7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
fancy supper BANQUET
bending easily PLIABLE
flying grasshopper LOCUST
baked fruit pastry STRUDEL
explodes violently ERUPTS
unkind practical joke PRANK
Larry, Moe, and Curly STOOGES
conquer VANQUISH
cause loss of respect TARNISH
artificial PLASTIC
replete with happiness JOYOUS
leftovers REMNANTS
speedometer pointer NEEDLE
disappears VANISHES
make possible ENABLE
given a chance to accept OFFERED
left ground at high speed LAUNCHED
formal noon meal LUNCHEON
"Hollywood Squares" regular PANELIST
take a risk VENTURE
light banter BADINAGE
show signs of stress FRAZZLE
skeleton's secret location CLOSET
cartilage GRISTLE
cut a hole through PIERCE
tied package BUNDLE
one who accompanies CHAPERONE
game with letter tiles SCRABBLE
youngest daughter of Lear CORDELIA
"Take Five" composer DESMOND
everyday COMMON
fear of strangers XENOPHOBIA
discard JUNK
makes full use of WIELDS
drive from cover FLUSH
evergreen coniferous tree CYPRESS
cannonball effect SPLASH
loop of rope BIGHT
study of abnormal behavior PSYCHIATRY
toiletry in small bottles PERFUME
permissible LEGAL
fruity toast spread JELLY
perceive with one's nose SMELL
shallow saltwater body LAGOON
modest amount SMATTERING
keyboard symbol AMPERSAND
firm up HARDEN
maid or butler SERVANT
young clam LITTLENECK
medieval weapon MACE
skeptical person NAYSAYER
over and over OFTEN
four cups QUART
tip over UPEND
movie star ACTOR
Swiss or Samsoe CHEESE
tire brand FIRESTONE
put together ASSEMBLE
slangy snowboarder SHREDDER
D-28 guitar maker MARTIN
he wins by an "arrow margin" ARCHER
repulsive person SLIMEBALL
take over a flight SKYJACK
pitcher's rubber SLAB
place to buy meals RESTAURANT
wall surrounding your yard FENCE
till the end of time FOREVER
after hours cleaner JANITOR
"active" mountain VOLCANO
airplane storage building HANGAR
shot to the chin UPPERCUT
for a short time BRIEFLY
unwavering ADAMANT
grazing area FIELD
state flower of Nevada SAGEBRUSH
in good health HALE
discrete quantity of energy QUANTUM
treasure box CHEST
conquer OVERCOME
go beyond expectations SURPASS
having soreness ACHING
speech that lacks feeling RHETORIC
twisted hairdos BRAIDS
ask for a hand in marriage PROPOSE
in a dire condition MORIBUND
Chester Arthur's home state VERMONT
crowd's grumble MURMUR
finger joint KNUCKLE
stomach area BELLY
crisscrossing framework LATTICE
like some routers WIRELESS
only dismissed Aussie PM WHITLAM
like a cane toad POISONOUS
carry on PERSIST
go belly up FAIL
fibrous plant KURRAJONG
stir up, as trouble INCITE
ambulance sound SIREN
put on the scale WEIGH
person you can't believe LIAR
work in front of an audience PERFORM
burden LOAD
thin pasta VERMICELLI
do harm to DAMAGE
light-colored hair BLONDE
constant and reliable STEADFAST
following orders OBEDIENT
high chest of drawers CHIFFONIER
fleshy root of a plant TUBER
carrying a lot of weight OBESE
partner of blood FLESH
underwear or where it's kept DRAWERS
razor user SHAVER
artificial FAKE
substitution REPLACEMENT
annoying jerk TWIT
initials MONOGRAM
big name in pianos STEINWAY
pleasant to be around AFFABLE
um, er, well ... HESITATION
plunger, sometimes DETONATOR
diverse VARIOUS
state of being CONDITION
cite as evidence ADDUCE
make cheerful BRIGHTEN
spreading CONTAGIOUS
Maxima maker NISSAN
ridiculous GOOFY
red root vegetables BEETS
shipwreck survivor CASTAWAY
salvation REDEMPTION
not easily understood RECONDITE
useful for flying WINGS
