7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
what tornadoes leave behind WRECKAGE
not typical IRREGULAR
it can have its charms BRACELET
stomach-related GASTRIC
visibly upset SHAKEN
grotesque HIDEOUS
went by quickly FLEW
spherical GLOBULAR
conceited fop COXCOMB
white sturgeons BELUGAS
public pool LIDO
showing much affection KISSY
skin-whitening pigment CERUSE
loan expectation REPAYMENT
heavy rain DOWNPOUR
fortify EMBATTLE
less than elegant CLUNKY
chipped in CONTRIBUTED
something to fill out FORM
port city near Seattle TACOMA
harmonious SYMPHONIC
spasmodic excitement FREAKOUT
ukelele player Tim's quality TININESS
one prompting legal action FILER
ready to bake PREHEATED
like Philip Nolan STATELESS
Nixon antagonist BRADLEE
shapeless BLOBBY
Tel Aviv denizens ISRAELIS
shoe protector HEELPLATE
reddish-brown COPPERY
someone's double LOOKALIKE
increasing rapidly BALLOONING
woman's short jackets SHRUGS
transparent plant cover CLOCHE
power-driven pleasure boat CRUISER
Shelby Mustang variant COBRA
academic achievement DEGREE
becomes softer MELLOWS
emitted thunderous sounds RUMBLED