7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
covering, as with snow BLANKETING
camera component SHUTTER
animate VITALIZE
baton wielders MAESTROS
intervening period MEANTIME
type of orange VALENCIA
youngster's vehicle TRICYCLE
close election activity RECOUNTING
speculative NOTIONAL
pronounces wrong MISSPEAKS
overall view CONSPECTUS
Beach Boys hit song KOKOMO
person of distinction LAUREATE
name in porcelain LIMOGES
with deft skill ARTFULLY
showed disrespect to AFFRONTED
stiff quality RIGIDNESS
most humorous FUNNIEST
remains after a demolition RUBBLE
onion's kin SHALLOT
running playfully SCAMPERING
small scar POCKMARK
training position CADETSHIP
toning down DAMPENING
celestial structures GALAXIES
those locked up PRISONERS
thumbed a ride HITCHHIKED
commodity CONSUMABLE
"business casual" jackets BLAZERS
imitating the words of ECHOING
country singer McBride MARTINA
start again REOPEN
Gutenberg's printing type LETTERPRESS
goes down DESCENDS
instrument for a nasal exam RHINOSCOPE