7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
neural junction SYNAPSE
remove foreign elements PURIFY
restaurant booking RESERVATION
foolishness ABSURDITY
depreciation SHRINKAGE
armored mammal ARMADILLO
of the universe COSMIC
feel kinship IDENTIFY
takes away attention DISTRACTS
like everyone else NORMAL
anonymous UNNAMED
begin journey EMBARK
transport back and forth SHUTTLE
not simple COMPLEX
randomly intermittent SPORADIC
made a map of CHARTED
cut up the meat CARVED
downward movement DECLINE
get another's opinion CONSULT
circle of light HALO
high honor GLORY
treat following a meal DESSERT
migraine HEADACHE
large ice mass GLACIER
inhale fluid ASPIRATE
mindful of one's feelings CONSIDERATE
Seussian environmentalist LORAX
green horseradish WASABI
irreverent speech BLASPHEMY
unable to be broken into IMPREGNABLE
smoothly graceful FLUID
canine tooth CUSPID
small tuna relative BONITO
long distance race MARATHON
Cher's old partner SONNY
political pardon AMNESTY
where "Frasier" was set SEATTLE
pointless FUTILE
slang for heart TICKER
quick to understand ASTUTE
completely bankrupt RUINED
in a tizzy DUMBFOUNDED
evening news time ELEVEN
window sash CASEMENT
how some wear ball caps BACKWARD
soft French cheese CAMEMBERT
walk slowly AMBLE
stronghold BASTION
fat substitute OLESTRA
opinion VIEW
caricature PARODY
take to court LITIGATE
not eligible to play INACTIVE
sign of sickness SYMPTOM
sharpener insert PENCIL
not taking sides NEUTRAL
financial resources MEANS
advertising phrase SLOGAN
suspend HANG
stack component PANCAKE
bulb of the sea onion SQUILL
part of a moth's wing SCALE
play thing PROP
stand in the park GAZEBO
corrupt official HIGHBINDER
incompetent FECKLESS
whale fat BLUBBER
spongelike ABSORBENT
one hit Newton in the head APPLE
what sank the Titanic ICEBERG
game played on a diamond BASEBALL
without a place to live HOMELESS
woolly bison BUFFALO
regular custom HABIT
hive hobby BEEKEEPING
corset piece STAY
tremble SHAKE
movie or painting PICTURE
elephant in a kid's book BABAR
someone next door NEIGHBOR
support timber BRACE
grant money FUNDS
parent's parent GRANDMOTHER
in low spirits DEPRESSED
saltine CRACKER
cooling appliance RADIATOR
poisonous shrub OLEANDER
established quantity KNOWN
refinement DELICACY
policy on your house INSURANCE
oyster shell feature HINGE
great amount SLEW
besmirch the character of DEGRADE
major competitor RIVAL
Tasmanian tiger THYLACINE
wrestle GRAPPLE
hearty shrub SALTBUSH
quilted comforter DOONA
like cacti SUCCULENT
party thrower HOST
one who checks out books LIBRARIAN
spin rapidly TWIRL
pool of rainwater PUDDLE
coin metal SILVER
leak fixer PLUMBER
lots of fun DELIGHTFUL
well-bred LADYLIKE
settle the outcome of DETERMINE
predicting the outcome FORETELLING
computer storage INFORMATION
drones' leader QUEEN
most important MAIN
most important CHIEF
craving for food HUNGER
pigs SWINE
subjugation CONQUEST
obtain, for a short time BORROW
time to hit the panic button CRISIS
Mavericks owner Mark CUBAN
loss of all hope DESPAIR
most remote ULTIMATE
Mr. Universe's assets MUSCLES
fabric sample SWATCH
rink activity SKATING
old and of quality VINTAGE
like many comic strips SYNDICATED
3-D curve HELIX
lifting device HOIST
amusing diversion RECREATION
"The Song of Hiawatha" poet LONGFELLOW
babbling stream BROOK
intentional exaggeration HYPERBOLE
fairy tale monster OGRE
bump roughly JOSTLE
small kingdom FIEF
lighthearted JAUNTY
knocked to the ground RAZED
