7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
Chilean capital SANTIAGO
big bear KODIAK
hot pepper HABANERO
reversible word PALINDROME
action word VERB
shoe grip CLEAT
mechanical men ROBOTS
pushed to excel DRIVEN
slide out of control SKID
calculate COMPUTE
least ugly CUTEST
moved ahead ADVANCED
Greek philosopher SOCRATES
give official approval SANCTION
cold season WINTER
understanding AGREEMENT
pile of snow BANK
come back from behind RALLY
creepy EERIE
humorous FUNNY
bit of popcorn KERNEL
lasting forever ETERNAL
"Murderball" vehicle WHEELCHAIR
Mrs. Barney Rubble BETTY
moves fast HURRIES
reddish-brown color AUBURN
leader of the common people DEMAGOGUE
erase WIPE
prosecutor's target DEFENDANT
physically fit CONDITIONED
conspicuously bad EGREGIOUS
full of spirit FEISTY
muscle in the foot ABDUCTOR
bed on a Pullman BERTH
horse sound NEIGH
type of tennis swing BACKHAND
get off the balance beam DISMOUNT
land mammal with a big mouth HIPPO
place to dock boats MARINA
sound from a floorboard CREAK
with good judgment WISELY
showed approval in a theater APPLAUDED
portable stove's fuel KEROSENE
thick slice SLAB
very stylish SNAZZY
doughnut's shape TORUS
skedaddle VAMOOSE
academic SCHOLARLY
familiar expression IDIOM
certain chess piece BISHOP
the Cornhusker State NEBRASKA
paper-folding art ORIGAMI
second-hand evidence HEARSAY
like a geode HOLLOW
religious song SPIRITUAL
meat eschewer VEGETARIAN
freight mover TRAIN
deal with the "present" UNWRAP
lawyer's customer CLIENT
uninspired LACKLUSTER
shameless BAREFACED
know-nothing IGNORAMUS
exist just below the surface SMOLDER
lacking vigor INSIPID
kangaroo cousin WALLABY
related to writing letters EPISTOLARY
t-shirt, perhaps SOUVENIR
period after sunset TWILIGHT
one seeing the doctor PATIENT
individual PERSON
cinnamon or clove SPICE
party animal missing a tail DONKEY
hit with a fine PENALIZE
exhibit DISPLAY
Senate influencer LOBBYIST
radish or beet ROOT
snipping tool SCISSORS
meteorologist WEATHERMAN
river opening MOUTH
visual discovery SIGHTING
badminton target BIRDIE
me or you PRONOUN
pine away LANGUISH
British wrench SPANNER
Dagwood's daughter COOKIE
name on a racing car SPONSOR
cranky BILIOUS
ancient Chinese tree GINKGO
traversed CROSSED
spotted dog DALMATIAN
hold up DELAY
b, c, d, but not e CONSONANT
arouse the curiosity of INTEREST
representation, in miniature MICROCOSM
leaving the car in the lot PARKING
like a Rolex wristwatch SWISS
car accident PRANG
important topics ISSUES
meet at some point INTERSECT
wristwatch part FACE
student SCHOLAR
wipe away ERASE
having little money POOR
dictionary offering DEFINITION
eggy dish SOUFFLE
wild horse MUSTANG
almond-flavored pastry FRANGIPANI
base 10 DECIMAL
harmless prank LARK
item of historic interest RELIC
listless and weak ANEMIC
easily snapped BRITTLE
appearance of the face COMPLEXION
stand against OPPOSE
book introduction PREFACE
rule book MANUAL
hard to manage CHURLISH
disobedient NAUGHTY
skunk score ZERO
courageous BRAVE
snail, for one GASTROPOD
old computer game maker ATARI
shake a fist at THREATEN
what police fight CRIME
supplement FORTIFY
pianist's performance RECITAL
forget where something is MISPLACE
gullet THROAT
showing no emotion STOIC
Pacific Ocean country SAMOA
strand ABANDON
exactness PRECISION
it's a virtue, they say PATIENCE
small drawing DOODLE
wildly wasteful PROFLIGATE
large number BILLION
graphite PLUMBAGO
