7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
meowing pet HOUSECAT
prohibits FORBIDS
covered in spider silk COBWEBBED
moves slightly BUDGES
is relevant MATTERS
gave a ring TELEPHONED
a mollusk SCALLOP
band of soldiers TROOP
churned cream BUTTER
to fixate OBSESS
a Roman emperor HADRIAN
group of trees STAND
gesture of respect SALUTE
staple food RICE
losing hair BALDING
tangible MATERIAL
renown ACCLAIM
got back together REUNITED
outer portion EXTERIOR
Kansas City team ROYALS
clean a room with a broom SWEEP
bee attacks STINGS
change the reading to zero RESET
shoulder muscle DELTOID
capital of Georgia ATLANTA
silly person IMBECILE
butt, of course GLUTEUS
1,760 yards MILE
lacking depth and realism CARDBOARD
material made from jute GUNNY
union of two gametes ZYGOTE
part of a pistil STIGMA
business cost OVERHEAD
large-caliber guns ARTILLERY
take the wrong way MISCONSTRUE
take part in an election VOTE
comic strips FUNNIES
one ruling with an iron fist DESPOT
crossroads of South Pacific FIJI
make sure of ASCERTAIN
falling like water CASCADING
with arrogant confidence SMUGLY
problem handled by the CDC OUTBREAK
lines on a plank of wood GRAIN
fills to excess OVERLOADS
not in favor of AGAINST
biscuit ingredient BUTTERMILK
solve a cipher DECODE
funny insult ZINGER
courtroom event TRIAL
homeowner's document MORTGAGE
New York City nickname GOTHAM
casual rejection NOPE
reptile with a warning system RATTLESNAKE
time keeper CLOCK
witty exchange REPARTEE
very fast SPEEDY
bow missile ARROW
mental image VISION
way to serve eggs POACHED
long thin pasta CAPELLINI
symbol used to denote a word SIGLUM
presumptuous fellow JACKANAPES
Spanish word PALABRA
"training" manual reader CONDUCTOR
"lazy" shoe LOAFER
father of Charlemagne PEPIN
falling ice HAIL
Hyde's alter ego JEKYLL
circular pastry DOUGHNUT
one-eyed giant CYCLOPS
amphibious creature FROG
masked animal RACCOON
unit of heat in food CALORIE
harvest output YIELD
coarsely ground corn HOMINY
not able to defend oneself HELPLESS
result of subtraction DIFFERENCE
short letter NOTE
unexpected announcement BOMBSHELL
gun or glaive WEAPON
catch, as a disease CONTRACT
codes of practice RULES
city board COUNCIL
"The King" PRESLEY
express sorrow LAMENT
establishing a link with BONDING
loud applause ACCLAMATION
sugar measure LUMP
crib toy RATTLE
boardroom user EXECUTIVE
scan for errors PROOFREAD
based on facts VALID
drug store employee CHEMIST
good at problem solving CLEVER
selection CHOICE
solace COMFORT
strong desire for wealth GREED
footy club in Burleigh BOMBERS
formal objection GRIEVANCE
really annoy EXASPERATE
ten plus five FIFTEEN
assurances PROMISES
Bambi's home WOODS
demanding STRICT
of any kind WHATEVER
scared AFRAID
Arizona city FLAGSTAFF
she has success on high Cs SOPRANO
chewable item from a machine GUMBALL
equipment APPARATUS
tournament placing SEED
punish with a whip FLOG
period of suspension MORATORIUM
target of blame SCAPEGOAT
chubby PUDGY
style of cooking CUISINE
set securely IMPLANT
landlocked Asian nation AFGHANISTAN
meal in a shell TACO
tiny blood vessel CAPILLARY
orange juice product CONCENTRATE
make unfriendly remarks SNIPE
personal attribute QUALITY
outermost point EXTREMITY
like Jackson Pollock paintings ABSTRACT
office cabinet contents FILES
special importance EMPHASIS
epistaxis activity BLEEDING
intrepidity COURAGE
he pitched 7 no-hitters RYAN
bearing CARRIAGE
spot in the theater SEAT
using needle and thread SEWING
causing harm DELETERIOUS
put on hold TABLED
rudely short with CURT
