7 little words

7 Little Words answers

Easy Peasy

Clue Answer
chesspiece KNIGHT
four-score EIGHTY
piratical disease SCURVY
snakes COBRAS
roller skating waitress CARHOP
harmless BENIGN
something to eat CHOW
famous person CELEBRITY
become eligible QUALIFY
gotten up RISEN
NYC university COLUMBIA
outperform all others TRUMP
ice skate part BLADE
highly refined POLISHED
change to another CONVERT
look upon BEHOLD
math operation ADDITION
one who lugs clubs CADDY
roof covering SHINGLES
one just starting out BEGINNER
compadre FRIEND
piece PART
family member RELATIVE
"the horn" TELEPHONE
finger or number DIGIT
sponge cake dessert TRIFLE
peach pit STONE
volcanic glass OBSIDIAN
kitchen table accessory TRIVET
headstrong RECKLESS
theatrical award TONY
corned beef sandwich REUBEN
lacking energy LEADEN
classroom sound BELL
fond of home life DOMESTIC
make difficult to comprehend OBFUSCATE
lock with no spring DEADBOLT
extra book material ADDENDUM
fill with air INFLATE
Jack climbs one in a folk tale BEANSTALK
medicine cabinet's front MIRROR
all better HEALED
previously-published article REPRINT
kid born last YOUNGEST
make merry REVEL
fearless INTREPID
gut feeling HUNCH
black gemstone ONYX
crotchety person CRANK
spinning toy PINWHEEL
Swiss house CHALET
fearless person GUNSLINGER
fried cake FRITTER
put a stop to TERMINATE
Frankenstein's workplace LABORATORY
frolic GAMBOL
stupid mistake GOOF
comic verse DOGGEREL
river crosser BRIDGE
clothing RAIMENT
Highland dagger SKEAN
put in the same category BRACKET
error in a publication CORRIGENDUM
pad used for applying ink DABBER
mercenary VENAL
most gleeful HAPPIEST
pasta often served with cheese MACARONI
group of lions PRIDE
long rifle MUSKET
pet kept in a bowl GOLDFISH
school assignments HOMEWORK
Tour de France ride BICYCLE
jounce up and down DANDLE
unwise FOOLISH
street intersection CROSSING
medical care TREATMENT
possible kickoff result TOUCHBACK
exercise the mind THINK
drill practice DENTISTRY
get in the way INTERFERE
period opposite winter SUMMER
out of the reach of BEYOND
"Splish Splash" singer Bobby DARIN
top of a wave CREST
evening illumination MOONLIGHT
lacking a companion LONELY
lacking depth SUPERFICIAL
improved BETTER
garret ATTIC
small hound BEAGLE
suddenly seize GRAB
pleased with oneself COMPLACENT
bilby or bandicoot MARSUPIAL
car or chair style SEDAN
very little SCANT
major-domo STEWARD
awe-inspiring IMPRESSIVE
first-year college student FRESHMAN
mountaintop song YODEL
troubled UPSET
camera attachments LENSES
mixed up CONFUSED
reply ANSWER
breakfast drink JUICE
unimportant person NOBODY
madcap ZANY
obstinate HEADSTRONG
keeping one's eyes peeled OBSERVANT
easily tricked GULLIBLE
fragility DELICACY
color faintly TINGE
patois or argot JARGON
Shakespearean prince HAMLET
past upbringing BACKGROUND
all outdoors NATURE
credit card ceiling LIMIT
on shaky ground INSECURE
ambiguous EQUIVOCAL
done in secret UNDERCOVER
make better AMELIORATE
make better IMPROVE
seedy part of town SLUM
set apart DEDICATE
you might cop one ATTITUDE
opportunity CHANCE
taking in of food CONSUMPTION
inhumane UNKIND
music award GRAMMY
ostentatious SHOWY
freestanding column PILLAR
petty lie TARADIDDLE
spaghetti twirler FORK
predictable route PATTERN
capricious FICKLE
cargo on the HMS Bounty BREADFRUIT
live through SURVIVE
physics or biology SCIENCE
sumo wrestling area RING
playwright DRAMATIST
knack FLAIR
showed acquiescence BOWED
pounded THROBBED
