7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
enough PLENTY
makes a choice DECIDES
board PLANK
causing harm DAMAGING
defendant's adversary PLAINTIFF
it goes between bricks MORTAR
mix thoroughly BLEND
bursts of wind GUSTS
Columbus vessel PINTA
necessary ESSENTIAL
trig function SINE
wood for building TIMBER
New Hampshire stone GRANITE
US 1040 tax INCOME
try with difficulty STRUGGLE
street musician BUSKER
least wealthy POOREST
take advantage of EXPLOIT
auction participant BIDDER
creature with a carapace TURTLE
swell out, like a sail BILLOW
black and white animal SKUNK
overhead light show FIREWORKS
put on paper PRINT
result of a Midas touch GOLD
rug cleaner SHAMPOO
bully or thug GOON
fruity drink PUNCH
roofed porch VERANDA
daughter of Fred and Wilma PEBBLES
small, sweet tangerine CLEMENTINE
goldbrick MALINGER
symbol of a physician CADUCEUS
talk with your hands GESTICULATE
what a cygnet grows up to be SWAN
indirect suggestion INSINUATION
longtime "Nightline" host KOPPEL
labyrinth MAZE
of interest to the media NEWSWORTHY
logically-drawn conclusion INFERENCE
more amusing WITTIER
like cars after a hailstorm DENTED
radio personality DEEJAY
street urchin WAIF
removed from the freezer DEFROSTED
stage covering CURTAIN
open patio ATRIUM
double-dot symbol UMLAUT
signs of sadness TEARS
twisty puzzle LABYRINTH
radical EXTREME
coiled toy SLINKY
porous sea creature SPONGE
unforeseen trouble PITFALL
Disney specialty ANIMATION
change and rearrange TRANSFORM
Disney deer BAMBI
covered with spots MOTTLED
enthusiastic KEEN
extremely wicked FACINOROUS
excessive talking LOGORRHEA
use of organic raw material CHEMURGY
actively encourage PROMOTE
safecracker YEGG
British naval rank MIDSHIPMAN
armpit AXILLA
clean carpets VACUUM
has a memory loss BLANKS
1970s space station SKYLAB
feeling worried NERVOUS
fish in a salad TUNA
white blood cell producer SPLEEN
utterly defeat DESTROY
very deep hole ABYSS
older than dirt ANCIENT
of untouchable importance SACROSANCT
silver food fish HERRING
meat stuffed in tubes SAUSAGE
put up roadblocks STYMIE
snappish CRUSTY
law judgment OPINION
pay attention LISTEN
not counterfeit GENUINE
adjoining IMMEDIATE
worship ADORE
where goods are made FACTORY
wall fixture SOCKET
wandering ERRATIC
unbroken INTACT
closefisted CHINTZY
multi-colored cat CALICO
wealthy AFFLUENT
childbirth LABOR
grill fuel CHARCOAL
like potato chips CRUNCHY
draw quickly SKETCH
girl, in slang SHEILA
flowering shrub BOTTLEBRUSH
golden period HEYDAY
throw recklessly CHUCK
dustlike substance POWDER
specific CERTAIN
late meal DINNER
shoulder blade SCAPULA
end of a rifle BARREL
dive with a big splash CANNONBALL
insects BUGS
feeds the furnace STOKES
talk aimlessly RAMBLE
what landlords collect RENT
mystery story figure SUSPECT
domineered over HENPECKED
droop WILT
patella KNEECAP
attempt EFFORT
one handing out salary PAYMASTER
kid's mom GOAT
recipe listings INGREDIENTS
tacky art KITSCH
places for experimentation LABS
rodeo barrel racer COWGIRL
on the winning side VICTORIOUS
moral awareness CONSCIENCE
bowling lane ALLEY
purplish red FUCHSIA
it may be honorable MENTION
woman's undergarment SLIP
herb in the mint family THYME
signaling device BUZZER
Rob Petrie's TV wife LAURA
owing something BEHOLDEN
make to specifications CUSTOMIZE
fly alone SOLO
country music capital NASHVILLE
convert to an MP3 DIGITIZE
1984 presidential also-ran MONDALE
young deer FAWN
society shunner RECLUSE
no longer working RETIRED
