7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
Italian cheese ASIAGO
"Moonlight Sonata" composer BEETHOVEN
floating abode HOUSEBOAT
fraudulent offer SCAM
British fries CHIPS
strike hands together CLAP
Alexandrian wonder LIBRARY
bother PESTER
ability to move MOBILITY
all of it WHOLE
assistance SERVICE
place to buy and sell MARKET
fondness AFFECTION
incite to action STIMULATE
part of a potato or computer CHIP
go up suddenly SPIKE
commodities contracts FUTURES
mother's little yelper BABY
launch EJECT
not from around here FOREIGN
diminutive LITTLE
.0394 inches MILLIMETER
bog hole content QUICKSAND
where Annapolis is capital MARYLAND
not hip SQUARE
raised speaking platform TRIBUNE
bearly funny stand-up comic FOZZIE
heat index factor HUMIDITY
court sport BASKETBALL
perform somersaults TUMBLE
bossy old woman HARRIDAN
bouncing apparatus TRAMPOLINE
mounted soldier CAVALIER
fishing net SEINE
contempt DISDAIN
party favor NOISEMAKER
wobbly dessert GELATIN
decorations ORNAMENTS
organ that produces bile LIVER
appliance with a crumb tray TOASTER
commotion RUMPUS
not engaged, say BORED
prosper FLOURISH
sentence ender PERIOD
porcupine protectors QUILLS
shy person INTROVERT
pizza fish ANCHOVY
computer memory unit MEGABYTE
call to mind EVOKE
beyond sad PATHETIC
theft of personal property LARCENY
in first place LEADING
lukewarm TEPID
country singer Urban KEITH
foliage GREENERY
what a judge hands down DECISION
loud, cackling bird KOOKABURRA
official language of Belgium FLEMISH
mountain guide SHERPA
policy opponent DISSIDENT
rich Italian cheese GORGONZOLA
hilarious BOFFO
Arctic grouse PTARMIGAN
part of a bed MATTRESS
remove hair SHAVE
cooks in an oven ROASTS
Microsoft Word, for one SOFTWARE
watered down WEAK
smallest US coin DIME
windshield cleaners WIPERS
stirring up old memories SENTIMENTAL
part of a sonata MOVEMENT
house mover REALTOR
scatter to the four winds DISPERSE
movie critic REVIEWER
unpleasant episode DOSE
tiny portable computer NETBOOK
traffic light SIGNAL
Garry Trudeau comic strip DOONESBURY
pie or tart PASTRY
used a gavel POUNDED
dash about wildly RAMPAGE
meant to exist forever EVERLASTING
orderly government REGIMEN
find trivial faults with CAVIL
trick-taking card game PINOCHLE
dexterous entertainer JUGGLER
vocational novice APPRENTICE
finished COMPLETE
gopher's sanctuary HOLE
covered in grime and oil GREASY
abundant PLENTIFUL
leading to an argument CONTENTIOUS
trail mix SCROGGIN
utter nonsense KIDSTAKES
drinks like a cat LAPS
bloodsucking worm LEECH
very, very small MICROSCOPIC
black eye SHINER
glove part THUMB
spin on a pool ball ENGLISH
Tony Hawk's expertise SKATEBOARD
car motor ENGINE
greenish blue shade TEAL
fruit on a vine GRAPES
game seeker HUNTER
wonderful in "Jabberwocky" FRABJOUS
Italian spice seeker COLUMBUS
deftly adroit SLICK
lacking intelligence VACUOUS
passenger vehicle JITNEY
gumption MOXIE
rural country BOONDOCKS
harvesting tool SCYTHE
breeches TROUSERS
baby toys RATTLES
Tom Brady's team PATRIOTS
make legitimate VALIDATE
it gets a rise out of bakers YEAST
nursemaid NANNY
sphere or realm REGION
supermarket vehicle CART
strategic action MANEUVER
watchdog GUARDIAN
deceitful scheme DODGE
grain from the Andes QUINOA
Japanese skewered dish YAKITORI
intentionally vague EVASIVE
AMC auto model MATADOR
high in the air LOFTY
to a man UNANIMOUS
powder holders KEGS
