7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
forest dweller SYLVAN
great interest ENTHUSIASM
play piano for, say ACCOMPANY
western African nation CAMEROON
safeguard PRECAUTION
kiss BUSS
South American cowboy GAUCHO
play imaginatively PRETEND
Andy Taylor's job SHERIFF
not there ABSENT
resentful BITTER
take hold of SEIZE
substandard product SECOND
social campaign CRUSADE
go between MEDIATE
promote ADVOCATE
crime FELONY
dissolve officially NULLIFY
real estate game MONOPOLY
small cucumber GHERKIN
red liquid BLOOD
use force against STRONGARM
close-knit group TRIBE
trained Roman fighter GLADIATOR
term of endearment DARLING
school leader PRINCIPAL
travel aimlessly DRIFT
throw out DISCARD
intimate friend COMRADE
short sock ANKLET
fellow frat member BROTHER
bounces a basketball DRIBBLES
tuna or trout FISH
New Jersey university PRINCETON
stuffed up CONGESTED
photographer's request SMILE
canal feature LOCK
shortened ABRIDGED
fail spectacularly BOMB
nearby planet MARS
woman employed by a dairy MILKMAID
a long time YEARS
preserving food in jars CANNING
change in vocal pitch INFLECTION
traffic cone PYLON
shoes rarely worn outside SLIPPERS
round wooden pin DOWEL
part of an atom PROTON
party decorations BALLOONS
curly cabbage KALE
one way to ride a horse SIDESADDLE
counterfeit BOGUS
insulin or melatonin HORMONE
exercise system PILATES
looking glass MIRROR
boudoir BEDROOM
drop out QUIT
Democrat's opponent REPUBLICAN
baton waver BANDLEADER
requiring immediate action URGENT
one-piece swimsuit MAILLOT
extortion attempt SHAKEDOWN
Peter Sellers film role STRANGELOVE
hatch an evil plot MACHINATE
furniture skirt FRIEZE
non-lawyer LAYMAN
small firework SQUIB
fake or impostor RINGER
accountant BOOKKEEPER
great sadness HEARTACHE
line of work CAREER
cutting or carving tool KNIFE
petroleum product GASOLINE
giggle LAUGH
take part in a race COMPETE
remember RECALL
kitten's cry MEOW
big name in glass TIFFANY
kind of pink REDDISH
pay attention to MIND
"Gilligan's Island" event SHIPWRECK
slow-moving animal TORTOISE
telescope user ASTRONOMER
ocean movement WAVE
upholstery stuffing FLOCK
orchestra section PERCUSSION
not packing heat UNARMED
noted kite flyer FRANKLIN
abandon DESERT
opening pitcher STARTER
lose confidence DISHEARTEN
showing dignity MAJESTIC
current office holder INCUMBENT
put in the wrong spot MISPLACE
sign of possession APOSTROPHE
cumberbund location WAIST
awkward position SPRAWL
venomous snake TAIPAN
marina HARBOUR
rubbish MULLOCK
movie about a talking pig BABE
making macarons BAKING
rich person MILLIONAIRE
freedom LIBERTY
fill a suitcase PACK
place to buy a novel BOOKSTORE
certain kind TYPE
spanking, for one PUNISHMENT
possessing good judgment WISE
male chicken ROOSTER
leech, for one PARASITE
padded SOFT
cold or flu ILLNESS
symptom decipherer DOCTOR
method of reasoning LOGIC
surprise attack RAID
protection DEFENSE
horse-drawn carriage CABRIOLET
horse gait CANTER
jaunty PERKY
opinion piece EDITORIAL
snow remover PLOW
cat burglar or pickpocket THIEF
city on the Hudson River YONKERS
stupefy DAZE
microphone squeal FEEDBACK
home of the Mavericks DALLAS
red stone RUBY
without flaws IMPECCABLE
degenerate WORSEN
throw off the track DERAIL
remove from the pack CULL
just beginning to appear INCIPIENT
offbeat KOOKY
bandage material GAUZE
sitting room PARLOR
fashionably thin SVELTE
raindrop sound KERPLOP
pariahs OUTCASTS
