7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
baby kangaroo JOEY
"The Milkmaid" artist VERMEER
he lives under the sea SPONGEBOB
sugar transformed CARAMEL
splits in two DIVIDES
dimestore novel PAPERBACK
unwanted email SPAM
head honcho COMMANDER
labor organization UNION
Egyptian king PHARAOH
hard mineral QUARTZ
place of worship TEMPLE
dig up UNEARTH
law enforcers POLICE
river or hoops star JORDAN
wander MEANDER
Florida wetlands EVERGLADES
hot and dry ARID
deep narrow canyon GORGE
tropical storms CYCLONES
evil person FIEND
cancel KILL
warm-blooded animal MAMMAL
one who forges BLACKSMITH
laughing scavenger HYENA
strand MAROON
gut feeling INSTINCT
Polaroid camera SWINGER
celery sticks STALKS
steam VAPOR
Cyrano's prominent feature NOSE
layer of snow BLANKET
thunder predecessor LIGHTNING
language TONGUE
discover the presence of DETECT
coach for hire HACKNEY
"classy" institution SCHOOL
quarter horse's quarters STABLE
without emotion COLD
unsophisticated CALLOW
Westley's true love BUTTERCUP
gift toppers BOWS
golfing group FOURSOME
CBS news anchor Dan RATHER
speedy equine gait GALLOP
timetable SCHEDULE
trophy or ribbon PRIZE
impeccable FLAWLESS
get clean BATHE
universal language ESPERANTO
Arctic jacket PARKA
religious devotion PIETY
window in a ship PORTHOLE
Twain hero SAWYER
folk singing event HOOTENANNY
"snowy" bird EGRET
"Snowbird" singer Anne MURRAY
snow job DECEPTION
snow-covered ski mound MOGUL
"snow" remover ANTENNA
"snow job" SHOVELING
removal of glacial snow ABLATION
small tufted bird TITMOUSE
sterilized ASEPTIC
Australian rancher STOCKHOLDER
bring to light UNEARTH
harsh cry SQUAWK
seedless raisin CURRANT
full bright sound BLOOM
out of focus BLURRY
ahead of schedule EARLY
kingdom EMPIRE
one who saw a crime happen EYEWITNESS
substitute for glasses CONTACTS
major windstorm HURRICANE
very wide BROAD
resonant part of a violin SOUNDBOARD
four times a year QUARTERLY
provide assistance HELP
Mrs. C of "Happy Days" MARION
not complicated SIMPLE
work with film DEVELOP
top of the world POLE
carrying fat MARBLED
outback dweller ABORIGINE
bring back to life RESURRECT
located on the back DORSAL
part of a horse's back WITHERS
stabbed in the back BETRAYED
ninth month SEPTEMBER
game played with sticks HOCKEY
going to ruin DECADENT
split RIFT
California university STANFORD
access point ENTRANCE
canine's neighbor INCISOR
actor Bloom ORLANDO
make someone appear guilty INCRIMINATE
portrait medium OILS
catlike marsupial QUOLL
cut through SEVER
nosey individual STICKYBEAK
in rags TATTERED
biceps and triceps MUSCLES
pair born together TWINS
parachute user SKYDIVER
grass shade GREEN
like a cat FELINE
reporter's story NEWS
acrobatic maneuver BACKFLIP
exhibiting courtesy GRACIOUS
not going behind ONWARD
clamorous NOISY
infant sustenance FORMULA
they are on the books LAWS
largest South American state BRAZIL
long and thin SLENDER
strong love PASSION
it might burn at both ends CANDLE
hired expert CONSULTANT
move like thick syrup OOZE
steamship smokestack FUNNEL
singsong tone CHANT
the best policy, they say HONESTY
policy provider INSURANCE
banana covering PEEL
court statement TESTIMONY
talent SKILL
kind of treatment SILENT
take after EMULATE
sleek hound SALUKI
athlete JOCK
chomping at the bit EAGER
ancient Greek city SPARTA
up-close-and-personal seat RINGSIDE
where dogs are kept KENNEL
area that an animal defends TERRITORY