mentally sick TWISTED
archaelogical find RUINS
piece of Venetian blinds SLAT
string quartet member VIOLIST
boot fastener LACE
central idea GIST
swift QUICK
loosen, as a belt UNBUCKLE
skunk marking STRIPE
criminal shootout GUNPLAY
small protuberance NODULE
union-busting attempt LOCKOUT
hatred of women MISOGYNY
sticker DECAL
foul discharge EFFLUVIUM
gad about TRAIPSE
toxic sushi FUGU
monkey named for a monk CAPUCHIN
put into other words PARAPHRASE
intelligent BRAINY
Stratego piece SCOUT
night wear BEDCLOTHES
living in the same area SYMPATRIC
present for acceptance PROFFER
usurp forcefully WREST
beauty contest PAGEANT
showy attire FRIPPERY
insight ACUMEN
composer of 154 sonnets SHAKESPEARE
Batman and Robin, e.g. PAIR
black-and-white cookie OREO
kind of cookie CUTOUT
almond cookie MACAROON
buttery Greek cookie KOURABIEDE
Cookie's comic strip dad DAGWOOD
like a dry cookie CRUMBLY
one tough cookie BRUISER
stove unit BURNER
unconditionally FLATLY
regret sinning REPENT
radio show emcee ANNOUNCER
arousing curiosity INTRIGUING
certitude FINALITY
staircase post NEWEL
carnival worker ROUSTABOUT
underworld fame NOTORIETY
subtract, as from taxes DEDUCT
make part of a posse DEPUTIZE
woodwind instrument BASSOON
vein of ore LODE
incorporate EMBODY
like a mondegreen MISHEARD
heading south, perhaps MIGRATING
extreme paleness PALLOR
kids' club meeting site TREEHOUSE
Carlos Slim, for one BILLIONAIRE
protection from spills DROPCLOTH
apparel ATTIRE
offer a hug to GREET
perfectly consistent SEAMLESS
grayish purple HEATHER
foamy wave WHITECAP
big drop in body temperature HYPOTHERMIA
small specialty shop BOUTIQUE
disturbance RUCKUS
essential force LIFEBLOOD
what the Earth turns on AXIS
guarantee ENSURE
small Australian parrot COCKATIEL
item out of place in time ANACHRONISM
professional calorie counter DIETITIAN
like an armadillo SCALY
get out of bed ROUST
fly chaser OUTFIELDER
ferocious canine BANDOG
indicate DENOTE
coming up AHEAD
country retreat BOWER
make familiar ACQUAINT
star in Orion RIGEL
government department INTERIOR
trying to be too helpful OFFICIOUS
burped BELCHED
ticklish GOOSEY
tiled works MOSAICS
kawakawa, in New Zealand PEPPERTREE
unending time INFINITY
top secret CLASSIFIED
football player, at times TACKLER
harder to find RARER
future prediction PROPHECY
tieing up, as a turkey TRUSSING
dog breed SPANIEL
square dances HOEDOWNS
Jeff Probst's show SURVIVOR
laboratory vessel VIAL
precise ACCURATE
horses and zebras EQUINES
"Roots," for one DOCUDRAMA
comes back together REUNITES
lawfulness LEGALITY
Henry Clay, for one ORATOR
bowl for cleansing WASHBASIN
fundamental RUDIMENTARY
cry "uncle" SUBMIT
Maine trees PINES
assemblage COLLECTION
Central American country HONDURAS
multipurpose device SMARTPHONE
place for an assignment desk NEWSROOM
unit of sound intensity DECIBEL
create music COMPOSE
zealous, as fans ADORING
Mediterranean island MINORCA
salad green ENDIVE
Jamaican music genre REGGAE
road beneath a bridge UNDERPASS
Asian blooms LOTUSES
snidely ironic SARCASTIC
immoral DEPRAVED
simile, e.g. COMPARISON
Pulitzer-winning author John UPDIKE
says again REPEATS
sudden spate ONRUSH
not wishy-washy DECISIVE
strong adhesive SUPERGLUE
harder to fool, maybe CANNIER
not flowing STAGNANT
underground passage TUNNEL
filled with shame ABASHED
where rubber duckies float BATHTUB
saccharin's problem, to some AFTERTASTE
timpanist's instrument KETTLEDRUM