naughty child's activity MISCHIEF
like a Dalmatian SPOTTED
of barbering TONSORIAL
type of chalcedony SARD
large flower PEONY
heartbeat recording CARDIOGRAM
fanciful idea WHIMSY
tourist's guidebook BAEDEKER
satisfied CONTENT
feeling of being alone ISOLATION
literary review CRITIQUE
spurred into action GALVANIZED
letter holder ENVELOPE
person's bearing MANNER
formal farewell VALEDICTION
primer dog SPOT
large number BILLION
persuade CONVINCE
full of good humor JOCULAR
magnificent tree REDWOOD
brutish person OGRE
good at sports ATHLETIC
generous and noble MAGNANIMOUS
flirtatious one TEASE
kind of food or chemistry ORGANIC
thick Italian soup MINESTRONE
not real IMAGINED
medical expert SPECIALIST
no longer friendly ESTRANGED
more than necessary EXTRA
refuse to cooperate STONEWALL
coin-op record player JUKEBOX
capital of Peru LIMA
expensive cut of meat TENDERLOIN
set aside for a specific use DEVOTE
up on deck TOPSIDE
juice extractor REAMER
heat rash MILIARIA
means of transportation CONVEYANCE
metallic luster SHEEN
let out of the bottle UNCORKED
insecticide sprayer CROPDUSTER
neither yes or no MAYBE
lead a posse after CHASE
kind of railroad car SLEEPER
dirty urchin RAGAMUFFIN
Smokey Bear is wary of this MATCHSTICK
caress with the snout NUZZLE
expression of approval PLAUDIT
account book LEDGER
president before Gerald RICHARD
bun maker STYLIST
night driving aids HEADLIGHTS
horticulture LANDSCAPING
sound of impact THUD
throw out a decision OVERTURN
Montana neighbor IDAHO
revealed, as statue or bride UNVEILED
speech interference IMPEDIMENT
messed up FLUBBED
symbolic likeness EFFIGY
easy paddling direction DOWNSTREAM
type of polyester DACRON
dictionary example CITATION
informal assent YEAH
sci-fi writer Verne JULES
thrash soundly LAMBASTE
old covered wagon CONESTOGA
cantankerous ORNERY
ignominy DISREPUTE
billiard table fabric BAIZE
fish bait selection ANGLEWORM
pigment in pumpkins CAROTENE
low-velocity pitch KNUCKLEBALL
large wading bird LIMPKIN
army doctor MEDIC
ardent devotee AFICIONADO
drop to a lower gear DOWNSHIFT
fusion of elements AMALGAM
covering or skin TEGUMENT
detested person ANATHEMA
resin used in varnishes MASTIC
cutting-edge POSTMODERN
belligerent TRUCULENT
placed on a pedestal IDOLIZED
generously LIBERALLY
pedal pushers BICYCLISTS
more rumpled MUSSIER
river into Chesapeake Bay SUSQUEHANNA
with an insolent attitude SAUCILY
a shoe or a snake MOCCASIN
besides MOREOVER
person who likes staying in HOMEBODY
arm bone ULNA
muscle/bone connector TENDON
chivalrous GALLANT
judge's response, sometimes SUSTAINED
gross-tasting ICKY
its capital is Kingston JAMAICA
having regrets SORRY
awed by celebrities STARSTRUCK
remove, as a light bulb UNSCREW
extremely competitive CUTTHROAT
intensify DEEPEN
with compassion MERCIFULLY
with little vigor FEEBLY
like freshly cut grass MOWN
The Evergreen State WASHINGTON
tapes for future airing PRERECORDS
behaves (oneself) COMPORTS
permeable barrier MEMBRANE
situation SCENARIO
tempest in a teapot KERFUFFLE
New York range ADIRONDACKS
thin pancakes CREPES
carriage DEMEANOR
jagged pieces SHARDS
Beatles song MICHELLE
Judge of movies REINHOLD
singing in the mountains YODELING
hexadecimal base SIXTEEN
repairing a wall, maybe SPACKLING
get more out of REUSE
jurist Thurgood MARSHALL
temporary child minder SITTER
parachutists' garments JUMPSUITS
roll-on product DEODORANT
small, intricate details MINUTIAE
knife or fork UTENSIL
