7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
certain racehorses PACESETTERS
flower used in teas HIBISCUS
surfers' place INTERNET
portend BODE
capital of North Dakota BISMARCK
breaks away SECEDES
occurring every three years TRIENNIAL
old name for China CATHAY
theater company consultant DRAMATURGE
styles of cooking CUISINES
smooth end of a bone CONDYLE
like an amoeba UNICELLULAR
musical pause REST
James Bond creator Ian FLEMING
just around the corner IMMINENT
gumbo veggie OKRA
state of lethargy TORPOR
not generous ILLIBERAL
slicker RAINCOAT
leads to CAUSES
sticking out JUTTING
cover with brass BRAZE
worry greatly AGONIZE
occurring after marriage POSTNUPTIAL
Sweden's second largest city GOTHENBURG
pop the question PROPOSE
repeated thoughtlessly PARROTED
dot seen on clothes POLKA
Beethoven's "first" LUDWIG
inedible Apples IPHONES
Californian shade providers PALMS
showing a long face MOPY
bilingual DIGLOT
clothes marked at discount IRREGULARS
Hawaiian nuts MACADAMIAS
actress/singer Gomez SELENA
flabbergasts FLOORS
perfectly pleasant AGREEABLE
detectives SLEUTHS
giving accreditation to CERTIFYING
"that's awful!" HORRORS