7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
item on a car's front HEADLIGHT
baby whales CALVES
speak very clearly ENUNCIATE
prepare coffee PERCOLATE
take back RECANT
letter add-on POSTSCRIPT
removing the ice from DEFROSTING
resentful EMBITTERED
hockey great Ray BOURQUE
drop from a list OMIT
large Old World monkeys BABOONS
give someone a claim to ENTITLE
King Edward II's burial site GLOUCESTER
find a new way of saying REWORD
hulled grain GROAT
"fore" for "four," say HOMOPHONE
not the same UNEQUAL
type of relish PICCALILLI
huge surprise SHOCKER
women's college near Boston WELLESLEY
curved outline CONTOUR
male servant in a manor FOOTMAN
occupations CAREERS
populous Connecticut city BRIDGEPORT
dogs with wrinkled faces PUGS
cut at a slant BEVELED
living in the sea OCEANIC
deposits' counterparts WITHDRAWALS
prefix meaning "false" PSEUDO
letting know of INFORMING
cricket in "Pinocchio" JIMINY
got rid of a knot UNTANGLED
Yale students ELIS
erred using a manual STALLED
auteur filmmaker Wes ANDERSON
a magnesium iron silicate CHRYSOLITE
ancient Greek for Baalbek HELIOPOLIS
constrictive colubrid snake KINGSNAKE
stage's rear curtain BACKCLOTH
capital of Morelos, Mexico CUERNAVACA
Pulitzer-winner Jhumpa LAHIRI