pitcher's teammate BASEMAN
mogul conqueror SKIER
nerve-racking TENSE
famous nurse NIGHTINGALE
smoke channel FLUE
hide one's true feelings DISSIMULATE
healthful stick CARROT
vagueness HAZINESS
cold symptom SNIFFLING
boss's task SUPERVISION
ordinary writing PROSE
under a parasol SHADED
piece of armor BREASTPLATE
scatterbrained DIZZY
sweet pudding BLANCMANGE
expert planner TACTICIAN
irascible WASPISH
boat clinger BARNACLE
genetic copy CLONE
capable of bouncing back RESILIENT
popular garden flower ZINNIA
diamond weight CARAT
like a gentleman GENTEEL
brotherhood CAMARADERIE
spectacular public display FANFARE
gas in light bulbs ARGON
fertilizer compound POTASH
involving stars SIDEREAL
bill to be paid RECKONING
children's song dragon PUFF
earlier judicial decision PRECEDENT
marked with spots BLOTCHY
what a glider rides on UPDRAFT
like this clue clue clue REPETITIOUS
real estate parcel SUBDIVISION
heavy silk fabric SAMITE
game designer's concern PLAYABILITY
brought about CAUSED
things that have worth VALUABLES
unscrupulous attorney PETTIFOGGER
working as a model POSING
summer ermine STOAT
place to find a squirrel TREETOP
movie script SCREENPLAY
small bladderlike cell VESICLE
like glee club music CHORAL
bring joy to DELIGHT
bothersome animal VARMINT
backwoods animal CRITTER
small animal BEASTIE
group of animals MENAGERIE
cargo platform PALLET
insects BUGS
gigantic animal BEHEMOTH
winter buildup SNOWBANK
thick spicy stew BURGOO
legitimate LAWFUL
cell division MEIOSIS
cheap digs for travelers HOSTEL
TV viewer's concern RECEPTION
rapid barrage FUSILLADE
WWI infantryman DOUGHBOY
2nd-largest city in Arizona TUCSON
self-righteous person PRIG
part of Tanzania ZANZIBAR
eternal AGELESS
ill-mannered BRATTY
make a mandate PRESCRIBE
apiece EACH
more inclined to quibble FUSSIER
expel from law practice DISBAR
color of corn MAIZE
attack of artillery fire CANNONADE
overcast condition CLOUDINESS
living on land and in water AMPHIBIOUS
come together JOIN
High Renaissance painter RAPHAEL
Chinese puzzle TANGRAM
argued over, as a price HAGGLED
mountain bases FOOTHILLS
iridescent OPALINE
cut short TRUNCATE
mal de mer SEASICKNESS
packed like sardines OVERCROWDED
letter carriers ENVELOPES
rough voice quality RASPINESS
lets off the hook EXCUSES
pulled the hammer back COCKED
"I understand" GOTCHA
leading the orchestra CONDUCTING
side abdominal muscles OBLIQUES
fellow employee WORKMATE
analogous SIMILAR
Sofia's country BULGARIA
weekly paycheck SALARY
cutout decoration APPLIQUE
Sunday newspaper feature COMICS
brand of motor home WINNEBAGO
incandescence GLOW
does some math CALCULATES
entry room FOYER
Boy Scout rank TENDERFOOT
fruity beverage ORANGEADE
Space Age cartoon clan JETSONS
flower-power believer HIPPIE
invigorate RECHARGE
powerful clan DYNASTY
concentrate FOCALIZE
become rotten SPOIL
apiary male DRONE
multiply, as one's efforts REDOUBLE
sinuous WINDING
assembling differently REJIGGERING
bone connector LIGAMENT
element in atomic clocks CESIUM
drives off DISPELS
using a crib sheet, say CHEATING
hard to pick out in a crowd NONDESCRIPT
granting BESTOWING
similar to an angora GOATLIKE
Patricia or Rosanna ARQUETTE
appease MOLLIFY
large blazes BONFIRES
San Diego footballers CHARGERS
stubborn OBSTINATE
municipal CIVIC
game with hoops and mallets CROQUET
unethical payments KICKBACKS
comparable ANALOGOUS
"Bonanza" star Lorne GREENE
showy red flower GERANIUM
using a hypo INJECTING