mattress supporter BEDSTEAD
remorseful CONTRITE
put down DISPARAGE
sloping terrain HILL
French fortress CHATEAU
catsup and mustard CONDIMENTS
knocked off a flight BUMPED
candied fruit CONFECTION
actor's line to the audience ASIDE
military leader COMMANDANT
tadpole POLLIWOG
danish fruit PRUNE
overabundant WANTON
identical in value EQUAL
Gulf of Mexico state LOUISIANA
small amount MODICUM
like a cow BOVINE
like a lizard REPTILIAN
closet contents WARDROBE
female fox VIXEN
beehive cell structure HONEYCOMB
Dennis Mitchell's dog RUFF
root on URGE
independent individual MAVERICK
transported by plane AIRBORNE
armed mollusk OCTOPUS
James Garner TV role ROCKFORD
baloney HOGWASH
utter nonsense FLUMMERY
like most gasoline UNLEADED
mix up the audio GARBLE
bout of excessive eating BINGE
bluish-green mineral TURQUOISE
stiff and awkward WOODEN
chamber in the heart VENTRICLE
deeply religious DEVOUT
food elevator DUMBWAITER
like some gowns STRAPLESS
web surfer USER
poetic dawn DAYSPRING
gasoline quantity TANKFUL
inevitable fate DESTINY
word processor command PASTE
hotel concierge DOORKEEPER
proscribing BARRING
our current age ATOMIC
direction a building faces FRONTAGE
pointed the finger at ACCUSED
day care center PRESCHOOL
step by step INCREMENTAL
call on the carpet CHIDE
argued over petty matters BICKERED
carpet pad UNDERFELT
carpet maker WEAVER
carpet fabric MOQUETTE
wide carpet BROADLOOM
carpet cleaner SWEEPER
pushing and shoving SCUFFLE
scrimshaw CARVING
separator of clauses SEMICOLON
strike with a flat object THWACK
without thinking IMPULSIVE
sensational promotion BALLYHOO
harshly critical SCATHING
layered ice cream SPUMONE
group of lawmakers SENATE
use for graphite LUBRICATION
oath subject LOYALTY
have memorized KNOW
Norwegian inlet FJORD
stamp collector PHILATELIST
play cruel jokes on BULLYRAG
scoreless game SHUTOUT
Hispanic grocery BODEGA
kind of cap BATHING
compulsory force DURESS
many a mynah TALKER
churn ROIL
citadel FORTRESS
aluminum ore BAUXITE
dosage dispenser EYEDROPPER
figure of speech SYNECDOCHE
woven fabric TEXTILE
cioppino ingredients TOMATOES
shake up and down JOUNCE
parakeet's home BIRDCAGE
acknowledgement of error APOLOGY
lively, as music JAZZY
coral islands ATOLLS
large decorative flowerpot PLANTER
signs on again REJOINS
sharpening WHETTING
woman Don Quixote adores DULCINEA
"Time in a Bottle" singer CROCE
thought up CONCEIVED
star of "Yentl" STREISAND
love of one's life SOULMATE
out of work JOBLESS
office-based comic strip DILBERT
heavy hitter SLUGGER
really excellent SUPERB
exterminator's victim ROACH
heavy club CUDGEL
wipes out ERADICATES
impractical sort DREAMER
get ready for printing TYPESET
write poetry VERSIFY
torment BEDEVIL
boors OAFS
1972 Summer Olympics host MUNICH
clearly indicated PRONOUNCED
Chanel of fashion COCO
render worthless DEVALUE
dryer alternative CLOTHESLINE
banal truism PLATITUDE
earth tone TAUPE
hard to solve INTRACTABLE
teen idols HEARTTHROBS
broke up DISBANDED
behaving like Godzilla RAMPAGING
cube or pyramid, e.g. POLYHEDRON
eliciting sympathy PITEOUS
set a new time for RESCHEDULE
"Fantastic Mr. Fox" author DAHL
portable stereos BOOMBOXES
New South Wales city SYDNEY
group of ships FLOTILLA
shelf above a fireplace MANTEL
test pilot Chuck YEAGER
Oral-B product TOOTHBRUSH
extremely wicked NEFARIOUS
little kid TYKE
members of the armed forces SOLDIERS
book jacket SLIPCOVER
coastal inlet COVE
cordial relations FRIENDSHIP
