7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
cave formations STALAGMITES
fantastic idea FIGMENT
mail-related POSTAL
loud enough to be heard AUDIBLE
blessed events BIRTHS
signed, as a check ENDORSED
title for a king HIGHNESS
told on TATTLED
saliva SPITTLE
like a violinist on edge OVERSTRUNG
realistic LIFELIKE
Bumstead's boss DITHERS
chewy yeast roll BIALY
secondary route BYROAD
dinner party emcee TOASTMASTER
The Police drummer Stewart COPELAND
unidentified NAMELESS
monotonous hum DRONE
do some needlework EMBROIDER
metal fasteners RIVETS
insects' feelers ANTENNAE
without any earnestness INSINCERELY
go over 55, perhaps SPEED
similar to a rodent RATLIKE
used a lasso ROPED
Bill Clinton, for one ARKANSAN
Guatemala's national bird QUETZAL
those who swindle CONNERS
tapioca source CASSAVA
clarinet brand SELMER
manufactured beforehand PREFABBED
Rhode Island founder Roger WILLIAMS
like a lawn GRASSED
more ostentatious SPLASHIER
conniptions FITS
putting aside specifically EARMARKING
sales pitches SPIELS
pleasant forecast SUNNY
Boston airport LOGAN
encircled GIRDED