7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
musky catlike animal CIVET
stifled laugh SNICKER
molded crown CORNICE
walked like Paul Bunyan LUMBERED
order too much inventory OVERSTOCK
send to a computer UPLOAD
shut down DEACTIVATE
reduce intensity DAMPEN
unimportant MINOR
got there ARRIVED
one who owes DEBTOR
sent down a path ROUTED
young people YOUTHS
notified ALERTED
interest in buying a product DEMAND
getting angry STEAMING
spherical Earth map GLOBE
mass per unit volume DENSITY
category of life form SPECIES
good for intestinal flora PROBIOTIC
unyielding RIGID
leave in the dust OUTRUN
deserving attention NOTEWORTHY
small bird SPARROW
like some diapers DISPOSABLE
stagnant swamp SLOUGH
demanding and exhausting STRENUOUS
screwdriver or saw TOOL
waterproof covering TARPAULIN
physically hardy TOUGH
suckerfish REMORA
gunshot REPORT
former home of Al Capone ALCATRAZ
informal, as in language COLLOQUIAL
dividing line BOUNDARY
deliberately expressionless DEADPAN
small blister BLEB
culinary seed POPPY
leaping and dancing SALTANT
wrist bone CARPUS
note-taking system SHORTHAND
socially graceful URBANE
painstaking METHODICAL
ice house IGLOO
preoccupied with grim topics MORBID
LensCrafters purchase GLASSES
pompom waver CHEERLEADER
theatrical DRAMATIC
bicycle wheel features SPOKES
stupid person DIMWIT
strongly urge EXHORT
egg-hatching apparatus INCUBATOR
South American country PERU
shaky vocal effect VIBRATO
Finnish bath SAUNA
the first element HYDROGEN
sandwich chain SUBWAY
chained restraints HANDCUFFS
flower formed into chains DAISY
Szechenyi Chain Bridge city BUDAPEST
chain of islands ARCHIPELAGO
spot for a chain reaction REACTOR
part of a chain LINK
willful determination RESOLVE
unwholesome atmosphere MIASMA
bird of prey BUTEO
fly-fishing feathers HACKLES
foolish talk BLATHER
sloping part of horse's foot PASTERN
spaghetti toppers MEATBALLS
shelves for holding novels BOOKCASE
sixty seconds MINUTE
small glass ball MARBLE
small pickle MIDGET
long sock STOCKING
not on purpose ACCIDENTAL
degree of heat or cold TEMPERATURE
sea dog SAILOR
hip or cool GROOVY
supreme ruler DICTATOR
convincing evidence PROOF
interminable TIMELESS
one of The Judds NAOMI
absolute truth GOSPEL
table set for a feast SPREAD
"The Pine Tree State" MAINE
series of connections NETWORK
military operations CAMPAIGN
one with six zeroes MILLION
naval raider BUCCANEER
group of officers BOARD
engine cover HOOD
local reporter STRINGER
utterance of grief PLAINT
wreath of honor LAUREL
put out of joint DISLOCATE
sausage SNAG
America's Cup sport YACHTING
city on the Timor Sea DARWIN
show reluctance HESITATE
freshwater shrimp YABBIES
Hogan film role DUNDEE
react to a corker CHUCKLE
dictation taker SECRETARY
transparent CLEAR
grass around the house LAWN
plane with no engine GLIDER
advantage in basketball HEIGHT
one taking bids AUCTIONEER
movie about cowboys WESTERN
nogoodnik MISCREANT
stave off PREVENT
bear wearing dungarees SMOKEY
sign of things to come AUGUR
be concerned CARE
merely symbolic TOKEN
Queen Elizabeth, for one MATRIARCH
pointed to INDICATED
coat-hanging spot RACK
jester JOKER
outside protection TOPCOAT
like a sheep WOOLLY
minute particles of down FUZZ
guitar strummer PICK
insurance form CLAIM
uncertainty AMBIGUITY
college staff FACULTY
many a Beanie Baby ANIMAL
lack of concern APATHY
dimensions PROPORTIONS
strong feeling EMOTION
spring chicken YOUTH
tree litter LEAVES
one who takes over SUCCESSOR
vitality PIZAZZ
portly STOUT
