7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
fastener STAPLE
six-string GUITAR
near the equator TROPICAL
spins around ROTATES
one who scales CLIMBER
stage drama PLAY
railroad bridge TRESTLE
out of the ordinary SPECIAL
place to park GARAGE
voice inflection CADENCE
sparkly stuff GLITTER
it has a tail COMET
turned down for DENIED
damaging event CALAMITY
dispute ARGUMENT
form of government REPUBLIC
soldiers with horses CAVALRY
outside of town RURAL
sports center STADIUM
connected LINKED
this planet EARTH
cupcake topper FROSTING
colossal TITANIC
pieces of wood LUMBER
significant detail HIGHLIGHT
inexperienced person GREENHORN
butter substitute MARGARINE
small bag SATCHEL
it has a lot of problems MATH
spool for thread BOBBIN
break time RECESS
banned construction material ASBESTOS
use fingers and toes, maybe COUNT
all-embracing CATHOLIC
dike gap BREACH
space field ASTRONOMY
red vegetable BEET
never ending PERPETUAL
bring new life to REGENERATE
apply force to COERCE
woman with snaky hair GORGON
settles an affair of honor DUELS
herb or spice SEASONING
chocolate substitute CAROB
radiation causing sunburn ULTRAVIOLET
trophy hoisters CHAMPS
undemolishable building LANDMARK
wherewithal MEANS
group of words PHRASE
capital of Canada OTTAWA
miserly McDuck SCROOGE
country music genre BLUEGRASS
weightlifters' needs BARBELLS
impediment OBSTACLE
printer filler TONER
Japanese king of the monsters GODZILLA
marine gem PEARL
souvenir KEEPSAKE
school or work storage area LOCKER
pencil tip ERASER
utter nonsense GIBBERISH
show silent disappointment SULK
Arabic interpreter DRAGOMAN
wood used for violin bows PERNAMBUCO
variety of sushi HANDROLL
standard deviation symbol SIGMA
easily changed LABILE
1996 Stanley Cup winners AVALANCHE
get-together POWWOW
pester or bother DISTURB
palm tree seed COCONUT
home made of logs CABIN
ship's kitchen GALLEY
sailor's right side STARBOARD
player on the mound PITCHER
light rain DRIZZLE
ticket fee ADMISSION
Larry Ellison's tech company ORACLE
all of us EVERYBODY
deception RUSE
partner of crossbones SKULL
domineering BOSSY
"Mad" magazine specialty PARODY
multiplication number FACTOR
show the difference between CONTRAST
where sun meets Earth HORIZON
true belief VERITY
distinctly defined SHARP
fashionista's concern STYLE
control the speed of REGULATE
good reputation CREDIT
river deposit DELTA
rope fiber JUTE
large dog breed AFGHAN
shawl fabric CASHMERE
Pittsburgh nine PIRATES
strong perfume oil PATCHOULI
oldest of the Bee Gees BARRY
Holden model CRUZE
gold nugget weight GRAM
very small, for an amount PIDDLING
pertaining to the brain CEREBRAL
moved forward ADVANCED
Sydney beach BONDI
flow of water CURRENT
walk through mud SQUISH
incognito DISGUISED
frightful GRUESOME
thin band of magnetic film VIDEOTAPE
sudden burst of light FLASH
Japanese rice dish SUSHI
caviar source BELUGA
concerned with money PECUNIARY
source of money COFFERS
New York island MANHATTAN
first-year player ROOKIE
voice fluctuation CRACK
tenth out of ten LAST
wise saying PROVERB
not old-fashioned MODERN
passionate AMOROUS
pipe wrench user PLUMBER
freedom from sin PURITY
blood cell CORPUSCLE
dissolve MELT
she's on stage ACTRESS
thalassic region OCEAN
deserving scorn DETESTABLE
make shorter ABBREVIATE
light sleep DOZE
freshness NOVELTY
loathsome ABHORRENT
city of Egypt or Tennessee MEMPHIS
fired a water pistol SQUIRTED
marvelous WONDERFUL
since yesterday OVERNIGHT
Star Trek doctor MCCOY
pluck, as facial hair TWEEZE