protect from harm SHIELD
fender bender MISHAP
common bait ANGLEWORM
difficult predicament MESS
change the subject DISTRACT
be of the same opinon CONCUR
abducted into service SHANGHAIED
derivative TV show SPINOFF
system of metal currency COINAGE
containing iron FERRIC
protruding SALIENT
badminton target SHUTTLECOCK
pass by ELAPSE
mizzenmast sail SPANKER
having a big belly PAUNCHY
tingling sensation PRICKLE
additional FURTHER
swing back and forth VACILLATE
virus stopper FIREWALL
exiled people DIASPORA
perform, as a dive EXECUTE
not very bright IDIOTIC
medley of musical themes FANTASIA
spread abroad DISSEMINATE
giving lots of leeway PERMISSIVE
desiring to help others BENEVOLENT
band or dentist's activity DRILLING
showing good manners COURTEOUS
splash up water DABBLE
gneiss or granite ROCK
cordial AMIABLE
poetic foot ANAPEST
inventiveness CREATIVITY
polished ELEGANT
discovery FIND
a man's castle, they say HOME
passport requirement PHOTO
lasting briefly MOMENTARY
sparkling crown TIARA
insanely foolish act LUNACY
sweet-smelling AROMATIC
order from the court MANDATE
where Genghis Khan ruled MONGOLIA
hand protector POTHOLDER
your mileage may vary, e.g. DISCLAIMER
something about to happen IMMINENCE
put back in the theater RERELEASE
in days of old ONCE
art created with acid ETCHING
practicing doctor CLINICIAN
unable to find the way LOST
penny-pinching THRIFT
in the eleventh hour DESPERATE
argued against DISPUTED
make well CURE
serious argument QUARREL
Humphrey Bogart film CASABLANCA
King Arthur's castle CAMELOT
bicycle feature KICKSTAND
crestfallen SUBDUED
suspension of fine particles AEROSOL
foolish talk DRIVEL
beaver's home LODGE
funny girl COMEDIENNE
cod-like fish BURBOT
movie set electrician GAFFER
prove to be in error CONFUTE
pine (for) YEARN
speedy falcon PEREGRINE
parachute opener RIPCORD
storage building WAREHOUSE
scrap with many blows SLUGFEST
caused resentment RANKLED
wrist guards BRACERS
by way of THROUGH
town map PLAT
odd behavior QUIRKINESS
make over REWORK
military fortification BLOCKHOUSE
prevent or hinder FORECLOSE
very pleased CHUFFED
cycling muscles QUADRICEPS
current unit AMPERE
bright tropical bird TROGON
like a raspberry bush THORNY
humble beggar SUPPLICANT
mountain climbers' caps BALACLAVAS
turned red BLUSHED
eradicating EXPUNGING
refined metal SMELTED
football pass pattern BUTTONHOOK
wrote news about COVERED
jewelry maker GOLDSMITH
keyboard instrument HARMONIUM
in a clear manner LUCIDLY
travel the world GLOBETROT
hanging jewelry PENDANT
Ferris Bueller player BRODERICK
near and far, for example ANTONYMS
museum worker CURATOR
Hartford's home CONNECTICUT
member of the Fab Four MCCARTNEY
at that time THEN
crunchy snack brand FRITOS
planes and trains VEHICLES
bug-building kid's game COOTIE
risky investments SPECULATION
commotion CLAMOR
coming to a point TAPERING
like raisins and jerky DRIED
unnoticed OVERLOOKED
former Iranian rulers SHAHS
Spanish conquistador CORONADO
more overcast CLOUDIER
like vertebrates SPINED
Madonna or Cher MONONYM
recessions DOWNTURNS
knot again RETIE
song sung alone SOLO
curbs' locales ROADSIDES
diner employee BUSBOY
skilled storyteller RACONTEUR
height of a wave AMPLITUDE
Pakistan's capital ISLAMABAD
local court judge MAGISTRATE
source of chicle SAPODILLA
distract SIDETRACK
receptacle for sweepings DUSTBIN
showing again in slo-mo, say REPLAYING
hold in one's hand WIELD
performed at the circus JUGGLED
make blanket statements GENERALIZE