take a quick gander at PEEK
meat-and-vegetable stew RAGOUT
trite saying CLICHE
Most Wanted List name CRIMINAL
self-confidence APLOMB
picket line crosser SCAB
haughtiness ARROGANCE
progress HEADWAY
outlandish ECCENTRIC
considerable SUBSTANTIVE
pickling fluid VINEGAR
mathematical power LOGARITHM
gleeful laugh CHORTLE
moderately slow tempo ANDANTE
short and sweet PITHY
having a thin sound TINNY
weatherman's job FORECASTING
measuring caterpillar INCHWORM
desire for fame or power AMBITION
relief pitcher CLOSER
reasonably priced INEXPENSIVE
suspended bed HAMMOCK
start to make gravy DEGLAZE
dog that cannot bark BASENJI
radar signal BLIP
run off at the mouth PRATTLE
sign up ENLIST
Bambi's friend THUMPER
turn off course VEER
turn sharply SWERVE
debate turn REBUTTAL
region bounded by a circle DISK
sharp turn HAIRPIN
turning toward the light TROPISM
turn signal BLINKER
Renaissance artist DONATELLO
thankfulness GRATITUDE
trustworthy DEPENDABLE
chew noisily CHOMP
having a good time AMUSED
part of a telephone HANDSET
pretty up PRIMP
small specialized group COMMUNE
Tony the Tiger's catchword GREAT
resilience HARDINESS
voting referendum PLEBISCITE
multiple books COPIES
Peppermint Patty, for one TOMBOY
of lesser importance SUBSIDIARY
unethical CROOKED
feeling shaky TREMBLING
special skill EXPERTISE
what stuffy folks stand on FORMALITY
interior decorator's asset TASTE
Monopoly railroad READING
underground shelter BUNKER
bring into agreement ACCORD
British lawyer BARRISTER
court declaration AFFIDAVIT
flounder or sole FLATFISH
last minute exam preparation CRAMMING
smeared SMUDGED
possessed at birth INNATE
part of the program SUBROUTINE
gratifying PLEASING
Trivial Pursuit category GEOGRAPHY
British truck LORRY
indecision AMBIVALENCE
hospital employee NURSE
not conventional UNORTHODOX
piece de resistance SHOWPIECE
system of life values PHILOSOPHY
remove cargo from UNLOAD
keep back WITHHOLD
spook SCARE
baseball pitch or doughnut SINKER
hospitable WELCOMING
from Maui HAWAIIAN
metronome TIMEKEEPER
forever ETERNITY
climb down DESCENT
British sneaker PLIMSOLL
move to a new home RELOCATE
traces back to a source DERIVES
zebra-donkey offspring ZEDONK
variety of asbestos AMIANTHUS
ordered arrangement HIERARCHY
showing displeasure FROWNING
official sanction APPROBATION
annoy NETTLE
makes up (for) COMPENSATES
certifies, as a document NOTARIZES
in a haughty manner LOFTILY
doing sum work ADDING
hard to control HANDFUL
making possible ENABLING
like some gloves THUMBLESS
Ted Danson series CHEERS
broken-down JUNKY
furthest planet from the Sun NEPTUNE
bouquet seller FLORIST
invisible UNSEEN
game with a doubling cube BACKGAMMON
frenzied RAVING
singing brothers' surname JONAS
Bob Dylan, for one FOLKSINGER
meandering ERRANT
from January to December YEARLONG
shines softly SHIMMERS
make watertight CAULK
support structure FRAMEWORK
like cherries jubilee AFLAME
with carelessness NEGLIGENTLY
capital of Virginia RICHMOND
step in a sequence PHASE
title for a retiree EMERITUS
having gentle hills CONTOURED
cake baker's leftover EGGSHELL
getting very good at MASTERING
French emperor BONAPARTE
freshwater diving bird GREBE
tolerate STOMACH
hockey rink smoother ZAMBONI
school employees TEACHERS
Australian singer Kylie MINOGUE
prone to hysterics PANICKY
wild canine JACKAL
it may offer a discount COUPON
disheartened DEMORALIZED
"Good for you!" CONGRATS
