7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
take to court PROSECUTE
anchor blade FLUKE
brooding MOODY
identical SAME
rim protruding for support FLANGE
katana wielder SAMURAI
fish stew CHOWDER
at lower rank or position DEMOTED
type of abbreviation ACRONYM
valuable assets RESOURCES
look over SURVEY
pass out cards DEAL
thorough examination ANALYSIS
it keeps cars on the road GUARDRAIL
though HOWEVER
healing salve OINTMENT
send out DEPLOY
shopping center MALL
Brazilian river AMAZON
small monkey MARMOSET
small community VILLAGE
2010 Winter Olympics site VANCOUVER
secure firmly in place ANCHOR
heart of a nuclear reactor CORE
Zira in "Planet of the Apes" CHIMPANZEE
balloon gas HELIUM
salty water BRINE
young male horse COLT
idiotic STUPID
headed for matrimony ENGAGED
black bird CROW
faultless state PERFECTION
state that was a republic TEXAS
depending on CONTINGENT
page keeper BOOKMARK
bond together CEMENT
"Water Music" composer HANDEL
lose one's cool PANIC
striped cat TIGER
enlarged due to injury SWOLLEN
cake pan filler BATTER
form a picket line PROTEST
using soap pads SCOURING
go-between at the UN TRANSLATOR
two-person playground ride SEESAW
speedy pitch FASTBALL
wintertime spikes ICICLES
practical USEFUL
small stream CREEK
Old Faithful, for one GEYSER
self-evident OBVIOUS
remove gradually WEAN
presently, in slang NOWADAYS
reporter's need SOURCE
secret COVERT
regularly attend FREQUENT
pain in the lower back LUMBAGO
substance used in mattresses FOAM
hot green pepper JALAPENO
make like a prairie dog BURROW
50-point dice roll YAHTZEE
national symbol of Ireland SHAMROCK
salmon with red flesh SOCKEYE
New England house style SALTBOX
calm and untroubled LIMPID
good ol' boy BUBBA
central complex of Moscow KREMLIN
take a picture of PHOTOGRAPH
pigskin FOOTBALL
life story BIOGRAPHY
singer nicknamed "The Boss" SPRINGSTEEN
yellow grain CORN
sidewalk game HOPSCOTCH
intense anger RAGE
non compos mentis INSANE
one with a business interest STAKEHOLDER
scalpel wielder SURGEON
accidental occurrence INCIDENT
"Call of the Wild" author LONDON
trash REFUSE
kind of cat or rug PERSIAN
two-faced individual HYPOCRITE
man who works at home UMPIRE
rent collector LANDLORD
wide street AVENUE
caricature BURLESQUE
dangerous fish PIRANHA
diplomat's talent TACT
permanent home DOMICILE
up-and-comer CHALLENGER
one practicing medicine DOCTOR
take the appearance of SIMULATE
studio apartment BEDSIT
lying under oath PERJURY
not clearly defined OBSCURE
looking on the bright side OPTIMISTIC
"Flipper" star Paul HOGAN
road surface BITUMEN
heartfelt EARNEST
storm sound THUNDER
train tracks RAILS
old Roman attire TOGA
Gadget's title INSPECTOR
neck vein JUGULAR
defeat badly TROUNCE
said out loud SPOKEN
eat like a chicken PECK
of great significance MOMENTOUS
pain in the neck NUISANCE
baby food PABLUM
part of USA UNITED
twister CYCLONE
Life playing pieces CARS
youthful BOYISH
peddler VENDOR
career choice PROFESSION
personal effects GEAR
difficult period of time HARDSHIP
make crooked BEND
sailor SEAMAN
customary ceremony OBSERVANCE
strong urge APPETITE
admission CONCESSION
skirmish BRAWL
Super Bowl XLIII winners STEELERS
it helps you reach new heights ESCALATOR
it's used for serving RACKET
lynx cousin BOBCAT
field of vision SIGHT
man next to the best man BRIDEGROOM
back talk GUFF
hare male BUCK
gridiron lineman TACKLE
operatic solo ARIA
like a new $20 bill CRISP
egg part WHITE
chafed RUBBED
give up the fight CAPITULATE
sandwich alternative WRAP