causes injury to BLOODIES
one with a quick temper HOTHEAD
biceps-building exercises PUSHUPS
producing GENERATING
injure through injustice AGGRIEVE
crossing, as a stream FORDING
provide financial aid to SUBSIDIZE
generated, as offspring BEGOT
complain peevishly WHINE
merry-go-round CAROUSEL
burdensome ONEROUS
condemnation DISAPPROVAL
soccer star David BECKHAM
having a balance below zero OVERDRAWN
boggy ground SWAMPLAND
afterward LATER
airplane rotor PROPELLER
extra paychecks BONUSES
nonhuman astronaut, maybe CHIMP
full of upheaval TUMULTUOUS
German composer Robert SCHUMANN
from the original source FIRSTHAND
laughter MIRTH
extroverted OUTGOING
artist who keeps it simple MINIMALIST
logically conclude INFER
tall trees of California REDWOODS
Titanic's launch site BELFAST
faster SWIFTER
Braunschweiger LIVERWURST
worked on a torso SCULPTURED
kidnappers ABDUCTORS
card suit SPADES
mystery genre PROCEDURAL
shied away CRINGED
curving BENDING
toll highway TURNPIKE
mark made by pressure IMPRINT
Oscar winner Tracy SPENCER
giving compliments to FLATTERING
less flavorful BLANDER
"cuchi-cuchi" guitarist CHARO
planned activity for kids PLAYDATE
stationary bike brand EXERCYCLE
piccolo-like instruments FIFES
like zebras and tigers STRIPED
teenagers' woe PIMPLES
list off ENUMERATE
salon offerings STYLES
Barry Manilow hit COPACABANA
luges and toboggans SLEDS
snail on a French menu ESCARGOT
described carefully DELINEATED
subatomic particles ELECTRONS
helping a golfer CADDYING
invented, as a new word COINED
baseball star Pete ROSE
tenon's partner MORTISE
seaport in Dorset, England POOLE
turned up and sewed HEMMED
form of address in Spain SENORITA
famous piano sonata MOONLIGHT
follow winding course MEANDER
national flower of Wales DAFFODIL
type of compliment BACKHANDED
Burpee purchase SEED
abolitionist Tubman HARRIET
not embarrassed UNABASHED
put back in the mail RESEND
militant sort AGGRESSOR
not too bright LAMEBRAINED
Indianapolis NFL team COLTS
military postponing DEFERMENT
sports numbers, perhaps STATS
not out of the question IMAGINABLE
raspy sound HOARSENESS
multivitamin ingredient IRON
fair and impartial JUST
French horn lookalike MELLOPHONE
"I'm Yours" singer Jason MRAZ
indefatigable TIRELESS
gave hope to ENCOURAGED
animal with a stinger SCORPION
change one's mortgage REFINANCE
more like gossamer FLIMSIER
"Mad" magazine specialty SPOOF
guaranteeing the victory CLINCHING
loosen one's shirttail UNTUCK
talk show pioneer Phil DONAHUE
number on a clothing tag SIZE
stretchy materials, maybe PLASTICS
occurring twice a year SEMIANNUAL
quickly growing larger MUSHROOMING
swine PIGS
major racing tire company PIRELLI
jungle plants, typically OVERGROWTH
quavering, as a voice TREMULOUS
extortionist BLACKMAILER
giving pleasure to GRATIFYING
diner features COUNTERS
make fit for society CIVILIZE
Trans-Siberian Railway end VLADIVOSTOK
"the doghouse" DISFAVOR
Oscar winner Hattie MCDANIEL
"Field of Dreams" state IOWA
field hands' workplace PLANTATION
they play at Wrigley Field CUBS
track-and-field event JAVELIN
infield position SHORTSTOP
grassy field PASTURE
out in left field ECCENTRIC
rival of Huggies PAMPERS
intrusive favor request IMPOSITION
beats it SCRAMS
actress Cameron DIAZ
conditional PROVISORY
recovers from the wreckage SALVAGES
Jordan's capital AMMAN
headstrong STUBBORN
head of a business MANAGER
make some headway PROGRESS
headache HASSLE
blockhead DUMMY
Phillips head, e.g. SCREWDRIVER