people available to work MANPOWER
decorate anew REFURBISH
gave pleasure to GRATIFIED
river flowing through Vienna DANUBE
add inferior elements to ADULTERATE
value WORTH
cosmonaut Yuri GAGARIN
telling the story NARRATING
find a new use for REPURPOSE
Monday or Friday evening WEEKNIGHT
noisy quarrel AFFRAY
Tennessee city CHATTANOOGA
official in Muslim countries VIZIER
library book activity CIRCULATION
slender SLIM
detects with one's nose SMELLS
element #9 FLUORINE
uneven, as a career CHECKERED
numbskull DUNDERHEAD
elevator controls BUTTONS
British colony in Spain GIBRALTAR
bric-a-brac shelf WHATNOT
what a student reads from SCHOOLBOOK
with little force LIGHTLY
lively piano song BOOGIE
new and better idea INNOVATION
got smaller SHRUNK
imposing nightclub employee BOUNCER
short hairstyle PAGEBOY
extremely tired FATIGUED
rotational force TORQUE
oneness UNITY
gown worn to bed NIGHTDRESS
difficult to carry UNWIELDY
hot time of year MIDSUMMER
Reynolds roll TINFOIL
adding a vocal track DUBBING
makes baby noises GURGLES
secondary painting image PENTIMENTO
Australian word for gas pump BOWSER
sudden marriage ELOPEMENT
rubs the wrong way IRKS
cabbage salad SLAW
"Superstar" singers CARPENTERS
spiral-shaped HELICOID
Beethoven's 21st sonata WALDSTEIN
wildcatter's quest GUSHER
newspaper pages BROADSHEETS
in a misleading manner DECEPTIVELY
shrivel with heat PARCH
climactic point CULMINATION
wacky quality DAFFINESS
large city in Morocco MARRAKESH
head of the board, often CHAIRMAN
coal and oil, for example FUELS
it's often added to water FLUORIDE
deep-space energy sources QUASARS
facing the pitcher BATTING
Kenny G, for one SAXOPHONIST
they might be civil RIGHTS
stripped off PEELED
large cats COUGARS
shook up UNNERVED
brings back RETRIEVES
it might cause an "aha" REALIZATION
lack of propriety INDECORUM
section for mothers CAESARIAN
steps over a wall STILE
small mountain lake TARN
jumbo pilot MAHOUT
lacking a story PLOTLESS
intermittent FITFUL
certain trig functions TANGENTS
kind of nurse or ward PSYCHIATRIC
Arab chiefs SHEIKS
greeted the villain HISSED
Keats and Yeats POETS
like an outdoorsy girl TOMBOYISH
stag topper ANTLER
going to bed RETIRING
thick cuts SLABS
part of a football helmet CHINSTRAP
measuring cup material PYREX
least important man on board PAWN
major language of India BENGALI
plant overseer BOTANIST
not challenged UNDISPUTED
gets overemotional GUSHES
like a medium-rare steak PINKISH
young haddock SCROD
servant's uniform LIVERY
closed tightly SEALED
house-painting need ROLLER
straightens out, in a way UNCOILS
gently teased NEEDLED
refinery residue SLAG
work of a bulldozer EARTHMOVING
complain, in England WHINGE
French greeting BONJOUR
store for animal owners PETCO
some protests BOYCOTTS
noshing MUNCHING
acclaimed actress Susan SARANDON
makes light of TRIVIALIZES
popular Colorado ski resort VAIL
kind of reasoning DEDUCTIVE
treacherous INSIDIOUS
Tim Taylor and Wilson, e.g. NEIGHBORS
gave an appellation NAMED
most uninhabited EMPTIEST
it merged with Martin LOCKHEED
artist Matisse HENRI
defensible TENABLE
puffed out hairstyle BOUFFANT
type of crew cut FLATTOP
slicked back hairstyle DUCKTAIL
Veronica Lake's hairstyle PEEKABOO
type of braids CORNROWS
rolled under hairstyle PAGEBOY
short hairstyle for women PIXIE
fashion designer Liz CLAIBORNE
small, portable blade PENKNIFE
kind of piano GRAND
famous Western sidekick TONTO
website with recipes EPICURIOUS
shindig attendee PARTYGOER