method that's quicker, say TIMESAVER
turn aside SKEW
dough balls in chicken soup DUMPLINGS
helpful soil burrower EARTHWORM
former Dodgers manager Tommy LASORDA
one who ships goods abroad EXPORTER
turned over a new leaf REFORMED
matrimony WEDLOCK
company runners GOFERS
defensive baseball player FIELDER
capital of Sierra Leone FREETOWN
serving tea POURING
divulged suddenly BLURTED
immature YOUNG
no two are alike, supposedly SNOWFLAKES
air inhaled and exhaled BREATH
scholarly people LITERATI
old Cowboys QB Roger STAUBACH
deemed unshowable CENSORED
two-point plays in football SAFETIES
sputtered out, as a firework FIZZLED
wearer of a conical cap DUNCE
"Walk on By" singer Dionne WARWICK
unable to move freely CONFINED
full of gratitude THANKFUL
the virtual realm CYBERSPACE
come down DESCEND
middle of an ant's body THORAX
place for a toy chest PLAYROOM
show obeisance to a king KNEEL
Hungarian composer Franz LISZT
12-pence coin SHILLING
soldiers who fight on foot INFANTRYMEN
must haves NEEDS
temperate RESTRAINED
great Greek tragedian SOPHOCLES
baseball great Carl YASTRZEMSKI
venomous snake COBRA
matchbook features STRIKERS
Roundhead opponent ROYALIST
losing liquid LEAKING
feudal lord SEIGNEUR
acting legend Dame Judi DENCH
tooth woe IMPACTION
tungsten ore WOLFRAMITE
increases ACCRUALS
less bright DIMMER
some thoroughfares AVENUES
2-time Winter Olympics host INNSBRUCK
punch servers LADLES
in tangles SNARLED
usual French fry potatoes RUSSETS
how a hero acts BRAVELY
more expansive BROADER
where Jamaica is CARIBBEAN
rubies and emeralds GEMSTONES
in a panic FRIGHTENED
"30 Rock" actor Morgan TRACY
ship's backbone KEEL
making attractive GROOMING
giving the appearance of SIMULATING
sheriff's helpers DEPUTIES
most slender THINNEST
whirlybird COPTER
Pampers rival HUGGIES
in a swanlike manner GRACEFULLY
getting one down DEPRESSING
needle without an eye OBELISK
father of father or mother GRANDAD
a number of companies BATTALION
"background notes" MUZAK
boy's regular date GIRLFRIEND
referring to as an example CITING
hazardous cleanup law SUPERFUND
long skirt MAXI
it has 21 zeroes SEXTILLION
touches on ABUTS
wisdom in public affairs STATECRAFT
goes between websites SURFS
quilts and duvets BEDCOVERS
room SPACE
algebra and calculus MATHEMATICS
bringing up LIFTING
not deserved UNWARRANTED
from Sucre or La Paz, say BOLIVIAN
patellas KNEECAPS
tried to find oil DRILLED
held in custody DETAINED
bile calculi GALLSTONES
small bouquet NOSEGAY
screeching noise CATERWAUL
peanut butter brand SKIPPY
loudmouth BLUSTERER
all in a bunch CLUSTERED
Tour de France activity BIKING
16th president's first name ABRAHAM
big guns CANNONS
huge numbers TRILLIONS
electricity and cable TV UTILITIES
put out of occupancy DISPOSSESS
fixed up, as a home RENOVATED
riches WEALTH
going around CIRCLING
in the phone book LISTED
quadrennial sports event OLYMPIAD
country singer Keith URBAN
preparing to deal SHUFFLING
superiority PREEMINENCE
naturalist on the HMS Beagle DARWIN
lack of thankfulness INGRATITUDE
raise UPLIFT
gave a kiss SMOOCHED
apartments, in Britain FLATS
English county ESSEX
Eric the Red, for one VIKING
orange gourds PUMPKINS
yellow-bellied COWARDLY
one with a green thumb GARDENER
once in a blue moon RARELY
Indigo Girls' genre FOLK
shrinking violet's trait SHYNESS
"borrowed" permanently CADGED
brief rise in popularity BOOMLET
deposited LAID
water globules from clouds RAINDROPS