double boiler component SAUCEPAN
circus attire TIGHTS
sprained TWISTED
radiating light SHINY
electricity POWER
more cunning SLYER
stitching craft EMBROIDERY
rouse from sleep WAKE
resolution STURDINESS
uncouth CLUMSY
honeycomb material BEESWAX
four-wheeled closed carriage CLARENCE
posterior, as a fin CAUDAL
telescope or microscope MAGNIFIER
upbeat CHIPPER
championship flag PENNANT
hedge fund addition INVESTMENT
aggressive peddler HUCKSTER
work traveler COMMUTER
proud countryman PATRIOT
stubborn DIEHARD
violent attack ONSLAUGHT
specious excuse PRETEXT
campus area QUAD
state of calm QUIETUDE
used up DEPLETED
likely to get tossed in court GROUNDLESS
examine for repairwork OVERHAUL
college fee TUITION
piece for two DUET
sing softly CROON
class clown GOOFBALL
made of dirt EARTHEN
arrogance HAUTEUR
empty talk MALARKEY
component of vitamin B complex NIACIN
ranch animals LIVESTOCK
passport info NAME
acute food shortage FAMINE
produced for local use HOMEGROWN
hazard THREAT
kitchen tool PEELER
herbal tea CHAMOMILE
poetic line of five feet PENTAMETER
power of the Roman emperor IMPERATOR
go above and beyond EXCEED
bandage cloth GAUZE
fluster FAZE
frailty WEAKNESS
like poi STARCHY
embarrass HUMILIATE
poolroom cube CHALK
lead astray DELUDE
like some mortgages ADJUSTABLE
kind of rug BEARSKIN
syrup tree MAPLE
neck spasm CRICK
informal language SLANG
flouncy undergarment PETTICOAT
summon BECKON
squeak's partner BUBBLE
without emotion COLDBLOODED
popular film process TECHNICOLOR
discriminating SELECTIVE
sound, as a bell TOLL
lacking muscle tone FLACCID
enjoy the taste of SAVOR
ocellus on peacock feathers EYESPOT
like a monsoon RAINY
actress Shields BROOKE
price offset REBATE
small blade POCKETKNIFE
paint priming material GESSO
worn away ERODED
airplane cargo LUGGAGE
sour note CLINKER
Scottish broadsword CLAYMORE
dried fruit RAISIN
make wider BROADEN
accosted BESET
part of the cerebral cortex HIPPOCAMPUS
spot for tanning SUNDECK
cut across TRANSECT
it may be added to injury INSULT
announcer's tryout AIRCHECK
"sawing logs" SNORING
gotten too big for OUTGROWN
stage of mitosis METAPHASE
mountain gorilla visitor ECOTOURIST
charge for delivery TRUCKAGE
well-bred CIVILIZED
without direction CHAOTICALLY
punches HITS
variety of pasta RIGATONI
long discourse SCREED
department store model MANNEQUIN
psychologically painful TRAUMATIC
"Baby" singer Justin BIEBER
got ready to fire AIMED
ink stains BLOTS
hair-producing organ FOLLICLE
poisonous agents TOXINS
terrible smell STENCH
building-opening ceremony DEDICATION
Fred and Wilma's pet DINO
region of Scotland HIGHLANDS
ten-sided figure DECAGON
dismissed DISCOUNTED
inexperienced person NAIF
substitute REPLACE
to the extreme UTTERLY
crocodile cousin CAIMAN
brighten VIVIFY
like a tree trunk KNOBBY
lack of strictness LENIENCY
be obsequious KOWTOW
notched SERRATED
more often than not USUALLY
policy statements MANIFESTOS
breaks apart even further SUBDIVIDES
indoor sport akin to tennis RACQUETBALL
lamented BEMOANED
New York hoopsters KNICKS
literary compendia ANTHOLOGIES
primates from Madagascar LEMURS
city on Lake Superior DULUTH
give an initial push to KICKSTART
mustache shape HANDLEBAR
look at constellations STARGAZE
shell-breaking device NUTCRACKER
Greek lamb-and-eggplant dish MOUSSAKA
trembling with cold SHIVERING
toy train maker of old LIONEL
Africa's largest nation, now ALGERIA