protection from the sun BLINDS
moon mission name APOLLO
enjoying privileges FAVORED
period of rest RESPITE
fretted WORRIED
organized crime UNDERWORLD
like some produce ORGANIC
large part of the brain CEREBRUM
expand WIDEN
meant in jest FACETIOUS
discharge of pent-up emotions CATHARSIS
lawfulness VALIDITY
ice order quantity PINT
rough up HARM
monkey or ape PRIMATE
elated JOYFUL
horse ropers LASSOES
reduce the weight of LIGHTEN
booming LOUD
disposed to do evil MALIGNANT
red apple variety MCINTOSH
bowling alley apparatus PINSPOTTER
like a fox VULPINE
be a hot dog SHOWOFF
empty, as a suitcase UNPACK
comfortably warm TOASTY
one seeking warmer climes SNOWBIRD
making a movie SHOOTING
military leader WARLORD
Oakland team RAIDERS
genetics or bionics SCIENCE
talk excitedly JABBER
foolishness FLAPDOODLE
steak choice RIBEYE
covered with suds SOAPY
haul or convey TRANSPORT
letter in the Greek alphabet KAPPA
it has the first and last word DICTIONARY
pair skating move LIFT
all arms and legs GAWKY
kind of wave or pigeon CARRIER
warm up, as the oven PREHEAT
slight or superficial SKETCHY
cotton fabric CHINTZ
short movie scene VIGNETTE
sightseer TOURIST
make memorable IMMORTALIZE
remove from competition DISQUALIFY
rude push SHOVE
within the rules LAWFULLY
belt hole NOTCH
oil speculator WILDCATTER
having one eye MONOCULAR
shaping matter through a die EXTRUSION
lapidary CUTTER
trial period PROBATION
Amazon, for one RIVER
Republican rival DEMOCRAT
unsettled region WILDERNESS
university grounds CAMPUS
word book THESAURUS
without warning SUDDEN
be in charge of ADMINISTER
staggering FORMIDABLE
injurious HARMFUL
food storage area PANTRY
leaf part STEM
carry BRING
Bohemian dance POLKA
twine STRING
dog star not on TV SIRIUS
teacher's domain SCHOOLROOM
new baby NEONATE
mountain climbing adventure EXPEDITION
practiced a part REHEARSED
highest peak in U.S. MCKINLEY
skill in deception CRAFT
expedition OUTING
shudder or quiver TREMBLE
loved one SWEETHEART
at full volume LOUDLY
cooking banana PLANTAIN
one kissing up to the boss TOADY
nostalgic WISTFUL
jumping out of a plane SKYDIVING
former FBI leader HOOVER
ancient Norse warrior BERSERKER
male felines TOMCATS
small lobster relative CRAWFISH
squeeze, to remove water WRING
commerce to consumers RETAIL
sac in the body CYST
capacity for error FALLIBILITY
newspaper comics STRIPS
most unattractive UGLIEST
like an immature woman GIRLISH
speak spitefully about BACKBITE
dilettante DABBLER
shingled area ROOFTOP
treat like a celebrity LIONIZE
protein source for vegans TOFU
the blahs ENNUI
abduct KIDNAP
New Orleans, for example SEAPORT
like many presents WRAPPED
health spa employee MASSEUSE
Mexican chain restaurant CHIPOTLE
some soccer players GOALIES
game using 22 balls SNOOKER
rinky-dink CHEESY
like some winds WESTERLY
resistance to change INERTIA
former British coin SIXPENCE
Aesop, for one FABULIST
floor covering LINOLEUM
Greek mathematician PYTHAGORAS
serving of bacon RASHER
request from a loser, maybe REMATCH
having analgesic properties RELIEVING
rising rapidly SURGING
ridge over water PROMONTORY
act of stopping CESSATION
brief break HIATUS
blender setting PUREE
Tanzanian mountain KILIMANJARO
tribal leaders CHIEFTAINS
gem that comes in many hues TOURMALINE
preparation GROUNDWORK
India neighbor BHUTAN
Denis of comedy LEARY
classicist's study, maybe MYTHOLOGY
child prodigy WUNDERKIND
critical comment REPROOF
fogging up MISTY
one who flouts regulations SCOFFLAW
where walls meet CORNERS
helicopter, slangily WHIRLYBIRD
