicken-hearted CRAVEN
Asian chicken breed COCHIN
chickenpox VARICELLA
Super Chicken's sidekick FRED
chicken headed for the oven ROASTER
chicken offal GIBLETS
atoll and capital of Tuvalu FUNAFUTI
initial word ACRONYM
device to help memory MNEMONIC
most wan PALEST
English "capitalist" LONDONER
Mexican Native American ZAPOTEC
antioxidant in tomatoes LYCOPENE
US film producer "Cubby" BROCCOLI
inducement CARROT
high jinks CAPER
something tiresomely trite CORN
insignificant person PEANUT
flatten under pressure SQUASH
spread rapidly MUSHROOM
language that Enya sings in GAELIC
wartime engagements BATTLES
leech or lamprey BLOODSUCKER
no longer living together SEPARATED
shoe bottoms SOLES
Roger who out-batted Babe MARIS
curry powder ingredient CUMIN
refereed UMPIRED
top "drawer" GUNSLINGER
unbearably INTOLERABLY
Russian empress before 1917 CZARINA
gradually intruded on ENCROACHED
biology class TAXON
Russian arctic island WRANGEL
tacto al escoger palabras DIPLOMACIA
que tiene una masa grande PESADO
se dice cuando hay estornudo SALUD
proceso que hace el estómago DIGESTIÓN
algo que no es auténtico IMITACIÓN
lengua hablada en Sri Lanka TAMIL
pueblo indígena de Panamá NGÄBE
suministro de imprenta PAPEL
calentador hogareño RADIADOR
ella avisa del peligro ALARMA
pareja del carnero OVEJA
artículo de ferreteria MARTILLO
aficionado a las montañas ALPINISTA
opuesto de Occidente ORIENTE
volcán activo de Ecuador COTOPAXI
actor, "Piratas del Caribe" DEPP
cría de la oveja CORDERO
ciudad italiana MILÁN
perseguidor del correcaminos COYOTE
marsupial australiano VOMBÁTIDO
datos FACTOS
costume ball MASQUERADE
use a wrecking ball on DEMOLISH
ballpoints PENS
ballpark figure ESTIMATE
golf ball features DIMPLES
shaped like a ball ROUND
ballroom dance WALTZ
"Alice in Wonderland" twin TWEEDLEDEE
North American native home TEEPEE
nickname for a half-pint PEEWEE
"The Maltese Falcon" star GREENSTREET
apiarist BEEKEEPER
window-washing tool SQUEEGEE
independent person FREEWHEELER
short pointed beard VANDYKE
image made by ultrasound SONOGRAM
a tree and plant museum ARBORETUM
base for a column or statue PLINTH
with grave risk PERILOUSLY
36 square mile unit of land TOWNSHIP
like some chips RUFFLED
with wind taken out of sails BECALMED
"shock treatment" HAIRCUT
causing to remember REMINDING
without preparation EXTEMPORE
"stock room" COWSHED
great work CLASSIC
sunflower HELIANTHUS
items for sale MERCHANDISE
aromatic herb HYSSOP
not seriously SHALLOWLY
"dreadful" condition PHOBIA
Madagascar's highest peak MAROMOKOTRO
shiny coat VARNISH
olive oil brand BERTOLLI
encantado de la vida FELIZ
participar en el festín COMER
horno de cocina MICROONDAS
tienda de gafas ÓPTICA
gas vital OXÍGENO
hablar entre dientes MURMURAR
no estar seguro DUDAR
Seattle rapper MACKLEMORE
unintelligent people DIMWITS
most with-it HIPPEST
panko, for example BREADING
rocks from space METEORITES
young people JUVENILES
"Bolero" composer RAVEL
forsaking ABANDONING
dismissals FIRINGS
seed-eating songbirds FINCHES
British WWII aircraft MOSQUITOS
new skier's "vee" formation SNOWPLOW
dishes that take the heat BAKEWARE
small Scottish cottage BOTHY
Super Bowl Sunday premieres COMMERCIALS
like a fishbowl TRANSPARENT
punch bowl utensil LADLE
bowled over ASTOUNDED
problem for a bowler SPLIT
Rose Bowl city PASADENA
bowlful at breakfast CEREAL
colonial Virginia settlement JAMESTOWN
novel endings, sometimes EPILOGUES
