7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
Shemp or Curly STOOGE
bearded lady's place SIDESHOW
stilettos, for example HEELS
with no mistakes CORRECTLY
one of three deliveries TRIPLET
Marcos, for one FILIPINO
shrinking back RECOILING
sailors' work song CHANTEY
sarcastic opposite meaning IRONY
sea voyage ending LANDFALL
when cons leave confinement JAILBREAK
ranch workers HANDS
devise or invent EXCOGITATE
Assad's troubled country SYRIA
hectic place MADHOUSE
fertilizer chemical NITRATE
North American turtle TERRAPIN
added vanilla to, say FLAVORED
green ogre of movies SHREK
mouse icon CURSOR
Atlantic seafood CODFISH
rowing equipment OARS
dishonest KNAVISH
trustbusters' targets MONOPOLIES
more comely PRETTIER
the Rebels of the NCAA UNLV
like a cactus PRICKLY
cleverer than everyone else BRAINIEST
picnic basket HAMPER
old-fashioned quality DATEDNESS
like some eyeglasses RIMLESS
popular cookies in England DIGESTIVES
burlap HESSIAN
sounds from a donkey BRAYS
Virginia Woolf, for one MODERNIST
annual music festival in TN BONNAROO
more stingy SKIMPIER
bans, in a way BLACKLISTS
"The Price is Right" host CAREY
came before ANTECEDED