exhibiting nervousness FLUTTERY
any ruthless means HARDBALL
help out ASSIST
infancy BABYHOOD
disinclined RELUCTANT
lemonade enjoyer DRINKER
shuffled the feet SHAMBLED
hoodwink BAMBOOZLE
young oysters SPATS
Wisconsin's motto FORWARD
light-gathering lens CONDENSER
silver color ARGENT
minor battle SKIRMISH
like Mom's apple pie HOMEMADE
smooth wood PLANE
humiliation DEGRADATION
remove tangles UNRAVEL
hard to swallow FISHY
open to question SHAKY
prove to be false REFUTE
stringed instrument CELLO
horsefeathers POPPYCOCK
security boundary PERIMETER
tube-nosed seabird PETREL
feeling of regret TWINGE
modern mapping region GENOME
suffer from the heat SWELTER
jumble up MUDDLE
expose to oxygen AERATE
beanery DINER
showing signs of age WRINKLED
shorebird PLOVER
large pellets BUCKSHOT
tough nut to crack POSER
like some peanuts ROASTED
turtles' nut PECAN
shape of some nuts HEXAGON
be nuts about IDOLIZE
oval-shaped nut ALMOND
nutty individual CRACKPOT
Bunker Hill soldier REDCOAT
related to sight VISUAL
take the edge off MITIGATE
tied, like sneakers LACED
musical baseball team NONET
marzipan nut ALMOND
from the Middle Ages MEDIEVAL
make louder AMPLIFY
cry of discovery EUREKA
take home pay EARNINGS
post office purchase POSTAGE
temperature unit DEGREE
walk quietly TIPTOE
one who scales MOUNTAINEER
counting official SCOREKEEPER
Mt. Pinatubo's island LUZON
accumulated work BACKLOG
a very large number TRILLION
mechanical error MALFUNCTION
sprinted RACED
hydrofoil, for one SPEEDBOAT
sac around the heart PERICARDIUM
precedence in rank SENIORITY
old threat to travelers HIGHWAYMAN
snooker DUPE
dense growth of bushes THICKET
class of mollusk CEPHALOPOD
nonelastic rubber BALATA
biggest city in North Dakota FARGO
of the female side of family DISTAFF
popular aquarium fish GUPPIES
insectivorous songbird VIREO
treat with contempt VILIPEND
fiberboard brand MASONITE
contradict GAINSAY
vase maker GLASSBLOWER
swellhead EGOMANIAC
decline in achievement SLIPPAGE
clear a blockage from UNCLOG
flabbergasted STAGGERED
memory assistance MNEMONIC
woodworking tool SANDER
sharp drops NOSEDIVES
not fancy INFORMAL
large scarves MUFFLERS
express an opinion loudly TUBTHUMP
puts on even ground EQUALIZES
carnivore of Madagascar FOSSA
collapse into a pile CRUMPLE
Shakespeare's Moor OTHELLO
temper SOFTEN
ping-pong ball material CELLULOID
muscleman's pride PHYSIQUE
$5 bill figure LINCOLN
noxious brew POTION
cause of affliction SCOURGE
member of the family GRANDMA
place of refuge SANCTUARY
it has one wheel UNICYCLE
everyone under one roof HOUSEHOLD
catcall JEER
element added to salt IODINE
alternative to curtains SHUTTERS
person who moves far away EMIGRANT
certain eye color HAZEL
person from Karachi PAKISTANI
type of musical composition RHAPSODY
unusual occurrence ANOMALY
airline travel FLIGHTS
corrects, as errata EMENDS
sign up again REENLIST
number arrays MATRICES
measurement of depth FATHOM
choreographer Merce CUNNINGHAM
desire to snack MUNCHIES
interchangeable EQUIVALENT
stall with periodicals NEWSSTAND
allay the fears of REASSURE
constantly nags PESTERS
negligent SLACK
Ivy League college DARTMOUTH
yellow-flowered shade tree LINDEN
beginner NEOPHYTE
"The Far Side" cartoonist LARSON
Tower of London guards BEEFEATERS
mussing up, as feathers RUFFLING
hearty entrée ROAST
place to catch a flight TERMINAL
incomprehensible handwriting SCRAWL
barren, much-eroded area BADLANDS
teacups are placed on them SAUCERS
craftsman's forte SPECIALTY