in-your-face AGGRESSIVE
smuggled goods CONTRABAND
ponderous CUMBERSOME
dispatch or convey TRANSMIT
practical REASONABLE
twist out of shape WARP
gland at base of neck THYMUS
knitted design like a mosaic INTARSIA
rings and bracelets JEWELRY
not saying much TACITURN
writing method LONGHAND
European stock exchange BOURSE
with extreme fanaticism RABIDLY
capital of Romania BUCHAREST
African fox FENNEC
soggy ground MORASS
with nutmeg added SPICED
Spanish miss SENORITA
book learning ERUDITION
creek STREAM
improper act MISDEED
humoring INDULGING
civic duty OBLIGATION
form of dungeon OUBLIETTE
plain cotton fabric MUSLIN
resentment UMBRAGE
aid provider BENEFACTOR
shrill sound SQUEAL
rice dish RISOTTO
bank of earth BERM
it may be mixed with business PLEASURE
blind bait DECOY
rotating engine part CRANKSHAFT
dapper or natty JAUNTY
in a bad mood SULKY
red gems RUBIES
signaled, maybe NODDED
dark red apple WINESAP
apple polisher COURTIER
home of the Eiffel Tower PARIS
gland near the Adam's apple THYROID
mix apples and oranges CROSSBREED
baked apple dish CRISP
scientist bonked by an apple NEWTON
expose to public ridicule GIBBET
raising of capital FLOTATION
minus SANS
deliver by parachute AIRDROP
dish in a husk TAMALE
weakness FRAILTY
meeting head CHAIRPERSON
home of modern pizza ITALY
spellbind MESMERIZE
like some communities GATED
nonfictional film DOCUMENTARY
crowd of people THRONG
street crime LOITERING
surrender FORFEIT
flat, unleavened bread BANNOCK
what holds a tent fast STAKE
visual aid MONOCLE
self-denying and austere ASCETIC
fern leaf FROND
thick-billed bird BULLFINCH
remove graffiti, in a way SANDBLAST
salad dressing choice VINAIGRETTE
not real FICTIONAL
like a pet parakeet CAGED
talkative GABBY
uncaring about right or wrong AMORAL
trembling QUAKING
palace in Granada ALHAMBRA
pallid ASHEN
galoot LUMMOX
palindromes and such WORDPLAY
feeble INFIRM
paltry PUNY
pie filling MINCEMEAT
throat flap UVULA
band output MUSIC
tack on APPEND
partial denture BRIDGEWORK
bread protection WRAPPER
in a roundabout way INDIRECT
flour container, say CANISTER
frantic FRENZIED
plant aka bluebottle CORNFLOWER
not keeping up LAGGING
fluttering, as a light FLICKERY
military commands ORDERS
aimed for TARGETED
one fishing from shore SURFCASTER
oversized BULKY
food fish TILAPIA
jetties WHARVES
before the war ANTEBELLUM
like baseball's Joe Jackson SHOELESS
Swiss city GENEVA
kind of nut MACADAMIA
Mohawk or Seneca IROQUOIS
financial stability SOLVENCY
identifying mark EMBLEM
hair-bleaching compound PEROXIDE
Leslie Caron movie GIGI
low-fat cookie brand SNACKWELLS
bars of music MEASURES
Angela Lansbury musical MAME
sculpt with wood WHITTLE
crooked LOPSIDED
pep up ENLIVEN
forehand and backhand STROKES
college led by Horace Mann ANTIOCH
1960s revolutionaries YIPPIES
descendants PROGENIES
with winding watercourses STREAMY
busybody SNOOP
touch base with CONTACT
like Woody Allen's persona NEUROTIC
camouflaged CLOAKED
rained lightly SHOWERED
singer Stevie WONDER
French carmaker PEUGEOT
pay no heed to IGNORE
mundane details BANALITIES
unable to sit still FIDGETY
place for a swing set BACKYARD
auto racing organization NASCAR
studiers of the past HISTORIANS
like Heidi SWISS
where crumpets are served TEAHOUSE
jazz trumpeter Wynton MARSALIS
Australian backwater BILLABONG
pertaining to income ECONOMIC