impudent CHEEKY
answering machine recording MESSAGE
old coot GEEZER
animals on a drive CATTLE
breaking and entering BURGLARY
twining plant structure TENDRIL
fifth columnist QUISLING
get away ESCAPE
newspapers and television MEDIA
tangled mass of hair SHAG
hit with fists PUMMEL
core group CADRE
communication with flags SEMAPHORE
put on WORE
supply with credentials ACCREDIT
jerry-built INCONDITE
the last battle in a marriage CUSTODY
door frame piece JAMB
stream through a marsh BAYOU
pal of Archie Andrews JUGHEAD
oval ornamentation CARTOUCHE
sculpting tool CHISEL
of the working class PROLETARIAN
toiletry for the hair TONIC
finding the difference SUBTRACTION
primitive wingless insect SILVERFISH
turn to stone PETRIFY
unsettling DISQUIETING
affront OFFEND
reveal one's sins CONFESS
fresh delivery NEWBORN
self-government AUTONOMY
anticipatory PROACTIVE
get someone's dander up IRRITATE
science of office furniture ERGONOMICS
bit of gold or gossip NUGGET
hard to make out FAINT
alternative spelling VARIANT
tree bark layer CAMBIUM
story with a moral FABLE
small quake TREMOR
amphibian or stove SALAMANDER
on the hunt PREDATORY
file cabinet content FOLDER
garlicky dish SCAMPI
worked with a pickax, maybe MINED
work faster than OUTPACE
North Pole pioneer PEARY
bookmaking workshop BINDERY
ski hill mogul MOUND
in the direction of TOWARDS
collector's want list DESIDERATA
sleeping with one eye open WARY
cool feeling CHILL
mix together COMMINGLE
beef entrée BRISKET
give the okay to AUTHORIZE
cough syrup ingredient CODEINE
taking wing ALOFT
Nancy, to Ronald WIFE
meat avoider VEGAN
shy and reserved DIFFIDENT
entertainment AMUSEMENT
bottle opener CORKSCREW
hugging curves SKINTIGHT
movie FLICK
home of Queen Beatrix NETHERLANDS
under duress FORCED
citizen army MILITIA
trade association GUILD
map key LEGEND
old fashioned made new again RETRO
many thousands MILLIONS
like some airline flights OVERSOLD
what pro golf players sign SCORECARD
excessive UNDUE
turn a ship into the wind LUFF
whirring noise BURR
filé powder source SASSAFRAS
use an antiseptic DISINFECT
promenade dance CAKEWALK
sports jacket BLAZER
lodestone quality MAGNETISM
sobbed WEPT
debating ARGUING
capital of Washington OLYMPIA
removed aging lines, maybe AIRBRUSHED
exploding loudly FULMINATING
persistent diligence ASSIDUITY
like a turncoat DISLOYAL
with twisted humor WRYLY
bombastic OVERBLOWN
frees of knots UNSNARLS
get ready for a shower DISROBE
hornbeam variety IRONWOOD
serving as an intro to PREPARATORY
force (upon) FOIST
capital of Greece ATHENS
Polish dumpling PIEROGI
place for a pistol HOLSTER
Paul Revere was one SILVERSMITH
civil rights leader Rosa PARKS
because of that THEREFORE
common expressions IDIOMS
"exhausting" item TAILPIPE
like crossword patterns SYMMETRIC
general place LOCALITY
helicopter or blimp, e.g. AIRCRAFT
Collective Soul album DOSAGE
Yeltsin's predecessor GORBACHEV
M and N, for two CONSONANTS
without a key ATONAL
neighed WHINNIED
between 90 and 180 degrees OBTUSE
persuasiveness COGENCY
extreme RABID
guarantee WARRANTY
lack of originality TRITENESS
journal DAYBOOK
Clark Gable costar Jean HARLOW
significant SUBSTANTIAL
CN Tower city TORONTO
instruction booklets MANUALS
lawn sport BOCCE
Arab rulers' realms SHEIKDOMS
coming apart, as a sweater UNRAVELING
in poor taste TACKY
like candlelit dinners ROMANTIC
looked up information about RESEARCHED
scattering STREWING
curving inward CONCAVE
turban or bonnet HEADDRESS
