7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
more drily humorous DROLLER
marshals for action MOBILIZES
"Cosby Show" surname HUXTABLE
made a mess LITTERED
food coloring, e.g. ADDITIVE
Mexican outlaw BANDITO
TV program not in B&W COLORCAST
makes sure of ASCERTAINS
out of control UNGLUED
artists' tablets SKETCHPADS
strong demand INSISTENCE
hay fever expert ALLERGIST
back woods HINTERLANDS
croquet hoops WICKETS
back to one's house HOMEWARD
dazed state TRANCE
bringing back together REUNITING
rhombus, e.g. SHAPE
jointly-credited writers COAUTHORS
forcible break DISRUPTION
separate DECOUPLE
minus LESS
having a nice hairdo COIFFURED
crafty quality SNEAKINESS
problems for a dermatologist BLACKHEADS
actor Byrne GABRIEL
shrewish women HARRIDANS
English Romantic ode writer KEATS
it can go "con carne" CHILI
most unfriendly CHILLIEST
they appear in Phoenix SUNS
Guadalajara soccer club CHIVAS
largest town of San Marino DOGANA
warehouse STOREROOM