workout goal FITNESS
wipe out DECIMATE
Spanish neighborhoods BARRIOS
glittered SPARKLED
walking unsteadily TOTTERING
arrangement of gears WHEELWORK
out in the open OVERTLY
urbanity SUAVENESS
eponymous element EINSTEINIUM
like backyard furniture OUTDOOR
control of one's impulses WILLPOWER
watermelon variety SEEDLESS
"1812 Overture" composer TCHAIKOVSKY
batter's ploy BUNT
big judicial blunder MISTRIAL
one who causes unrest AGITATOR
station wagon cousin HATCHBACK
long period of dry weather DROUGHT
thief during a riot LOOTER
make amends ATONE
lending institutions BANKS
observed WATCHED
clams, oysters, and scallops SHELLFISH
double-reed woodwind player OBOIST
L'eggs product PANTYHOSE
parking meter insert COIN
"New York style" dessert CHEESECAKE
aristocratic class NOBILITY
automobile inventor Karl BENZ
old boys' network CRONYISM
gave a gold star to REWARDED
bends over STOOPS
razor brand GILLETTE
reading aid BEDLAMP
worm-eaten VERMICULATE
running backs, frequently RUSHERS
going in circles SWIRLY
taking a tumble FALLING
being a trailblazer PIONEERING
like some tennis shots CROSSCOURT
made happy GLADDENED
in a criminal way ILLEGALLY
touches tenderly FONDLES
get water on SPATTER
like some allegations UNPROVEN
more coquettish FLIRTIER
iPod need EARBUD
walking in formation MARCHING
person who guides the trends TASTEMAKER
implored PLED
GPS manufacturer TOMTOM
Nancy Pelosi's title, once SPEAKER
lazy sort SLACKER
like airplane cabins PRESSURIZED
hitting with a sledgehammer SMASHING
repeated parts of songs REFRAINS
blew one's big chance CHOKED
whomever ANYONE
guys' companions GALS
deposit on a riverbank SILT
extend forward PROTRACT
it gives you a leg up STEPSTOOL
Ja'net of "Good Times" DUBOIS
worked with a pro APPRENTICED
decongestant brand SUDAFED
members of the same crew SHIPMATES
like some index cards RULED
anticipation WAITING
intend to SHALL
like a native speaker FLUENTLY
sneaker brand NIKE
"Burr" author VIDAL
set side by side COLLOCATED
Greek lamb soup MAGIRITSA
lacking a tag UNLABELED
oil rig worker ROUGHNECK
like some real estate DEVELOPED
vote caster ELECTOR
Arizona city and county MARICOPA
like sovereign waters TERRITORIAL
measure of disorder ENTROPY
tricky maneuvers PLOYS
condescending STOOPING
conversations TALKS
friendly quality CHUMMINESS
ran across ENCOUNTERED
talking back to SASSING
vocal inflection MODULATION
movie sound company DOLBY
red from the beach SUNBURNED
tittering GIGGLY
begins to bloom BLOSSOMS
fixing a squeak, maybe OILING
large Philippine island MINDANAO
many asthmatics use them INHALERS
carton contents, sometimes DOZENS
getting stuck in the printer JAMMING
leftover RESIDUAL
hot water, metaphorically TROUBLE
supply water to IRRIGATE
toilet water COLOGNE
general defeated at Waterloo NAPOLEON
carbonated water SELTZER
"Water Lilies" painter MONET
mouth-watering APPETIZING
British telecom company VODAFONE
place to retire to BEDROOM
coffee vessels URNS
female member of union WIFE
the end of school EDUCATION
Arsenal FC manager Arsene WENGER
begin with the same sound ALLITERATE
former name of Zimbabwe RHODESIA
quarrel, slangily RHUBARB
equilateral parallelogram RHOMBUS
girl in a Beach Boys song RHONDA
flightless bird RHEA
metronome measurement RHYTHM
yearns for DESIRES
"The Sheik" star Rudolph VALENTINO
contention DISHARMONY
most murky CLOUDIEST
really ready to eat STARVING
does a tailor's job FITS
legendary MYTHIC
theatrical director IMPRESARIO