cosmetic surgical procedure FACELIFT
like really old bread MOLDY
innate talent APTITUDE
present as a gift BESTOW
shirt fabric CHAMBRAY
purified, in a way DISTILLED
4th Prime Minister of Israel MEIR
render motionless TRANSFIX
Texas city LUBBOCK
henpecked BROWBEATEN
in an annoying manner ABRASIVELY
prairie vehicles WAGONS
stair at an entrance DOORSTEP
performed for the first time DEBUTED
portable cages for pets KENNELS
ardent fan of a band GROUPIE
fashion model Elle MACPHERSON
disreputable people RIFFRAFF
pressed flat SQUASHED
like milk from the grocery PASTEURIZED
apply grease to LUBE
uppercase, as a letter CAPITAL
Scottish singer Susan BOYLE
by one's own acknowledgment ADMITTEDLY
mammoth statue COLOSSUS
unleavened loaf FLATBREAD
attractiveness GLAMOUR
not suitably serious FLIPPANT
stand-up comedian Richard PRYOR
described in brief SUMMARIZED
unexpected financial boost WINDFALL
territory in Canada YUKON
laughs softly CHUCKLES
storyteller NARRATOR
penny-pinching quality STINGINESS
treated with contempt SPURNED
lack of strength FAINTNESS
spurring into activity ENERGIZING
foaming at the mouth FROTHING
accompanied ESCORTED
put in a box PACKAGED
hunting dog breed ELKHOUND
red or yellow pigment CAROTENOID
guaranteeing INSURING
get rid of snarls UNTANGLE
enjoy the mall SHOP
added more support to REINFORCED
mink dealer, say FURRIER
small land mass in the ocean ISLET
popular meat in Hawaii SPAM
read quickly SKIMMED
overflow TEEM
Iron Man and Thor AVENGERS
clearly showed EVINCED
it may be patented INVENTION
with finesse SLICKLY
it can be filed NAIL
turndowns REJECTIONS
is certain of KNOWS
badly, for example ADVERB
plugged in a phone RECHARGED
assigned to a category PIGEONHOLED
phrase on a movie poster TAGLINE
intermediary MIDDLEMAN
men from Mars ALIENS
most unfair UGLY
add together SUMMATE
MetLife Stadium builder SKANSKA
astutely SHREWDLY
cause of ill feeling ALLERGY
Aboriginal rite of passage WALKABOUT
related to the midsection ABDOMINAL
condensation catchers COASTERS
meagerness SPARSITY
Olympics star Jesse OWENS
was more clever than OUTWITTED
like an artifical limb PROSTHETIC
did a gardening chore WEEDED
adult male gorilla SILVERBACK
2011 Internet prank meme PLANKING
fix a piano, in a way RETUNE
dime novels PULPS
greets the day RISES
impairment DISABILITY
looked over EYED
nautical command AVAST
telling of a story NARRATION
bribe BUYOFF
care for the sick NURSING
maintains ALLEGES
stronge desire CRAVING
long-tailed game birds PHEASANTS
pay no heed to DISREGARD
flip-flops SANDALS
Great Dane of the comics MARMADUKE
Victorian-era poet TENNYSON
title of nobility COUNT
fruit tree farms ORCHARDS
kind of medicine HOLISTIC
series of Van Gogh paintings SUNFLOWERS
purchases BUYS
making mistakes ERRING
Barack's wife MICHELLE
timepiece's gears CLOCKWORK
went back and forth OSCILLATED
had a feeling SENSED
Atlanta NBA team HAWKS
defunct Korean carmaker DAEWOO
North Korea's capital PYONGYANG
"Turn! Turn! Turn!" band BYRDS
walked pompously PARADED
altruistic impulse GENEROSITY
Russian wolfhound BORZOI
short-legged dog DACHSHUND
terrier-like breed GRIFFON
Hungarian hunting dog KUVASZ
sheepherding dog COLLIE
variety of spitz POMERANIAN
crossbred dog LABRADOODLE
uprisings REVOLTS
laughed a little CHUCKLED
really hating LOATHING
inconsistent with the norm ANOMALOUS
throbs PULSES
disorderly disturbance TUMULT