what tearjerkers evoke PATHOS
countless MYRIAD
passes beyond the limits of TRANSCENDS
opposite of pride HUMILITY
as a mom would do MATERNALLY
what gossips dish up DIRT
Irish moss CARRAGEEN
jabbered YAPPED
chemical element #39 YTTRIUM
being good BEHAVING
given a more menial job DOWNGRADED
squirm WRIGGLE
theater worker STAGEHAND
baseball Hall-of-Famer Lou GEHRIG
person with blond hair TOWHEAD
Clinton's decade NINETIES
free from variation EQUABLE
like serfs and peasants LOWLY
frighteningly aggressive MENACING
hindquarters HAUNCHES
soar behind a motorboat PARASAIL
pertaining to a country NATIONAL
standoffish ALOOF
quirky actress Zooey DESCHANEL
told about possible danger WARNED
ovens used to "nuke" food MICROWAVES
final stage of a chess match ENDGAME
factory that makes cast iron FOUNDRY
mighty German battleship BISMARCK
humiliating action INDIGNITY
consignment shop deal RESALE
conspired CONNIVED
evocative SUGGESTIVE
landlocked African country MALI
gawks STARES
book passages SELECTIONS
e-mail status SENT
expressed gratitude to THANKED
sideways passes LATERALS
initial investment GRUBSTAKE
steam up BEFOG
Texas lawman RANGER
as an alternative INSTEAD
waiters may bring them REFILLS
giving a price VALUING
R&B singer Watley JODY
displaying indifference SHRUGGING
brand of probiotic yogurt ACTIVIA
defeated, sports-wise OUTSCORED
capital of Alabama MONTGOMERY
stuffed up CLOGGED
brunch option QUICHE
becomes an alumnus GRADUATES
notions counter purchases PERFUMES
Heidi Klum, for one SUPERMODEL
completely unfounded BASELESS
meeting on a specific topic SYMPOSIUM
bellyached BEEFED
bound LEAP
pull up stakes DECAMP
whalebone BALEEN
recurring melodic phrase LEITMOTIF
not blown up UNINFLATED
wholesome SALUBRIOUS
hair care brand SUNSILK
spherical diving apparatus BATHYSPHERE
cover for one who's lying BEDSPREAD
superficially smooth HAIRLESS
chemical depilatory brand VEET
Naugahyde relative LEATHERETTE
carries around LUGS
audition TRYOUT
not broken beyond repair FIXABLE
singer Bieber JUSTIN
they get things sorted ORGANIZERS
very small amounts TRACES
part of the throat PHARYNX
running out EXPIRING
unfriendly feeling CHILLINESS
veteran TV actor Alan ALDA
in a klutzy way CLUMSILY
fastened, as a deadbolt LATCHED
a woolly tuft of hair FLOCCUS
assume as fact POSIT
silver-white metal COBALT
former confirmed bachelor BENEDICT
persistent chewing GNAWING
"Doonesbury" creator TRUDEAU
slid out of control SKIDDED
cheap Monopoly property BALTIC
shutting noisily SLAMMING
antennae FEELERS
fingerprint line RIDGE
where a driver pays TOLLGATE
doing some comic-book art INKING
elaborate parties FETES
used up EXPENDED
parliamentary proposal MOTION
"On Golden Pond" actor FONDA
outgoing people EXTROVERTS
items in the closet HANGERS
Jane Eyre and Juliet HEROINES
had employment WORKED
multisport athlete Jim THORPE
"filthy" money LUCRE
case of pins and needles ETUI
some party favors NOISEMAKERS
barrel makers COOPERS
suit in a deck of cards DIAMONDS
using a credit card for CHARGING
postcard sender, maybe TOURIST
carded fibers WOOL
calling card CACHET
baseball card statistic STRIKEOUTS
uses flash cards, say STUDIES
grids with clues CROSSWORDS
temper tantrum HISSY
thinks up new things INNOVATES
House of Lords member, say BARON
excessive pride VAINGLORY
one way to draw FREEHAND
embedded LODGED
one-wood DRIVER
where redwoods grow CALIFORNIA
saw wood SNORE