it's usually shorter MINIDRESS
blood orange variety MORO
blood vessel in the neck JUGULAR
blue blood ARISTOCRAT
blood component HEMOGLOBIN
bloodhound features JOWLS
top blood pressure number SYSTOLIC
bad blood ANIMOSITY
delivering news REPORTING
Internet commentary site WEBLOG
bakery chain seen in malls CINNABON
historic Spanish city CORDOBA
soldier who maintains order PEACEKEEPER
threadlike bits FIBERS
what x-ray film is made of CELLULOID
cricketer who throws ball BOWLER
soccer manager Sir Matt BUSBY
country in Central America PANAMA
casual sailor BOATER
small container PILLBOX
Crimean War battle BALACLAVA
engine cover, in Britain BONNET
not straight CURVING
go straight REFORM
finger-straightening muscle EXTENSOR
straight ticket BALLOT
Oscar winner Straight BEATRICE
straight from the garden FRESH
straight path BEELINE
in a lively manner SPRYLY
Irish county WEXFORD
ruler manufacturer KINGMAKER
has the best suit TRUMPS
hilarious RIOTOUS
a missing portion LACUNA
racewalking trophy LUGANO
table tennis cup CORBILLON
ice hockey cup STANLEY
children's book medal NEWBERY
mystery writer's award EDGAR
golf cup RYDER
college football trophy HEISMAN
speaking indistinctly MUMBLING
gave off EXUDED
inward-curving shape CONCAVITY
Elena of the Supreme Court KAGAN
trash strewers LITTERBUGS
hidden CACHED
got around, in battle OUTFLANKED
moving like an asp SLITHERING
a catfish's 'whisker' BARBEL
severe censure STRICTURE
stoppage-unstopping devices PLUNGERS
quality sought in comedians JOCOSITY
retreat from a former stand BACKPEDAL
claridad del sol al amanecer CREPÚSCULO
cosa que genera movimiento MÚSCULO
tiene circunferencia CÍRCULO
después de noviembre DICIEMBRE
línea, cola FILA
trabajar la tierra CULTIVAR
donde se compran galletas PASTELERÍA
la que usas para comer CUCHILLERÍA
pérdida de todo el cabello ALOPECIA
degeneración mental DEMENCIA
estilo, gracia ELEGANCIA
sistema de creencias FILOSOFÍA
estudio de las piedras GEOLOGÍA
indígenas de Ecuador CAÑARIS
tipo de kiosco INFORMACIÓN
vecino de Rusia FINLANDIA
insecto que come madera TERMITA
insectos que viven en perros PULGAS
no sencillo COMPLEJO
3 pies, en los EEUU YARDA
effervescent BUBBLY
cheerful and gay BLITHE
cheerfully irresponsible CAREFREE
light-spirited BUOYANT
joyously unrestrained EXUBERANT
full of hope and joy CHIPPER
happy and cheerful JOCUND
big festive party WINGDING
try-for-free programs SHAREWARE
mingle at a party HOBNOB
tommyrot CLAPTRAP
Rachael Ray offering COOKBOOK
boring HUMDRUM
blockhead NITWIT
it fills a gap SPACER
two-toned resonant foghorn DIAPHONE
a musical adaptation ARRANGEMENT
delicious quality YUMMINESS
one who answers the call RESPONDER
imbued with a strong taste TANGED
votes for the affirmative AYES
an act of illegal seizure USURPATION
aristocratic rank BARONETCY
TV remote, colloquially CLICKER
word in coupon fine print REDEEMABLE
like prize-winning horses RIBBONED
top "drawer" LEONARDO
commodities trading company GLENCORE
express loathing for EXECRATE
showed disdain SNORTED
causing to be under water SUBMERGING
sphere of operations BAILIWICK
apprehensive doubt MISGIVING
flameante criatura DRAGÓN
lugar de aterrizaje PISTA
tocar de refilón ROZAR
incremento de la velocidad ACELERACIÓN
buscar una solución PENSAR
ir deprisa CORRER
plato italiano PIZZA
they're tardy LATECOMERS
cooked on the BBQ GRILLED
end of the world DOOMSDAY
high schoolers, typically TEENS
pine or spruce SOFTWOOD
macaque and marmoset SIMIANS
