7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
highway patrollers TROOPERS
more like paraffin WAXIER
ceramics makers POTTERS
tiny complaints NITPICKS
printing machine LINOTYPE
big dinners BANQUETS
aiming at TARGETING
put on the market RELEASED
possessing a degree EDUCATED
gave evidence in court TESTIFIED
amoeba extension PSEUDOPOD
shaving RAZORING
bulldozer blade MOLDBOARD
race official's activity TIMEKEEPING
like majority-rule systems DEMOCRATIC
covered in coarse hairs BRISTLY
former Fed chairman Alan GREENSPAN
carpenter's power tool BUZZSAW
standard CANONICAL
pointlessness FUTILITY
illusory object PHANTOM
eight-faced solids OCTAHEDRA
stopped, as a computer CRASHED
bestowed ACCORDED
Texarkana or Mexicali, say PORTMANTEAU
hair tangles SNARLS
truth, to Keats BEAUTY
like most computer icons CLICKABLE
exploring Amazon, maybe SHOPPING
genus of parasitic protozoa TOXOPLASMA
putting in order RANKING
avoidance of reality ESCAPISM
clotheshorse FASHIONISTA
difficult to analyze COMPLICATED