liar who's under oath PERJURER
where to see stalactites CAVERN
self-consciousness DIFFIDENCE
extremely difficult TRYING
primogeniture BIRTHRIGHT
established INSTITUTED
mental keenness WITS
most old-fashioned QUAINTEST
flightless bird RATITE
broken arm carrier SLING
eastern Mediterranean region PALESTINE
wearisome routine MONOTONY
personal offense AFFRONT
with reservations UNEASILY
razor sharpener STROP
French photography pioneer DAGUERRE
more joyful HAPPIER
homemaker HOUSEWIFE
using a Pink Pearl ERASING
capital of Manitoba WINNIPEG
fanatic ZEALOT
like unmoving W.W.I. armies ENTRENCHED
swanky stadium compartment SKYBOX
petroleum jelly brand VASELINE
warm and friendly CORDIAL
one engaged in warfare COMBATANT
lacking definite form AMORPHOUS
draw out ELONGATE
make corrections to RECTIFY
enthusiasm VERVE
model's runway CATWALK
tuneful campfire activity SINGALONG
100th anniversary CENTENNIAL
looked forward to AWAITED
hopelessly stubborn PIGHEADED
"You Send Me" singer Sam COOKE
they dominate one's thoughts OBSESSIONS
these bring one to a halt BRAKES
sharpshooter Annie OAKLEY
unchangeable IMMUTABLE
sought political asylum DEFECTED
end of existence EXTINCTION
most chilly and damp DANKEST
carved gem CUVETTE
discomposed PERTURBED
division of Mattel TYCO
was able to pay for AFFORDED
olive green gems PERIDOTS
helped out AIDED
turning about SWIVELING
dearth PAUCITY
city in central Canada SASKATOON
certain herding animal SHEEPDOG
predecessor to Facebook MYSPACE
cheesy appetizer NACHOS
eagerness AVIDITY
crawler with lots of legs MILLIPEDE
it's burned for its aroma INCENSE
mowing and fertilizing YARDWORK
got better after surgery RECUPERATED
lines to the audience ASIDES
submissive quality SERVILITY
something discouraging DETERRENT
Depeche Mode genre TECHNOPOP
put on credit CHARGED
in a complacently stupid way FATUOUSLY
drill-master DENTIST
lasting 60 minutes HOURLONG
trophy recipients WINNERS
medium altitude cloud type ALTOCUMULUS
Istanbul soccer club GALATASARAY
separately DISCRETELY
stride competitively RACEWALK
working in the cockpit PILOTING
fingerprint pattern WHORL
put in the slammer JAILED
coarse quality ROUGHNESS
New Age musician from Greece YANNI
source of licorice flavor ANISEED
Jackie Kennedy's maiden name BOUVIER
hardship ASPERITY
Ang Lee and Spike Lee FILMMAKERS
fishtanks AQUARIA
onetime data-entry worker KEYPUNCHER
busybody MEDDLER
comical Keillor GARRISON
online document WEBSITE
entrusted to another DELEGATED
entrapping with a lure DECOYING
Alex Cross' creator PATTERSON
boot part TOEPIECE
Philadelphia university DREXEL
not permitting passage IMPERMEABLE
in a serene way PEACEFULLY
tossing out JUNKING
mosquito larva WIGGLER
thin, spiced Italian ham PROSCIUTTO
moved down the screen SCROLLED
treat drinking water FLUORIDATE
inundates FLOODS
list of a singer's MTV works VIDEOGRAPHY
pioneers FOUNDERS
straighten out, like a snake UNCOIL
uncommon occurrence INFREQUENCY
British department store HARRODS
roaring loudly THUNDERING
goes back on what was said BACKPEDALS
signed, in a way INITIALED
misty fog HAZE
store with dog supplies PETSMART
causing disbelief IMPLAUSIBLE
colored membrane in the eye IRIS
one on sidelines at party WALLFLOWER
color of the rainbow VIOLET
yellow poplar TULIP
female parents MUMS
got up ROSE
"Downton Abbey" child MARIGOLD
hurling SLINGING
not yet discovered UNEXPLORED
indie actress Sevigny CHLOE
underlying principle FUNDAMENT
hammering percussion player XYLOPHONIST
lowest part of a lake BOTTOM
