7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
from A to Z ENTIRELY
chanting sound INTONATION
Stop and Yield, for two SIGNS
heavy winter garment GREATCOAT
paying guest ROOMER
material in mukluks SEALSKIN
like some crimes UNREPORTED
give milk by eyedropper HANDFEED
city in Chile CONCEPCION
having class TEACHING
celerity QUICKNESS
glass ingredient SILICON
burst into flames COMBUST
marine gastropod LIMPET
study of the universe COSMOLOGY
business magazine FORBES
rabbit variety COTTONTAIL
formal speech ORATION
white-flowered plant SNOWDROP
chemical element forms ISOTOPES
character below the line SUBSCRIPT
meeting or parting gesture HANDCLASP
Hungarian, in Hungarian MAGYAR
those being instructed LEARNERS
like the winner of a race FASTEST
optical instrument part EYEPIECE
ornamental recess NICHE
where surprise will take you ABACK
one of two leaders COPRESIDENT
place for many takeoffs JETPORT
skylit lobbies ATRIA
Latin singer Cruz CELIA
had an inkling about SUSPECTED
people who whittle WOODWORKERS
principal part BODY