shredded cheese pioneer SARGENTO
defamation ASPERSION
"Wheel of Fortune" hostess VANNA
seasons of heavy rainfall MONSOONS
past grievances BYGONES
German sportswear firm ADIDAS
one of oldest British towns COLCHESTER
bird of paradise flower STRELITZIA
dangerous striker LIGHTNING
not working BROKEN
twofold DUAL
hip neighbor THIGH
related to the hips SCIATIC
walking in hip boots WADING
from the hip CANDID
hip roof MANSARD
musical hip swiveler PRESLEY
popular breakfast order OMELETTE
spokeshave cousin DRAWKNIFE
it'll end in wedlock BETROTHAL
Pooh's diminutive friend PIGLET
American realist painter WYETH
Latvian capital RIGA
synthesized dance music ELECTRONICA
water storage tank CISTERN
British nobleman MARQUESS
small, jumping plant bug LEAFHOPPER
open sore ULCER
grease monkey MECHANIC
scrubber in the bath LOOFAH
abnormal fear of the night NYCTOPHOBIA
be partial to FAVOR
one of the Little Rascals FROGGY
goblets CHALICES
yummy, in slang DELISH
"Star Trek" device TELEPORTER
main courses ENTREES
Starbucks' tea TAZO
humble quality MEEKNESS
space pods for humans CAPSULES
isn't impressive at all UNDERWHELMS
more constrictive TIGHTER
former pitcher Martinez RAMON
anonymous FACELESS
from Kingston, maybe JAMAICAN
a Georgian or Alabaman SOUTHERNER
shifts CHANGES
have a connection RELATE
held fast in place PINNED
like many online games MULTIUSER
dependent upon circumstances SITUATIONAL
ingenuously GUILELESSLY
blackmailer EXTORTIONER
prepared a needle for sewing THREADED
this state's often fine FETTLE
Japanese restaurateur Nobu MATSUHISA
employ for wages HIRE
encouraging word to a horse GIDDYUP
result of losing balance OVERDRAFT
county containing Stonehenge WILTSHIRE
urge to do something ENJOIN
grasped tightly CLASPED
"olde" business SHOPPE
Morse's field TELEGRAPHY
lay bare DENUDE
fitting together MESHING
former British PM Tony BLAIR
Honda compact CIVIC
car radio button PRESET
candies in a vending machine GUMBALLS
skeptic DOUBTER
Ulan Bator residents MONGOLS
hung around TARRIED
gives a shot TRIES
comedian Carvey DANA
relating to the arts CULTURAL
Babe Ruth's shaving cream BARBASOL
inspirations BREATHS
having marginal additions ANNOTATED
makes comprehensible EXPLICATES
longtime TV actress Linda GRAY
something indispensible REQUIREMENT
finishing i's and j's DOTTING
from Krakow, Poland CRACOVIAN
brass tacks BASICS
marking to show ownership BRANDING
world's largest dairy firm LACTALIS
defrauded BILKED
regard with loathing ABOMINATE
canines DOGTEETH
quail COWER
largest known diamond CULLINAN
"systematic" educator John DEWEY
do it and rule, they say DIVIDE
small lumps in cloth BURLS
Old English epic poem BEOWULF
as Germany was in 1990 REUNIFIED
artworks with many parts COLLAGES
move from side to side SHIMMY
teases, slangily JIVES
savage quality VICIOUSNESS
repairman FIXER
some Bach compositions FUGUES
biggest bones in the body FEMURS
low-impact exercise PILATES
goes bad ROTS
highly distinguished ILLUSTRIOUS
golfing great Mickelson PHIL
without regard for others SELFISHLY
eagle's nest AERIE
rhythmical heart contraction SYSTOLE
there's no place like it HOME
without due seriousness FLIPPANTLY
UK Prime Minister David CAMERON
one who picks things up HEARER
had a little snack NOSHED
stop BLOCK
ancient Asian writing system CUNEIFORM
frivolity JOKINESS
US statesman George MITCHELL
ornamental container CACHEPOT
behave nervously JITTER
crush into smaller form COMPACT