not formally approved UNOFFICIAL
on the itinerary SCHEDULED
mammoth falsehoods WHOPPERS
widespread power failure BLACKOUT
complete failure DEBACLE
begin to fail FOUNDER
fail to pay a debt DEFAULT
utter failure FLOP
theatrical failure BOMB
gun failure MISFIRE
ziplocked snack preserver BAGGIE
to be pregnant with CARRYING
how to be "Seeking Susan" DESPERATELY
having no competition UNRIVALED
max accommodation HOUSEFUL
to lower in dignity DEBASE
yielded to demands ASSENTED
English university city OXFORD
very stubborn person MULE
the Iron Duke WELLINGTON
lilting Irish accent BROGUE
small dagger STILETTO
line on side of a ship PLIMSOLL
idle person LOAFER
chain of colored paper FESTOON
chain reaction AVALANCHE
"Chain of Fools" singer FRANKLIN
what a timing chain drives CAMSHAFT
woman's key chain CHATELAINE
mountain chain RANGE
leg chains FETTERS
recurring every seven years SEPTENNIAL
fruit and vegetable seller GREENGROCER
"Pink Panther" star Peter SELLERS
Asian oil giant PETROCHINA
old timer SUNDIAL
principle or belief TENET
coldest season of the year WINTERTIME
courteous escort CAVALIER
work companion YOKEFELLOW
escort for young people CHAPERON
personal attendant SQUIRE
theater escort USHER
group of followers ENTOURAGE
police escort CONVOY
"Amadeus" playwright Peter SHAFFER
commemorate MEMORIALIZE
strategically placed POSITIONED
two-person groups DUOS
what icy roads don't provide TRACTION
coat with shiny metal GILD
homelessness VAGRANCY
cause psychological harm to TRAUMATIZE
hooded killers COBRAS
UK strategy board game KENSINGTON
remove moisture from DEHUMIDIFY
capable of being stretched TENSIBLE
it's a crime to lie under it OATH
arachnid's expertise WEAVING
actriz méxico-americana Eva LONGORIA
cantante de merengüe Olga TAÑON
se vende en una galería PINTURA
voz de la princesa Fiona CAMERON
sin defensa INERME
actriz colombiana Sofía VERGARA
blogera cubana Sánchez YOANI
español o inglés por ejemplo IDIOMA
ideal, maravilloso IDÍLICO
sonido de silbato CHIFLA
bancos tienen que protegerla IDENTIDAD
rueda para sacar agua NORIA
cuando se parece igual IDÉNTICO
cantante de la bossa nova JOBIM
desierto y estado mexicano SONORA
ira, enojo RABIA
letra bonita CURSIVA
huevo con salsa holandesa BENEDICTINO
animal muy lento PEREZOSO
marco y vidrio VENTANA
talented child WUNDERKIND
smart bunch of people MENSA
learned person PUNDIT
complex reasoner MASTERMIND
supersmart BRAINY
intellectual EGGHEAD
one with remarkable skill WHIZ
source of vitamin D SUNSHINE
earliest FIRST
dominion EMPIRE
hundredth anniversary CENTENNIAL
very hard igneous rock GRANITE
comic book superhero HAWKEYE
a choice example PEACH
made the most of MAXIMIZED
element #30 ZINC
perusing Facebook profiles CREEPING
spur on sled dogs MUSH
pseudonyms ALIASES
absorbed into one's culture ASSIMILATED
where the ship's wheel turns PILOTHOUSE
supported financially BANKROLLED
medieval English archer LONGBOWMAN
a "Big 4" services firm DELOITTE
untitled people COMMONERS
fifth wheel, in Britain GOOSEBERRY
add a dash HYPHENATE
touching line TANGENT
show of brilliance BRAVURA
having a row SCULLING
in a feasible way WORKABLY
US furniture manufacturer THOMASVILLE
Aboriginal ceremonial dance CORROBOREE
Japanese chef Masaharu MORIMOTO
bearably ENDURABLY
announce officially PROMULGATE
bohemian ARTSY
modified crew cut FLATTOP
when a commuter travels WORKDAY
outlying community EXURB