New York stage BROADWAY
Flo Ziegfeld's shows FOLLIES
theatrical backup UNDERSTUDY
light theatrical show VAUDEVILLE
show with skits REVUE
silent performer MIME
throw off the track MISDIRECT
track follower LOCOMOTIVE
one making a tracking shot CAMERAMAN
8-track TAPE
track down PURSUE
show with a laugh track SITCOM
hen tracks SCRAWL
relating to a pair of glands ADRENAL
sincere and serious EARNEST
furrowed one's brow FROWNED
carbon residue COKE
French chef Joel ROBUCHON
star second in brightness BETA
in a calm and unhurried way SEDATELY
Richie Rich's dog DOLLAR
Jonny Quest's dog BANDIT
Dr. Emmett Brown's sheepdog EINSTEIN
Superboy's dog KRYPTO
Wallace's dog GROMIT
Tintin's dog SNOWY
Elroy Jetson's dog ASTRO
like some old sayings PROVERBIAL
travelers' stops INNS
eating utensils TABLEWARE
like actor Goran Visnjic CROATIAN
"Billy Budd" and others NOVELLAS
poolside building CABANA
target targeters ARCHERS
rejecting ungraciously REBUFFING
moving pictures WEEPIES
x-ray machine TOMOGRAPH
not damaged UNIMPAIRED
they take a hammering NAILS
Japanese inland sea SETO
relating to a meal PRANDIAL
dramático TEATRAL
opuesto de una ciudad grande ALDEA
él que ve el dinero cada día BANQUERO
hacer con la mano izquierda ZURDEAR
acción de tenis VOLEA
lo que hace un secretario TECLEAR
el tiempo durante el verano SOLEADO
que os pertenece a vosotros VUESTRO
donde Batman deja su carro CUEVA
lugar de exhibiciones FERIA
conectar un aparato INSTALAR
conjunto de cosas COLECCIÓN
elemento básico del diamante CARBONO
región y desierto de Chile ATACAMA
idioma de Einstein ALEMÁN
conducir, operar MANEJAR
opuesto de acercarse ALEJARSE
provincia de Don Quijote MANCHA
resultado de comer saludable NUTRICIÓN
tipo de nuez MACADAMIA
ingrediente de tostones PLÁTANOS
teenager's income ALLOWANCE
wealth RICHES
spending plan BUDGET
fixed income ANNUITY
monetary nest egg SAVINGS
supply of money FUND
bricklayer MASON
some golf clubs WOODS
Jon's pet, in comics GARFIELD
journalist Eugene PATTERSON
actress Diaz CAMERON
the 12th president TAYLOR
unit of power WATT
residence HOME
a little loco LOONY
element #43 TECHNETIUM
senator Paul RAND
taking steps forward STRIDING
units of gasoline GALLONS
react to a cold breeze SHIVER
acting in interest of others ALTRUISTIC
in short, it's OK OKLAHOMA
Middle Eastern wheat salad TABBOULEH
horse race TARPAN
brand of laundry detergent WOOLITE
atmosphere of a place AMBIANCE
tiny, venomous jellyfish IRUKANDJI
US advertising agency INTERPUBLIC
"cold war" weapon SNOWBALL
the "Athens of Mexico" SALTILLO
person who sings SONGSTER
early music PRELUDE
capitán de "Peter Pan" GARFIO
desierto africano SÁHARA
asa cilíndrica ASTIL
golpe impetuoso del mar EMBATE
rasposo al tacto ÁSPERO
componente del computador TECLADO
familiar de las ardillas ROEDOR
filled with distaste HORRIFIED
comes to understand REALIZES
decent guy MENSCH
comedian Dom DELUISE
Viking, for example NORSEMAN
basement restaurant RATHSKELLER
high hairstyle UPDO
youngsters' vehicles TRICYCLES
big name in polling ROPER
enthusiasm SPIRIT
singer Robin THICKE
putting into shape STRUCTURING
member of the peerage EARL
Duluth resident, e.g. MINNESOTAN
bolt firer CROSSBOW
brand of bubble gum BAZOOKA
stone propeller SLINGSHOT
detective played by Conrad CANNON
bowl used with a pestle MORTAR
search quickly (through) RIFLE
bright, energetic person PISTOL
natural disease fighters ANTIBODIES
used a hooked needle CROCHETED
worker with bronze or iron METALSMITH