salted, smoked herring KIPPERS
creator of the Muppets HENSON
one of the Muppets PIGGY
growing out carelessly STRAGGLY
took a shower BATHED
earnings SALARIES
did the twist DANCED
placed in the proper order ARRANGED
Manhattan Project leader OPPENHEIMER
marks of old age WRINKLES
literature analysis topic SYMBOLISM
pipe-joining device COUPLING
reunited after a split RECONCILED
roof support RAFTER
Standard Oil founder ROCKEFELLER
fond of swapping rumors GOSSIPY
house bought for its lot TEARDOWN
take to task REPROACH
rhododendron relative AZALEA
multi-squad unit PLATOON
courageous GUTSY
regional plant life FLORA
easy on the eyes COMELY
Irish-American author Frank MCCOURT
playing for time STALLING
backyard illuminators FLOODLIGHTS
least affluent HUMBLEST
waves with foaming crests WHITECAPS
road weathering CHUCKHOLE
formic acid makers ANTS
small engravings CAMEOS
went to sea CRUISED
providing new information REVELATORY
one you owe money to CREDITOR
LBJ's vice-president HUMPHREY
the act of fading away EVANESCENCE
"Mad" magazine feature GATEFOLD
Peter Falk's TV detective COLUMBO
diving duck SCOTER
harasses BESETS
speak without thinking BLURT
Japanese robe KIMONO
Phillies legend Mike SCHMIDT
wastes away ATROPHIES
most disgusting GROSSEST
mewing youngsters KITTENS
wunderkind's quality PRECOCITY
silvery fish BREAM
suds in a sink DISHWATER
doesn't have LACKS
related to the wrist CARPAL
free at last EMANCIPATED
unyielding STAUNCH
working with dough KNEADING
elderly relative's nickname GRANDMAMA
save compulsively HOARD
register as a new student ENROLL
width and depth DIMENSIONS
made stable STEADIED
Glenn Miller, for one TROMBONIST
bills featuring Washington ONES
country dweller RURALITE
armor-plated warship IRONCLAD
convert into currency MONETIZE
sea north of Australia ARAFURA
intermediary between brokers STOCKJOBBER
one short of a score NINETEEN
servile subordinate MINION
small sprays POSIES
singer/songwriter Josh GROBAN
purloined STOLE
cleaning a rug SHAMPOOING
kind of cherry BING
voiced one's viewpoint OPINED
eavesdropper, perhaps LISTENER
unsettling CREEPY
fast-food breakfast option MCMUFFIN
makes a selection CHOOSES
struck out FANNED
some sodas COLAS
hardest to pin down DODGIEST
Superman's secret identity KENT
hoity-toity SNOBBY
answer a debate point REBUT
burdens ONUSES
at a high frequency ULTRASONIC
bearing a grudge SOREHEADED
blood component CELL
wrinkling CREASING
court action LAWSUIT
"the Natural State" ARKANSAS
more unusual ODDER
with errors MISTAKENLY
walking noisily TROMPING
talk show host Kelly RIPA
large computer memory unit TERABYTE
like an angry dog, maybe GROWLING
what truants "play" HOOKEY
ecstatic THRILLED
White House reign PRESIDENCY
was the emcee HOSTED
provide textual commentary ANNOTATE
acted like a wild horse BUCKED
bestowing honor on GLORIFYING
sports jackets BLAZERS
managed to avoid DODGED
vituperating REVILING
like hearsay evidence ANECDOTAL
sticky stuff GLOP
final point TERMINUS
dandelions, for example WEEDS
out of the way REMOTE
wayfarer TRAVELER
in the way BLOCKING
give way YIELD
sloping typographic style ITALIC
give permission to EMPOWER
lessened DECREASED
aboriginal people TRIBESMEN
Dale who married Roy Rogers EVANS
Asian dinner utensil CHOPSTICK
scratch around SCRABBLE
exclusive possession MONOPOLY
USS Missouri, for example BATTLESHIP
it helps one find a solution CLUE
musical by former Abba duo CHESS
possibility of something bad RISK