site of GM's headquarters DETROIT
makes happy SATISFIES
period of leasing TENANCY
like bits of sand GRANULAR
thrusts forward PROPELS
bringing into harmony TUNING
former English royal house HANOVER
cone's point VERTEX
conic tent TEPEE
traffic cone PYLON
conic voice intensifier MEGAPHONE
the Coneheads' home planet REMULAK
cone's cross-section PARABOLA
ice cream cone filler SCOOP
home to a queen and drones BEEHIVE
thick carpet SHAG
use a spatula on, maybe FLIP
enduring forever PERMANENT
author Proust MARCEL
mosquito sound BUZZ
electrical connections PIGTAILS
the main OCEAN
sleeper, say EARRING
cutting a system of lines TRANSVERSAL
showing appreciation APPLAUDING
had a go at ATTACKED
spit food KEBAB
unpleasantly damp and cold DANK
like weak Kool-Aid WATERY
weakness of character FOIBLE
without material strength FLIMSY
reduce to a weakened state PROSTRATE
physical weakness LANGUOR
weakened by old age DECREPIT
lack of power IMPUISSANCE
maker of artificial limbs PROSTHETIST
dark purple AUBERGINE
skeptics DOUBTERS
one in the will, apparently HEIR
George III-issued UK coin TWOPENCE
state of thoughtfulness PENSIVENESS
toward the top of the world NORTHWARD
losing speed SLOWING
state of Switzerland NEUTRALITY
Nigeria's second city KANO
contract bidding TENDERING
falsehood UNTRUTH
going round the bend CORNERING
Swiss city on Lake Geneva LAUSANNE
casa o hogar VIVIENDA
país de tulipanes HOLANDA
comida típica mexicana BURRITO
descripción de plutonio RADIOACTIVO
material de carpintero MADERA
opuesto de izquierda DERECHA
que se propaga fácilmente CONTAGIOSO
cualidad de un diamante BRILLANTE
cuadro famoso de Da Vinci GIOCONDA
aspecto exterior SUPERFICIE
polvo tóxico ASBESTO
reunión de personas ASAMBLEA
elevador ASCENSOR
cincuenta más cincuenta CIEN
estudio de procesos mentales PSICOLOGÍA
una percepción exagerada ESTEREOTIPO
que sufre sin quejarse ESTOICO
estudio del corazón CARDIOLOGÍA
necesidad antes de cirugía ANESTESIA
parte del ojo RETINA
hay 206 en el cuerpo humano HUESOS
Superman's home METROPOLIS
Superman's nemesis LUTHOR
Superman's adopted mother MARTHA
Superman's girlfriend LOIS
Superman's weakness KRYPTONITE
Superman's mother LARA
Superman's day job REPORTER
accept wholeheartedly EMBRACE
accept as true BELIEVE
accept readily SWALLOW
accept as valid APPROBATE
accept as one's own ADOPT
what a seller may accept OFFER
acceptance of others TOLERANCE
proceeding upwards ASCENDENT
a servile flatterer SYCOPHANT
removable locks TOUPEE
containing salt SALINE
of the future PROSPECTIVE
the high ground UPLAND
dazed confusion WOOZINESS
it'll surely gnarl traffic PILEUP
showing curiosity INTERESTED
four leaf clover, in design QUATREFOIL
the life of a region BIOTA
extend a host's patience OVERSTAY
pointedly claims one's share STAKES
rustic outdoor chair ADIRONDACK
produced a sharp sound CLACKED
capacious bottle JEROBOAM
new technology rejecter LUDDITE
key Silk Road China province GANSU
get by foraging or borrowing SCROUNGE
personal care products maker CONAIR
famed English architect WREN
recollecting REMEMBERING
it's tense to the very end CLIFFHANGER
volcanic lake in Turkey NEMRUT
drains of energy SAPS
blinded by the light BEDAZZLED
added speech to a film DUBBED
gave it another go RETRIED
Warner Bros. cartoonist Tex AVERY
embellishes while describing EXAGGERATES
brand of refrigerant FREON
become distasteful PALL
brewing container COFFEEPOT
junk shop purchases ANTIQUES