law school course TORTS
flat hat BERET
with hat in hand HUMBLY
talked through one's hat BLUFFED
old hat HUMDRUM
hat part CROWN
brass hat OFFICER
tall silk hat STOVEPIPE
prepared milk for the latte FROTHED
it's ridden behind the boat WAKEBOARD
lover of LPs, 78s and 45s DISCOPHILE
act of academic dishonesty PLAGIARISM
dressed like a crusader CAPED
seaport in SE France MARSEILLES
contact brokering a deal MIDDLEMAN
lip contact OSCULATION
what contact lenses correct VISION
contact print PHOTOGRAPH
stay in contact WRITE
contact flying guides LANDMARKS
make contact with REACH
downmarket LOWBROW
Ukrainian mining city KOMSOMOLSK
pygmy chimpanzee BONOBO
home to silkworm pupa COCOON
lengthen PROLONG
move very rapidly ZOOM
English dramatist Ben JONSON
"fatigue" dress NIGHTGOWN
a Shakespearean tragedy CORIOLANUS
city on Turkish coast BODRUM
close-fitting steel helmet BASINET
inflection in verbs CONJUGATION
crawl space PLAYPEN
soccer manager Jose MOURINHO
at sixes and sevens BEWILDERED
Seven of Nine actress Jeri RYAN
"Seven" singer David BOWIE
city built on seven hills ROME
one of the Seven Sisters WELLESLEY
atomic element #7 NITROGEN
seven consecutive days HEBDOMAD
with deep affection LOVINGLY
catcher and quipster Yogi BERRA
renovate, as a neighborhood GENTRIFY
make rough COARSEN
fly-killing device SWATTER
full and then some OVERFLOWING
travel in a footloose way FREEWHEEL
name brands LABELS
not objectionable in any way INOFFENSIVE
person providing materials SUPPLIER
clean, like a hospital room STERILIZED
spiff up GUSSY
exercise machine brand BOWFLEX
grasslands MEADOWS
elemento con el símbolo Al ALUMINIO
provincia pequeña argentina TUCUMÁN
acción después de masticar TRAGAR
terrible, infortunado TRÁGICO
animal que vive en la casa DOMÉSTICO
búbonica, por ejemplo PESTE
cosas de basura CACHIVACHES
defensa del cáctus ESPINA
fácil de llevar DÓCIL
más que fresca FRÍA
objeto volador AVIÓN
gema verde ESMERALDA
vivienda con vistas ÁTICO
acompañante de la mermelada MANTEQUILLA
componente de la atmósfera NITRÓGENO
enfermedad de la vejez ARTRITIS
río importante de Perú UCAYALI
ocho por dos DIECISÉIS
criatura con ocho brazos PULPO
una persona sin libertad ESCLAVO
animal sin brazos y piernas SERPIENTE
can-do attitude OPTIMISM
can STOP
can material, often ALUMINUM
watering can user GARDENER
canned, so to speak FIRED
"in the can" FILMED
do the can-can DANCE
short jacket BOLERO
old-fashioned underwear BLOOMERS
little black dress designer CHANEL
short trousers KNICKERS
Middle Eastern garment CAFTAN
dealer in men's clothes HABERDASHER
torso-shaping garment CORSET
benchwarmers view from there SIDELINES
receptacle for odds and ends CATCHALL
tested the web connection PINGED
mortgage backers COSIGNERS
devastated RAVAGED
correctional study PENOLOGY
exclamation of disdain TSKTSK
US defense contractor RAYTHEON
ones in suits ACES
perpetrator of a fraud SCAMSTER
Catalonian city BADALONA
it reduces friction LUBRICATOR
test paper in chemistry LITMUS
swelling of artery wall ANEURYSM
specialty chemical company LUBRIZOL
with great bitterness RANCOROUSLY
resembling a grown-up ADULTLIKE
the "skin" of one's teeth ENAMEL
French soccer team SOCHAUX
sap-sucking insect APHID
peinado de Rapunzel TRENZA
esposa de Jay-Z BEYONCÉ
polígono de 3 lados TRIÁNGULO
guagua AUTOBÚS
niño que se porta bien ÁNGEL
tipo de aeronave HELICÓPTERO
intentar encontrar BUSCAR
least willing to work LAZIEST
Marla of "The Jeffersons" GIBBS
modern gym exercise program CROSSFIT