pay back REQUITE
Amazon's ebook reader KINDLE
old advertising giveaway MATCHBOOK
correctness ACCURACY
place of stagnation BACKWATER
0s and 1s, to a computer BITS
dressmaker's diagram PATTERN
accelerate QUICKEN
invisible rabbit of film HARVEY
official in charge of mail POSTMASTER
packing material EXCELSIOR
Phoenix's state ARIZONA
makes a long story short EDITS
three feet YARD
poetic Lord BYRON
Old World monkey CATARRHINE
no longer in use OBSOLETE
capital of Thailand BANGKOK
spoofed PARODIED
like a monkey SIMIAN
throw a monkey wrench into SABOTAGE
praise enthusiastically EXTOL
piglike PORCINE
tear RIVE
make unnecessary OBVIATE
not a native OUTLANDER
monumental STUPENDOUS
extraordinary REMARKABLE
colorful songbird TANAGER
like a sight to behold AWESOME
splendid, in slang PEACHY
movement of ocean waves SWELL
early morning COCKCROW
place to play pinball ARCADE
his uniform is a "law suit" POLICEMAN
put in office ELECT
like some envelopes or cells PADDED
gem surface FACET
race length DISTANCE
independent AUTONOMOUS
Captain Hook's fear CROCODILE
analyze the cause of DIAGNOSE
old laundry device WRINGER
seventh planet from the sun URANUS
map within a map INSET
rudely bold behavior IMPUDENCE
occurring by happy chance FORTUITOUS
hamstrung POWERLESS
morally destructive PESTILENT
unhealthy skin tone SALLOW
bit for a horse SNAFFLE
small rainbow on the horizon SUNDOG
wake of a tornado DESOLATION
snorty laugh SNIGGER
Indian paintbrush, e.g. WILDFLOWER
have an argument DISAGREE
of lesser quality INFERIOR
special jargon ARGOT
judge the value of EVALUATE
wallet lifter PICKPOCKET
penetrate throughout PERVADE
remember with a ceremony COMMEMORATE
mujaddara legume LENTIL
deviate from the main topic DIGRESS
golden yellow, as hair FLAXEN
boorish person LOUT
without reward THANKLESS
it's a group thing CLIQUE
private teacher TUTOR
list of signatures, perhaps PETITION
like some time bombs TICKING
like, duh! OBVIOUSLY
orchestral piece SUITE
come to light TRANSPIRE
large in quantity VOLUMINOUS
monumental HERCULEAN
make a new plan for REDESIGN
criminal acts THUGGERY
agilely NIMBLY
link together in a series CONCATENATE
a Baltic state LATVIA
shocking STUNNING
political independent MUGWUMP
household linen NAPERY
serrated JAGGY
one in front of the TV VIEWER
appeal for money INGATHERING
embittered speech ACERBITY
taking part in a marathon RUNNING
county fair prize RIBBON
end, as a corporation DISSOLVE
period of 100 years CENTENARY
break the code DECRYPT
Cuban dance RUMBA
chronic school absences TRUANCY
mimeograph input STENCIL
Liberty or Patriot CHRYSLER
angry look GLOWER
revelation DISCLOSURE
consider anew RETHINK
matter of doubt DUBIOSITY
media company promotion BUNDLING
baton twirler MAJORETTE
twice-a-year occurrence EQUINOX
"Tomorrow" musical ANNIE
the Queen Mary, for one STEAMSHIP
dictionary LEXICON
award recipient HONOREE
overly emotional movie MELODRAMA
ship's warning sound FOGHORN
on a slant OBLIQUE
Tampa Bay's NFL team BUCCANEERS
one of the Jackson 5 TITO
enthusiastic approval PLAUDITS
brand of licorice candy TWIZZLERS
heat just below a boil SIMMER
commoners PLEBS
having responsibility ACCOUNTABLE
eternal UNDYING
capital of Maine AUGUSTA
mess (up) BOTCH
dramatic programming SERIAL
mammoth relative MASTODON
gets lighter PALES
self-important PORTENTOUS
speed, in physics VELOCITY
windowsill item FLOWERPOT
where kernels are CORNCOB
tennis score DEUCE
stifling STUNTING
make a wailing sound ULULATE
follower of a philosophy ADHERENT
it may be little and red WAGON