"Howards End" author FORSTER
falling fast PLUMMETING
wrote tentatively, maybe PENCILED
Dr. Seuss title character HORTON
masked critters RACCOONS
summary DIGEST
Venezuelan conductor Gustavo DUDAMEL
drink quickly CHUG
word that can follow B VITAMINS
word that can follow E COMMERCE
word that can follow G RATED
word that can follow T SQUARE
word that can follow U TURN
word that can follow X FACTOR
word that can follow Y CHROMOSOME
in a bad-tempered manner CRABBILY
making dirty SULLYING
being "catty" FELINITY
silencer in a piano DAMPER
lows MOOS
command INSTRUCT
precisely located PINPOINTED
world's smallest capital ADAMSTOWN
charming ENGAGING
having no inclination FLAT
individual in a pod WHALE
"last of" in Cooper's book MOHICAN
Little Jack Horner's find PLUM
group with horns ORCHESTRA
warriors wearing horns VIKINGS
place to hear horns TURNPIKE
hornbook PRIMER
ancient Greek drinking horn RHYTON
having hollow horns CAVICORN
imperfection FLAW
"willing" female TESTATRIX
coastal city of Montenegro KOTOR
Scandinavian herding people SAAMI
massively HUGELY
spooks SPIES
female fan AFICIONADA
uttered abruptly BARKED
a purple color AMARANTH
meditations MUSINGS
made regular, beating sound PULSATED
related to a given function ADJOINT
cricket legend Sachin TENDULKAR
print supplier FINGERTIP
creating volumes BOOKBINDING
made a muscle FLEXED
"Sharknado" network SYFY
South Pole location ANTARCTICA
Benny Goodman, for one CLARINETIST
crosses against the light JAYWALKS
in fighting shape TRIM
in a passionate manner INTENSELY
noisy activities COMMOTIONS
meshed together INTERLOCKED
Florida Senator Marco RUBIO
long journey ODYSSEY
CTS and Escalade, e.g. CADILLACS
make easier FACILITATE
put another way REPHRASED
lowly individual WORM
brought together at work UNIONIZED
push aside DEFLECT
media magnate Murdoch RUPERT
manufacturing MAKING
more ready for a nap DROWSIER
controversial DIVISIVE
still living EXTANT
hand bone METACARPAL
leather worker TANNER
baseball legend Rickey HENDERSON
Robin Williams sitcom role MORK
expensive fragrant oil SANDALWOOD
honey-glazed meats HAMS
appropriating TAKING
glossy quality SLICKNESS
like some pronouns INDEFINITE
river through the Alps RHONE
one of "The Golden Girls" SOPHIA
mall chain for Italian food SBARRO
moisture-repelling WATERTIGHT
opening, as a coin purse UNSNAPPING
witness BEHOLDER
pacifier, in England DUMMY
severity STERNNESS
formal jackets TAILCOATS
like some old buckets OAKEN
putting more gas into REFUELING
expert in jewels GEMOLOGIST
golf course benchmarks PARS
lean and bony ANGULAR
be in charge of a movie DIRECT
jazz singer Bobby MCFERRIN
decorative plasters STUCCOS
veteran TV actor Kyle MACLACHLAN
special schools ACADEMIES
lawyer's punishment DISBARMENT
shoe brand named for a cat PUMA
Lance Armstrong foundation LIVESTRONG
acting without words MIMING
like games at the very start SCORELESS
trifling (with) TOYING
actor Mortensen VIGGO
more up to the job ABLER
person providing oversight REGULATOR
undermined SABOTAGED
be certain of KNOW
separate silk into filaments SLEAVE
canine's neighbor BICUSPID
area seen when sea goes out TIDELAND
killing micro-organisms GERMICIDAL
capable of achieving result EFFICACIOUS
orange tools at Home Depot RIDGID
Japanese logic puzzle FUTOSHIKI
opened, as a gift UNWRAPPED
superimposed OVERLAID
in a chic manner FASHIONABLY
second pairings, in sports REMATCHES
Old Hollywood actress Lamarr HEDY
Estée Lauder line CLINIQUE