domed buildings ROTUNDAS
"Fantasy Island" star MONTALBAN
desert circlers BUZZARDS
standing up for DEFENDING
car polishing cloth CHAMOIS
childish rights DIBS
made more agreeable SUGARED
computer's processing power THROUGHPUT
copper, tin, zinc alloy GUNMETAL
like many art sale items HANDCRAFTED
shout in a deep voice BELLOW
more uncivilized WILDER
home to Chelsea and Fulham LONDON
a couple TWAIN
stretch out the neck CRANE
container for posting MAILER
Notting Hill market road PORTOBELLO
airport known as LHR HEATHROW
not changed or amended UNALTERED
king of Scots from 1060-1094 DUNCAN
it demands more demand OVERSUPPLY
makes one's way through THREADS
dark, dense molasses BLACKSTRAP
with much time and effort LABORIOUSLY
point in orbit nearest sun PERIHELION
not-so-super duper Bernard MADOFF
best, or worst DEFEAT
in low spirits DOWNHEARTED
nom de plume PENNAME
endwise meeting or junction ABUTMENT
Toto song ROSANNA
Beatles song MICHELLE
Monkees song VALLERI
Four Tops song BERNADETTE
Four Seasons song SHERRY
Turtles song ELENORE
Dolly Parton song JOLENE
dark and gloomy SOMBER
one of the Leeward Islands MONTSERRAT
"engaging" person EMPLOYER
stalemated battle SITZKRIEG
behave exuberantly ROLLICK
crude processor REFINERY
shook roughly JOLTED
where a stevedore labors DOCKYARD
brought low, humbled ABASED
meals are served on it DISHWARE
Lebanese coastal city SIDON
strength of character BACKBONE
forced one's way through MUSCLED
tip to tip distance WINGSPAN
set of rules POLICY
fountain treat SHAKE
women's magazine, for short COSMO
comedian Garry SHANDLING
bordering on ADJOINING
"eye for an eye" act RETALIATION
they keep bugs from clothes MOTHBALLS
worthy of being repeated QUOTABLE
relating to how people act BEHAVIORAL
carried through a tube CHANNELED
British sailor LIMEY
recently discovered NEWFOUND
more intelligent BRAINIER
soft fabric LAMBSKIN
Barbera's cartoon partner HANNA
masked animal, for short COON
hard copies PRINTOUTS
stick back on REATTACH
let it stand, in journalism STET
changed direction of light REFRACTED
shook, as with fear QUAVERED
it marks the chapter's end TAILPIECE
casting no darkness SHADOWLESS
catering to the wealthy UPMARKET
full brogue features WINGTIPS
the act of reversing faults REMEDIATION
done in a responsive manner SENSITIVELY
hazard for mariners SANDBAR
not straight SKEWED
inability to speak MUTENESS
guarantee AVOUCH
South Africa townships group SOWETO
professionally ostracized BLACKLISTED
smother with attention SUFFOCATE
filled spaces between tiles GROUTED
shoe cushions INSOLES
monitor maker VIEWSONIC
Moscow moola RUBLE
squashed STIFLED
influence PULL
disposed to steal LARCENOUS
went on strike PICKETED
inedible orange OSAGE
cotton and wool FABRICS
more self-satisfied PROUDER
positive feelings AFFECTIONS
movie producer J.J. ABRAMS
workforce safety watchdog OSHA
very skinny person BEANPOLE
inferred DERIVED
moved a muscle BUDGED
one of the bodily "humors" PHLEGM
hand warmers MUFFS
relying for support DEPENDING
plot to subvert another plot COUNTERPLAN
second emperor of Rome TIBERIUS
ocean farming MARICULTURE
tiny garden pests THRIPS
producing tears LACHRYMAL
putting in particular place SITUATING
Eliza in "My Fair Lady" DOOLITTLE
functional UTILITARIAN
convertible furniture item SOFABED
lethargy HEBETUDE
Japanese soy sauce SHOYU
colleague on a ship CREWMATE
"that was close!" PHEW
moving quickly RUSHING
greedy eater's portion, say PLATEFUL
unselfish sorts ALTRUISTS
like some deleted files RECOVERABLE