supermarket cashiers CHECKERS
heartthrobs FLAMES
upscale hotel chain WESTIN
quagmires SWAMPS
rooted CHEERED
shrewd CAGY
pomegranate, for example FRUIT
stolen goods BOODLE
four-wheel pleasure carriage GLADSTONE
pet "in the window" DOGGIE
piece of clothing GARMENT
visiting stores SHOPPING
tight grip CLUTCH
worked on a musical track MIXED
word of agreement DITTO
agree exactly COINCIDE
agreeable to all UNANIMOUS
agreement ACCORD
signed written agreement CONCORDAT
addition to an agreement RIDER
agreeable to change AMENABLE
intestines BOWELS
large enough to be noticed APPRECIABLE
shrub with bitter taste WORMWOOD
alternative to taking flight ELEVATOR
a branch of dentistry ORTHODONTIA
runs in tights, to British LADDERS
the Eansketambawg people QUINNIPIAC
one beginning college FRESHMAN
beginning learner ABECEDARIAN
newcomer to outdoor life TENDERFOOT
new cop ROOKIE
new group member INITIATE
one beginning a race STARTER
novice TYRO
children of one's children GRANDKIDS
well within one's rights ENTITLED
error in a book, perhaps MISPRINT
bearnaise sauce ingredient SHALLOTS
swamp critter with big teeth GATOR
wearing too much makeup, say PAINTED
"hostile" business action TAKEOVER
inclination to doubt SKEPTICISM
prepared for a deluge SANDBAGGED
very poorly ABOMINABLY
diplomatic STATESMANLY
biological lid or cover OPERCULUM
fisticuffs or brouhaha DUSTUP
lacking a chaperone UNATTENDED
sacar del agua peces PESCAR
personalidad o temperamento CARÁCTER
criatura de la pesadilla MONSTRUO
instituir, fundar ESTABLECER
opuesto de bajar MONTAR
lo que se habla en Katmandú NEPALÍ
tranquilidad CALMA
col coreano KIMCHI
tipo de pescado TILAPIA
lo que comen en Francia CARACOLES
mejor amigo de una mujer CHOCOLATE
costilla de carne CHULETA
fruta mediterránea HIGO
frambuesa y fresa BAYAS
después de cuarto QUINTO
en este sitio AQUÍ
diminutivo de Enrique QUIQUE
conseguir, comprar ADQUIRIR
lo que Magallanes hizo EXPLORAR
James "007" BOND
camaradería AMISTAD
Radarange maker AMANA
European language group ROMANCE
scaleless amphibians SALAMANDERS
annual book of facts ALMANAC
rank in the navy COMMANDER
eastern European country ROMANIA
pull apart DISMANTLE
pond flower LOTUS
large, showy flower PEONY
early-spring flower CROCUS
hummingbird attractor ZINNIA
trumpet-shaped flower GENTIAN
touch-me-not IMPATIENS
purple flower VIOLET
chocolate beverage, formerly QUIK
retired space shuttle ENDEAVOUR
four-line verses QUATRAINS
scattered about DISPERSED
"Star Trek" opening adverb BOLDLY
small fir tree BALSAM
handled poorly, as money MISMANAGED
working arduously TOILING
a reversal of word order ANASTROPHE
roosters' cries CROWS
Lombardo, Fawkes and Fieri GUYS
doubt-inducing complex INFERIORITY
Nobelist writer William FAULKNER
pitch that dips at the plate CURVEBALL
strolling in a leisurely way SAUNTERING
French-Monegasque chef Alain DUCASSE
removed a bird's feathers DEPLUMED
dust-laden West African wind HARMATTAN
gum used as food additive XANTHAN
he's not himself at work ACTOR
massive Tokyo fish market TSUKIJI
escritor de versos POETA
vehículo hospitalario AMBULANCIA
chimpancé chica MONA
exento de complicación SENCILLO
cultivo típico de Colombia CAFÉ
morada del monarca PALACIO
elaborar un guiso COCINAR
give human characteristics PERSONIFY
redoing the old kitchen, say REMODELING
an insulating substance DIELECTRIC
eccentricity STRANGENESS
Scottish strait FIRTH
hit it for the big win JACKPOT