noisy commotion RUCKUS
excessive activity FUSS
noisy disturbance HULLABALOO
noisy confusion UPROAR
confusing commotion TURMOIL
like a knish FILLED
has a little something EATS
job for a mechanic REALIGNMENT
give counsel to ADVISE
state with authority ASSERT
burst POPPED
monkey bars location PLAYGROUND
monkey (with) TAMPER
monkey bear KOALA
"Monkey Business" actress MONROE
powder monkeys' workplace WARSHIP
monkey suit TUXEDO
what the monkey chased WEASEL
bellhop's burden LUGGAGE
alarm bell TOCSIN
Bell's assistant WATSON
bell tower CAMPANILE
hat with a bell-shaped crown CLOCHE
set of stationary bells CARILLON
Archie Bell's group DRELLS
paltry MEASLY
"shower" of rain, perhaps WEATHERMAN
broad knife for serving fish SLICE
swiftly SPEEDILY
islands off Queensland coast WHITSUNDAYS
it comes at the end of term CONTRACTION
making no sound NOISELESS
put on, as caviar SPREAD
highly priced caviar SEVRUGA
popular caviar source STURGEON
red caviar source STEELHEAD
yellow caviar source WHITEFISH
caviar from the Caspian Sea BELUGA
low-salt caviar MALOSSOL
married WEDDED
collector of castoffs JUNKMAN
speaking UTTERING
Sandra of "The Blind Side" BULLOCK
internal engine process COMBUSTION
drew up blueprints for DESIGNED
diminutive residents of Oz MUNCHKINS
shrinkage of an organ INVOLUTION
tower on the water TUGBOAT
oral translator INTERPRETER
Japanese restaurant chain BENIHANA
firm leadership BOARD
leguminous plant VETCH
a form of gypsum SELENITE
pintor de Toledo GRECO
de Colón, quizás PANAMEÑO
persona sonriente RISUEÑA
Nobel, Goya o Oscar PREMIO
aperitivos españoles TAPAS
recobrar la salud RECUPERARSE
ganador de los JJ. OO. MEDALLISTA
Cruz, actriz española PENELOPE
de León, el conquistador PONCE
escoger algo de un menú PEDIR
aceptar PERMITIR
mascota de Mickey PLUTO
parte de un célula PROTOPLASMA
hogar polar IGLÚ
calzado cómodo ZAPATILLAS
vecino de la foca PINGÜINO
compartimento de tren VAGÓN
señal de optimismo ALEGRÍA
no transparente OPACO
enseña nacional BANDERA
hand warmers MITTENS
tales handed down over time FOLKLORE
type of handwriting CURSIVE
lent a hand ASSISTED
making hand motions GESTURING
close at hand NEARBY
handheld mp3 player IPOD
wise person GURU
quick review BRUSHUP
astonished, in a way DUMBSTRUCK
support for a lever FULCRUM
19th-century political group MUGWUMPS
beachgoer's problem SUNBURN
Honolulu dress MUUMUU
McDonaldland thief HAMBURGLAR
underway AFOOT
shampoo brand PERT
like many opals MILKY
stubbornness OBSTINACY
acclaimed actress Moore JULIANNE
alfresco meals PICNICS
based on tabular data RELATIONAL
of singing lacking resonance BREATHY
venturing RISKING
membership confers these PRIVILEGES
Hitchcock classic VERTIGO
diminutive garden guardian GNOME
the ethical route HIGHROAD
shout while drilling ATTENTION
skier's turn TELEMARK
split from an iceberg CALVE
English seaside town WORTHING
cavorted ROMPED
get off the ground COMMENCE
without taking sides IMPARTIALLY
hard, round candies JAWBREAKERS
oversaw an athletic career COACHED
layer below the comforter BEDSHEET
about to arrive INCOMING
small medical facility CLINIC
authorities in a given field EXPERTS
manufacturer of large trucks PETERBILT
with skill ADROITLY
like some tabloid photos FAKED
fond of hiking and camping OUTDOORSY
handed out DISTRIBUTED
like dog show contestants GROOMED
low-quality CRUDDY
book manufacturer PRINTER