units of speed for ships KNOTS
activity pursued for fun HOBBY
international hotel company IBIS
fighter plane HARRIER
small decorative flags BUNTING
double eagle ALBATROSS
believe foolishly SWALLOW
book publishing company PENGUIN
repugnancy ODIOUSNESS
altruistically SELFLESSLY
outlet for Lake Titicaca DESAGUADERO
humidified MOISTURIZED
precedes face, ship or time ABOUT
toward the offensive basket UPCOURT
leveled off PLATEAUED
assignation of page numbers PAGINATION
an island of Greenland SERMITSIAQ
maliciously SPITEFULLY
cover thickly PLASTER
Tasmanian-born actor Errol FLYNN
a set of seven SEPTENARY
brand of sports drink POWERADE
jurisdiction of a sheriff SHRIEVALTY
where a trial is to be held VENUE
one in command AUTHORITY
seat of judgment TRIBUNAL
civil officer MAGISTRATE
bailiff's jurisdiction BAILIWICK
like the proverbial judge SOBER
pro lacrosse team BAYHAWKS
Mickey's not known for this MOUSINESS
where trees are cut WOODLOT
talking about 7 Little Words META
made to fit a smaller space COMPACTED
Edith, Agnes and Margo ADOPTEES
one of the simplest machines SCREW
Goethe's birthplace FRANKFURT
someone slow to give credit SKEPTIC
enduring ABIDING
having more money RICHER
"snowdrops" AVALANCHES
wetting agent SURFACTANT
exchanging SWAPPING
Rorschach test elements INKBLOTS
got comfortable, in a way CUDDLED
shining AGLOW
North Carolina university DUKE
highway exit OFFRAMP
losing fur SHEDDING
causing no discomfort PAINLESS
prepare for a kiss PUCKER
repudiated DISAVOWED
older Bridges brother BEAU
wander here and there ROVE
verb forms that may dangle PARTICIPLES
MTV's acoustic music show UNPLUGGED
lazes about LOUNGES
patient's contribution COPAY
African grasslands VELDTS
mollifying PLACATING
neckwear accessories TIEPINS
young actor Josh HUTCHERSON
brings together INTEGRATES
low-lying, fertile ground BOTTOMLAND
like Ziploc bags RESEALABLE
immaturity CALLOWNESS
dog developed as a ratter PINSCHER
Ruslana's home town LVIV
poor radio reception is this STATICKY
fee paid after unwed split PALIMONY
figure with three faces TRIHEDRON
wet weather footwear in UK WELLIES
Spanish autonomous community GALICIA
long and spindly LEGGY
with astonishment AMAZEDLY
one 10th of a deciliter CENTILITER
Russian petroleum giant GAZPROM
least welcoming ICIEST
eighteen-wheelers RIGS
drawing conclusions INFERRING
turning points PIVOTS
evergreen-scented PINY
close associates COMPANIONS
ship's records LOGS
lachrymosely TEARFULLY
laws of a jurisdiction STATUTES
behaved like aggressive bees SWARMED
puzzling questions RIDDLES
cleared cotton of seeds GINNED
where the Bruins battle UCLA
"She Walks in Beauty" poet BYRON
small flaw DEFECT
paint mess SPLATTER
university in Houston RICE
untidy person SLOVEN
skied, in a way SLALOMED
fall bloomers ASTERS
crying loudly WAILING
old-fashioned firearm FLINTLOCK
Dixon's fellow "lineman" MASON
electric theater organ WURLITZER
crosswise ATHWART
connected in a chain CATENATED
deceptive cricket delivery GOOGLY
upper part of ship's stern TAFFRAIL
science of computing time CHRONOLOGY
ramified BRANCHED
between the ribs INTERCOSTAL
basic "digital" computer ABACUS
bestows PROVIDES
Old High German KAISER
stoat's winter coat ERMINE
looking like RESEMBLING
"Home Alone" star Culkin MACAULAY
Greg Louganis' sport DIVING
blowing away IMPRESSING
in a bizarre manner WEIRDLY
crocheted blankets AFGHANS
Indiana's "City of Firsts" KOKOMO
put a wrong tag on MISLABEL
