7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
[these things] BRACKETS
Bea Arthur sitcom MAUDE
Swedish carmaker SAAB
burned slowly SMOLDERED
timesavers SHORTCUTS
coming down in flurries SNOWING
Anaheim attraction DISNEYLAND
worthy of a reward MERITORIOUS
some Oscar winners ACTRESSES
Alaskan seaport KETCHIKAN
small, seed-eating songbird LINNET
disposed to love AMATIVE
friendly PALLY
dress dummies MANNEQUINS
driving away REPELLING
required MANDATED
got very good at MASTERED
tailpipe output FUMES
singer-songwriter Randy NEWMAN
type of java DECAF
constantly harassing PERSECUTING
oddball WEIRDO
construction worker platform SCAFFOLDING
stumbles SLIPS
all for naught WASTED
propriety RIGHTNESS
Green Goblin actor Dafoe WILLEM
they take all your rubbish TRASHCANS
make illegal CRIMINALIZE
less straight, of hair CURLIER
it's stranger than fiction TRUTH
in a silly way DAFFILY
shelled, as peas or beans PODDED
World Economic Forum host DAVOS
called on for help INVOKED
like a neglected piano UNTUNED
marrying in haste ELOPING
looks on in wonder GAZES
those at a celebration PARTYGOERS
moving more quickly ZIPPIER
put in the mail POSTED
talked rapidly PATTERED