man-made SYNTHETIC
mankind HUMANITY
manacles HANDCUFFS
mandatory OBLIGATORY
man Friday AIDE
mantle CLOAK
clear, as one's sinuses DECONGEST
acts the burglar ROBS
feature of a windless lake GLASSINESS
figure skater's leaps AXELS
rustic autumn jaunt HAYRIDE
moves like Jell-O JIGGLES
passed again on the track LAPPED
Great Depression decade THIRTIES
"Great Expectations" author DICKENS
it's a Great Lake MICHIGAN
one of the great apes ORANGUTAN
building with a great hall PALACE
Great Society advocate JOHNSON
"Great" ruler of Persia CYRUS
took away (from) DETRACTED
runs away, like a mouse SCURRIES
disguise VEIL
ice cream parlor offering SPLIT
sow's sounds GRUNTS
most swollen PUFFIEST
like a fly ball's path ARCED
cold room in Roman bath FRIGIDARIUM
pure carbon, one atom thick GRAPHENE
speaking hesitantly FALTERING
bad-tempered Brit CROSSPATCH
fill with anxiety CONSTERNATE
Irish girl COLLEEN
unbleached and undyed GREIGE
fleecy-lined garment WINDCHEATER
capitalist SYDNEYSIDER
fifty dollar note PINEAPPLE
very poor in quality SHONKY
capital of Tasmania HOBART
soprano, Dame Joan SUTHERLAND
Australian military aircraft WIRRAWAY
wrestler & governor Jesse VENTURA
men's jewelry CUFFLINKS
razor's target STUBBLE
subject to being overturned REVIEWABLE
like some obsolete laws UNENFORCED
bitter water additive QUININE
where some castles are built BEACHES
agreeable remark PLEASANTRY
without doubt ASSUREDLY
sausage stuffing, for one FORCEMEAT
banality INANENESS
supplying or providing FURNISHING
lustrous fabric BROADCLOTH
thumb POLLEX
in a firing position COCKED
strict disciplinarian RAMROD
random criticism POTSHOT
football formation SHOTGUN
Roy Rogers' dog BULLET
fine snow POWDER
arrange ahead PREPLAN
sporting competitions TOURNAMENTS
area for exhibitions FAIRGROUND
lattice used to shape trees ESPALIER
floated DRIFTED
without basis UNGROUNDED
the underside of an arch SOFFIT
injured by extreme cold FROSTBIT
making a cat sound MIAOWING
Khrushchev's hometown DONETSK
theory of Marx COMMUNISM
pop rock star Perry KATY
absolute beginners NOVICES
Guyanan light brown sugar DEMERARA
in the manner of a bad actor WOODENLY
singing like a Tyrolean YODELING
artistic tree trimmer TOPIARIST
medical plant expert HERBALIST
showing approval of PRAISING
Jimmy Carter's middle name EARL
Aldrin, for example ASTRONAUT
with great diligence ASSIDUOUSLY
young mares FILLIES
given information BRIEFED
shepherds watch them FLOCKS
Steve McQueen movie BULLITT
fence user FELON
straddling the fence INDECISIVE
fenced-off area COMPOUND
surrounded by a fence ENCLOSED
fence stake PICKET
mend fences MOLLIFY
steps over a fence STILE
rounded part of hammer head PEEN
Manchester United FC League PREMIER
greatly pleased DELIGHTED
Maine city on Casco Bay PORTLAND
study of people and cultures ETHNOGRAPHY
not educated UNLEARNED
taking on a load LADING
peters out FIZZLES
more on the soft side MUSHIER
Andy in the comics CAPP
doing post-blizzard work SNOWBLOWING
excessive egocentrism SOLIPSISM
drove from the airport, say SHUTTLED
actor David DUCHOVNY
Boston, Airedale, and Rat TERRIERS
Cuba's third largest city CAMAGUEY
German appliance maker KRUPS
Chilean sea bass TOOTHFISH
Google's place to video chat HANGOUT
scathingly SCORCHINGLY
recognizably PERCEPTIBLY
like a Corvette or Miata SPORTY
the state of being internal INWARDNESS
obstreperousness TRUCULENCE
hanging loosely DANGLING
livestock fodder FEEDSTUFF