infectious organisms VIRUSES
assiduous attention APPLICATION
concluding TERMINAL
recollection MEMORY
holes in the wall WINDOWS
diplomatic etiquette PROTOCOL
likely to turn out well PROMISING
large shrimp PRAWNS
medieval weapon POLEAX
stayed beyond OUTLIVED
forest trail FOOTPATH
names on articles BYLINES
starchy African staple CASSAVA
roaming thieves BANDITS
island home of wild horses ASSATEAGUE
making mean comments SNIPING
picnic plates CHINET
threw with accuracy RIFLED
in a lukewarm way TEPIDLY
Marshall Faulk's NCAA team AZTECS
central part KERNEL
middle point MEDIAN
central point of attention FOCUS
atom's center NUCLEUS
central bisecting line AXIS
meet in the middle COMPROMISE
central point OMPHALOS
South American swimmer ANGELFISH
William the Conqueror's home CAEN
surveying instrument TRANSIT
in a skittish way JUMPILY
make a mess of MANGLE
Romanian city TIMISOARA
made sound akin to hoofbeats CLOPPED
Spanish sheep's milk cheese MANCHEGO
name dropped ANONYMOUS
lacking elegance UNSTYLISH
take a walk down memory lane REMINISCE
dwarf Australian eucalyptus MALLEE
main course MAJOR
beverage container CARAFE
like a snoop's questions PROBING
"well, I never!" HARRUMPH
piglike SWINISH
like messy hair UNCOMBED
comic book star Andrews ARCHIE
18-to-29-year-olds, perhaps DEMOGRAPHIC
moves like a worm WRIGGLES
flattening LEVELING
has concerns WORRIES
in the center of AMIDST
likelihood of succeeding VIABILITY
poorly-made quality SHODDINESS
in a lovable manner SWEETLY
turning back REVERSING
retraced one's steps BACKTRACKED
like Lionel Messi ARGENTINE
does some sculpting CARVES
buddy-buddy PALSY
there might be 13 in a dozen DOUGHNUTS
1950s flavored oatmeal MAYPO
finger joints KNUCKLES
ropelike icing decoration PIPING
winged lion of myth GRIFFIN
it needs work to remedy JOBLESSNESS
they show in the untucked SHIRTTAILS
not afraid UNFEARFUL
VHF radio frequency spectrum AIRBAND
equipped to travel the seas OCEANGOING
water-wielding fire truck PUMPER
before the kickoff PREGAME
a low singer BASSO
good quality for a sieve LEAKINESS
tartness TANGINESS
tract of land between rivers DOAB
raise the nap on cloth TEASEL
neighbor of Algeria MOROCCO
leave out OMIT
what 27 US states don't have COASTLINE
left stranded MAROONED
train station posting TIMETABLE
makes, as a line FORMS
not yet examined UNINSPECTED
vandalizes DEFACES
adjust a measuring device RECALIBRATE
small wallaby QUOKKA
tiny fraction THOUSANDTH
second exam RETEST
people with memory problems AMNESIACS
of the time of James I JACOBEAN
small Brazilian state ALAGOAS
"little ear" pasta ORECCHIETTE
got rid of germs SANITIZED
making less smooth ROUGHENING
invisible umbrella AUSPICES
magnificent SPLENDOROUS
western US tribe PAIUTE
had recourse (to) RESORTED
classic TV western BONANZA
medics DOCS
uncovered, with "out" FERRETED
East Indian tree SATINWOOD
classroom furniture DESKS
one-base hits SINGLES
large Canadian prairie lake ATHABASCA
unnatural and stiff CONSTRAINED
shoe instep adornment SPATS
jazz performance style SWING
Michael Oldfield's bells TUBULAR
one who helps you remember JOGGER
tax breaks EXEMPTIONS
one answering an exit poll VOTER
tattletales INFORMERS
trail marker BLAZE
game-tying score EQUALIZER
most comfortable COZIEST
making more eco-friendly GREENING
cut (off) LOPPED
golfers' wheels CARTS
neighbor of Iraq and Syria JORDAN