hikers carry them BACKPACKS
finds again REDISCOVERS
naturally inclined grounds SLOPES
corrective action DISCIPLINE
before the appointed time SOONER
it's worn untucked OVERSHIRT
took a taxi CABBED
year's grape harvest VINTAGE
trod the lunar surface MOONWALKED
machine with a hard drive COMPUTER
drive a nail HAMMER
cattle drive calamity STAMPEDE
where a drive lands, ideally FAIRWAY
driver's necessity LICENSE
drive up the wall EXASPERATE
apprised INFORMED
an expert on locks HAIRDRESSER
"birthplace of radio" CHELMSFORD
valuable stolen goods BOOTY
laid down rules PRESCRIBED
English population theorist MALTHUS
put forward as true POSTULATED
live life in the slow lane RUSTICATE
they're under the surface OVERTONES
it's under the threshold DOORSILL
completely opposite DIAMETRIC
politely, perhaps coolly so CIVILLY
verbal barrage TIRADE
recycling, in a sense BUYBACK
watertight IMPREGNABLE
waterproof material TARPAULIN
watered down DILUTED
water bear TARDIGRADE
mineral water brand PERRIER
under water SUBMERGED
provide water to IRRIGATE
desert in South Australia STRZELECKI
connections between banks BRIDGES
moved on hands and knees CRAWLED
Italian fashion house GUCCI
fertilize a plant POLLINATE
Swiss city on the Rhine BASEL
texting farewell TTYS
severely chastised SCOURGED
house on Broadway AUDIENCE
extremely angrily WRATHFULLY
frozen food delivery firm SCHWAN
"doubly" dangerous job STUNTMAN
major city in Gujarat, India AHMEDABAD
without intervention UNMEDIATED
Australian marsupial NUMBAT
having fun with ENJOYING
medicine to reduce fever FEBRIFUGE
former name of St Petersburg PETROGRAD
in a servile manner FAWNINGLY
capital of Tajikistan DUSHANBE
decorated with leaves FOLIATED
sound of something falling CLUNK
lights up BRIGHTENS
listened HARKENED
Chinese boat JUNK
mister in Mexico SENOR
sustained downturn TAILSPIN
synthesizers KEYBOARDS
passed along PROPAGATED
vague feeling VIBE
getting gussied up PREENING
like a clotheshorse FOPPISH
monopoly-busting ANTITRUST
uttered SAID
teeter-totter sites PLAYGROUNDS
extremely pleasant tasting AMBROSIAL
shades HUES
"stirring" instructions RECIPES
black pigment made from soot LAMPBLACK
got down from DISMOUNTED
a state of Malaysia SELANGOR
like articles in "The Onion" SATIRICAL
run-down SEAMY
repeated from memory RECITED
postcard-worthy SCENIC
Puerto Rican skier Jonny MOSELEY
unusual quality ODDNESS
source of cork BARK
thwarted FOILED
more spherical ROUNDER
Food Network host Brown ALTON
females in a flock EWES
long, sharp knife DAGGER
in a nervous way ANXIOUSLY
made over REDESIGNED
going around in circles LOOPING
financial expert Suze ORMAN
fast food staples BURGERS
fellow workers COLLEAGUES
Canadian actress Neve CAMPBELL
from Dodoma TANZANIAN
old Greek with a paradox ZENO
run in the wash BLEED
hitters in baseball BATSMEN
Monday to Friday, normally WORKWEEK
coil mattress type INNERSPRING
engines MOTORS
best-selling novelist Robert LUDLUM
key hotel room furniture BEDS
as Whitman wrote POETICALLY
put in danger JEOPARDIZE
voice modulation INFLECTION
cornettist Joe "King" OLIVER
straightened SPRUCED
steam locomotive inventor STEPHENSON
someone from Manchester MANCUNIAN
immediately after this HEREUPON
tending to lower enthusiasm DISPIRITING
friend in Australia COBBER
relating to the knee GENICULAR
it has an eye but can't see NEEDLE
primitive, bony fish COELACANTH