possibly false, as rumors UNCONFIRMED
insurance company employee ACTUARY
craft with two sets of wings BIPLANE
astronaut Alan SHEPARD
Italian seaport NAPLES
hammerlike kitchen tool TENDERIZER
hilly German city STUTTGART
Jennifer of tennis CAPRIATI
steers actors DIRECTS
billiards shot MASSE
NASCAR's "Intimidator" EARNHARDT
compete CONTEND
came to an end CEASED
make changes to MODIFY
Russian author Fyodor DOSTOEVSKY
how desperate people plead URGENTLY
stamp put on precious metal HALLMARK
corrosive CAUSTIC
pale yellow flowers PRIMROSES
cautious CAREFUL
one who has trouble sleeping INSOMNIAC
six o'clock program NEWSCAST
no longer found on Earth EXTINCT
playwright Oscar WILDE
crab or lobster CRUSTACEAN
law-breaking street crosser JAYWALKER
investigative journalist Bob WOODWARD
laugh shrilly CACKLE
sensible RATIONAL
indirect, as a glance SIDELONG
sagged DROOPED
foolish behavior IDIOCY
self-satisfied smile SMIRK
amount a wagon can hold CARTLOAD
without mercy REMORSELESS
stern enforcement of laws CLAMPDOWN
more piercing SHREWDER
tutor of Alexander the Great ARISTOTLE
preoccupation DISTRACTION
high-minded IDEALISTIC
forks out SPENDS
Indian instrument SITAR
cassettes AUDIOTAPES
hardest to locate RAREST
young lad STRIPLING
actress Deneuve CATHERINE
adhering STICKING
softly hit fly balls BLOOPS
it's often hard to take ADVICE
sending in REMITTING
sitcom actress Taylor HOLLAND
smelled awful REEKED
storage building SHED
belittle MINIMIZE
handle very roughly MAUL
more dowdy-looking FRUMPIER
kind of medal or flame OLYMPIC
country singer Twain SHANIA
foreign films may have them SUBTITLES
large light fixture CHANDELIER
crossing illegally JAYWALKING
imperfect FLAWED
crooner Johnny MATHIS
made a gesture MOTIONED
shore birds GULLS
without any question DOUBTLESS
banking (on) RELYING
dull and monotonous DRAB
beseeched ENTREATED
got in the way of OBSTRUCTED
state forming heel of Italy APULIA
China's most populous city SHANGHAI
cricketing big shots SIXES
Guerlain's flagship perfume SHALIMAR
defying description INEFFABLE
savior RESCUER
heretical activity ICONOCLASM
signals a taxi HAILS
studied at the last minute CRAMMED
Bush's vice president QUAYLE
mistreated ABUSED
handling's partner SHIPPING
attacked all of a sudden AMBUSHED
skin problem PSORIASIS
happy JOVIAL
ancestry paths BLOODLINES
cutting 50% HALVING
flyleaf components ENDPAPERS
theater workforce STAGEHANDS
voice amplifier, briefly MIKE
egg parts WHITES
carry on WAGE
sending in tax forms FILING
did away with ABOLISHED
seabird in the auk family GUILLEMOT
say terrible things about BADMOUTH
parts of the spine VERTEBRAE
writing hastily SCRIBBLING
burdened LADEN
giving flirty signals WINKING
parts of a fleet SHIPS
female hormone ESTROGEN
estrangement ALIENATION
going over the specifics of DETAILING
with equanimity PATIENTLY
courtroom rulings JUDGMENTS
sheds feathers MOLTS
slip-on shoes LOAFERS
two-legged animals BIPEDS
proceed unsteadily BUMBLE
passing by ELAPSING
vulgarity COARSENESS
oodles GOBS
keeps going PERPETUATES
drained off SIPHONED
crazily eccentric SCREWBALL
guns of a warship BATTERY
one of a certain card suit DIAMOND
South American river PLATE
cover for head in bed NIGHTCAP
helicopter CHOPPER
guilty party PERPETRATOR
airplane shopping catalog SKYMALL
be a traitor to BACKSTAB
certain Middle Easterner KUWAITI
less speedy SLOWER
contaminating TAINTING
belonging to the past ANTIQUE
it may be past due BILL
reminiscent of one's past NOSTALGIC
past its heyday OBSOLETE