midterm, for one EXAM
intense aversion REVULSION
clientele PATRONAGE
abolitionist Frederick DOUGLASS
alienates ESTRANGES
wolf communication HOWLING
without expression BLANKLY
city on the Rio Grande BROWNSVILLE
comic actor Adam SANDLER
venomous snakes VIPERS
Birmingham's state ALABAMA
they're bought at theaters TICKETS
like corks and inner tubes BUOYANT
get a tan SUNBATHE
sways to and fro ROCKS
turn signals on a car BLINKERS
Peace Prize winner Albert SCHWEITZER
unsatisfaction DISCONTENT
difficult to pin down DODGY
treat as less than a person OBJECTIFY
light conversation CHITCHAT
somewhat fleshy PLUMP
low in sodium, presumably UNSALTED
lawless person RUFFIAN
risk-taker in business SPECULATOR
printing pioneer Johannes GUTENBERG
clumsy and awkward KLUTZY
differently OTHERWISE
hamburger lover WIMPY
green, for many fruits UNRIPE
sudden insight EPIPHANY
bad future DYSTOPIA
scrambled word ANAGRAM
emotional verses ODES
wagon maker WAINWRIGHT
contemptible person PIPSQUEAK
compliance OBEDIENCE
on the big side LARGISH
edible birds POULTRY
celebrated leading man Sean CONNERY
concord UNISON
gains speed ACCELERATES
takes back for one's own RECLAIMS
comic pianist Victor BORGE
layered sweet pastries STRUDELS
like abolitionists ANTISLAVERY
common winter ailment INFLUENZA
1980s designer jeans brand JORDACHE
four-minute-mile breaker BANNISTER
some reddish deers ROES
gamboling about PRANCING
having five o'clock shadow STUBBLY
fractions PORTIONS
"poison" plant SUMAC
small video recorder MINICAM
former fighting ships GALLEONS
pre-1991 country, for short USSR
pay-on-demand bill BANKNOTE
began to bubble BOILED
Five Nations tribe SENECA
shiny decoration TINSEL
successive parts of a meal COURSES
precipitated TRIGGERED
"The Fonz" actor Henry WINKLER
it shows a step's been taken FOOTPRINT
spoke contemptuously SNEERED
Australia's highest mountain KOSCIUSZKO
was reluctant to give BEGRUDGED
artworks on plaster FRESCOS
removed from law practice DISBARRED
flexible LITHE
has a spat QUARRELS
name of B.B. King's guitar LUCILLE
prepares meat, in a way MARINATES
item for rough drawings SKETCHPAD
wherever ANYPLACE
touching on ABUTTING
encyclopedias and such REFERENCES
odometer's place DASHBOARD
suitability APTNESS
climbs ASCENDS
Miami NBA team HEAT
smooth and flat LEVEL
dancing skirts TUTUS
diverts AMUSES
female Supreme Court justice GINSBURG
South African golfer Trevor IMMELMAN
flatfishes FLOUNDERS
positivity CERTITUDE
retailer STORE
formally ask INQUIRE
new moon and full moon PHASES
isle where Rihanna was born BARBADOS
speak at length FILIBUSTER
open with a key UNLOCK
square one INCEPTION
most coarse ROUGHEST
blemish-hiding cosmetic CONCEALER
fixes, as a cat SPAYS
doing some needlework CROCHETING
crosswords and acrostics PUZZLES
like many warm jackets LINED
unwillingness to give way OBDURACY
tell off SCOLD
servile followers LACKEYS
put in a nutshell SUMMARIZED
low islets CAYS
value of standing timber STUMPAGE
area full of mines COALFIELD
British honor KNIGHTHOOD
delicate or faint SUBTLE
woman coming into money HEIRESS
assumed name PSEUDONYM
play stoppage signal WHISTLE
powdery limestone CHALK
saber SWORD
potpourri bits PETALS
well-thought-of RESPECTED
tries to win over WOOS
gave a smug look SMIRKED
act of disaffirming NEGATION
clause joiners SEMICOLONS
Hall-of-Fame auto racer Al UNSER
argue over a price HAGGLE
reasonable price DEAL