came between INTERVENED
shoe specification WIDENESS
turn food to energy METABOLIZE
convincing PERSUADING
pumpkin-shaped OBLATE
hold back DETAIN
sent via phone line FAXED
stick out EXTRUDE
defect in armor CHINK
large Patagonian lake ARGENTINO
Super Bowl XXXIV winners RAMS
in a repetitive way REDUNDANTLY
country singer Miranda LAMBERT
ancient Roman statesman CATO
periodontist's concern GUMLINE
like an angry cat's back ARCHED
eating up CONSUMING
cleared off SCRAMMED
in a bad-tempered way GROUCHILY
broken into many pieces SHATTERED
moving sideways, like a crab LATERIGRADE
they keep calves warm KNEESOCKS
pain in the kidneys NEPHRALGIA
embarrassing mistake BLOOPER
mistake in an argument FALLACY
careless mistake OVERSIGHT
botch the job BUNGLE
football mistake FUMBLE
tennis mistake FAULT
publication mistake MISPRINT
thick Japanese noodles UDON
generating heat CALORIFIC
direction finder COMPASS
source of soccer match sound VUVUZELA
they speak louder than words ACTIONS
roundness ROTUNDITY
most wet MOISTEST
"Sherlock" actor Benedict CUMBERBATCH
petty quarrels TIFFS
charitable person ALMSGIVER
bringing disease PESTIFEROUS
Albania's second city DURRES
occurring under an ice sheet SUBGLACIAL
unit of light LUMEN
Australian honeyeater WATTLEBIRD
section of seating for MPs BACKBENCH
spiny grass SPINIFEX
irreverent IMPIOUS
presents OFFERS
native peach QUANDONG
petty quarrel TIFF
in an essential way VITALLY
just outside of a cold area SUBARCTIC
part of an Internet series WEBISODE
puts souvenirs into albums SCRAPBOOKS
gets water out of a boat BAILS
trudge heavily LUMBER
encroachments INTRUSIONS
excelled OUTDID
set ahead PREDEFINED
of the same family RELATED
tall building HIGHRISE
in a useful way HELPFULLY
maddened greatly ANGERED
cut out or off EXCISED
what ailurophobes fear CATS
what cyberphobes fear COMPUTERS
what odontophobes fear TEETH
what nyctophobes fear DARKNESS
what arachnophobes fear SPIDERS
what toxiphobes fear POISON
what zoophobes fear ANIMALS
heavy silk dress fabric SHANTUNG
pooches CANINES
resembling a goat CAPRINE
Boston Marathon winner Meb KEFLEZIGHI
pretending to be ill MALINGERING
staggering LURCHING
large fern BRACKEN
items in a register ENTRIES
holding back HAMPERING
ripples on water WAVELETS
castles in France CHATEAUX
smelling most stale MUSTIEST
time's a great one, they say HEALER
ridiculing LAMPOONING
"Johnny Football" of the NFL MANZIEL
discount shoe store chain PAYLESS
allergic reaction SNEEZE
19th century prez Harrison BENJAMIN
less clear MURKIER
chess response COUNTERPLAY
unforgettably INDELIBLY
low-fat latte request SKINNY
solar power converter PHOTOCELL
it keeps your 'do off you HAIRBAND
science used on Steve Austin BIONICS
cargo-worthy STOWABLE
measure of an area's wetness RAININESS
flat, perforated spoon SKIMMER
join lips KISS
cold symptom COUGH
involuntary inhalation HICCUP
take in air BREATHE
nighttime noise SNORE
blurredly BLEARILY
made "grainy," as potatoes RICED
didactic lecturing PREACHINESS
questionably DISPUTABLY
oozing with water SEEPY
fidgety flurry of activity POTHER
significantly IMPORTANTLY
CCR frontman John FOGERTY
they're counted in haikus SYLLABLES
having various colors MULTIHUED
fishing by dragging nets TRAWLING
pots' counterparts PANS
Beethoven's birthplace BONN
went to market SHOPPED
sowing device SEEDER
data identifier FILENAME