black woodwind instrument CLARINET
hard reddish-brown wood MAHOGANY
wooden promenade BOARDWALK
out of the woods SAFE
longshoreman DOCKHAND
became edible RIPENED
figured out ASCERTAINED
add up incorrectly MISCOUNT
unpaid debts ARREARS
small mistake SLIPUP
unhearing DEAF
side of die with two spots DEUCE
be equal to MATCH
set of crockery SERVICE
seek the affections of COURT
standard for comparison BASELINE
flight of missiles VOLLEY
fried slice of breaded veal SCHNITZEL
desire to rove WANDERLUST
sausage dog DACHSHUND
defining spirit of a period ZEITGEIST
art in ironic poor taste KITSCH
areas away from coast HINTERLAND
feeling of general anxiety ANGST
short measures INCHES
female relative KINSWOMAN
hard work ENDEAVOR
"pained" expression OUCH
avian social network TWITTER
smallest Chinese province HAINAN
showing wild excitement MANIC
common stock, for one SECURITY
common law PRECEDENT
one of the common people PLEBEIAN
for the common people DEMOTIC
commonplace QUOTIDIAN
Boston Common PARK
writer of "Common Sense" PAINE
bouquet makeup FLOWERS
part of the water cycle EVAPORATION
sunup noisemakers ROOSTERS
make fun of MOCK
regarded as perfect IDEALIZED
lobster holders POTS
cause of complaint, maybe BACTERIUM
resolutely firm FOURSQUARE
without fear INTREPIDLY
left on the plate UNEATEN
revealing figure FORMFITTING
lakes in Croatia PLITVICE
the universal solvent WATER
hacia la región ártica NORTE
universal MUNDIAL
hay 8 en el sistema solar PLANETAS
provincia de la R.D. DUARTE
una universidad muy antigua SALAMANCA
opuesto de entrar SALIR
café sin azúcar AMARGO
vehículo para nieve TRINEO
juego de bolos BOLICHE
juegos de 2016 serán en Rio OLIMPIADA
combinación del esquí y tiro BIATLÓN
volumen, dimensión TAMAÑO
roedor doméstico HÁMSTER
un bulbo parecido a cebolla PUERRO
fruta de la pasión MARACUYÁ
cuidad del Domo de la Roca JERUSALÉN
marca de los blue jeans LEVIS
país del Río Esequibo GUYANA
volcán de Indonesia KRAKATOA
vecino de Guatemala BELICE
estar con alguien ACOMPAÑAR
tissue in bone MARROW
Scopes trial lawyer DARROW
limited in scope NARROW
movie star Mia FARROW
rival of Eton HARROW
Peter of folk music YARROW
British town on the Tyne JARROW
leader in an orchestra pit MAESTRO
pits for mining QUARRIES
the pits, so to speak AWFUL
fruits with pits PEACHES
tar pit find FOSSIL
pit crew worker MECHANIC
pit bull, for one TERRIER
first laundry liquid WISK
like some citizens NATURALIZED
tidbit for Miss Muffet CURD
presidential first name ULYSSES
did an impression of IMITATED
most wan-looking PASTIEST
lost cause GONER
grooming products producer WAHL
brought to a successful end ACHIEVED
science of life's length BIOMETRY
solutions chemically leached LYES
auto route, in the UK CARRIAGEWAY
quality of being wee MINUTENESS
like poor witnesses INOBSERVANT
very assertively BUMPTIOUSLY
cassette-player function REWINDING
packed in a can TINNED
cell in England MOBILE
very hard sedimentary quartz NOVACULITE
big city in eastern Ukraine DONETSK
one in eight, perhaps OARSMAN
withered SHRIVELED
in England, a DJ TUXEDO
city on the Taiwan Strait XIAMEN
group of developing nations BRIC
surveillance by police STAKEOUT
take 41 winks, perhaps OVERSLEEP
sugar substitute SACCHARIN
laid bare UNCOVERED
hailing from Lima PERUVIAN
TV actor Harry HAMLIN
twilled fabric SERGE
large woodwinds BASSOONS
at irregular intervals FITFULLY
appetizers at Luigi's ANTIPASTI