apple from New Zealand BRAEBURN
putting on new clothes CHANGING
Spanish-language channel UNIVISION
utensil for apples CORER
topics for debate ISSUES
having a rough surface TEXTURED
awards for Beyonce or Jay Z GRAMMYS
eraser material RUBBER
eight-legged mollusks OCTOPI
taking a detour BYPASSING
flavoring in Earl Grey tea BERGAMOT
more blurry FUZZIER
perfect examples IDEALS
Cubs' slamming Sammy SOSA
artistic Paris attraction LOUVRE
stripped of leaves DEFOLIATED
run rapidly and lightly SKITTER
"Fifth Beatle" Stuart SUTCLIFFE
matting material COIR
going back over RETRACING
Black Forest, in the UK GATEAU
parents' necessity BANDAID
feedbag contents OATS
like some air fresheners LEMONY
Inigo Montoya's weapon SWORDS
putting up BUILDING
fashion designer Karl LAGERFELD
Sam, in "Pickwick Papers" WELLER
marathon record holder Paula RADCLIFFE
cut out of the will DISINHERIT
having characteristic smell ODOROUS
like Lindsay Lohan FRECKLY
former name of Oslo CHRISTIANIA
painful mass in bile duct GALLSTONE
lyrically enthusiastic RHAPSODIC
cat-like FELINE
CAT, for example SCANNER
"Cat in the Hat" Doctor SEUSS
cat breed SIAMESE
cat baby KITTEN
"Practical Cats" poet T.S. ELIOT
sound practical judgment COMMONSENSE
trains with few stops EXPRESSES
rotary power tool brand DREMEL
she helps teammates score PLAYMAKER
kicked out TURFED
bobolink MAYBIRD
Soviet spaceflight program VOSTOK
fine German porcelain MEISSEN
naively and simplistically JEJUNELY
Spanish market MERCADO
lady from Lyon, perhaps FRENCHWOMAN
in a sentimental, sickly way MAWKISHLY
dark bodily pigment MELANIN
government region TERRITORY
Australian writer, Tom KENEALLY
colony unification FEDERATION
armed conflict WARFARE
repetitive singing CHANTING
watchful OBSERVANT
national women's sports team HOCKEYROOS
ribbonlike parasite TAPEWORM
item made of bronze or steel METALWORK
celebrity "shooters" PAPARAZZI
Wasa product CRISPBREAD
1944 Charles Boyer movie GASLIGHT
sever with a hatchet CHOP
put the last touches on FINALIZE
being lazy LOAFING
stretching TENSIVE
without shape FORMLESS
government supporter LOYALIST
distinguishing symbols MARKERS
liquid-collecting pit SUMP
bite down CHOMP
bite gently NIBBLE
backbite BADMOUTH
biting to the tongue PUNGENT
bite one's head off BERATE
small bite to eat MORSEL
bad guys VILLAINS
agreement CONGRUENCE
somewhat sugary SWEETISH
colonnade PERISTYLE
completely RADICALLY
rash impulsiveness IMPETUOSITY
picky eater's quality FUSSINESS
investigating academically RESEARCHING
sound from a boiling kettle WHISTLE
tongue-in-cheek JOKEY
rode in the Tour de France BICYCLED
self-centered person NARCISSIST
coin worth 1/60th of a pound FOURPENCE
quite tart SOURISH
overloaded CUMBERED
foreign officials DIPLOMATS
discharge SECRETION
bringing down LOWERING
reduction of worth DEVALUATION
in an alarming manner FEARFULLY
grassy campus area QUADRANGLE
very small image format FICHE
Golden Arches coffee drink MCCAFE
obtaining dishonestly FINAGLING
computer text standard UNICODE
purple flower IRIS
they hold volumes BOOKCASES
headway PROGRESS
headstrong WILLFUL
headache PROBLEM
head-banger IDIOT
headwaters TRIBUTARIES
upped the volume LOUDENED
sanctioned RATIFIED
permeate TRANSFUSE
convertible carriage BAROUCHE
estate held for life FREEHOLD
without faltering UNTIRINGLY
morally upright INCORRUPT
frolics GAMBOLS
raising, as children REARING
mags with 52 issues a year WEEKLIES
