7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
having limits BOUNDED
manuscript copiers SCRIBES
foolishly impractical QUIXOTIC
art lover AESTHETE
game with cards and pegs CRIBBAGE
people from the area LOCALS
average Joe EVERYMAN
singer Campbell GLEN
eaten away CORRODED
African prairie VELDT
yearbooks, for example ANNUALS
turns up the heat on PRESSURES
superior master OVERLORD
bursting into flame IGNESCENT
1775 battle site LEXINGTON
locations PLACES
airplane seat features ARMRESTS
sound from a nest CHEEP
unintentional INADVERTENT
scatter BESTREW
like sandpaper ROUGH
skeptical leanings DOUBTS
smooth worsted fabric SHARKSKIN
Bosnia's capital SARAJEVO
Oscar winner Jennifer LAWRENCE
key quality for a sentry ALERTNESS
jeered at DERIDED
very old stories MYTHS
deepest common sax BARITONE
easily deceived GULLIBLE
Greyhound competitor TRAILWAYS
Asian butterfly genus DARPA
harsh exploitation OPPRESSION
deadlift workout type ROMANIAN
actress and pianist Alicia WITT
multiple hommes MESSIEURS
like an 18th-century hat TRICORNERED
invading personal space CROWDING
having a beak BILLED
attempted to influence LOBBIED
hauling around CARTING