lose air DEFLATE
"tree" inside the front door COATRACK
Lily on "Laugh-In" TOMLIN
large Greek island CRETE
diagrams SCHEMATA
marred DEFACED
shrewd CAGEY
financial officer TREASURER
supporters PARTISANS
Japanese feudal lord DAIMYO
criticism, in slang FLAK
entered a crowded lane MERGED
optical instrument MICROSCOPE
river feeding the Rio Grande PECOS
pulled out of the ground UPROOTED
painter's technical skill BRUSHWORK
sudden violent storm SQUALL
mineral used to start fires FLINT
fee when using insurance COPAYMENT
all of a place's inhabitants POPULACE
agate and onyx CHALCEDONY
more voluminous LARGER
Athens is its capital GREECE
scenes not used in a movie OUTTAKES
sugar particles GRANULES
"American Idol" winner Kelly CLARKSON
troublesome PESKY
slip road from a highway TURNOFF
gymnastic circus performer ACROBAT
search-engine entries QUERIES
tiny puncture PINPRICK
preserve in ancient Egypt MUMMIFY
study of poetic meter PROSODY
punk rock legends RAMONES
successfully resists WITHSTANDS
goat meat CHEVON
repress QUASH
Wonderland creator CARROLL
naval officer YEOMAN
actress Andie MACDOWELL
wheel wedges CHOCKS
harboring a grudge RESENTFUL
highly praises EXTOLS
traveling on foot WAYFARING
companion of Babe the ox BUNYAN
waste disposal SANITATION
"The Queen" star Helen MIRREN
increased AUGMENTED
copies of computer files BACKUPS
go back into business REOPEN
one of the Three Musketeers ATHOS
kicked out BOOTED
reacting to the villain BOOING
"without question" ABSOLUTELY
pants for Laura Petrie CAPRIS
spring flower CROCUS
rock used for paths COBBLESTONE
promenade at a mall GALLERIA
worthy of imitation MODEL
be stingy SCRIMP
guacamole base AVOCADOS
memorized performance RECITATION
glossy paint ENAMEL
back-to-school time AUGUST
putting labels on TAGGING
acting great Beatty WARREN
flirty signals WINKS
mounted competitive event GYMKHANA
constraint INHIBITION
steadfast UNWAVERING
something which exists ENTITY
one end of domestic flight UPSTAIRS
American author Eudora WELTY
formally delivered CONSIGNED
tidbits of food MORSELS
computer info collections DATABANKS
deodorant targets ARMPITS
partly coinciding OVERLAPPING
The Police guitarist Andy SUMMERS
like some moccasins TASSELED
competent and skillful WORKMANLIKE
forebearance ABSTINENCE
influential Roman poet OVID
bad-mouthed MALIGNED
make smaller MINIATURIZE
smells terrible REEKS
person who starts things INSTIGATOR
low-lying coastal lands TIDEWATERS
not at home AWAY
giving a new task to REASSIGNING
enclosed WALLED
funny/serious show DRAMEDY
very sorry REMORSEFUL
Italian river VOLTURNO
it may open a door LATCHKEY
formal expository paper TREATISE
less smooth, as a trail ROCKIER
bearer of news MESSENGER
walk in formation MARCH
one learned in many fields POLYMATH
haughty PROUD
they often have rangers FORESTS
shielded from danger PROTECTED
most like a jalapeno SPICIEST
George, Jane, Judy, or Elroy JETSON
do the math again RECALCULATE
Kenmore's owner SEARS
like some rings ENGRAVED
bubbly brand of chocolate AERO
cause to become too thin EMACIATE
spicy cookie GINGERSNAP
the "Venice of China" SUZHOU
shaking convulsively SHUDDERING
least heavy LIGHTEST
unpleasantly incongruous JARRING
negative aspect DOWNSIDE
ousted by a negative vote BLACKBALLED
electrolytic cell's negative CATHODE
on the negative side MINUS
one with a negative attitude NAYSAYER
negative location DARKROOM
one who "noes" too much PESSIMIST
where life can exist BIOSPHERE
PlayStation maker SONY
