7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
in the familiar way COMMONLY
knows by sight RECOGNIZES
ransom note writer KIDNAPPER
dapperly dressed SPIFFY
served raw TARTARE
cut deeply GASHED
"any of them" WHICHEVER
angled wood cut CHAMFER
long-distance triathlon IRONMAN
Bill or Lillian RUSSELL
giving birth to a colt FOALING
fees for professional work HONORARIA
tow truck device WINCH
forget, sort of MISREMEMBER
illegally import SMUGGLE
capital of Lebanon BEIRUT
it proverbially sells well HOTCAKE
molding SHAPING
fly ball catchers, often OUTFIELDERS
supple LITHE
nudging forward PRODDING
vandalized, in a way EGGED
like some rain forests AMAZONIAN
make malleable PLASTICIZE
chicken gizzard, for example GIBLET
before settlements occur PRECOLONIAL
"The Straight Story" star FARNSWORTH
opt against cookies, perhaps DISABLE
certain male facial displays MUSTACHIOS
Mexican retreat, for short CABO
putting back to "0" RESETTING
Oscar winner Rush GEOFFREY
entirely WHOLLY