formally bargain NEGOTIATE
bargain offerers SALESMEN
work out a price DICKER
special offer TWOFER
wrangle over an agreement CHAFFER
US managed care company AMERIGROUP
leaves container, in Britain CADDY
a delay in progress HOLDUP
colored by cooking BROWNED
brought in from abroad IMPORTED
it gets under one's skin HYPODERMIC
seeing something take place WITNESSING
it has connected lines RAILROAD
it has cart lines SUPERMARKET
it has spoken lines SCRIPT
it has payable lines CREDIT
it has marked lines BOUNDARY
it has traceable lines ANCESTRY
it has fishing lines OUTRIGGER
"help yourself" meal BUFFET
author of "The Help" STOCKETT
emergency helper PARAMEDIC
puzzle solver's help HINT
household help BUTLER
help oneself without aid BOOTSTRAP
steadfastly STAUNCHLY
one who seeks advancement ASPIRANT
heeled over, as a ship CAREENED
quality of a cheetah CELERITY
large Indonesian island SULAWESI
Canadian smartphone company BLACKBERRY
boy in Scotland LADDIE
carve on wood WHITTLE
related to gem carvings GLYPTIC
carving on whalebone SCRIMSHAW
depressed carving design INTAGLIO
carve INCISE
circular ornamental carving CINQUEFOIL
carved bird TURKEY
now and then SOMETIMES
like volunteer workers UNPAID
Marcia Brady, to Greg STEPSISTER
studio that dreamed "Up" PIXAR
made safe for infants BABYPROOFED
in need of ironing CREASED
with one's mouth wide open AGAPE
spout at the end of a tube NOZZLE
endures ABIDES
shortcomings FAULTS
English Romantic poet Percy SHELLEY
constant pestering HARASSMENT
small earth mover TREMOR
lump of earth CLOD
hay 10 de esos en una década AÑOS
cada 7 días SEMANAL
enero o marzo, por ejemplo MESES
undécimo mes del año NOVIEMBRE
día favorito del trabajador VIERNES
estos duran 24 horas DÍAS
él tiene cien años de edad CENTENARIO
mar en el norte de Israel GALILEA
actor del "Titanic" DICAPRIO
museo del arte de NYC GUGGENHEIM
decoración para una fiesta GLOBO
hierba italiana popular ALABAHACA
fundamento BASE
país del canguro AUSTRALIA
se sirven con salsa rosa CAMARONES
queso rayado para espagueti PARMESANO
presa de pollo con más carne PECHUGA
se saca del cerdo TOCINETA
el pan lo necesita LEVADURA
planta asiática para cocinar JENGIBRE
fruta tropical agria TAMARINDO
white sphere SNOWBALL
white mass in the sky CLOUD
Perry White's daily paper PLANET
soft white treat MARSHMALLOW
game with a white ball GOLF
one wearing a white coat DOCTOR
white stone ALABASTER
Dagwood's wife BLONDIE
Faneuil Hall city BOSTON
German capital BERLIN
wrist jewelry BANGLES
call's partner BECK
cash, slangily BREAD
"Cruel Summer" group BANANARAMA
brings on INDUCES
Oscar winner Jennifer HUDSON
birds of peace DOVES
gave a silly smile SIMPERED
northernmost Americans CANADIANS
state of disrepair FRITZ
more developed RIPER
person in regular employment JOBHOLDER
bouncing back REBOUNDING
police staff TRUNCHEON
what one coughs up SPUTUM
home of Fernando Alonso OVIEDO
light shade BEIGE
beat soundly BELABOR
Captain Nemo, for example SUBMARINER
attractive vitality PIZZAZ
North Africa's highest peak TOUBKAL
bluntness of manner BRUSQUERIE
not joking SERIOUS
inflammation of the gums GINGIVITIS
waiters QUEUE
stolen by the Artful Dodger NICKED
small person MUNCHKIN
"equine-imity" HORSINESS
by car or truck, not plane OVERLAND
hard, applelike fruit QUINCE
more affluent WEALTHIER
world's oldest city resident DAMASCENE
geysered SPOUTED
sports arenas STADIUMS