a platform between flights LANDING
Italian farewell CIAO
class leaders PROFESSORS
losing power DYING
"Casablanca" star Bogart HUMPHREY
concrete reinforcement REBAR
apartment sans elevator WALKUP
welding tools BLOWTORCHES
quiet HUSHED
quaint UNUSUAL
quirt WHIP
quickset HEDGE
slow baseball pitch CHANGEUP
winnowed CULLED
2013 Oscars host Seth MACFARLANE
take out, in proofreading DELE
undersides BOTTOMS
hiker's snack mix GORP
Tuscan capital FLORENCE
forethought CALCULATION
becomes a musical bestseller CHARTS
helped promote and grow INCUBATED
elevated area HIGHLAND
malfunctions GLITCHES
Gilbert and Sullivan opera IOLANTHE
leaning INCLINED
long in the tooth ELDERLY
long-winded PROLIX
longing DESIRE
long-sightedness HYPEROPIA
long live VIVA
long-suffering STOICAL
a metamorphic rock GNEISS
reticence COYNESS
he gets up patients' noses RHINOLOGIST
to cut a long story short PRECIS
town in Lancashire, England ROCHDALE
top German soccer league BUNDESLIGA
treated with disrespect INSULTED
shooting device CAMERA
added fictitious details to EMBROIDERED
occurring by chance INCIDENTAL
"Garden City" of Queensland TOOWOOMBA
weight lifter CRANE
bedroom footwear SLIPPERS
online brain trainer LUMOSITY
playing a guitar STRUMMING
rescued cargo from the sea SALVAGED
made impure or cheapened ADULTERATED
pry open CROWBAR
firmed one's body TONED
put icing on FROST
clever storytellers RACONTEURS
no longer concerned RELIEVED
subway "currency" TOKENS
like gifts with receipts RETURNABLE
in a lazy, slow-moving way SLUGGISHLY
the worse for wear SHABBY
it comes before a fall PRIDE
it comes after a fall WINTER
way to go DIRECTION
Irish town on River Shannon ATHLONE
cunning stratagems WILES
very recent history YESTERDAY
man of La Mancha, say SPANIARD
pressing EXIGENT
brightly colored bloomers BEGONIAS
like a pitchfork BIFURCATED
capital of Malawi LILONGWE
King George VI's affliction STAMMER
web browsing trailmarkers BREADCRUMBS
photo-sharing website SMUGMUG
made to appear small DWARFED
hump day WEDNESDAY
data pattern recognition ANALYTICS
overhauls REVAMPS
indicators of intention GESTURES
awe-inspiring IMPRESSIVE
veteran ABC news anchor Sam DONALDSON
entrust secrets CONFIDE
major Marine Corps base PENDLETON
protein-rich legumes SOYBEANS
clear of the sea bottom AWEIGH
outreach, in a way RECRUITMENT
consider DEEM
type of playing marble AGGIE
getting bulkier THICKENING
New York island STATEN
is the same as EQUALS
upper dress parts BODICES
more clouded MUDDIER
qualified ELIGIBLE
Hilton hotel chain DOUBLETREE
made a transition SEGUED
brings on board HIRES
thy, these days YOUR
hockey player near the goal DEFENSEMAN
risky undertakings VENTURES
graduation speech VALEDICTORY
twinkling brightly GLITTERING
doctrines CREDOS
in a visual way OPTICALLY
guess wrongly, medically MISDIAGNOSE
sounds catty MEOWS
Oregon cheese company TILLAMOOK
monetary unit of China RENMINBI
large Amazonian city MANAUS
protected SHIELDED
extremely steep PRECIPITOUS
end-of-term production BABY
agreement ASSENT
Japanese code of chivalry BUSHIDO
removed hair from DEPILATED
"flower" of Scotland CLYDE
crushed to a soft, wet mass PULPED
they protect you from racket EARPLUGS
touring promotional campaign ROADSHOW
"ground-breaking" implement PLOW
make use of UTILIZE
portraying DEPICTING
ostracized person OUTCAST
having a squarish shape RECTANGULAR
looking for SEEKING
outburst of temper BLOWUP
give too little attention to UNDERPLAY