lively dance for one couple RIGADOON
inadequately SCANTILY
fish-catching birds CORMORANTS
like geek-chic glasses RIMMED
fixing a printer problem UNJAMMING
"Superior" floor, perhaps LAKEBED
ceaselessness INCESSANCY
gymnastics leg movement SCISSORS
correspond CORRELATE
like small bits of ice CRUSHED
small ball of ice in the sky HAILSTONE
ice crystals RIME
skating area RINK
start of an ice age GLACIATION
icepack location SWELLING
"Ice Age" squirrel SCRAT
Internet photo-sharing site SHUTTERFLY
increasing, with "up" AMPING
Lesley of "60 Minutes" STAHL
city in New York UTICA
removes the froth from DEFOAMS
treated with alpha particles IRRADIATED
moves away quickly SCAMPERS
pleasant spare-time fillers HOBBIES
prone to making bird sounds TWITTERY
Canadian kids' TV series CAILLOU
Swiss watch company CHOPARD
tear-shedding glands LACRIMAL
species of trout SPECKLED
coffee of Penelope Cruz NESPRESSO
singular UNITARY
clam relatives OYSTERS
no longer sleeping WOKEN
Australian airline JETSTAR
modernizing, as a building RENOVATING
capable of being coached TRAINABLE
captures on camera FILMS
trivial bits of information FACTOIDS
"Footloose" singer Kenny LOGGINS
thin layer of rock SEAM
farming implement, in the UK PLOUGH
winged insect DAMSELFLY
put up, as a building ERECT
kooky people ECCENTRICS
dukes FISTS
the present Duke of York ANDREW
John who was "The Duke" WAYNE
a duke's missus DUCHESS
site of Duke University DURHAM
"Sir Duke" singer Stevie WONDER
Bach who was Daisy Duke CATHERINE
last loaf in a baker's dozen THIRTEENTH
difficulty, as of a problem THORNINESS
a green, briefly ENVIRO
in the absence of germs ASEPTICALLY
state of being a monarch REGALITY
Brazilian president Dilma ROUSSEFF
capable of being molded SHAPEABLE
toying (with) MONKEYING
in a graceless way INELEGANTLY
old pleated collar RUFF
a tool that will bore DRILL
more awkward CLUNKIER
cuts down trees DEFORESTS
really amazing BEDAZZLING
leaving without an answer STUMPING
tennis' Nadal, to fans RAFA
violin makers LUTHIERS
7/11 feature SLASH
doing away with ELIMINATING
more feminine GIRLIER
shield against thrown water SPLASHBOARD
building block BRICK
repudiating ABJURING
unavoidably INESCAPABLY
not made lighter UNBLEACHED
a state of wild excitement FRANTICNESS
common duck MALLARD
duck soup CINCH
NHL Ducks' home ANAHEIM
duck-egg, for example BLUE
"Duck Soup" brothers MARX
duck-billed monotreme PLATYPUS
mashing SMUSHING
corduroy ridge WALE
interfere thoughtlessly with VIOLATE
grow abundantly LUXURIATE
net lining of woman's cap CAUL
Jobs' 1984 computer MACINTOSH
thwart at the wrists HANDCUFF
reduced price DISCOUNT
sell to bidders AUCTION
bargain in a petty way HIGGLE
buying and selling TRAFFIC
sell at a profit REGRATE
sold in large quantities WHOLESALE
products for sale COMMODITIES
race that makes you hop SACK
"The Daily Show" host Trevor NOAH
Alexandrian mathematician HERO
soccer player action DRIBBLE
pick up the tab SETTLE
like an open range FENCELESS
a thick-skinned person PACHYDERM
young trend follower TEENYBOPPER
Clijsters, Brel & Van Damme BELGIANS
jazz trumpet great Maynard FERGUSON
first "Merrie Melodies" star FOXY
"hakuna matata" language SWAHILI
"nicely" banded rock GNEISS
Galileo patrons MEDICI
they're a workout AEROBICS
Keurig rival NESPRESSO
Turkey and Chile NATIONS
like Fashion Week in Milan SEMIANNUAL
slangy segue ANYHOO