Dan of "My Girl" AYKROYD
large land mass EURASIA
mailings to the IRS RETURNS
shaped like a globe SPHERICAL
gadget DOODAD
"Fake Plastic Trees" band RADIOHEAD
wrapped in a sheet SHROUDED
audiotape CASSETTE
so as not to offend anyone TACTFULLY
effectiveness POTENCY
spoke in a slow manner DRAWLED
chimney flue residue CREOSOTE
picture ENVISION
day laborer PEON
village inhabitant TOWNSMAN
quality of acting on a whim SPONTANEITY
form the foundation of UNDERLAY
grandiose display of courage BRAVADO
click on again, possibly DESELECT
good at one's job EXPERIENCED
steel magnate Andrew CARNEGIE
made fun of MOCKED
tapering stone pillars OBELISKS
hospital newbie INTERN
Monopoly purchases PROPERTIES
disprove REBUT
on the edge of one's seat RIVETED
Microsoft's OS WINDOWS
they are mostly DNA CHROMOSOMES
people hired for protection BODYGUARDS
correspond WRITE
poet Emily DICKINSON
stool pigeon INFORMER
rounded protuberance BULGE
bug on a phone WIRETAP
grande dame DOWAGER
regular recipient of a mag SUBSCRIBER
limited, spacewise CRAMPED
Suzanne of "Three's Company" SOMERS
filbert HAZELNUT
croquet hoop WICKET
wildcats with tufted ears LYNXES
feathers used in pillows EIDERDOWN
egg-laying sound CACKLING
kind of monitor WIDESCREEN
spendthrifts WASTRELS
from this day on HENCE
multiplicative factor COEFFICIENT
putting on tape RECORDING
lightweight stone PUMICE
rapid growth of support GROUNDSWELL
charred BURNT
measured the depth of PLUMBED
more barbed SPIKIER
widespread electrical issues BROWNOUTS
popular golf ball brand TITLEIST
rose very quickly SKYROCKETED
nonconformist HERETIC
thin and fragile PAPERY
performing a Cuban dance MAMBOING
Canada's largest island BAFFIN
"The Rose" singer Bette MIDLER
pokes a hole in PUNCTURES
surgical cut INCISION
singer Wynonna JUDD
scattering one's refuse LITTERING
delivery method CESAREAN
kind of panel ADVISORY
sweeping conflagration WILDFIRE
gradually imparted INSTILLED
Swiss shoe company BALLY
sharpening HONING
yanks TUGS
French polish FINESSE
spoiling MARRING
supply LITHELY
small Turkish coastal resort OLUDENIZ
artists like Dali SURREALISTS
in the main MOSTLY
like old book pages YELLOWED
farm machine HARVESTER
Old Spice competitor BRUT
Romney's running mate RYAN
perils DANGERS
impostors PRETENDERS
filled out PLUMPED
enormous TITANIC
left alone, as a sickness UNTREATED
strikes out EXPUNGES
exceptional talent GIFTEDNESS
necessarily PERFORCE
penned up, as horses CORRALLED
railroad trolley HANDCAR
ocean liner sunk in 1915 LUSITANIA
small details PARTICULARS
overhead beams RAFTERS
less decorated BARER
like much soda and shampoo BOTTLED
standing up to RESISTING
vanquished OVERCAME
Traveling Wilburys, for one SUPERGROUP
type of chemistry INORGANIC
badger HECTOR
lethal quality DEADLINESS
in a spiteful way VICIOUSLY
disastrous events CALAMITIES
moved from side to side WAGGLED
casual eateries DINERS
error in thinking MISJUDGMENT
TV detective Remington STEELE
blackened a bit CHARRED
in a nonspecific way VAGUELY
more compassionate KINDER
cartoon villain Whiplash SNIDELY
coddled BABIED
draining, as energy SAPPING
overly dramatic HISTRIONIC
hot tub brand name JACUZZI
slow cooker brand name CROCKPOT
tissue brand name KLEENEX
lip balm brand name CHAPSTICK
skate brand name ROLLERBLADE
marker brand name SHARPIE
infantwear brand name ONESIES
toys with strings attached MARIONETTES
most covered in filth GRIMIEST
said no to, as an objection OVERRULED
pains in the neck KINKS
moved into different areas DIVERSIFIED
stripped bare DENUDED