sang a happy tune LILTED
exterminators' victims COCKROACHES
video-game life forms SIMS
more courageous GUTSIER
donkey's sound HEEHAW
where papers are inspected CHECKPOINT
paper tiger, possibly ORIGAMI
regular writer for a paper COLUMNIST
wrapping paper accent RIBBON
"The Pickwick Papers" author DICKENS
like sandpaper ABRASIVE
it turns litmus paper red ACID
shiny and white PEARLY
persuades with propaganda BRAINWASHES
having fewer bends STRAIGHTER
D'Artagnan's creator DUMAS
New Mexico art colony TAOS
king or emperor, say RULER
birthplace of General Motors FLINT
make one's head swim DAZZLE
head over heels SMITTEN
head honcho CHIEF
come to a head CULMINATE
go head to head COMPETE
off the top of one's head IMPROVISED
head start EDGE
group of ants COLONY
group of partridges COVEY
group of rhinos CRASH
group of toads KNOT
group of larks EXALTATION
group of fish SCHOOL
group of owls PARLIAMENT
toiling LABORING
large Australian retailer WESFARMERS
coming down DESCENDENT
in a lenient manner INDULGENTLY
"faulty" science SEISMOLOGY
dairy cow inflammation MASTITIS
he pulls out all the stops ORGANIST
study of bees APIOLOGY
red dye from dried insects COCHINEAL
"Madame Butterfly" composer PUCCINI
cricket match TEST
insect-building game COOTIE
they may be butterflied SHRIMP
locust bean tree CAROB
mischievous sort TRICKSTER
provide solace to COMFORT
underwater SUBMERGED
"plain" ice cream flavor VANILLA
shared by all in a group COMMUNAL
stable females MARES
place to leave your coat CHECKROOM
notable ESPECIAL
digital bands RINGS
more than grouchy CRABBIER
make an impression as artist ETCH
growing by accumulation ACCRETIVE
one-legged support UNIPOD
the former Bechuanaland BOTSWANA
lo que cada persona tiene NOMBRE
reacción a la desilusión SUSPIRO
verdura verde CALABACÍN
lo que cuenta para adelgazar CALORÍAS
película de Jim Carrey MÁSCARA
nombre común de reptiles LAGARTO
Titicaca o Nicaragua LAGO
cuaderno LIBRETA
necesidad escolar LAPICERO
región en el Círculo Ártico LAPONIA
1a página del calendario ENERO
país cuyo capital es Riga LETONIA
ciudad en Colombia MEDELLÍN
miembro de un delfín ALETA
algo que vuela TIEMPO
ritmo de una obra musical TEMPO
astronave famosa APOLLO
lleva sangre de la corazón ARTERIA
serie flexible de enlaces CADENA
preparatorio PRELIMINAR
persona que deja para mañana POSPONEDOR
dandruff fighter SHAMPOO
sushi ingredient VINEGAR
athletic refresher GATORADE
type of pressed fruit juice CIDER
common condiment KETCHUP
perfumed liquid COLOGNE
burger condiment RELISH
hairy biped BIGFOOT
hairy spider TARANTULA
covered with fine hairs PILOSE
vine with hairy pods KUDZU
covered with rough hair SHAGGY
hairy-faced UNSHAVEN
like a hairy ride HAZARDOUS
how far pi extends INFINITELY
like uninterrupted sleep DREAMLESS
place of public punishment STOCKS
ate or drank to excess SURFEITED
beyond the first degree GRADUATED
Namibian national park ETOSHA
when the Tide comes out WASHDAY
eastern English county SUFFOLK
it has a fine-toothed blade HACKSAW
New Jersey seaport BAYONNE
something feigned, a sham SIMULATION
repeat mindlessly PARROT
movie studio boss MOGUL
government by one person MONOCRACY
U.S. abolitionist Elijah LOVEJOY
Tina Fey autobiography BOSSYPANTS
mid-sized Nissan auto ALTIMA
Asia Minor, historically ANATOLIA
fan mag ZINE
2010 Hugo & Nebula winner BACIGALUPI
quality of pride for Kermit GREENNESS
J.M. Barrie fairy TINKERBELL
college officials PROVOSTS
went bad SPOILED
hot chili peppers HABANEROS