like Cuba's government COMMUNIST
airheads NITWITS
grassy expanses FIELDS
Wednesday, typically MIDWEEK
some railroad employees BRAKEMEN
rose suddenly SURGED
found in many places WIDESPREAD
accepted ORTHODOX
relative position RANKING
surrounding influence ATMOSPHERE
contract SHORTEN
intricate arrangement LABYRINTH
relieved ALLAYED
like a frosted dessert CAKEY
highest mountain in Europe ELBRUS
multiplied by six SEXTUPLED
historic Russian warrior COSSACK
gaudy quality TACKINESS
completely dissipated VAPORIZED
moderately satiny paint SEMIGLOSS
braggart BLOWOFF
personify concretely EMBODY
suffering painful joints RHEUMATIC
Scandinavian Mountains KJOLEN
Italian vehicle manufacturer IVECO
rent, as an airplane CHARTER
direct, as a flight NONSTOP
sell too many seats OVERBOOK
plane's path TAXIWAY
airline CARRIER
airline pilot CAPTAIN
short flight SHUTTLE
de Vil of "101 Dalmations" CRUELLA
Pakistan's official language URDU
afraid of heights ACROPHOBIC
dwelling places RESIDENCES
explorer of Nickelodeon DORA
breaks, as a code CRACKS
stand for REPRESENT
London tube line BAKERLOO
corporate levels to climb LADDER
capable of being copied DUPLICABLE
its capital is Valletta MALTA
poppycock BOLONEY
like an optimist UNDISMAYED
tall stand for candelabrum TORCHERE
outback drifter SWAGMAN
Ian Thorpe, for example OLYMPIAN
Tasmanian city DEVONPORT
leading party group CABINET
casual conversation CHINWAG
budget airline JETSTAR
official recorder REGISTRAR
placements in an order RANKINGS
country singer Toby KEITH
pleasant-looking PRETTY
like Ravens and Orioles BALTIMOREAN
carbon-14 task DATING
pediatrics involving infants NEONATOLOGY
undercover agents MOLES
in an insolent manner BRASSILY
college fight song, say ROUSER
Washington left-winger, say CAPITAL
annoyed BOTHERED
the odds are against them UNDERDOGS
dental irritation PLAQUE
rainbow-colored treat SHERBET
fly CHIC
famous NYC bookstore STRAND
file sharing protocol BITTORRENT
Farm that bakes Goldfish PEPPERIDGE
kept in print over years BACKLISTED
resident in a foreign state EXPAT
culpable BLAMABLE
Welsh narrow gauge railway FFESTINIOG
large nocturnal mammal AARDVARK
chillingly mysterious EERIE
rhythmic bass accompaniment OOMPAH
millimole, in brief MMOL
elongated marine fish EELPOUT
plain in South America LLANOS
uninhabited regions WILDS
still strong after all UNWEARIED
gather and bind into piles SHEAVE
legal caregiver GUARDIAN
world's largest hotel chain MARRIOTT
insipidly dull COLORLESS
hill crest, to Brits KNAP
top landing in a building STAIRHEAD
brain and spine specialist NEUROLOGIST
averse to friendly relations INSOCIABLE
famous market in Boston QUINCY
online professional network LINKEDIN
organic yogurt maker STONYFIELD
used "groovy" joinery method RABBETED
expert in old things ANTIQUARY
person of learning SAVANT
expert shot DEADEYE
showy expert HOTSHOT
discerning expert CONNOISSEUR
judge of good taste COGNOSCENTE
one with great skill VIRTUOSO
"selfie" and "oversharers" NEOLOGISMS
problematic delivery type BREECH
result of eating too much BLOATING
like the latest computers ULTRAMODERN
archipelago south of Japan MARIANAS
teased gently CHAFFED
with great shame ABASHEDLY
clumsy and ungainly GAWKISH
quality of dirty dishes SPOTTINESS
it may get tugged HEARTSTRING
invaluably PRICELESSLY
resembling moolah, maybe DOUGHLIKE
unbribeable, perhaps GREASEPROOF
establishing LAUNCHING
dividing structures WALLS
source of fodder HAYFIELD
poached dumpling QUENELLE