Minnesota team VIKINGS
fictitious MYTHICAL
lacking imagination PROSAIC
visionary QUIXOTIC
fanciful UNREAL
purely imaginary FABULOUS
beyond believable FANTASTIC
seen in a vision DREAMLIKE
marzipan nuts ALMONDS
The Four Seasons singer VALLI
tail closely SHADOW
lends a hand to AIDS
action movie features EXPLOSIONS
Olympic swimmer Spitz MARK
hides from view SHROUDS
record-high jumper BAUMGARTNER
jumping for joy PLEASED
jumping the gun PREMATURE
playful jump CAPRIOLE
jump with a pole VAULT
jump into water PLUNGE
big belly PAUNCH
big toe HALLUX
big-hearted GIVING
big wheel NABOB
"Big Fish" star Ewan MCGREGOR
big-ticket PRICEY
capital of Laos VIENTIANE
where deal is cut SAWMILL
not dulled UNJADED
like pommel-horse exercise GYMNASTIC
publish in installments SERIALIZE
supporter of mine PITPROP
fruitfulness FERACITY
counterclockwise WIDDERSHINS
counterfeit FAKE
counterbalance EQUIPOISE
counteract THWART
counterpart DUPLICATE
counterfort BUTTRESS
counterirritant SALVE
fake diamonds RHINESTONES
took to task ADMONISHED
ski resort in Maine SUGARLOAF
agree out of court SETTLE
puts on edge FRAZZLES
not at all diminished UNMITIGATED
star quarterback Peyton MANNING
had a principal role STARRED
pile-up at work BACKLOG
UK electronics retailer MAPLIN
brought to an end CONCLUDED
secret political faction CABAL
they're used to make a point SHARPENERS
lack of ability INCAPACITY
fogonazo fotográfico FLASH
fruto de secano MELÓN
vehículo de reparto CAMIONETA
mensaje breve TELEGRAMA
cordillera del yeti HIMALAYA
consumible de impresora TÓNER
¡ya quisiera yo! OJALÁ
maraca para bebés SONAJERO
nuevo descubrimiento INVENTO
escritura infantil GARABATO
apoyo de los mayores BASTÓN
formato de medicamento CÁPSULA
parte de las matemáticas ÁLGEBRA
aparato transmisor TELÉFONO
manifestación oficial DECLARACIÓN
como el agua del mar SALADA
alcanzar la plenitud MADURAR
ave cantora CANARIO
emperador de Cuzco INCA
período escolar CURSO
clasificar documentos ARCHIVAR
check alternative CREDIT
checks for typos PROOFREADS
signing, as a check ENDORSING
game-ending check MATE
put a checkmark by, maybe SELECT
checkout counter worker CASHIER
take a rain check on POSTPONE
sheepskin DIPLOMA
banana skin PEEL
waterskin alternative CANTEEN
oilskins RAINCOAT
pigskin FOOTBALL
coonskin cap wearer CROCKETT
potato skins, for example APPETIZERS
kindergarten storage areas CUBBIES
home for abandoned children ORPHANAGE
shallow water rider SKIMBOARD
they capitalize often INVESTORS
poured the last drop from EMPTIED
show more patience than OUTWAIT
Aboriginal golden age era DREAMTIME
CAD software producer AUTODESK
most dubious SHADIEST
set up a temporary camp BIVOUACKED
Texas Instruments titan HAGGERTY
exchange of gunfire FIREFIGHT
take pleasure in RELISH
desert-dwelling nomads BEDOUINS
birthplace of Tchaikovsky UDMURTIA
dishonesty FRAUDULENCE
quibble about details PETTIFOG
with prudence CANNILY
unforgettable number EARWORM
destruction of environment ECOCIDE
Man, for example ISLE
él viajó alrededor del mundo MAGALLANES
él dice quiquiriquí GALLO
un país africano GAMBIA
descripción de Alejandro MAGNO
representación de una cosa IMAGEN
un carro tiene 4 de éstas LLANTA
ropa para papeles teatrales VESTUARIO
medical chart information VITALS
threw in the garbage TRASHED
turn into a big city URBANIZE
up in the air HIGH
singer Elvis COSTELLO
kids' cold medicine brand TRIAMINIC
rough drawings SKETCHES
"be that as it may..." ANYHOW
omitted SKIPPED
fairy-tale villain TROLL
young Oscar winner Anna PAQUIN