days past HISTORY
simple past tense PRETERIT
line filing past PROCESSION
comic "Pinhead" ZIPPY
"Gettysburg Address" word FOREFATHERS
in plain view UNDISGUISED
element #63 EUROPIUM
some orange juice has it PULP
person with a picket sign PROTESTER
makes progress GAINS
mild, white cheese MOZZARELLA
worker in coffee bar BARISTA
common viral disease INFLUENZA
monochrome painting CHIAROSCURO
complete failure FIASCO
projected sequence of events SCENARIO
short, musical entr'acte INTERMEZZO
inflexible RIGID
an easy task PICNIC
close-fitting TIGHT
hot foodstuff CHILI
Georgian capital TBILISI
nearly overflowing BRIMMING
mammals in the main WHALES
not making sense INCOHERENT
low rate of interest BOREDOM
Land Cruiser manufacturer TOYOTA
metal containers ORES
intestines VISCERA
Siberian city OMSK
French appetizer RILLETTES
foamy Italian dessert ZABAGLIONE
dry-roasted Indian meat TIKKA
crispy tortilla TOSTADA
Caribbean stew CALLALOO
starchy African staple FUFU
German pot roast SAUERBRATEN
it's on the house ROOF
political predictors POLLS
Malcolm's dad actor Bryan CRANSTON
lingering doubt SKEPTICISM
lawyer's daily grind CASEWORK
better suited for basketball TALLER
child who attends classes SCHOOLKID
crowned CORONATE
in a plucky fashion GAMELY
raised voice FALSETTO
political propaganda AGITPROP
break up the surface of SCARIFY
a "trying" time PROBATION
loosen restrictions on LIBERALIZE
res lechera VACA
gema chino JADE
lo que usaba Velázquez PINCEL
objeto reflector ESPEJO
molusco baboso CARACOL
producto contra las polillas NAFTALINA
chaqueta sin mangas CHALECO
escritor cubano MARTÍ
uno de los estados mexicanos TLAXCALA
vecino de la RD HAITÍ
utensilio para asegurar ABRAZADERA
resultado de cortar cebollas LÁGRIMAS
instrumento de percusión GÜIRO
respuesta agradecida GRACIAS
otra palabra para melocotón DURAZNO
tipo de semilla SÉSAMO
nuez verde PISTACHO
paleta de la cocina ESPÁTULA
colocar uno al lado de otro YUXTAPONER
cacerola para calentar agua OLLA
arroz quemado al fondo PEGADO
board game with discs OTHELLO
mortarboard feature TASSEL
went on board EMBARKED
worker with an emery board MANICURIST
go back to the drawing board RESTART
blackboard site CLASSROOM
leader of an executive board CHAIRPERSON
entrance hall VESTIBULE
iron castle gate PORTCULLIS
entrance into society DEBUT
mine entrance ADIT
doorway PORTAL
turnstile in an entrance WICKET
hotel entrance LOBBY
it works in a cell ORGANELLE
a super-superstore HYPERMARKET
without effect POINTLESSLY
environmental impact FOOTPRINT
opposite of enervate ENERGIZE
carrying excess flesh FLABBY
infamously NOTORIOUSLY
ROM-housed programs FIRMWARE
forestalling PRECLUDING
glow with heat INCANDESCE
Old English Sheepdog's paint DULUX
sudden failing TANKING
a flibbertigibbet CHATTERER
wound round wound BANDAGED
republic in Siberia KHAKASSIA
pertaining to a master MAGISTERIAL
spraying briefly SPRITZING
presented a TV program FRONTED
best or worst OUTSMART
grapple WRESTLE
detalle PORMENOR
construcción defensiva MURALLA
palanca de saltos TRAMPOLÍN
combustible fósil PETRÓLEO
marca italiana de moda GUCCI
descanso entre clases RECREO
depósito de agua subterráneo POZO
public convenience RESTROOM
complained a bit GRUMBLED
prepares chicken for frying FLOURS
folk music singer Ives BURL
internet gateways MODEMS
unclothed BARE
sneezer's need HANKY
made a joke JESTED
actress Bertinelli VALERIE
it won't be in a dictionary NONWORD
protested bitterly INVEIGHED
they're no fun KILLJOYS