comedian DeGeneres ELLEN
small pieces of cloth SWATCHES
picked CHOSEN
parking places GARAGES
cooler in the kitchen FRIDGE
Olive Garden parent DARDEN
like an idiot MORONICALLY
not obvious INAPPARENT
Greek grub MOUSSAKA
he has top job in building ROOFER
moved by degrees RATCHETED
early potato cultivators INCAS
musical "sweet potato" OCARINA
Irish potato woe BLIGHT
creamy potato soup VICHYSSOISE
couch potato quality LAZINESS
meat and potatoes FUNDAMENTAL
potato pancake LATKE
legendary linebacker Ray LEWIS
in a way worthy of pursuit TRIVIALLY
French goat cheese namesake ROCAMADOUR
spoken like an orator DECLAMATORY
with stone removed PITTED
quality Sinatra had to have FRANKNESS
removes impurities from SMELTS
it's weighed at sea ANCHOR
relating to courts of law FORENSIC
fished with vertical net SEINED
old girl ALUMNA
having too many hands OVERMANNED
home of Carolus Linnaeus UPPSALA
round root vegetable, in UK SWEDE
stretches out EXTENDS
cranked out PRODUCED
preserves fruit APRICOTS
large cat LION
"star-bellied" Seuss race SNEETCHES
extremely frightening HARROWING
Gisele's nationality BRAZILIAN
tanning aficionado SUNBATHER
getting out of debt REPAYING
more eccentric FLAKIER
traffic pylon CONE
flagmaker Ross BETSY
catch some Z's SLEEP
assigning blame ACCUSATORY
sets of clothing ATTIRES
put in a new order REARRANGED
ticket souvenirs STUBS
thin quality SLENDERNESS
dormant state LATENCY
number with 30 zeroes NONILLION
in a saucy manner CHEEKILY
Nobel-winning Irish poet HEANEY
small, round fruit BLUEBERRY
each in turn SEVERALLY
pleasingness of flavor TASTINESS
feature of dice SIDEDNESS
guide in the night sky POLESTAR
painting of the sea WATERSCAPE
ardent, passionate TORRID
birthplace of Lee Iacocca ALLENTOWN
unseeing BLIND
effected by strength FORCIBLE
baseball commissioner Bud SELIG
"twins" constellation GEMINI
in a nonobvious way SUBTLY
spending too much OVERPAYING
of the embryonic membrane AMNIOTIC
mechanical beings AUTOMATONS
connoting SIGNIFYING
Chinese fruit LITCHI
"alternative medicine" doc HOMEOPATH
musical version RENDITION
movie director Spike JONZE
adolescent TEENAGE
hitting one out of the park HOMERING
stuffed poblano pepper RELLENO
put on a chart GRAPHED
doctor-to-be's work period RESIDENCY
put things in order ORGANIZED
struck from the party list DISINVITED
jeweler's magnifying glass LOUPE
cursory writings or drawings SCRIBBLES
island suburb of Venice MURANO
8-bit color, perhaps GRAYSCALE
they were born 1946-1965 BOOMERS
after childbirth POSTPARTUM
captain of HMS Bounty BLIGH
the "upside-down tree" BAOBAB
spotted or stained MACULATE
e-commerce website ETSY
gets married to WEDS
tenacious metal clip BULLDOG
guitar's resonating chamber SOUNDBOX
capital of Macedonia SKOPJE
not at sea ONSHORE
more than one monsieur MESSIEURS
diced vegetables MACEDOINE
monetary unit of Bhutan NGULTRUM
bold, scheming woman MINX
drastically cut the price SLASHED
rooms in a prison CELLS
done without thinking REFLEXIVE
does some yardwork MOWS
army vehicles, originally JEEPS
without stopping CONTINUALLY
letting in ADMITTING
unit of stock SHARE
element #33 ARSENIC
like Swiss cheese HOLEY
lawn mower's detritus CLIPPINGS
famed director Woody ALLEN
llama cousins VICUNAS
celebrating REJOICING
buildup that blocks hearing EARWAX
sucker in a con game PATSY
talked mindlessly BABBLED
strict adherence to rules ORTHODOXY
more broken-down JUNKIER
capital Greeks ATHENIANS