acted sulky POUTED
go far ahead of OUTDISTANCE
circular RINGLIKE
laboratory containers VIALS
strikingly beautiful person EYEFUL
will addition CODICIL
primitive adding machine ABACUS
add to the end SUBJOIN
building addition ANNEX
added end syllable SUFFIX
bank account addition INTEREST
added EXTRA
popular financial software QUICKEN
judged judge's dismissal RECUSAL
place for large roadside ads BILLBOARD
serves as the main newsman ANCHORS
blue jeans manufacturer WRANGLER
fertile agricultural area BREADBASKET
yet to come to fruition UNREALIZED
twice in twelve months SEMIYEARLY
automotive battery brand DIEHARD
exam result statistic PERCENTILE
united for a public purpose CONVENED
some are built for two BICYCLES
cheats with inferior wares FOBS
young consumer demographic TWEEN
steep rock formation CRAG
rock hurler TREBUCHET
some rock fans GROUPIES
sparkly rock GEODE
loose rock debris DETRITUS
lightweight volcanic rock PUMICE
rock made of melded rocks BRECCIA
subatomic particle POSITRON
settler without legal title SQUATTER
tool with blade ADZE
home of "Las Meninas" PRADO
German conglomerate SIEMENS
quickly fried SAUTEED
violent pain and struggle THROES
siphon off DECANT
ice hockey player Alexander OVECHKIN
without confidence UNCERTAINLY
laborious effort TRAVAIL
source of "great interest" USURER
founder and CEO of Amazon BEZOS
obsessive collector MAGPIE
key words TYPE
state of intense activity OVERDRIVE
sudden and striking DRAMATIC
city in northern Italy BRESCIA
metal drawers MAGNETS
convert from code DECIPHER
cable for cable TV COAXIAL
EGOT-winner Hamlisch MARVIN
harden into bone OSSIFY
garden pest SLUG
certain metalworker COPPERSMITH
handed out hands DEALT
develop slowly GESTATE
tip off FOREWARN
2-time Oscar winner Thompson EMMA
bowling pickup SPARE
Madrid's language, in Madrid ESPANOL
game hunting distractor DECOY
press agents PUBLICISTS
clapper TONGUE
attendant SERVITOR
down-to-earth REALISTIC
gradual absorption OSMOSIS
join together FEDERATE
firing AXING
18th Amendment Act VOLSTEAD
adolescent girl of the 1940s BOBBYSOXER
11 seceding Southern states CONFEDERACY
winter traveler to Florida SUNSEEKER
in clever and inventive ways INGENIOUSLY
Yucatan capital MERIDA
walks nervously PACES
little fish MINNOW
conferences POWWOWS
"Moby-Dick" captain AHAB
female jungle cats LIONESSES
former name for Beijing PEKING
Canadian actor Ryan REYNOLDS
sabotaged UNDERMINED
people from Mesa ARIZONANS
waste water SLOPS
back of a hammer CLAW
former Yankees manager Joe TORRE
some trigonometry functions SINES
pushed violently THRUSTED
a muzzle stops this BITING
bullion buyer GOLDBUG
suburb of Sydney MANLY
surpass in excellence OUTCLASS
last moments on board ENDGAME
living together harmoniously COEXISTING
avarice GREED
signs of disease SYMPTOMS
wrap in blankets SWADDLE
pollen bearers ANTHERS
singer-songwriter Crow SHERYL
people from Vilnius LITHUANIANS
watches the kids BABYSITS
world conquest board game RISK
official with narrow duties FUNCTIONARY
compact General Motors sedan CRUZE
better the opposing hurler OUTPITCH
life studies, collectively BIOSCIENCES
hockey's frequent scorers SNIPERS
reduced to ruin ANNIHILATED
most fussy PICKIEST
book printings EDITIONS
infested OVERRAN
Hall of Famers GREATS
novelist Jong ERICA
outstanding AWESOME
like violins and cellos STRINGED
maids and butlers SERVANTS
toddler-like BABYISH
started back up REACTIVATED