kid-lit heroine Longstocking PIPPI
prudent preparation PROVIDENCE
old Scottish dukedom ALBANY
treaty CONCORD
lively 1920s dance CHARLESTON
kind of sole DOVER
luxury American car LINCOLN
musical American family JACKSON
one who helps the team win GAMEBREAKER
bread-making stage RISING
train-pivoting platform TURNTABLE
behave like a glutton GORGE
illegally copying PIRATING
groovy carpentry tool ROUTER
"Only You" vocalizers PLATTERS
jumping the tracks DERAILING
the future, perhaps TENSE
localized downdraft MICROBURST
Siberian peninsula TAYMYR
cupbearer SAUCER
feldspar mineral LABRADORITE
possible to do FEASIBLE
dessert with strawberries SHORTCAKE
Strawberry in baseball DARRYL
strawberry hair shade BLONDE
strawberry seed ACHENE
strawberry roan, for one HORSE
strawberries FRAGARIA
"Wild Strawberries" director BERGMAN
just deserts COMEUPPANCE
was in possession of OWNED
Russian city near Urals CHELYABINSK
divide by cutting SEVER
lacking in feeling HEARTLESS
UK supermarket chain WAITROSE
shed tears WEEP
scene of engagement BATTLEFRONT
being unable to stand HATING
shock by behaving badly SCANDALIZE
in an evasive manner SHIFTILY
Romanian Gothic castle city HUNEDOARA
person in suit PLAINTIFF
having three points TRICUSPID
like some offenses PARDONABLE
deportment MIEN
roaming about WANDERING
toy cube inventor RUBIK
envelope parts FLAPS
Warner Brothers' hometown YOUNGSTOWN
holds back STEMS
conned SCAMMED
groups like OPEC CARTELS
peruse a second time REREAD
long runs MARATHONS
personally gave HANDED
stunt flyer BARNSTORMER
ciao and ta-ta FAREWELLS
largest Dutch university UTRECHT
getting rid of REMOVING
small changes ADJUSTMENTS
reflexive pronoun ITSELF
sitting rooms PARLORS
sun protection VISOR
tells wrongly MISINFORMS
world's largest island lake NETTILLING
one who tells tales FIBSTER
decelerated SLOWED
motorcycle attachments SIDECARS
outwitted, predictably OUTGUESSED
wrath ANGER
like justified titles CENTERED
one's descendants OFFSPRING
northern sky constellation PEGASUS
surface sediment PLACER
yearned for CRAVED
unhooked a fish DISGORGED
moved the meeting elsewhere ADJOURNED
like the best achievements CROWNING
fidgets SQUIRMS
strike with force CLOBBER
one-story cottages BUNGALOWS
singer "Mama" Elliot CASS
shining lightly AGLIMMER
environment-related ECOLOGICAL
worked a keyboard TYPED
no-cost programs FREEWARE
person good at planning STRATEGIST
not very modern OLDFANGLED
prepared to propose KNELT
wrestles GRAPPLES
a group of badgers CETE
aimless, shiftless person DRIFTER
pitifully badly LAMENTABLY
Finnish national epic KALEVALA
not bothered UNPERTURBED
landlocked Italian region UMBRIA
off the wall UNORTHODOX
vanity CONCEIT
makes conform to a standard NORMALIZES
carried out, as laws ENFORCED
like keys in one's pocket JINGLY
Dole's 1996 running mate KEMP
a popular, early PDA PALMPILOT
tugboat line TOWROPE
Northern Ireland city DERRY
cartoonist Guisewite CATHY
"Corner of the Sky" musical PIPPIN
element #100 FERMIUM
putting back in the soil REPLANTING
looked over, with "out" SCOPED
gym machine for climbing STAIRMASTER
certainty SURENESS
easternmost US capital AUGUSTA
close election procedure RECOUNT
Ford and Ferrari AUTOMAKERS
made sure you were right CHECKED
purchased, as a mobile app DOWNLOADED
holds onto KEEPS
president after Jefferson MADISON
broke down CONKED
burn slowly, without flame SMOLDER
in lavish fashion SUMPTUOUSLY
fish-eating diving bird LOON
jam, pickle or stew MESS
precipitous ridge of land ESCARPMENT