opinionated newspaper pieces EDITORIALS
money-lending place BANK
make fun of RAZZ
big top leader RINGMASTER
loose-fitting top BLOUSE
Fred of "Top Hat" ASTAIRE
it spins like a top GYROSCOPE
top piece of an arch KEYSTONE
over-the-top EXCESSIVE
infraction's result, maybe PENALTY
the outside of a reuben RYES
an umpire's call EJECTION
perforated, perhaps TEARAWAY
ran like a moose LOPED
sending down RELEGATING
shipbuilder, frequently IRONWORKER
offered an idea SUGGESTED
Chicago Cubs' home field WRIGLEY
prepping a house for sale STAGING
brightly illuminated ABLAZE
delicate metalwork FILIGREE
fair-trade cola UBUNTU
SNL original comedienne RADNER
off course ABERRANT
make frequent sharp turns ZIGZAG
skid from side to side FISHTAIL
fall behind STRAGGLE
digress in speech DIVAGATE
wander aimlessly MEANDER
underhanded factory vandal SABOTEUR
movement KINESIS
returning to health CURING
yellow-flowered garden shrub FORSYTHIA
regarded with approval ADMIRED
without locks BALD
Polish city, formerly Danzig GDANSK
a people of West Africa WOLOF
without pause INCESSANTLY
entangle ENMESH
capital of Slovakia BRATISLAVA
translucent PELLUCID
links may be found on them CUFFS
having only one chamber UNICAMERAL
"Cosmicomics" author CALVINO
whipped together a meal, say CONCOCTED
a story within a story SUBPLOT
lauded coaster quality LOOPINESS
quality not easily moved STOLIDITY
necessary funds and means WHEREWITHAL
displaying poor posture HUNCHED
salad green CRESS
getting on the plane early PREBOARDING
having no courage SPINELESS
singer and actress Carter NELL
opposite of plural SINGULAR
in an understanding way TOLERANTLY
oafish quality KLUTZINESS
predestine FOREORDAIN
delicious food for cows CLOVER
brought into existence ESTABLISHED
suspends HANGS
champion gymnast Korbut OLGA
checked with CONSULTED
seven-time F1 World Champion SCHUMACHER
in a gluttonous fashion PIGGISHLY
kid's dad BILLY
the study of caves SPELEOLOGY
encouragement, to a female ATTAGIRL
becoming outmoded OBSOLESCENT
British multinational bank HSBC
putting back RESTORING
renders speechless SHOCKS
Speaker of the House John BOEHNER
without being said aloud TACITLY
stepping carefully TREADING
Pago Pago denizen SAMOAN
"The Price Is Right" game PLINKO
Seattle athlete SEAHAWK
separate, as boundaries DEMARCATE
act of twisting TORSION
British baby carrier PRAM
Granite State capital CONCORD
former Speaker Newt GINGRICH
intolerant type BIGOT
larval frogs TADPOLES
one with independent ideas FREETHINKER
milk in a "skinny" drink NONFAT
enrich the blood, in a way OXYGENATE
food energy units CALORIES
standard-setting principles GUIDELINES
a pledge or promise COMMITMENT
some state-level politicians ASSEMBLYMEN
filled with more rocks STONIER
popular garden flower LARKSPUR
like some warm winds SOUTHERLY
"Blue Bayou" singer Ronstadt LINDA
very long time periods EPOCHS
Pacific Cycle brand ROADMASTER
heave RETCH
three-colored flag TRICOLOR
frog wannabes TADPOLES
soft leather CAPESKIN
very sheer and light DIAPHANOUS
small logs ROUNDWOOD
dog sled racer MUSHER
biological clock stimulant ZEITGEBER
splashing with drops SPATTERING
special messenger COURIER
disgracefully SHAMEFULLY
they hold "birds" JAILS
act of watching OBSERVATION
at fault GUILTY
argue better than OUTDEBATE
something that happens again RECURRENCE
19th century poet Whitman WALT
put air back into REINFLATED
reads through PERUSES
they run for health JOGGERS
speedometer units MILES
like some chocolate cakes FLOURLESS
tacks on APPENDS
Shakespeare title role ANTONY
