7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
type of hook GRAPPLING
looking for treasure, say HUNTING
exhausted, with "out" TUCKERED
household life DOMESTICITY
wearers of red noses CLOWNS
soaks up like a sponge ABSORBS
was a dilettante DABBLED
esophagus neighbor PHARYNX
weeding or vacuuming CHORE
become French GALLICIZE
comes together COALESCES
looked for gold PANNED
profound respect VENERATION
painting gear COVERALLS
speak incoherently SPLUTTER
seal in ENCLOSE
cause to scatter DISPEL
sit motionless, as water STAGNATE
beachfront SoCal city MALIBU
sandwich restaurant chain BLIMPIE
more gangly LANKIER
early film director D.W. GRIFFITH
performing DOING
willing to be mentored COACHABLE
taffy quality CHEWINESS
singing Crow SHERYL
quarters for collegians DORMS
running back's maneuver JUKE
like a generous chance SPORTING
lengthened the duration of PROLONGED
without mental clarity UNCERTAIN
regards with antipathy DISLIKES
Lake Baikal's republic BURYATIA
satisfying all criteria DEFINITIVE
exchanged views informally CONVERSED