intent FIXATED
drain at edge of ship's deck SCUPPER
extracted juice from REAMED
not having a silver tongue INELOQUENT
they endanger tall vehicles CROSSWINDS
Turkmenistan's capital ASHGABAT
it keeps mug from damage FACEMASK
journey there and back again ROUNDTRIP
three strikes in bowling TURKEY
atmospheric strike LIGHTNING
striking organization UNION
you strike while it's hot IRON
strike with force SLAM
one hoping to avoid strikes SLUGGER
strike a bargain NEGOTIATE
chauffeur DRIVER
motif THEME
dossier FILE
armoire WARDROBE
move like a butterfly FLUTTER
move like a hawk SWOOP
move like a crab SIDLE
move like a mouse SKITTER
move like a rattler SLITHER
move like a gymnast CARTWHEEL
move like a tornado GYRATE
the body's stress hormone CORTISOL
Elizabeth II's pet dogs CORGIS
actor & director Sir Kenneth BRANAGH
emulated Tom and Jerry FOUGHT
pie it's humiliating to eat HUMBLE
talking aimlessly MAUNDERING
oily slipperiness LUBRICITY
spindle-shaped FUSIFORM
Chinese dumpling POTSTICKER
vitamin A RETINOL
moving like a pendulum SWINGING
poetic feet DACTYLS
Swedish toy railway brand BRIO
Nelson, to his friends HORATIO
Australian ophthalmologist HOLLOWS
under pressure STRESSED
not serious LIGHTWEIGHT
low kick GRUBBER
Australian cockatoo CORELLA
vouchers CHITS
swampy wetland MUDFLATS
"strain" players BANDSMEN
school near Sleeping Giant QUINNIPIAC
crunchy pet food KIBBLES
rudely jostles ELBOWS
salad bar protection SNEEZEGUARD
gambolling merrily FROLICKING
weaknesses FRAILTIES
understood GRASPED
most often seen COMMONEST
movie composer Ennio MORRICONE
Scottish ski resort town AVIEMORE
it's thicker than water BLOOD
programming language RUBY
national park in Canada JASPER
singer-songwriter Neil DIAMOND
sinuous, like a snake SERPENTINE
make dull through repetition JADE
greenish-blue color TURQUOISE
1969 Hitchcock film TOPAZ
eaves' underside SOFFIT
Helen Keller's alma mater RADCLIFFE
copies, in a trademarked way XEROXES
Ionian Sea island CORFU
"Back to the Future" bully BIFF
residential "hot spot" RANGE
in a credible manner BELIEVABLY
pastoral sounds BAAS
West Point, for example ACADEMY
small, yellow-bellied bird BANANAQUIT
British dealer in hardware IRONMONGER
using cajolery WHEEDLING
German actress Kinski NASTASSJA
dry up and shrivel WIZEN
conscience-troubling doubt SCRUPLE
gaseous pesticide FUMIGANT
student's "classy" schedule TIMETABLE
English novelist Ian MCEWAN
not evoking much sympathy UNAFFECTING
map showing mountain routes TOPO
cook on the grill BARBEQUE
zoo-like atmosphere FRENZY
salad bar dressing option BALSAMIC
weatherproofing goop CAULK
unhealthy breakfast choice DOUGHNUTS
Nova Scotian Cape BRETON
fifth anniversary gift WOOD
lion genus PANTHERA
"The Lion in Winter" actress HEPBURN
lions, collectively PRIDE
"The Lion King" mandrill RAFIKI
Cowardly Lion actor Bert LAHR
lion-hearted English king RICHARD
form of a gene ALLELE
Roman name for Ireland SCOTIA
"Angry Birds" maker ROVIO
move to fool a defender JUKE
Zimbabwe's former name RHODESIA
sand perch PINFISH
condition of being filled up SATIATION
harsh criticisms DIATRIBES
Howser of 1990s TV DOOGIE
using a sieve FILTERING
certain coffee flavorers HAZELNUTS
big name in power tools SKIL
how suspicious people act SHADILY
physically challenging task BACKBREAKER
drew a silhouette PROFILED
Sarkozy's singing 3rd wife BRUNI
aged, as an item ANTIQUED
in a sprightly fashion PERTLY
one who resists change STANDPAT
profundity DEEPNESS