had another look at REEXAMINED
door fastener HASP
DVD format, sometimes LETTERBOX
pleasant quality NICENESS
sofa pads CUSHIONS
comic actress Drescher FRAN
stomach ailments ULCERS
fail to please DISSATISFY
in a graceless manner GAUCHELY
needing an inhaler ASTHMATIC
place of saltwater creatures OCEANARIUM
sculptor from Florence DONATELLO
ten to the twenty-fourth SEPTILLION
they question everything SKEPTICS
marine-sourced animal feed FISHMEAL
what's seen at Belmont Park HORSEFLESH
spend time aimlessly LALLYGAG
eighth Greek letter THETA
"constant" scientist Amedeo AVOGADRO
prickly-tempered SPIKY
Swiss chocolate brand SUCHARD
sticking fast ADHERING
golfer Palmer, to fans ARNIE
trimming, as a picture CROPPING
dragging out PROLONGING
big name in encyclopedias BRITANNICA
still not explained UNCLARIFIED
thwarts FOILS
positive happenstance FORTUITY
doing time IMPRISONED
timeless ETERNAL
behind the times ANTIQUATED
timetable SCHEDULE
for a time TEMPORARILY
time machine CHRONOMETER
take out the bubbles DEAERATE
floor-to-ceiling snapshot PHOTOMURAL
like most brochures TRIFOLD
deprive of a right DISINHERIT
brand of soap ZEST
confuse someone BEMUDDLE
shop that sells cooked meats CHARCUTERIE
otter's lair HOLT
"ER" actress Julianna MARGULIES
Bond villainess Colonel Rosa KLEBB
getting rid of wrinkles SMOOTHING
turnips, in Scotland NEEPS
Australian telecom company TELSTRA
cow-buffalo hybrids BEEFALOS
to talk incessantly EARBASH
native born INDIGENOUS
weekend market in Hobart SALAMANCA
pasture grass PASPALUM
Victorian city on the Murray MILDURA
imposter BUNYIP
farmyard occupants CHOOKS
retriever dogs LABRADORS
permanently marked SCARRED
not that old YOUNGISH
making a mistake BLUNDERING
rushing suddenly in IRRUPTIVE
spread in disorder DISHEVEL
without enlightenment BENIGHTEDLY
"growing" interest GARDENING
"Hugo" director Martin SCORSESE
index annoyance HANGNAIL
do a lineman's job BLOCK
closed teeth ZIPPED
kept from biting, as a dog MUZZLED
name on a phone ID CALLER
stop from happening AVERT
prevent with prior action FORESTALL
forceful prevention SUPPRESSION
prevent the occurrence of OBVIATE
frustrate THWART
what Smokey wants prevented FIRES
prevent from seeing BLINDFOLD
what truth is stranger than FICTION
"Honey" singer Bobby GOLDSBORO
Chinese dialect HOKKIEN
destructive effects RAVAGES
not sitting straight SLOUCHY
like Elizabeth II QUEENLY
with faithfulness LOYALLY
voraciously HUNGRILY
frying pans SKILLETS
lumber industry LOGGING
baseball field DIAMOND
reversed, as an action UNDID
particular CERTAIN
witty lines ZINGERS
Chevy Chase role FLETCH
Asa Butterfield role HUGO
Audrey Hepburn role SABRINA
Greta Garbo role NINOTCHKA
Will Smith role HITCH
Tippi Hedren role MARNIE
Christopher Reeve role SUPERMAN
a duck, for example WADDLER
incumbent BEARER
they emerge from eggs HATCHLINGS
science of musical sounds HARMONICS
composition FORMULATION
merchant ships FREIGHTERS
diminished DWINDLED
inky cap, for example MUSHROOM
Ted, of sitcom "Ink" DANSON
Ink Spots hit ALWAYS
inkwell site DESK
most inky BLACKEST
inkjet, say PRINTER
ink blot test creator RORSCHACH
like many new houses MORTGAGED
from Dhaka, maybe BANGLADESHI
listening closely ATTENTIVE
publicity agent FLACK
semiannual occurrences SOLSTICES
unrefined oil CRUDE
second baseman Roberto ALOMAR
belief in utter simplicity MINIMALISM
having the most victories WINNINGEST
popular pear variety BOSC
distributor ISSUER
having more spirit SPUNKIER
big name in cruise lines NORWEGIAN