cut of meat FLANK
cut off from the world ISOLATED
people who cut hair BARBERS
one who cries "cut!" DIRECTOR
cut, as bushes PRUNE
cutting back food intake DIETING
cut short ABRIDGED
moving in small increments INCHING
2D spheres of influence CIRCLES
flooded with natural light SUNLIT
undergoing change METABOLIC
disparaged BADMOUTHED
soil loosening tool PICKAX
Blue dandruff shampoo brand SELSUN
disclosed REVEALED
break-up of union DIVORCE
was better than SURPASSED
financial information firm EXPERIAN
personal impression FINGERPRINT
route through mountains PASS
ancient city of Sri Lanka SIGIRIYA
desirable person DREAMBOAT
impudent whippersnapper JACKANAPES
Beau Brummell, for one COXCOMB
dashing young man BLADE
clotheshorse DANDY
lively cheerfulness JOLLITY
stop working BREAK
pelt with stones LAPIDATE
introductory letters INITIALS
comfortable plastic shoes CROCS
Australian spin bowler Shane WARNE
a miscellaneous collection SALMAGUNDI
press with repeated requests IMPORTUNE
national poet of Scotland BURNS
"brave" leader GERONIMO
blood poisoning SEPTICEMIA
scene of vicious behavior SNAKEPIT
state of inactivity QUIESCENCE
throwing off of ignorance AWAKENING
janitors' tools MOPS
be the secret author of GHOSTWRITE
wild goat IBEX
tosses out SCRAPS
canned fruit brand DOLE
story, essentially PLOTLINE
runway denizens AIRPLANES
plumbers work on them PIPES
Daltrey of The Who ROGER
doing an Argentinian dance TANGOING
breeding grounds HOTBEDS
vanquishing DEFEATING
yours truly MYSELF
cheese, "made" backwards EDAM
souvenirs MEMENTOS
showy-flowered orchid genus CYMBIDIUM
far from modest BOASTFUL
in a silly or fatuous way SAPPILY
an East Slavic language UKRAINIAN
affirmative votes YEAS
"rock" group GEOLOGISTS
Polish city on River Oder WROCLAW
it keeps eggs warm INCUBATOR
in good order NEAT
connected group NEXUS
"well-balanced" person FUNAMBULIST
irrationally terrified PHOBIC
implication OVERTONE
noted stage actor Keach STACY
coated with bits of sugar CRYSTALIZED
gives up QUITS
Incredible Hulk actor Mark RUFFALO
voting coalition BLOC
getting liquid from fruits JUICING
medical researcher Salk JONAS
game bird WILDFOWL
evaluates RATES
people in Russia's capital MUSCOVITES
compound in crude oil HYDROCARBON
with much activity BUSILY
dined lavishly BANQUETED
bank's activity LENDING
excessively fast heartbeat TACHYCARDIA
"Of Mice and Men" writer STEINBECK
in a shrill voice REEDILY
wife of a marquis MARCHIONESS
basic freight carriers FLATCARS
got down SWALLOWED
easy marks CHUMPS
cheating at hide-and-seek PEEKING
glues down PASTES
Spanish actor Banderas ANTONIO
person who ransacks PILLAGER
Congolese mining capital LUBUMBASHI
skilled soccer ball mover DRIBBLER
made dirty SOILED
traditionally happy chap SANDBOY
bootlicker TOADY
Mae's first name FANNIE
famous tradesman of Seville BARBER
this scheme will cost you! PONZI
logically consistent COHERENT
gradual growth by addition ACCRETION
flat-bottomed rowboats BATEAUX
animal handling tool HORSEWHIP
gloomy and dark SUNLESS
resisting openly DEFYING
early motion pictures TALKIES
big, big city MEGALOPOLIS
starve FAMISH
confirming VALIDATING
strains too hard OVEREXERTS
caused to sprout GERMINATED
finishes off KILLS
bit of Wild West attire BANDANA
attacking with heavy fire BOMBARDING
northernmost capital in UK EDINBURGH
"Knight Rider" star David HASSELHOFF
imaginary monster CHIMERA
conciseness BREVITY