Serb or Pole, for example SLAV
wanderers NOMADS
fashion designer Versace DONATELLA
symbols for smiles and such EMOTICONS
boast CROW
common Florida trees PALMETTOS
good-natured quality AMIABILITY
Istanbul natives TURKS
military jail GUARDHOUSE
list of grammatical forms DECLENSION
1961 Dee Clark hit RAINDROPS
1961 hit for Lawrence Welk CALCUTTA
1961 The String-A-Longs hit WHEELS
1961 Roy Orbison song CRYING
1961 song by the Fleetwoods TRAGEDY
1961 Elvis Presley song SURRENDER
1961 Del Shannon song RUNAWAY
assembled pre-purchase READYMADE
quality of being touchable PALPABILITY
in a tranquil manner SERENELY
old-fashioned conservatism FOGYISM
first-grader SCHOOLCHILD
one who passes along email FORWARDER
fellow crew member SHIPMATE
pristine UNSPOILED
without exception INVARIABLY
purpose of "private" life SOLDIERING
followers ADHERENTS
our central processing unit BRAIN
Russian leader Vladimir PUTIN
a Middle Eastern salad TABOULEH
with a straight face STOIC
"The Great Stone Face" KEATON
new face in the crowd STRANGER
hand with no face cards YARBOROUGH
false face MASK
pertaining to the face PROSOPIC
building face FACADE
pretty much PRACTICALLY
daisy-like flower MARGUERITE
seeking quarry HUNTING
glowing with heat CANDESCENT
New Zealand cricketer Daniel VETTORI
laconic quality TERSENESS
canal chambers LOCKS
undeliverables' recipient SENDER
try to hatch an egg, maybe INCUBATE
major river of western Asia IRTYSH
like bills that are due PAYABLE
left the course DEVIATED
European candy from Mars MALTESERS
act of shutting down OBVIATION
asking questions INQUIRING
woman in "Hamlet" OPHELIA
goes across SPANS
cheaper than expected UNDERPRICED
single-serving desserts CUPCAKES
dental filling INLAY
shook and bounced JIGGLED
Tarantino or Spielberg MOVIEMAKER
went bad, like milk SOURED
Dwight Eisenhower's wife MAMIE
spread outward SPLAY
Vader or Maul DARTH
falling Summer Olympians DIVERS
putting in the slammer JAILING
not fulfilled UNSATISFIED
sewing kit string THREAD
versatile golf clubs IRONS
"The Muppets" star Jason SEGEL
heavy knocking sounds THUMPS
Thai hot sauce SRIRACHA
don't trust DISBELIEVE
bothered ANNOYED
advisor's activity COUNSELING
render harmless DEFUSE
leader during WWII STALIN
Charles Mingus, for one ARIZONAN
"The Logical Song" band SUPERTRAMP
arousing unmet expectations TANTALIZING
descending current of air DOWNDRAFT
Atlantic Ocean country BAHAMAS
a hesitant state UNCERTAINTY
animal fed on growing grass GRAZER
looked quickly GLANCED
Miles Davis, for one JAZZMAN
clumsy boats TUBS
bring together CONJOIN
fits for a specific user CUSTOMIZES
swelled heads EGOS
made into a fillet DEBONED
the R of REM RAPID
the look on one's face EXPRESSION
redeemed CASHED
abnormal behavior DEVIANCE
less inclined to work LAZIER
provides an example for ILLUSTRATES
in an imprudent manner UNWISELY
New Orleans arena SUPERDOME
Disney's Pumbaa, for example WARTHOG
give up to another nation EXTRADITE
thought curiously WONDERED
ramen noodle maker MARUCHAN
sonic depth measurer FATHOMETER
one who's good at something WHIZZ
clumsily hit wrong key FATFINGER
fruit of a '90s Irish band CRANBERRIES
pontificating SPOUTING
jagged mountain chains SIERRAS
radar sound PING
combines POOLS
car care franchise MEINEKE
showed affection, one way NUZZLED
received an advantage BENEFITED
playfully JOCOSELY
Brazilian state RONDONIA
man of war SOLDIER
budget watch brand INGERSOLL
head supporter NECK
NYC is comprised of five BOROUGHS
date on a food label EXPIRATION