bread or pasta, for short CARB
some Central Americans GUATEMALANS
employee STAFFER
fights back RESISTS
tall and beautiful STATUESQUE
held back REFRAINED
young and playful KITTENISH
warriors FIGHTERS
host of media for download PODCASTER
doing undercover work SPYING
playing a part ACTING
"The Freshmaker" candy MENTOS
fresh water source AQUIFER
not fresh STALE
longtime "Fresh Air" host GROSS
like a fresh idea NOVEL
getting fresh IMPERTINENT
fresh food provider GREENGROCER
choice of pigments COLORATION
wooden barrel slat STAVE
more tender ACHIER
moves like an infant CRAWLS
"What Does the Fox Say?" duo YLVIS
went beyond TRANSCENDED
is inquisitive ASKS
gag JOKE
doodads are this GADGETY
plant that grows from spores HORSETAIL
presage FOREBODE
stirring into action SPIRITING
fun monkey quantity BARRELFUL
slightly frozen tissue FROSTNIP
it very well may be POTENTIALLY
oversensitive, easily hurt MIFFY
tornadoes, colloquially TWISTERS
heart parts that get warm COCKLES
state of being ball-shaped SPHERICITY
volcano in Ecuadorian Andes CAYAMBE
accustomed to some condition INURED
cartoon Brown of shoe fame BUSTER
Australian honeyeater SPINEBILL
government supporter LOYALIST
all together INCLUSIVE
genuine DINKUM
military training college DUNTROON
warranted JUSTIFIED
blocks of transmitted data PACKETS
engross mentally PREPOSSESS
distinct SEPARABLE
one seeking retribution AVENGER
distribution of forces DEPLOYMENT
"black" day in October 1929 THURSDAY
setting apart SEGREGATION
ignite again REKINDLE
most like SpongeBob's pants SQUAREST
city bordering Berlin POTSDAM
uttered SPOKE
without ceremony INFORMALLY
polite and restrained DECOROUS
wearing head armor HELMETED
generous habit of giving LARGESSE
generous in giving gifts BOUNTIFUL
give birth to piglets FARROW
gift to the needy HANDOUT
gift of money BENEFACTION
small gift for a customer LAGNIAPPE
gift paid for services GRATUITY
pro golfer Brandt SNEDEKER
"Personal Finance" publisher KIPLINGER
mountaineer's snap link CARABINER
doing nothing NONACTION
hearing doctor OTOLOGIST
made to appear SUBPOENAED
expensive wildflower honey MANUKA
like Groucho Marx MUSTACHIOED
a painful muscle contraction CRAMP
batches of sent flyers MAILINGS
one who feigns illness MALINGERER
frothy quality FOAMINESS
walking slowly and heavily PLODDING
produced artificially MANMADE
like most contracts SEVERABLE
with no sense of style SHABBILY
President Truman's hometown INDEPENDENCE
groundbreaking quality EDGINESS
weighed in advance PREMEASURED
Virginia Tech athletes HOKIES
attribute of the well-fed PLUMPNESS
lacking a clear purpose UNFOCUSED
with justice FAIRLY
Oscar-winning actress Halle BERRY
Madison Avenue concern ADVERTISING
bunny characteristic FURRINESS
how hipsters behave TRENDILY
unfortunate circumstance ADVERSITY
ups and downs of life VICISSITUDE
oppression HARDSHIP
trying experience ORDEAL
great misfortune CALAMITY
emotional collapse MELTDOWN
terrible trouble DISTRESS
clichéd Western setting SALOON
Beowulf and Gilgamesh EPICS
this type can be upset SHAKEABLE
they all add up TOTALS
online news aggregator TECHMEME
body-molding clothing SHAPEWEAR
lower balcony section LOGE
where a window sits FRAME
"fire sticks" KINDLING
jackpot BONANZA
"Athens of South America" BOGOTA
Venetian greeting CIAO
foil-wrapped ice cream bar KLONDIKE
burdened FREIGHTED
electrician or carpenter TRADESMAN