museum holdings COLLECTIONS
tiny bits of salt, perhaps GRAINS
if desired OPTIONALLY
on the fence WAVERING
kitchen storage area CABINET
amounting to COSTING
gets to one's feet STANDS
question, as a review QUIZ
Olympic sport, now sailing YACHTING
very fast BLISTERING
deadlock STALEMATE
variety of peach NECTARINE
track runner RACEHORSE
big guns ORDNANCE
traumatic HARROWING
the study of veins PHLEBOLOGY
Norwegian cast iron stove JOTUL
in a dignified manner DECOROUSLY
previously AFORETIME
liquid antacid LIMEWATER
deprive of feathers DEPLUME
opulence PLUSHNESS
"Downtown" singer Clark PETULA
toweled down DRIED
chow down DEVOUR
clown for the crown JESTER
kowtow STOOP
black out FAINT
blackball OSTRACIZE
"Kung Fu Panda" actor Black JACK
blackguard SCOUNDREL
in the black SOLVENT
black gold PETROLEUM
in black and white MONOCHROME
circular road junction ROUNDABOUT
road for high-speed traffic FREEWAY
bridge crossing above a road OVERPASS
highway access RAMP
channel alongside a road DITCH
toll road TURNPIKE
side of the road SHOULDER
containing sand GRITTY
minuscule machine NANOBOT
successful music producer HITMAKER
glossy semitransparent paper GLASSINE
boggy areas QUAGMIRES
became eligible again REQUALIFIED
unsystematic searcher RUMMAGER
padded jacket of old DOUBLET
unpleasantly loudly DEAFENINGLY
Dutch Caribbean island CURACAO
roof gutter EAVESTROUGH
food poisoning from rye ERGOTISM
small, hardy pony breed EXMOOR
lively piece of music CAPRICCIO
national rugby league team KANGAROOS
pay for work REMUNERATE
separated part of a river ANABRANCH
looking for opals NOODLING
commonwealth EMPIRE
Sydney racecourse RANDWICK
farm storage towers SILOS
"Fletch" star Chevy CHASE
goes underwater SUBMERGES
big musclemen GORILLAS
in a way, slangily KINDA
formal refusal DECLINATION
more waterlogged SOGGIER
what a cricket bowler wants WICKETS
dispassionately analytic CLINICAL
newest Brazilian state TOCANTINS
seaside occupation PADDLING
by all accounts REPORTEDLY
unsubstantial quality FROTHINESS
powerful people MOGULS
dogs FEET
the Dog Star SIRIUS
dog-tired EXHAUSTED
go to the dogs DETERIORATE
dog-eat-dog RUTHLESS
in the doghouse DISGRACED
eat greedily SCARF
some consider it offal LIVER
like laces in need of tying UNDONE
how a bookworm reads VORACIOUSLY
Jessica Ennis-Hill, for one HEPTATHLETE
water storage areas RESERVOIRS
extremely EMINENTLY
way of cooking rice STEAMING
peers EQUALS
mortar partner PESTLE
pay out DISBURSE
group of twenty SCORE
spicy dried bud CLOVE
momentous WEIGHTY
a small cumulus, for example CLOUDLET
selection maker CHOOSER
dessert apple variety PEARMAIN
pink-flowered plant CORNCOCKLE
relating to the lungs PULMONIC
criticized peevishly NIGGLED
in addition ELSE
dropped anchor MOORED
joined to become whole COALESCED
located SITED
expresses approval APPLAUDS
a justice's office JUDGESHIP
open porch VERANDA
inflatable life raft DINGHY
influential person MOGUL
riding pants JODHPURS
unstoppable force JUGGERNAUT
ring-shaped coral reef ATOLL
solid bracelet BANGLE
poorly made product CHEAPIE
divide into warring states BALKANIZE
US natural disaster agency FEMA
common road surface ASPHALT
New Hampshire mountain range WHITE
small, 4-stringed guitar UKULELE
starship in Bear's "The Way" THISTLEDOWN
masonry work BRICKLAYING
suitable presents GIFTWARE
large basket PANNIER
bearded WHISKERY
cars for hire TAXIES
making insolvent BANKRUPTING
Jack's "Odd Couple" co-star WALTER
freshwater duck WIDGEON
southern African grassland VELDT