hotel room entry device KEYCARD
small book of verse CHAPBOOK
whale-sourced emollient SPERMACETI
unfinished house framework CARCASS
mountain range in NW Nevada HUMBOLDT
make effective earlier BACKDATE
hydrocarbon solvent HEXANE
Pinocchio's pal Jiminy CRICKET
English horse trials venue BADMINTON
becoming curved CURLING
crush out of shape SQUASH
thwart SNOOKER
moves quickly DARTS
Volkswagen model GOLF
arboreal forts for kids TREEHOUSES
Facebook attention-getters POKES
singer Minogue KYLIE
rotating TURNING
limitations BOUNDS
looking exactly like MIRRORING
arm joint ELBOW
away from the left side RIGHTWARD
gives tips to ADVISES
highly influential person HEAVYWEIGHT
went on a rant VENTED
lifeguard's concern SAFETY
actor Brendan FRASER
Philadelphia skater FLYER
relocating MOVING
sterilize, in a way DEGERM
Romeo's foe, in Shakespeare TYBALT
lumberjacks' domains WOODLOTS
worthy of mockery DERISIBLE
took by surprise SHOCKED
circus features SIDESHOWS
actor Barrymore LIONEL
rushing at ATTACKING
ferns and ficuses HOUSEPLANTS
sound of an explosion KABOOM
harp relatives LYRES
sport WEAR
athletic team CLUB
voluntary association SOCIETY
group of male students FRATERNITY
organizational branch CHAPTER
administrative group COUNCIL
working group UNION
group of craftsmen GUILD
salary framework PAYGRADE
pass string through again RETHREAD
infant carrier brand BABYBJORN
fudge DOCTOR
impartiality NEUTRALNESS
gung-ho skin care PROACTIV
playwrights' plot planners STORYBOARDS
Univ. of Arkansas athlete RAZORBACK
enrages IRES
American actress Christina APPLEGATE
like some climates SUBTROPIC
citizen of Naples NEAPOLITAN
steers down the wrong path MISGUIDES
reviewer's job CRITIQUING
deep male voices BARITONES
Annie's adopter WARBUCKS
element number 45 RHODIUM
range of options GAMUT
sleepily DOZILY
portion of money TRANCHE
earthquake TEMBLOR
1960s music craze BEATLEMANIA
stinging desert creatures SCORPIONS
not as short LONGER
places for hangers CLOSETS
"Blondie" last name BUMSTEAD
wind instrument with keys MELODICA
thumb piano KALIMBA
triangular Russian guitar BALALAIKA
it's played without touching THEREMIN
Balinese percussion ensemble GAMELAN
instrument spun on a cord BULLROARER
zither with chord buttons AUTOHARP
bottom-dwelling shark NURSE
"Sergeant York" actor Gary COOPER
"Men in Black" actor Will SMITH
Karen or Richard CARPENTER
a certainty BANKER
legendary jockey Willie SHOEMAKER
falsify DOCTOR
cellphone case brand OTTERBOX
Sherlock Holmes' blue gem CARBUNCLE
stick twirled at a pageant BATON
bass brass instrument EUPHONIUM
Ford's son's car EDSEL
a solution to all problems PANACEA
glacial groove STRIATION
whom Simple Simon met PIEMAN
lacking wit or panache PEDESTRIAN
severely simple in style AUSTERE
simple syrup ingredient SUGAR
done every day QUOTIDIAN
sincerely simple ARTLESS
one who raises crops CULTIVATOR
snowboard manufacturer BURTON
lake at China's lowest point AYDING
brazenness FLAGRANCE
weaver, unplugged HANDLOOM
ABC news anchor Peter JENNINGS
Syrphidae family pollen fan HOVERFLY
engulf WHELM
Dickens' heroic lawyer CARTON
farthingale or crinoline HOOPSKIRT
flu symptom TEMPERATURE
defunct electronic devices BRICKS
astronaut jaunt in a vacuum SPACEWALK
cowboy command GIDDYAP
how Yelp and Tumblr are used SOCIALLY
"The Sage of Baltimore" MENCKEN
blubber BOOHOO
wrong turn, for a train DERAILMENT
makes fun of RIBS
2002 Joni Mitchell album TRAVELOGUE
southern slider restaurant KRYSTAL