7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
more sophisticated CLASSIER
corridor HALLWAY
become compact SOLIDIFY
putting out a new edition of REPRINTING
occupied TAKEN
fork prong TINE
surpass OUTDO
French painter Paul CEZANNE
small moon of Saturn HYPERION
superiority VANTAGE
loaded down ENCUMBERED
liable to explode HOTHEADED
like some labels GUMMED
term of endearment SWEETIE
getting better HEALING
marinated Japanese dish TERIYAKI
came into being MANIFESTED
wheel center cover HUBCAP
actor and dancer Patrick SWAYZE
tall zoo animals GIRAFFES
reacts to a pun GROANS
classic soda brand NEHI
guitarist Santana CARLOS
popular music genre SOUL
fair-haired BLOND
searching, as for weapons FRISKING
London-Paris rail service EUROSTAR
rotating machine part FLYWHEEL
thwarted BALKED
people of Southeast Asia MALAYS
actress Hedren TIPPI
US Navy missile SIDEWINDER
intimidating inside pitch BRUSHBACK
paid attention again REFOCUSED
"Rules of Golf" publisher USGA
pop sensation Ed SHEERAN
mountain of Wyoming TETON
motionless IMMOBILE
followers of Jerry Garcia DEADHEADS