parent's mom GRAM
adapt to new conditions ACCLIMATIZE
Kalahari dweller BUSHMAN
largest excavated Mayan site TIKAL
rendered unfit for use DESOLATED
dish of rice cooked in broth PILAU
Paul of Peter, Paul & Mary STOOKEY
in a manner that imitates MIMETICALLY
quality of being watchful WARINESS
"utter silence" sound effect CRICKETS
fail to match CLASH
business initiatives VENTURES
extremely tart fruits CRANBERRIES
dinner trays PLATTERS
soccer players guard them SHINS
dependable quality RELIABILITY
drummers keep them BEATS
monthly fashion magazine INSTYLE
fatal flaws WEAKNESSES
"Casablanca" woman ILSA
person from central Canada MANITOBAN
glossy parts of newspapers INSERTS
with great delight RAPTUROUSLY
long-legged shorebirds AVOCETS
encompassing GIRDLING
Accra resident, maybe GHANAIAN
Beatles movie HELP
French author France ANATOLE
preliminary theorem LEMMA
confusedly QUIZZICALLY
tricky puzzles CONUNDRUMS
danced to Cuban music MAMBOED
more transparent CLEARER
small bays COVES
blue-plumed coastal birds HERONS
yellow-brown gemstone TIGEREYE
author de Cervantes MIGUEL
tattooed temporarily HENNAED
it often frames an entryway DOORJAMB
actor Greg KINNEAR
most plump CHUBBIEST
feminist activist Betty FRIEDAN
stretcher on wheels GURNEY
ambulance noise SIREN
ambulance rider PARAMEDIC
bind up a wound BANDAGE
cast support SLING
fracture application SPLINT
emergency room process TRIAGE
seaside walk ESPLANADE
from that time on THEREAFTER
motion supporter SECONDER
early engineering study FEASIBILITY
champion's competitors CHALLENGERS
market with two sellers DUOPOLY
medical pictures IMAGING
run-down cars JALOPIES
browned, as bread TOASTED
concluding via logic DEDUCING
steadfast and brave DOUGHTY
changes lanes on a highway MERGES
quick looks GLANCES
standing like a catcher CROUCHING
author Dostoyevsky FYODOR
like unplayed LPs SLEEVED
hair ties ELASTICS
kin of an orange MINNEOLA
mine entrances ADITS
providing funds for ENDOWING
gas station sight PUMP
overhear, maybe on purpose EAVESDROP
Cabot's "Family Affair" role FRENCH
Apple staff at a "bar" GENIUS
succession of football plays SERIES
working together SYNERGETIC
coveted ENVIABLE
resembling grease FATLIKE
before a surgery PREOP
sneeze, to a doctor STERNUTATE
rebound RICOCHET
it measures thickness CALIPER
picking Argopecten molluscs SCALLOPING
beach feature SAND
animal sometimes beached WHALE
beachwear item SARONG
Olympic "beach" sport VOLLEYBALL
Long Beach's state CALIFORNIA
1988 Beach Boys hit KOKOMO
"On the Beach" author Shute NEVIL
George Eliot's true surname EVANS
fanfare instrument TRUMPET
chili heat measure scale SCOVILLE
largest landlocked country KAZAKHSTAN
it means "empty orchestra" KARAOKE
Israeli intelligence service MOSSAD
auto filter brand FRAM
deceptive trickery CHICANERY
made a pretense of SIMULATED
imaginary UNREAL
the Feejee Mermaid, for one HOAX
conceal the truth DISSEMBLE
publicity gimmick STUNT
like a broken horse RIDEABLE
fruit named for sour taste CHOKEBERRY
price of a lift TOWAGE
radioactivity time unit HALFLIFE
Klingon weapon DISRUPTOR
like newspaper BURNABLE
in an untruthful manner LYINGLY
suggested slightly HINTED
tied-up collections BUNDLES
things that cause worry CONCERNS
left alone DESOLATE
indicates agreement NODS
miner PITMAN
doesn't go anywhere REMAINS
like most deciduous trees BROADLEAF
like Shirley Temple's hair RINGLETED
pes planus, familiarly FLATFOOT
2014 Oscar winner Nyong'o LUPITA
in concealment DOGGO
republic of western Russia CHUVASHIA