Indian princess RANI
Cardiff inhabitant WELSHMAN
worked from "home" UMPIRED
secured by law VESTED
overhead walkways CATWALKS
long hair on short notice EXTENSIONS
commercial endorsement PLUG
new fields to explore FRONTIERS
French city known for lace CHANTILLY
jitteriness NERVES
multiplied by four QUADRUPLED
Athos, Porthos, and Aramis MUSKETEERS
thick-soled shoe CLOG
in an intelligent way BRIGHTLY
is a pioneer SPEARHEADS
very likely to make money BANKABLE
certain hockey officials LINESMEN
states openly PROFESSES
pond birds DUCKS
bad debt LOSS
bad habit VICE
bad feeling MALICE
bad-tempered SPLENETIC
bad breath HALITOSIS
bad penmanship CACOGRAPHY
bad check KITE
camera fanatic SHUTTERBUG
"Candid Camera" host Allen FUNT
instant camera maker POLAROID
camera lens opening APERTURE
lightweight news camera PORTAPAK
in camera PRIVATELY
camera attachment FLASH
hurried headlong RUSHED
hasty and haphazard SLAPDASH
at a reckless pace BREAKNECK
fast as lightning SPEEDY
happening quickly SWIFT
faster than sound SUPERSONIC
fast mailing method EXPRESS
relative by remarriage STEPFATHER
not saying 'cheese' UNSMILING
a dodgy quality EVASIVENESS
believer in what works PRAGMATIST
make up new words NEOLOGIZE
wood refinishing step SANDING
hard drive maker SEAGATE
emitting a scent ODORIFEROUS
baby's soft spot FONTANEL
Indian curd cheese PANEER
First Lady's second name LAVAUGHN
wearing a single lens MONOCLED
geometric drawing toy SPIROGRAPH
chromosome's end structure TELOMERE
carpet shark WOBBEGONG
one from Melbourne, say VICTORIAN
far and wide BROADLY
British atomic test site MARALINGA
tariff IMPOST
Peter Allen's home town TENTERFIELD
white sauce BECHAMEL
derisive SCOFFING
clear plastic sheet ACETATE
put another way REWORDED
subtle changes REFINEMENTS
"If I Loved You" musical CAROUSEL
European soccer organization UEFA
female guardian of a flock SHEPHERDESS
fanaticism ZEALOTRY
movie actress Gish LILLIAN
not open to new ideas UNRECEPTIVE
Indian fig tree BANYAN
citizen of the world COSMOPOLITE
worldly MUNDANE
bring into the world DELIVER
book of world maps ATLAS
out of this world ASTOUNDING
on top of the world EUPHORIC
like corn and wheat EARED
with cleverness ASTUTELY
very breezy BLUSTEROUS
with thanks GRATEFULLY
rotundity ROUNDNESS
knife sharpener OILSTONE
main division of a long poem CANTO
Warren G. Harding's wife FLORENCE
humorous verse type LIMERICK
Billy Joel B-side VIENNA
Givenchy Pi, for example COLOGNE
pleasant NICE
movie director Coppola SOFIA
another name for alfalfa LUCERNE
for all time AGELESSLY
young British actor Robert PATTINSON
drummers' sets KITS
disputatious ARGUMENTIVE
how oceans move TIDALLY
she'll pitch to you SPOKESWOMAN
beat rapidly PALPITATED
con artist DECEIVER
changing MUTATING
amateurs, dabblers HOBBYISTS
wandering minstrels TROUBADOURS
southern AUSTRAL
throwing out JETTISONING
escape with the goods ABSCOND
aid in a jailbreak ABET
escape attempt EVASION
run for the hills BOLT
unable to escape CORNERED
means of escape EGRESS
"The Great Escape" director STURGES
first was London's The Eagle GASTROPUB
job search website MONSTER
greens popular in the South COLLARD
bedroom community resident SUBURBANITE
to adapt to local ways INDIGENIZE
gradual increase in volume FADEIN
anxiety or concern SOLICITUDE
"Girls" of 2000's TV GILMORE
polar bear feature UNDERCOAT
big name in keyboards KORG
fast rappings on a snare DRUMROLLS
in superb manner MARVELOUSLY
volleyball player, at times SETTER
