7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
contaminate INFECT
wooded areas FORESTLANDS
drinking like a dog LAPPING
dumplings in soup WONTONS
really cruel INHUMAN
snacking on EATING
melancholy DOLEFULNESS
picked out of a lineup IDENTIFIED
where crops are grown FARMLAND
evil doings VILLAINY
shows displeasure FROWNS
emptying of a city EVACUATION
coffeeshop worker BARISTA
stainless steel element CHROMIUM
school named for a Supreme BRANDEIS
main course ENTREE
busboy's boss HEADWAITER
put back together REASSEMBLED
formally requested SOLICITED
non-pedigreed dog MUTT
crying out in pain YELPING
actress & writer Lena DUNHAM
robbery-preventing ANTITHEFT
flat-topped hills BUTTES
doing a satire of PARODYING
Buddy Holly's birthplace LUBBOCK
roly-poly quality CHUBBINESS
Miss Montana HANNAH
feather freshener BIRDBATH
in a fundamental way ESSENTIALLY
engaged in contemplation MEDITATED
removing a blockage from UNCLOGGING
curve upward in the middle CAMBER
US audio products company SHURE
topmast strut CROSSTREE
right of a person to leave EGRESS
Peruvian canyon or gorge PONGO
a fertilizing chloride MURIATE
where the news is printed PRESSROOM