wrote back to RESPONDED
carrying TOTING
linens in the kitchen TABLECLOTHS
alphabet enders ZEES
Canadian, colloquially CANUCK
moves like some fans OSCILLATES
large-horned antelope ELAND
in tears SOBBING
city in Burgundy, France AUXERRE
Ottawa-based software firm COREL
stomach sickness NAUSEA
speaking well, and often VOLUBLE
fed code into a computer PROGRAMMED
gameshow aid, perhaps LIFELINE
J.J. Evans' common utterance DYNOMITE
playing the market SPECULATING
action man or woman DOER
Dickens' eponymous Martin CHUZZLEWIT
dietary fiber ROUGHAGE
obstacle IMPEDANCE
Italian tilting train PENDOLINO
putting to rights RECTIFYING
crisp bread ZWIEBACK
breadbasket STOMACH
breadwinner's reward PAYCHECK
worked on a breadboard KNEADED
1972 hit song for Bread DIARY
English quick bread SCONE
bread purchase LOAF
group of bones in the foot METATARSUS
French mosaic artist Jean GAUDIN
like a tragedy's subjects DOWNFALLEN
a wood cut KERF
a clock's inexorable rhythm TICKTOCK
in a foresightful manner PRESCIENTLY
something in two parts DYAD
chap from Cheltenham, say ENGLISHMAN
pour liquid around CIRCUMFUSE
crying feebly MEWLING
red aquatic midge larva BLOODWORM
heal by forming scar tissue CICATRIZE
common pear variety BARTLETT
national capital CANBERRA
hesitating TEETERING
fortune-hunters GOLDMINERS
vehicle repairer PANELBEATER
a possum is one PHALANGER
synthetic rubbery polymer NEOPRENE
badminton needs RACQUETS
Simba's father MUFASA
rugby scores TRIES
played a banjo PICKED
searches HUNTS
making a stink FUSSING
rural area's trait REMOTENESS
hair-holding clasp BARRETTE
home of ice hockey CANADA
smallest Argentine province TUCUMAN
like a low-pressure chamber HYPOBARIC
post-flight disorientation JETLAG
integrity WHOLENESS
where Skype was born ESTONIA
halfheartedly GRUDGINGLY
explorer on the Half Moon HUDSON
half-pint YOUNGSTER
half a cup GILL
half-price DISCOUNTED
half hitch, for one KNOT
meet halfway COMPROMISE
singer-songwriter Griffith NANCI
exuberant cry WHOOPEE
robustly masculine VIRILE
Usain Bolt's compatriots JAMAICANS
recoiling in fear QUAILING
highest mountain in Wales SNOWDON
unprejudiced BALANCED
large construction truck DUMPER
"provisional" arrangements CATERING
inclined to sit on eggs BROODY
life viewed as a journey PILGRIMAGE
big bottle with a small neck DEMIJOHN
filling with gas INFLATING
"Trout Quintet" composer SCHUBERT
forgetful animated fish DORY
pike, for one WEAPON
Kilgore Trout's creator VONNEGUT
way to fish TROLL
fish or turtle SNAPPER
baseball pitcher Hunter CATFISH
remain at a low level FLATLINE
biggest and strongest BURLIEST
beauty is in his eye BEHOLDER
castle by the Thames WINDSOR
Chinese eating utensils CHOPSTICKS
Popeye's Ms. Oyl OLIVE
searched, as for gold PROSPECTED
not interesting HUMDRUM
unexciting BLAH
state of inactivity DOLDRUMS
lacking flavor TASTELESS
long and tiresome TEDIOUS
uninspired BANAL
not dull at all ASTUTE
stimulating AROUSING
ancient city in Lebanon BYBLOS
song from the musical "Cats" MEMORY
"American Pastoral" author ROTH
fancy drinking glasses GOBLETS
Oscar-winning actress Page GERALDINE
comedian Seinfeld JERRY
rice used for risotto ROMA
overseeing, as a home sale BROKERING
library section STACKS
like a safe driver INSURABLE
NYC neighborhood SOHO
2003 Beyonce single SUMMERTIME
arranged in sequence ORDERED
UK government seat WHITEHALL
lamentably PITIFULLY
first name of W. H. Auden WYSTAN