made more eco-friendly GREENED
put wood on walls PANELED
the Kaffir lily CLIVIA
making larger, in a way INFLATING
pause in poetry CAESURA
stamped, as a ticket PUNCHED
appropriate for a dictionary DEFINABLE
covers in plastic LAMINATES
grappling irons CRAMPONS
playing a practice game SCRIMMAGING
formed into a hardened mass CAKED
Costa Rican currency subunit CENTIMO
in an obstinate manner TENACIOUSLY
remove a kind of buildup DEWAX
dangerous criminal DESPERADO
Mafia member MOBSTER
"high" crime TREASON
Robin Hood was one OUTLAW
minor crime OFFENSE
the crime of lying PERJURY
criminal behavior WRONGDOING
Sunshine State resident FLORIDIAN
did some laundry work FOLDED
street sandwich in Havana CUBANO
small valleys GULLIES
computerized AUTOMATED
short baseball hits BUNTS
bodysuits UNITARDS
change addresses MOVE
acting moody BROODING
items cast in booths BALLOTS
Emmy-winning actor Peter DINKLAGE
they're "no sweat" to use DEODORANTS
sift through content CURATE
in an irritable manner PEEVISHLY
study of plant distribution GEOBOTANY
tall floor lamp TORCHIERE
pop music's Lauper CYNDI
fine white linen CAMBRIC
visited touristy spots SIGHTSAW
go too far OVERSHOOT
stock information website MARKETWATCH
US workplace safety agency OSHA
state of bewilderment CONFUSION
bygone Las Vegas hotel SANDS
with caution SUBTLY
checkpoint barricades ROADBLOCKS
like many brides VEILED
game similar to bowling SKITTLES
know-it-alls SMARTIES
shape made by a lens flare STARBURST
over-the-top lies WHOPPERS
snickers under one's breath CHUCKLES
diamonds' high points MOUNDS
when profits are realized PAYDAY
changing keys MODULATING
Bulgarian's neighbor MACEDONIAN
groups of performers ENSEMBLES
in an ornate manner LAVISHLY
withdrawal SUBDUCTION
one having a chuckle LAUGHER
unlike most prisons ESCAPABLE
like some infections BACTERIAL
composer Liszt FRANZ
farm feeding sites TROUGHS
holding in one's hands CUPPING
taught persistently INCULCATED
gives the cold shoulder SNUBS
instructions, in the kitchen RECIPES
business assets RECEIVABLES
folk musician Guthrie WOODY
having the least strength WEAKEST
displaces UPROOTS
in a spring-like manner RESILIENTLY
burdened OPPRESSED
first indoor stadium ASTRODOME
palace in Paris TUILERIES
Acropolis temple PARTHENON
Egyptian lighthouse PHAROS
Moorish palace in Spain ALHAMBRA
Presley estate GRACELAND
St. Mark's in Venice BASILICA
inlet, in Scotland FIRTH
river-spanning structures BRIDGES
one who makes barrels COOPER
protest peacefully, perhaps MARCH
heat unit for chili peppers SCOFIELD
Puget Sound's state WASHINGTON
woods' counterparts, in golf IRONS
reposition incorrectly MISADJUST
one who "succeeds" REPLACER
young chicken FRYER
like strengthened concrete PRESTRESSED
take a vehicle illegally HIGHJACK
email add-on ATTACHMENT
freshwater-spawning herring ALEWIVES
mug FACE
royal crown DIADEM
like a multi-side object POLYGONAL
protects from oxidization RUSTPROOFS
lightweight fabric MARQUISETTE
like a newly built house INHABITABLE
largest Brazilian state AMAZONAS
having eye-like spots OCELLATED
relating to a waterway RIVERINE
Bunsen Honeydew's assistant BEAKER
not sullied, to a Brit UNSPOILT
typical sideshow quality FREAKINESS
falls down COLLAPSES
before reaping PREHARVEST
calcium fluoride mineral FLUORSPAR
three-country economic union BENELUX
rare platinum-group metal RUTHENIUM
woman with most Oscar noms STREEP
finally succumbing CAVING
Reese's candy bar NUTRAGEOUS
jam musician Dave MATTHEWS
club "cats" JAZZMEN