higher in quality BETTER
traverses a runway TAXIES
overcame an obstacle HURDLED
in a deep-down way INHERENTLY
iPhone rivals, briefly DROIDS
using a rebus to denote SYMBOLIZING
neighbor of a Senegalese GAMBIAN
"amusing" swimmer CLOWNFISH
working short term stints TEMPING
wise old man GRAYBEARD
candleholder TAPERSTICK
intensely passionate AFIRE
Alaskan Peninsula lake BECHAROF
mineral found in copper ore TENORITE
what we've done to "access" VERBIFY
situated beneath the tongue SUBLINGUAL
sense provided by the tongue TASTE
tongue of a bell CLAPPER
they're tied over the tongue LACES
holding one's tongue SILENT
tongue-lashing SCOLDING
Oscar winner Brando MARLON
poses an obstacle to HAMPERS
medicinal liquids POTIONS
marched like soldiers TROOPED
natural science branch GEOPHYSICS
more full of backtalk SASSIER
scary movies CHILLERS
in a cheap manner THRIFTILY
people with short fuses FIREBALLS
fired (up) PEPPED
more out of practice RUSTIER
narrow waterways CHANNELS
electric guitar amp dial REVERB
some artsy movies INDIES
brick-trimming tool SCUTCH
musical symbol CLEF
reciprocal action INTERPLAY
deep cuts GASHES
sways from side to side WADDLES
insipidity BLANDNESS
Baseball Hall of Famer "Yaz" YASTRZEMSKI
insubstantial TENUOUS
subject to a law suit LITIGABLE
historic San Diego bridge CABRILLO
sandy expanse on the ocean SEABEACH
neglected SHIRKED
four-wheeled vehicle WAGON
skinny THIN
animal skin HIDE
thin-skinned SENSITIVE
by the skin of one's teeth NARROWLY
skinflint MISER
skincare product MOISTURIZER
quarrels RUCTIONS
curve-cutting tool for wood JIGSAW
number of years in a score TWENTY
one undertaking an EVA SPACEWALKER
bird of prey's talon POUNCE
not planned or expected CHANCE
drawing together for a cause RALLYING
implementing, as the law ENFORCING
covers a present GIFTWRAPS
more opalescent MILKIER
they can be saturated FATS
Stephanie or Efrem ZIMBALIST
lawyer's aides PARALEGALS
"Rock Me Amadeus" singer FALCO
clearing in forests GLADES
disco singer Houston THELMA
act of flowing away OUTPOUR
going away from the norm DEVIATING
cushions PADS
protests in court OBJECTS
in a pathetic manner SORRILY
having rosy cheeks, say WINDBURNED
lack of slack TAUTNESS
best-selling author Murakami HARUKI
in an emotionless way ROBOTICALLY
Olympic skater Katarina WITT
how a servant works MENIALLY
rare, of meat UNDERDONE
rarebit ingredient CHEESE
rarefied REFINED
rarely SELDOM
rare earth element, Yb YTTERBIUM
rare kind of moon BLUE
rare, endangered pig breed MULEFOOT
new or unusual NOVEL
1930 Greta Garbo movie ROMANCE
spun thread YARN
"a" or "the" ARTICLE
Elizabeth Arden fragrance FANTASY
familiarize through study VERSE
former video rental chain BLOCKBUSTER
pre-bankruptcy safety net BAILOUT
in a striking manner ARRESTINGLY
hold as an opinion SUPPOSE
legal term for progeny ISSUE
start a process ACTUATE
"Off The Wall" shoe brand VANS
Levi's khaki brand DOCKERS
heebie-jeebies JITTERS
hopeful ASPIRANT
harmonious TUNEFUL
corresponded TALLIED
bursts of missiles VOLLEYS
Mexican meals ENCHILADAS
large fishing hook GAFF
gain with effort ACHIEVE
fast, long-eared animals HARES
Homer and Marge SIMPSONS
crushed GROUND
updo fastener HAIRPIN
former docks area in London DEPTFORD
it precedes surgery INCISION
"rip-off" fastener VELCRO
only British PM assassinated PERCEVAL
immaculately PRISTINELY
fipple flute FLAGEOLET
he's a dreamer FANTASIST
send again RETRANSMIT
TV "Shark" Lori GREINER
solid fuel storage facility COALSHED