Sean Combs, at one time DIDDY
aids for bad bowlers BUMPERS
leather source COWSKIN
Sherriff Andy Taylor's town MAYBERRY
pekoe, sweet and green TEAS
across the ocean OVERSEA
flagrantly GROSSLY
German electronics brand GRUNDIG
sea southeast of Italy IONIAN
it merged with Chase bank JPMORGAN
language of Suriname DUTCH
making more refined CULTIVATING
higher, as expectations LOFTIER
like some salmon ALASKAN
transferred the title to DEEDED
strengths FORTES
hip COOL
knee-jerk AUTOMATIC
slap on the wrist REPRIMAND
elbow grease EFFORT
from the shoulder FRANKLY
ankle-biter CHILD
knuckle under YIELD
Ohio State athletes BUCKEYES
"O" in the NATO alphabet OSCAR
US election month NOVEMBER
place for icons DESKTOP
put in the appropriate place POSITION
ice cream shop tool SCOOPER
online tech retailer NEWEGG
still containing shampoo UNRINSED
most rotund PORTLIEST
bathtub feature PLUGHOLE
lady from Lilongwe, say MALAWIAN
went by car DROVE
putting off until later TABLING
lecterns PODIA
twisting to extract water WRINGING
leaf-peeper's sight FOLIAGE
most luxuriant PLUSHEST
Galileo, by birth PISAN
Smuckers offerings JAMS
rules, briefly REGS
with flexibility ELASTICALLY
emphatic type BOLDFACE
snack for an upset stomach SALTINES
March birthstone AQUAMARINE
Moliere's hypocrite TARTUFFE
in all directions EVERYWAY
city on the Sahara Desert TIMBUKTU
brick used in hot climates ADOBE
desert animal CAMEL
it may be deserted ISLAND
desert plant CACTUS
sandy desert mound DUNE
deserter RECREANT
recycling bin contents WASTEPAPER
noted abolitionist Douglass FREDERICK
how some tasks are demanding PHYSICALLY
like a supportive crowd SPIRITED
relative of a pike PICKEREL
online mag EZINE
Sea off the Thai coast ANDAMAN
cavorts PRANCES
talked a lot JAWED
important things BIGGIES
Houston baseball player ASTRO
old movie format CINERAMA
words of condolence SYMPATHIES
Colts quarterback Matt HASSELBECK
NSA whistleblower Edward SNOWDEN
"Zeitoun" author Dave EGGERS
event seen from outer space EARTHRISE
in a stress-free way RELAXEDLY
sound of disappearance PFFT
the movie industry FILMDOM
what dogs often are, by law LEASHED
a decade DECENNIUM
redesign REJIG
"fowl" lodging ROOST
crescent-shaped cutting tool SICKLE
in an erratic manner SPASTICALLY
without reverie DREAMLESSLY
meagerly SCRIMPILY
earlier court ruling PRECEDENT
existing from the start PRIMORDIAL
family tree trunk FOREBEAR
first Australians ABORIGINES
original idea PROGENITOR
first letter INITIAL
auctioneer's final shout SOLD
opts not to type HANDWRITES
like some calendars JULIAN
putting in the bank DEPOSITING
symbol on a desktop ICON
most playful FRISKIEST
author Jodi PICOULT
art museum GALLERY
museum of lifelike figures WAXWORKS
sculptural piece TORSO
museum display EXHIBITION
fake relic REPLICA
naturalistic, lifelike scene DIORAMA
Spanish art museum PRADO
in a lackadaisical manner LANGUIDLY
teddy bear pitchman SNUGGLE
flip a boat end over end PITCHPOLE
in a powerless way IMPOTENTLY
apple juice's pulpy leftover POMACE
Best Picture Oscar in 1934 CAVALCADE
gives cash early ADVANCES
trembled SHIVERED
Sea around Indonesia CERAM
co-worker COLLEAGUE
popular fig cookie NEWTON
Bulls' star Derrick ROSE
Target clothing line MOSSIMO
like Russian dolls NESTABLE
actress Heather GRAHAM
attractive power PRESTIGE
accounting acronym EBITDA
coarse woolen yarn CADDIS
ship's forward movement STEERAGEWAY
onion sauce SOUBISE