missing persons ABSENTEES
unable to pay creditors INSOLVENT
ancient Iranian city HAMADAN
gave a case to legal expert LAWYERED
preoccupied FARAWAY
prepare bird for the BBQ SPATCHCOCK
pertaining to the north wind BOREAL
a welcoming address SALUTATORY
occurring every six years SEXENNIAL
disturb ALARM
disapprove DEPRECATE
discomfort UNEASE
disjointed RAMBLING
disobedient MISBEHAVING
disclose REVEAL
distrustfully ASKANCE
birthstone of December ZIRCON
turns aside DIVERTS
actor Willis BRUCE
woman in a famiglia MAMMA
colorful annuals PETUNIAS
Pennsylvania city ERIE
Dairy Queen offering SUNDAE
"Love Story" and "My Girl" TEARJERKERS
typecast, perhaps LABELED
Montana ski resort town WHITEFISH
how a fop dresses NATTILY
Villanova athlete WILDCAT
#1 song by The Association WINDY
unseparated facial features UNIBROWS
turning white BLEACHING
puts in order RANKS
Boris's partner in cartoons NATASHA
shaped like a certain curve PARABOLIC
without vigor WANLY
lumberjacks LOGGERS
leader of the Gang KOOL
groups of quail BEVIES
in a precipitous manner STEEPLY
breaks away DIVERGES
crop grower FARMER
pleat-making technique RUCHING
one from Georgia's capital ATLANTAN
without advance thought IMPROMPTU
made up on the spot IMPROVISED
fabricate INVENT
acting upon sudden impulses SPONTANEOUS
swayed by emotion IMPULSIVE
without preparation OFFHAND
perform in a makeshift way EXTEMPORIZE
humble EGOLESS
flickered, about to go out GUTTERED
one hard to get rid of BARNACLE
elegant bird's under plumage SWANSDOWN
nose, informally SCHNOZ
scenic Philippine island BORACAY
displaced from home UPROOTED
questioned by a reporter INTERVIEWED
"Three Amigos!" star Steve MARTIN
small party gifts FAVORS
group of houses DEVELOPMENT
requiring exceptional effort AMBITIOUS
multiplication's opposite DIVISION
with a hostile quality BITTERLY
collided, laterally BROADSIDED
shrubby BUSHLIKE
rendered less natural DENATURED
furnace orifice TAPHOLE
skidded from side to side FISHTAILED
gaunt quality LANKINESS
childlike artlessness NAIVETE
preventing a charge ANTISTATIC
bonded material BIMETAL
Cascade Range volcano NEWBERRY
carpentry planing tool DRAWKNIFE
old woman GRANDAM
Swiss luxury watchmaker TISSOT
window shoppers BROWSERS
leftover bits SCRAPS
excessive merchandise OVERSTOCK
too much snow AVALANCHE
excessive consumption BINGE
more than is needed OVERKILL
nonessential DISPENSABLE
waste matter DROSS
Chevy coupé utility, with El CAMINO
sharply-pointed logging tool PEAVEY
Eritrea's western neighbor SUDAN
Middle Eastern skewered dish KEBAB
click beetle larva WIREWORM
green variety of chalcedony CHRYSOPRASE
currency of Pakistan RUPEE
Toyota SUV model SEQUOIA
Muppet sleuth Sherlock HEMLOCK
tidy (up) SPRUCE
type of grasshopper LOCUST
ski resort with a filmfest ASPEN
bakery chain founded in NYC MAGNOLIA
Hardy's partner LAUREL
needlework materials holder WORKBOX
with pointy bits SPIKY
withdrawal PULLOUT
"place holder" ATLAS
Roman ruins in Algeria TIMGAD
state that is understood TACITNESS
strategy board game for two ABALONE
coats with Sn TINS
Louise Erdrich's tribe OJIBWE
drawing Art SPIEGELMAN
home soft drink maker SODASTREAM
two-bagger on the diamond DOUBLE
"green" employees TRAINEES
mooched MILKED
Oscar-nominated actor Hailee STEINFELD
square in London TRAFALGAR
Ohio clay racetrack ELDORA
northern Spain ferry port SANTANDER
shrub with yellow flowers LABURNUM
purportedly PUTATIVELY