going bad SPOILING
literature Nobelist Thomas MANN
veteran TV actress Katey SAGAL
wrote words in, as a ring INSCRIBED
fishermen ANGLERS
businesses INDUSTRIES
erased text, perhaps BACKSPACED
gave a shot INJECTED
Atlanta railway corridor BELTLINE
airplane engine cover COWLING
as on board ship NAUTICALLY
called on the ham set RADIOED
study of matter's flow RHEOLOGY
one who copies illegally PLAGIARIST
acts with leniency SPARES
mutually destructive INTERNECINE
mutual agreement CONCORD
Mutual of Omaha product INSURANCE
mutual marriage promise BETROTHAL
mutual fund charge LOAD
"Our Mutual Friend" author DICKENS
Delta rival AMERICAN
fruit harvested from bogs CRANBERRIES
conquering VANQUISHING
it grows on you HAIR
small seeds SESAMES
older Manning in the huddle PEYTON
makes openly known PROCLAIMS
harebrained FLIGHTY
brain workout EXAMINATION
brain freeze cause SLURPEE
like brain surgery DIFFICULT
brain trust ADVISORS
companion of The Brain PINKY
thinness GAUNTNESS
improved by education CULTIVATED
steadily rise SPIRAL
early '90s Plymouth sedan ACCLAIM
an obnoxious person SCHMUCK
work superficially at DABBLE
happen between other events INTERVENE
a dull thud WHUMP
full of information NEWSY
chamois, familiarly SHAMMY
caught sight of DESCRIED
something that is EXISTENT
fisher of luxury seafood LOBSTERMAN
complaining peevishly WHINGING
WA port and explorer DAMPIER
Aussie parakeet ROSELLA
surveillance OBSERVATION
looking for gold FOSSICKING
person with red hair BLUEY
farm manager OVERSEER
kids' weekly payments ALLOWANCES
poet Dickinson EMILY
it "rains" in the tub SHOWERHEAD
beetle larvae GRUBS
fixing, as a piano RETUNING
uses a tent CAMPS
post-Cub Scouts group WEBELOS
pushed out OBTRUDED
distortion PERVERSION
collides with IMPACTS
results OUTCOMES
yelling out HOLLERING
evaluated ASSESSED
despotic TYRANNOUS
"The Rail Splitter" LINCOLN
split with force CLEAVE
lickety-split IMMEDIATELY
split evenly BISECTED
splits performer CHEERLEADER
split apart RIVE
"King of Bollywood" Shahrukh KHAN
relinquishments WAIVERS
put at risk JEOPARDIZED
having an urban feel CITIFIED
hoops star Carmelo ANTHONY
called off ABORTED
how smooth transitions go SEAMLESSLY
hoofed mammal UNGULATE
like most high-schoolers TEENAGED
most yawn-inducing DULLEST
putting in the wrong folder MISFILING
stops CEASES
comes before PREDATES
teacup flaw CHIP
making a hair line PARTING
scrawny SCRAGGY
"The Big Bang Theory" city PASADENA
considerably APPRECIABLY
caustic soda property ALKALINITY
unsanitary GERMY
stoops down DUCKS
person who gets a point SCORER
"Top Chef" host Lakshmi PADMA
camera parts SHUTTERS
insurance worker ADJUSTER
donkey work DRUDGERY
their symbol is a donkey DEMOCRATS
nodding donkey site OILFIELD
Nintendo Donkey KONG
sounding like a donkey BRAYING
Tigger's donkey friend EEYORE
donkey used as pack animal BURRO
insolence SAUCINESS
fatty cell components LIPIDS
negligently REMISSLY
woman from Westminster, say LONDONER
plunging headlong TUMBLING
Phil Silvers character BILKO
in a vigorous manner STRENUOUSLY
slow, consistent worker PLODDER
ruffle or flounce FURBELOW
quite firm STIFFISH
easily upset FLAPPABLE
marked with a pointer SIGNPOSTED
with great deftness SKILLFULLY
bringing to light EXPOSING
handle wrongly in sports MISPLAY
mystifying BEWILDERING
acted like a wolf HOWLED
candid UNPOSED
French white bean stew CASSOULET
TV newswoman Van Susteren GRETA
networking equipment maker CISCO
devastate RUINATE