symbol of the typical female EVERYWOMAN
tinted HUED
having a little fight SQUABBLING
hip quality TRENDINESS
tiny models MINIATURES
beet variety CHARD
Usenet division NEWSGROUP
incitement PROVOCATION
small weights OUNCES
cooking quickly on high heat BROWNING
where merchandise is kept STOREHOUSE
a googol has 100 of them ZEROS
led the way GUIDED
comedian Janeane GAROFALO
serenity CALMNESS
like this puzzle, hopefully SOLVABLE
emulate a very picky boss MICROMANAGE
city of northern Australia DARWIN
completely destroys OBLITERATES
branch of engineering MECHANICAL
Khan of the Mongol Empire GENGHIS
put together CONFIGURE
messengers COURIERS
Mayflower landing site PLYMOUTH
one who doesn't enunciate MUMBLER
"Nice" lady FEMME
suggest in advance FORESHADOW
tennis exchanges RALLIES
marriage, for one INSTITUTION
asleep at the wheel UNALERT
sleeping uneasily TOSSING
deep sleep SOPOR
sleepwear PAJAMAS
sleeping bag user CAMPER
sleepytime song LULLABY
like sleepwalking SOMNAMBULIC
a drop in the bucket PITTANCE
drop a bundle OVERSPEND
drop the ball BLUNDER
drop off DECLINE
drop a line WRITE
get the drop on SURPRISE
at the drop of a hat INSTANTLY
without thought VACANTLY
firecracker WHIZZBANG
stream's source HEADSPRING
chat or gossip SCHMOOZE
Kalahari inhabitants BUSHMEN
ribbed TEASED
UK's longest river SEVERN
powerful bacterium SUPERBUG
plane body AIRFRAME
tactile quality of frogs SLIMINESS
he doles dailies NEWSAGENT
inconsolable newborn type COLICKY
leapt about playfully HOPSCOTCHED
native Australian ABORIGINE
Tasmanian river FRANKLIN
council reps ALDERMEN
eye protection SUNNIES
dam that services Sydney WARRAGAMBA
political party LIBERAL
lay off RETRENCH
most in need of a wash FILTHIEST
faucets, in Britain TAPS
like a spoiled child BRATTISH
Formula 1 driver Nico ROSBERG
of little worth PIFFLING
"off-the-wall" noises ECHOES
telling off REBUKING
opposite number COUNTERPART
income-generating movie GROSSER
essential organs VITALS
attractive, small caves GROTTOES
hit hard CLOBBERED
Italian Adriatic port BRINDISI
worries PERTURBS
quick ZIPPY
quid POUND
quit LEAVE
Italian coffee brand ILLY
elimination process EXCRETION
more tattered RAGGEDER
incapable of suffering harm IMPASSIBLE
achiote ANNATTO
Oscar winner Renée ZELLWEGER
English Leather, perhaps COLOGNE
Russian doll MATRYOSHKA
double Dutch need ROPES
French bread BAGUETTE
Portuguese man-of-war, say JELLYFISH
Swiss army knife maker VICTORINOX
Danish blue, for example CHEESE
a moist, damp feeling MUGGINESS
Citgo owner VENEZUELA
with an upturned nose SNOOTILY
Warsaw denizen POLE
side of a door frame JAMB
flirtatious woman COQUETTE
wicks in blocks of wax CANDLES
pertaining to summer ESTIVAL
"Summer" novelist Edith WHARTON
1970s singer Summer DONNA
"Summer Nights" musical GREASE
"Summertime" composer GERSHWIN
"Indian summer" season AUTUMN
summerhouse GAZEBO
way of cooking an egg CODDLING
from Land's End, perhaps CORNISH
walked softly PADDED
French novelist Gustave FLAUBERT
sartorially challenged SCRUFFY
sad-eyed quality TEARINESS
fish resembling cod HAKE
bathes LAVES
waive, as a fee COMP
throbbing PULSATING
angler's catches STRIPERS
popular weekend activity BARBEQUE
trait of tranquility PLACIDNESS
"average" males JOES
food poisoning bacterium LISTERIA
vertical plant part TAPROOT
from Lomé, perhaps TOGOLESE
in a sprightly manner JAUNTILY
colorful flowers POPPIES
cinema's Maggie or Jake GYLLENHAAL
burst in suddenly IRRUPT
paint like Jackson Pollock BESPATTER
