7 little words

7 Little Words answers

Bubble Gum

Clue Answer
one of Moe's partners SHEMP
absorbing, with "up" SOPPING
neckties CRAVATS
answering machine's relative VOICEMAIL
having mental problems PSYCHOTIC
pizza parts SLICES
did recon work SCOUTED
tales of life BIOGRAPHIES
wildcatters DRILLERS
passed by ELAPSED
men after a scoop NEWSHOUNDS
most gleeful CHEERIEST
eyebrow pullers PLUCKERS
area of limestone terrane KARST
brand of wafer cookies NILLA
long time periods CENTURIES
oil processing plant REFINERY
beat at an auction OUTBID
chewing gum substance CHICLE
attractive APPEALING
red hue named for a painter TITIAN
monkey, for one WRENCH
NFL commish Roger GOODELL
Ni on the periodic table NICKEL
facts you want, per Colbert TRUTHINESS
green wire, often GROUND
drops a line, say ANGLES
callitroga genus fly larva SCREWWORM
former Canadian PM Pierre TRUDEAU
little finger PINKIE
there are many shades of it GRAY
stalemate STANDOFF
from multiple sources ECLECTIC
prohibition FORBIDDANCE