volcanic flare-ups ERUPTIONS
plant disease harming shoots DIEBACK
clearly and vividly GRAPHICALLY
busybody QUIDNUNC
official language of China PUTONGHUA
choose in advance PRESELECT
light, two-stranded rope MARLINE
sir, in South Africa MENEER
revised edition of text RECENSION
give, in a material FLEXIBILITY
giveaway FREEBIE
give-and-take COMPROMISE
give ground RETREAT
a given DATUM
give away to the enemy BETRAY
give back RETURN
drinks water HYDRATES
bringing charges against INDICTING
dust ruffle BEDSKIRT
grates RASPS
soul singer Teddy PENDERGRASS
short dramas PLAYLETS
hearts, informally TICKERS
generic name for a cow BOSSY
amenable to suggestions RECEPTIVE
agree with, on the web COSIGN
14-line poem RONDEL
with distinction INIMITABLY
open, as a gate UNLATCHED
jiggly snack food JELLO
gas in an aerosol PROPELLANT
"velours croché" fastener VELCRO
type of fever GLANDULAR
in a winning way ENGAGINGLY
actor Nimoy LEONARD
it divides hours and minutes COLON
in a bad way ADVERSELY
cereal amount, say BOXFUL
woman with "will power" EXECUTRIX
warm and comfy quality HOMEYNESS
following immediately after SUPERVENING
they're deep ABYSSES
how trendsetters do things HIPLY
Athenian general & historian THUCYDIDES
the world EARTH
worldly-wise KNOWING
out of this world FANTASTIC
worldwide GLOBAL
world-weariness ENNUI
on top of the world ELATED
World Series sport BASEBALL
like teeth or confessions EXTRACTABLE
containing element #7 NITROUS
spreading through SUFFUSIVE
funnyman and senator Al FRANKEN
Greece's second-largest city THESSALONIKI
cousin of tennis PADDLEBALL
noted film director Bigelow KATHRYN
lured away DECOYED
voted in again REELECTED
with excited glee GIDDILY
puts off until later DELAYS
more self-assured COCKIER
satisfying, as thirst QUENCHING
mountain road features SWITCHBACKS
Newbery Medal winner Gary PAULSEN
like some Mexican ruins MAYAN
they raise a note one step SHARPS
removing from law practice DISBARRING
gramp's gal, perhaps GRAN
toil harder than others OUTWORK
stroked the cat or dog PETTED
jukebox manufacturer WURLITZER
imitating nature BIOMIMETIC
hair holders BARRETTES
Chinese fruit yangmei WAXBERRY
"Home Improvement" toolmaker BINFORD
wooden slat SPLINE
helping those in need CHARITABLE
government job program WORKFARE
very poor person PAUPER
monetary promise PLEDGE
fundraising campaign TELETHON
destitute PENURIOUS
free from dryer debris LINTLESS
media player app REALPLAYER
southern Arizona border town NOGALES
pad for the baa'ed SHEEPFOLD
scene of 1579 treaty signing UTRECHT
the cold shoulder BRUSHOFF
rationality SANENESS
rocks in a belt ASTEROIDS
Shakespearean storm TEMPEST
one manning the battlements DEFENDER
creepy-crawly arthropod CENTIPEDE
escape from jail BREAKOUT
knight's hand protector GAUNTLET
he delivers news personally PAPERBOY
gave reality to, with "out" FLESHED
eatery or its customer DINER
highway in an America song VENTURA
Jack Dawkins' artful quality DODGINESS
tasting like certain citrus ORANGEY
TV competition GAMESHOW
map out new districts for REZONE
very portable speakers EARPHONES
they take people on EMPLOYERS
the "A" in AD ANNO
distinctive stripes BANDING
turniplike root CELERIAC
target dates DEADLINES
prepares for publication PROOFREADS
frequent Dickensian setting CLERKENWELL
UK National Motor Museum BEAULIEU
traced a design CALKED
security for a debt GUARANTY
"county" in Switzerland CANTON
young Canadian singer Shawn MENDES