looks sullen POUTS
went upward ASCENDED
classifications of worth ASSESSMENTS
actress Katie HOLMES
large electrical unit GIGAWATT
very attractive BEAUTEOUS
blemishes DEFECTS
craftsman of iron METALWORKER
makes into a city URBANIZES
cloudlike NEBULOUS
sound INTACT
green light AUTHORITY
public declaration MANIFESTO
"groundbreaking" work LANDSCAPING
desert ABANDON
in the main BASICALLY
sell in a hurry UNLOAD
move hurriedly HUSTLE
hurry-scurry CHAOTIC
leave in a hurry BOLT
hurry up EXPEDITE
in a hurry RUSHED
"Hurry, doctor!" STAT
rids of a bad aroma DEODORIZES
damaging IMPAIRING
pizza with ham and pineapple HAWAIIAN
pre-Euro French coins FRANCS
separation DISUNION
tennis superstar Nadal RAFAEL
not protected from attack UNFORTIFIED
American folk song SHENANDOAH
huge Californian tree REDWOOD
games held every four years OLYMPIC
slow-moving ice mass GLACIER
eroded barren land BADLANDS
McDonald's are golden ARCHES
revolting MINGING
group of seven musicians SEPTETTE
"Cool Runnings" sport BOBSLED
Australian sports drink STAMINADE
not affectionate UNLOVING
wood-burrowing clam SHIPWORM
horticulturalist's hate WHITEFLY
seek information INQUIRE
court-enforced JUDICIAL
electricity unit FARADAY
shipping label WAYBILL
green chrysoberyl gemstone ALEXANDRITE
small homes BUNGALOWS
state free-from-pathogens ASEPSIS
eucalypt with a fibrous bark WOOLLYBUTT
daisy-like native succulent PIGFACE
valley in Gippsland LATROBE
great NZ bowler, Richard HADLEE
animal team driver BULLOCKY
Scottish emblem THISTLE
water fountain BUBBLER
dangerously HAZARDOUSLY
fire residue CINDERS
port city near Perth FREMANTLE
using mouthwash GARGLING
provided care MINISTERED
actor Billy Bob THORNTON
housed, as a horse STABLED
mousetop scroller THUMBWHEEL
nearly and immediately PROXIMATELY
surrounded CIRCLED
user name LOGIN
quiz prepping tool FLASHCARD
in a playfully joking way JOSHINGLY
imprecision INEXACTNESS
back up SUPPORT
backstairs CLANDESTINE
backhander BRIBE
backdrop SETTING
backache LUMBAGO
backlash RECOIL
back out WITHDRAW
a dog's infancy PUPPYHOOD
gets cozy SNUGGLES
small chimpanzees BONOBOS
not attractive UNLOVELY
Napoleon's birthplace CORSICA
excellent, in Australia BONZER
Tom Jones, for one WELSHMAN
variegated BLOTCHED
large diving duck GOOSANDER
steered DIRECTED
over there YONDER
work rooms OFFICES
fragment of a loaf BREADCRUMB
without a trace TRACKLESS
shooting (out) SPURTING
fashion designer COUTURIER
sharply discordant CLASHING
Santiago natives, no doubt CHILEANS
waterproof fabric OILCLOTH
bivalve's protection CLAMSHELL
waves to, say GREETS
ranked in layers HIERARCHIC
country singer Rogers KENNY
descends slightly DIPS
put in code ENCIPHERED
B.B. King's genre BLUES
Tokyo is its capital JAPAN
Tirana is its capital ALBANIA
Teheran is its capital IRAN
Tbilisi is its capital GEORGIA
Tashkent is its capital UZBEKISTAN
Tegucigalpa is its capital HONDURAS
Tunis is its capital TUNISIA
get used to surroundings ACCULTURATE
fruit high in potassium BANANA
mollusk like limpet or snail UNIVALVE
in a crouching manner SQUATLY
famous London hotel SAVOY
unguided WW2 rocket HVAR
exude slowly OOZE
winds traveling north SOUTHERLIES
within the hull of a ship BELOWDECKS
Gauguin's Polynesian retreat TAHITI
it is in concrete's recipe CEMENT
eight billion 0s or 1s GIGABIT
tastelessly INSIPIDLY
passing difficulties HITCHES
symptom of nasty cough WHOOPING
astonishingly STARTLINGLY
Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt BRANGELINA
drool SLAVER
betrothed AFFIANCED
disgusting quality YUCKINESS
