7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
compare to one another CORRELATE
"Dick Tracy" creator Gould CHESTER
reddish-brown color RUST
getting one's revenge RETALIATING
small handbill FLIER
very small MICRO
like students at graduation GOWNED
avalanche SNOWSLIDE
book announcements BLURBS
close associates BEDFELLOWS
football position LINESMAN
not naked CLOTHED
tending to violence VOLATILE
one of two in a doubleheader BALLGAME
in addition FURTHERMORE
someone on a family tree RELATION
put in a sack BAGGED
state of agitation UNREST
remittance PAYMENT
new college students FRESHMEN
Erroll Garner composition MISTY
in financial difficulties STRAITENED
Romantic poet Shelley PERCY
they think they're smart WISEGUYS
birthplace of Viv Richards ANTIGUA
most expensive COSTLIEST
state flower of Kentucky GOLDENROD
cooked in a stock, in a way FRICASSEED
watches, as the kids MINDS
director Tarantino QUENTIN
hangs loosely DANGLES
coast-to-coast NATIONAL
train riders' schedules TIMETABLES
fixes illegally RIGS