give someone a "number" ANESTHETIZE
gardener's bathroom need NAILBRUSH
1974 America album HOLIDAY
home on the water HOUSEBOAT
personal tragedy CRISIS
an acted riddle CHARADE
ill-famed NOTORIOUS
provided with goods SUPPLIED
travels around the sun ORBITS
show to another chair RESEAT
beat in chess CHECKMATED
mountain cats PUMAS
part of an encyclopedia VOLUME
clutch tightly ENCLASP
like good reasoning SOUND
variety shows REVUES
greasy quality OILINESS
adorable little kid MOPPET
tennis star Seles MONICA
makes anagrams SCRAMBLES
in a mindful way ATTENTIVELY
state of being half-asleep DOZINESS
crossed out REDLINED
Peace Nobelist Yousafzai MALALA
word in a Ritchie Valens hit BAMBA
gadget for making photo IDs LAMINATOR
short, simple song ROUNDELAY
university near Indianapolis DEPAUW
area near the net, in tennis FORECOURT
criminal's helper ACCESSORY
in an unqualified way INCAPABLY
container weight TARE
greedy person's trait PIGGISHNESS
how do-nothings spend time INACTIVELY
having nothing scheduled AGENDALESS
Venus' sister SERENA
earth SOIL
Mars candy bar SNICKERS
"Jupiter," say SYMPHONY
Saturn car model OUTLOOK
Neptune Range continent ANTARCTICA
first flopping jumper Dick FOSBURY
English agricultural county LINCOLNSHIRE
The Three Bears' breakfast PORRIDGE
isn't dead LIVES
pigment from cuttlefish SEPIA
Dutch soccer legend Johan CRUYFF
convict's quality GUILTINESS
prepares a salad TOSSES
tidied up NEATENED
parts of a ceiling fan BLADES
common pet parrot name POLLY
prison security measures LOCKDOWNS
bright and warm SUNSHINY
overweight condition PUDGINESS
conversation INTERACTION
order a custom piece of art COMMISSION
city to "shuffle off to" BUFFALO
brought into a Hall of Fame INDUCTED
with accuracy and caution CAREFULLY
dance recital PERFORMANCE
ill-equipped INCOMPETENT
lacking a fruit's soft part PULPLESS
a North American trout BROOKIE
having self at the center EGOCENTRIC
old-fashioned FRUMPY
code system of a key's form BITTING
bay off western France BISCAY
the Romans called it Turicum ZURICH
vicious and cruel TRUCULENT
food seeker FORAGER
blade sharpeners GRINDSTONES
more cuckoo BATTIER
formal divisions SCHISMS
wintertime accumulation SNOWPACK
transforming CONVERTING
wise advisor MENTOR
supporter SPONSOR
one pleading on your behalf ADVOCATE
angel BACKER
compassionate person SAMARITAN
harbor helper TUGBOAT
endorsement offerer PATRON
FiOS provider VERIZON
periods, commas and such PUNCTUATION
like women in an '80s sitcom DESIGNING
mark with a Post-it note FLAG
received a diploma GRADUATED
replied to a Facebook post COMMENTED
over the hill SENESCENT
Hamel of "Hill Street Blues" VERONICA
Beverly Hills mansion GREENACRES
Beacon Hill city BOSTON
males on The Hill CONGRESSMEN
heading for the hills FLEEING
two time F1 champion Hill GRAHAM
process of forming concepts IDEATION
Reese Witherspoon quality PETITENESS
famed pianist Vladimir HOROWITZ
windblown FLYAWAY
sweethearts LOVEBUGS
cause of red cheeks, perhaps WINDBURN
air-breathing aquatic animal LUNGFISH
test-taker's activity THINKING
Anthony on the Supreme Court KENNEDY
the ACA, familiarly OBAMACARE
like "The Gift of the Magi" IRONIC
cases made in court ARGUMENTS
quite a scene SPECTACLE
makes fun of RIDICULES
confine ENCLOSE
nearest to the heart INNERMOST
in a tiresome way TEDIOUSLY
spongy snack cakes TWINKIES
versatile silver tape DUCT
sniveling sorts CRYBABIES
communicate excitedly GESTICULATE