7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
bagel-shaped TORIC
mischievous quality NAUGHTINESS
out of kilter AWRY
items in a toolbox WRENCHES
Indian curry dish VINDALOO
Rick Perry, for one TEXAN
arm muscle TRICEPS
constantly whined KVETCHED
"American Idol" host Ryan SEACREST
Tennessee's state bird MOCKINGBIRD
river sources WELLSPRINGS
organized crime group MAFIA
disparagement DERISION
unsteady movement WAMBLE
take the wheel STEER
more than just beats CRUSHES
dummy NITWIT
driver who may get a ticket SPEEDER
does a pirouette, say TWIRLS
platypus, for one MONOTREME
thorny shrub BRAMBLE
desensitizing NUMBING
Ted Allen cooking game show CHOPPED
Old Hollywood actress Turner LANA
Pennyslvania city, for short PHILLY
nincompoops BOZOS
make a fillet DEBONE
regular biologic processes BIORHYTHMS
purplish red CERISE
2X Oscar-winner Hoffman DUSTIN
2008 Olympics location BEIJING
Viking vessel LONGSHIP
in a praiseworthy manner ADMIRABLY
another name for tungsten WOLFRAM
cutlery items KNIVES
pack rats COLLECTORS
putting the load on BURDENING
saying "I'm sorry" APOLOGIZING
school sports supporter BOOSTER
swallows up ENGULFS
like suburban neighborhoods RESIDENTIAL
Kabul is its capital AFGHANISTAN