making clear CLARIFYING
like Shakespeare BARDIC
stand for barrels GANTRY
populated PEOPLED
it's cured, though not alive PASTRAMI
slavering DROOLING
necessity is its mother INVENTION
feature of piano and bike PEDAL
"Last Theorem" mathematician FERMAT
devoid of admirable features MERITLESS
tremulously SHAKILY
Franklin, Queen of Soul ARETHA
beautiful Egyptian queen CLEOPATRA
queen's headdress DIADEM
queen bee's subject DRONE
Bogart of "The African Queen" HUMPHREY
queen mother DOWAGER
stately or regal JUNOESQUE
people in a play CHARACTERS
actress Pia ZADORA
some deli sandwiches REUBENS
person from Ljubljana SLOVENIAN
slices CUTS
turned upside-down FLIPPED
squander BLOW
more pleasing to the palate TASTIER
frozen yogurt chain PINKBERRY
puts in the microwave again REHEATS
mixing together COMBINING
taught as a protege MENTORED
sound of leaves underfoot CRUNCH
allying (with) TEAMING
device for home movies CAMCORDER
made leaner DEFATTED
online verbal attacker CYBERBULLY
in a considerate manner POLITELY
stops following on Facebook UNFRIENDS
sandy substance GRIT
positive person YEASAYER
former "Doctor Who" star TENNANT
most timeworn, maybe DUSTIEST
city in Arizona MESA
makes upset SADDENS
city section DOWNTOWN
backdrop of "South Pacific" HANALEI
study of the theater DRAMA
fun activity RECREATION
play boisterously DISPORT
skip about, as dancing GAMBOL
play with idly TWIDDLE
playwright William SHAKESPEARE
trattoria specialty PASTA
some eels LAMPREYS
presumptuously arrogant OVERWEENING
baseball players' headgear CAPS
element number 108 HASSIUM
part-time reporters STRINGERS
denouncing CONDEMNING
more in the know HIPPER
like Switzerland MOUNTAINOUS
lacking color HUELESS
creates, as a new term COINS
"avant" or "en" follower GARDE
aiming incorrectly MISALIGNING
ring masters JEWELERS
headgear for horses BRIDLES
in an antsy manner IMPATIENTLY
climb SCALE
"Reading Rainbow" host LeVar BURTON
Phnom Penh citizen CAMBODIAN
Othello was one MOOR
skin FLESH
sonnet variety ELIZABETHAN
North Face or Eureka TENTMAKER
Korbut and Kurylenko OLGAS
Arabian "poison wind" SIMOOM
crafty swindler SLICKSTER
bonding one metal to another CLADDING
examine one's thoughts INTROSPECT
find plausible BELIEVE
carefree FOOTLOOSE
detectible by Geiger counter RADIOACTIVE
great white shark MANEATER
like wood that's been sanded SMOOTH
queens, princes, and dukes ROYALS
frontier settlements OUTPOSTS
New Haven Ivy Leaguer YALIE
powdery pancake base BISQUICK
Hardy heroine TESS
Shelton of country music BLAKE
Van Gogh and Rembrandt DUTCHMEN
what "IV" means after name FOURTH
Mother Teresa's birthplace MACEDONIA
mother lode WELLSPRING
concern of "Mother Jones" LABOR
mother of Barbara & Jenna LAURA
mother country HOMELAND
like a mother hen PROTECTIVE
Mother Hubbard's was bare CUPBOARD
they aim to ease fears ASSURANCES
Georgian architecture staple DORMER
snobbishly upper-class, say WASPY
Head, 8X Oscar winner EDITH
cliquey group CLUB
hockey-like sport BROOMBALL
Brady's squeeze BUNDCHEN
they're not "clams" WINDBAGS
in a saccharine way DRIPPILY
shoes, slangily KICKS
auto shop job LUBE
choppy sea POPPLE
bit of pond scum ALGA
defrays the cost of OFFSETS
crime scene delineators CORDONS
one who "takes things badly" ABDUCTOR
ratlike marsupial BOODIE
what a multitasker can do JUGGLE
not identified FACELESS
art gallery near the Kremlin TRETYAKOV
thought-provoking INTERESTING