a bedraggled state GRUBBINESS
Haitian president, 1957-1971 DUVALIER
Kilimanjaro's volcanic cone KIBO
résumé of one's career VITAE
fanny pack location WAIST
power pack CONVERTER
pack animal, perhaps LLAMA
wolf pack member SUBMARINE
pack of cards DECK
Rat Pack leader SINATRA
billiards equipment BALLS
big fan of pop singer Justin BELIEBER
heckling RAZZING
stuck out EXTRUDED
starting to show age, maybe GRAYISH
Turkish currency LIRA
large trash receptacles DUMPSTERS
they aren't contrasts COMPARISONS
really confuses BEWILDERS
having more slopes HILLIER
how to slide down a slide FEETFIRST
thwart PREVENT
former leader Khrushchev NIKITA
district in Paris MONTMARTRE
in a hugely significant way MOMENTOUSLY
scooter made by Piaggio VESPA
support for a ship's mast FORESTAY
muckraker Ida TARBELL
head of a dictatorship MONOCRAT
more mild, as weather BALMIER
participatory journalism GONZO
like a thin cookie WAFERY
luxury shoe maker Jimmy CHOO
Arizona neighbor SONORA
can be placed in a border FRAMEABLE
invigoratingly BRACINGLY
one who is reliant DEPENDANT
able to be melted out RENDERABLE
many a Brooklyn resident HIPSTER
agreement to stop fighting ARMISTICE
bulletin board pin THUMBTACK
unsightly object EYESORE
retrace one's steps BACKTRACK
overly stubborn HEADSTRONG
jewelry shop purchase NECKLACE
movie star Robert MITCHUM
timber wolves LOBOS
flung with force HURLED
replenishing a supply RESTOCKING
far from gluttonous ABSTEMIOUS
China's West Lake city HANGZHOU
menial tasks SCUTWORK
flood causes, at times SNOWMELTS
vanquishing QUELLING
move, to a realtor RELO
Florida State collegian SEMINOLE
used the Tab key, perhaps INDENTED
18-wheelers' capacities TRUCKLOADS
broken blood vessel result HEMATOMA
Dodgers manager Don MATTINGLY
November contests, in US ELECTIONS
reversed a court decision OVERTURNED
quality of key lime pie TARTNESS
U-Haul attachment LIFTGATE
showed the ropes ORIENTATED
ironic quality WRYNESS
open-sided passages BREEZEWAYS
Univ. of Montana city MISSOULA
searched online GOOGLED
ancient Greek settlement IONIA
ruining, as plans FOILING
shine brightly ERADIATE
plays the banjo, say FINGERPICKS
salmon's upstream aid FISHWAY
San Salvador suburb APOPA
picture's palette TONALITY
obesity-busting BARIATRIC
two-toned, visually BICOLORED
"yahoo!" WHOOPEE
'A', electrically AMPERES
looked down on DESPISED
look up to VENERATE
looking-glass MIRROR
onlooker SPECTATOR
look like RESEMBLE
immensely large OCEANIC
sliding control FADER
circular bass tuba HELICON
running events RACES
Olympic flame carrier TORCHBEARER
completed again REDONE
tree found in tidal pools MANGROVE
ornamental street tree GINKGO
fruit tree grouping ORCHARD
birch relative ALDER
fig tree genus FICUS
tree with long slender pods CATALPA
tall pine PONDEROSA
easily recognized TRANSPARENT
knock sharply JOLT
property maintainer CUSTODIAN
pale green US squash PATTYPAN
northeast Slovakia region SPIS
lacking nothing COMPLETE
animated SPRIGHTLY
Helen Parr's alter ego ELASTIGIRL
group of Zac, Isaac & Taylor HANSON
Oscar-winning director Jane CAMPION
antique mowing tool SCYTHE
certain Caribbean islander ARUBAN
river between Erie & Ontario NIAGARA
it's 26 miles across the sea CATALINA
beleagured, as in a siege SURROUNDED
derby-like dress shoe BLUCHER
British PM Harold MACMILLAN
Missouri Senator Claire MCCASKILL
French island off Canada MIQUELON
Civil War reporter Benjamin TRUMAN
hibernation, for example DORMANCY