something of cheap quality SCHLOCK
noticeably OBSERVABLY
Antarctic mountain range ELLSWORTH
lack of similarity DIVERSENESS
historic caves in India ELLORA
impatiens JEWELWEED
slightness in build SLIMNESS
"Boy" author Roald DAHL
boy-meets-girl story ROMANCE
"Oh, Boy!" singer Buddy HOLLY
whipping boy SCAPEGOAT
blue-eyed boy FAVORITE
the "boys in blue" POLICEMEN
the Boy Wonder ROBIN
overpowered SUBDUED
like some formal dresses BACKLESS
much-maligned dessert FRUITCAKE
taking a break from stress RECHARGING
keenly penetrating SEARCHING
as it is said ALLEGEDLY
flat pack furniture store IKEA
supports financially BANKROLLS
most taut TIGHTEST
"I" specialist EGOIST
alerts in advance FOREWARNS
question, in the UK ENQUIRY
diner sandwiches, for short BLTS
Green Bay athlete PACKER
use a stencil TRACE
adding features to ENHANCING
breathes out EXHALES
devourer of tomes BOOKLOUSE
units of electric charge COULOMBS
coffeemaker brand BUNN
tell, as a story RELATE
gout of the foot PODAGRA
rays of light SUNBEAMS
NCAA's Miners, for short UTEP
language of northern India HINDUSTANI
working at "home" UMPIRING
"Are you kidding me?" SERIOUSLY
bursts inward IMPLODES
serving a purpose USEFUL
game with service VOLLEYBALL
out of service INOPERABLE
service station product GASOLINE
press into service SHANGHAI
like lip service INSINCERE
serviceable BENEFICIAL
abruptness in manner BRUSQUENESS
sudden shock FRIGHT
summer theater STRAWHAT
carpenter craft JOINERY
river running into Black Sea DNIESTER
high water line TIDEMARK
ostracized SNUBBED
money down PREPAYMENT
having holes GAPPY
Italian turnovers CALZONES
vacation TRIP
collector of minerals ROCKHOUND
wild goose, informally HONKER
playlist contents SONGS
children pedal them TRICYCLES
champions of the common man POPULISTS
many an Iliad character TROJAN
tries to win over ROMANCES
most lathered up SOAPIEST
cutting down on CURTAILING
embezzling DEFALCATING
old-timey desk accessories INKWELLS
Latin American station on XM CALIENTE
trait displayed at cotillion PRIMNESS
beauty contest finale CROWNING
resembling talc, perhaps POWDERLIKE
beans for making hummus GARBANZOS
like a "Righteous" melody UNCHAINED
state of being esoteric ABSTRUSITY
protruding, ragged edges BURRS
characterized by shaking TREMOROUS
receptacle holding hot coals BRASIER
paper-pressing machine CALENDER
falls in northeast Georgia TOCCOA
northern Wales coastal town LLANDUDNO
arm of the sea INLET
twisting someone's arm PERSUADING
costing an arm and a leg EXPENSIVE
gangster "Legs" DIAMOND
stand with three legs TRIPOD
leg covering STOCKING
warnings CAUTIONS
not gained by merit UNEARNED
leading astray DECEIVING
belonging by birth NATIVE
seeking financial support FUNDRAISING
attendee GOER
wearing a homburg, say HATTED
word like "kerb" or "bedsit" BRITICISM
bedtime garment NIGHTSHIRT
pinwheel or similar toy WHIRLIGIG
dentist's diagnosis, perhaps GINGIVITIS
river Huck Finn rafts on MISSISSIPPI
more uncertain IFFIER
powerful engine, in brief HEMI
1953 Pulitzer winner William INGE
most fastidious CHOOSIEST
creature on the Welsh flag DRAGON
certain Maine resident PORTLANDER
how some foods are grown ORGANICALLY
exposure to air AERATION
"crowning achievement" CORONATION
chat, in slang CONVO
prepaid wireless company TRACFONE
where the buck stops on deck SHIPMASTER
creates CRAFTS
Columbus Crew's stadium MAPFRE
Booker Prize winner Iris MURDOCH
common road surface TARMAC
destitute, in slang BUSTED
adornment JEWELRY
backchat REPARTEE
Northumbrian castle ALNWICK