inexperienced UNVERSED
Cy Young winner Clayton KERSHAW
Nobel-winning poet Pablo NERUDA
thin nails BRADS
sounding like an old tree CREAKING
like a handful of clay GLOBBY
grinning from ear to ear BEAMING
assaulting the ears STRIDENT
one wet behind the ears GREENHORN
science of the ear OTOLOGY
small ear of corn NUBBIN
"ear piece" LOBE
it has two earpieces STETHOSCOPE
fancy German autos BMWS
settled up PAID
court testimonies DEPOSITIONS
most lemon-like TARTEST
from Columbia or Raleigh CAROLINIAN
greater in width THICKER
string quartet members CELLISTS
characteristic of old age SENESCENT
mattress stuffer BEDSTRAW
nest together INTERFOLD
accomplishing by force MUSCLING
produced in large numbers SPAWNED
aircraft competition FLYOFF
early post-blaze plants FIREWEED
levee sites RIVERBANKS
BBC America airing BRITCOM
log cabin, for example TIMBERWORK
small freshwater swimmer PANFISH
Brazilian national park TUMUCUMAQUE
in an eye-catching manner ARRESTINGLY
novelist Cather WILLA
adds to AUGMENTS
Scottish actor McGregor EWAN
sparkles GLITTERS
banks, at times LENDERS
what good parents show INVOLVEMENT
like most resources, in time EXHAUSTIBLE
dirty deed CRIME
make dirty POLLUTE
one way to fight dirty BITE
dirty dog SCOUNDREL
"Dirty Dancing" star SWAYZE
dirty and neglected SQUALID
change the order of PERMUTE
plant with purple blooms HELIOTROPE
letter-substitution codes CIPHERS
name in an Eliot "Love Song" PRUFROCK
reacted to pollen, maybe SNEEZED
half of a third SIXTH
post-touchdown points CONVERSIONS
Clinton's rival, once DOLE
speaks boomingly THUNDERS
person from Mogadishu SOMALIAN
old counting tools ABACUSES
full of sticky stuff GLOPPY
plane sheds HANGARS
biology of organism's form MORPHOLOGY
not beyond words STATEABLE
lowest army rank PRIVATE
coolness NIFTINESS
make more than someone else OUTPRODUCE
famous duel participant BURR
Great Lakes mnemonic HOMES
played physically ROUGHHOUSED
irritates MIFFS
putting into a cipher ENCODING
tennis great Lendl IVAN
benefits of the job PERQUISITES
rapacious PREDACIOUS
with a projecting feature CORNICED
young girl MISSY
East Asian mushroom SHITAKE
ropes being pulled behind DRAGLINES
swampy MIRY
undo sharp opposition DEPOLARIZE
easy mark PATSY
easy to like AFFABLE
as easy as pie SIMPLE
Easy Bake Oven company KENNER
on easy street PROSPEROUS
within easy reach HANDY
one easily swayed PUSHOVER
how puzzle solvers think CEREBRALLY
Parisian luxury goods firm LVMH
small, cheap car ECONOBOX
lacking a central part CORELESS
how some stories are told ANECDOTALLY
plant family of hibiscus MALLOW
in a provincial manner PAROCHIALLY
drummer in The Roots QUESTLOVE
square root of 225 FIFTEEN
sideline rooter CHEERLEADER
"Roots" author Alex HALEY
food pigs root for TRUFFLE
line needing a Roto-Rooter SEWER
rooted to the spot PETRIFIED
Dodgers' lefty legend KOUFAX
ottomans' kin FOOTSTOOLS
1990s TV frontier doctor QUINN
where part of Sputnik landed MANITOWOC
Faroe Islands' largest city TORSHAVN
Syracuse team nickname ORANGE
axe handle HAFT
nonconformists ICONOCLASTS
region of eastern Canada LABRADOR
Glasgow art gallery KELVINGROVE
like a kid with chickenpox PUSTULAR
retreat, as a hairline RECEDE
in a furtive manner SLINKILY
seize what is right APPROPRIATE
manifesting violent emotions ERUPTING
marketing blogger Seth GODIN
yards "through the air" RECEIVING
bisect HALVE
not kind INCLEMENT
outside what is typical ANOMALOUS
caretaker of 101 dalmatians ANITA