7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
shrieked SCREAMED
having a way with words ELOQUENT
gave full force BLASTED
unsettled QUEASY
card game RUMMY
concealed HIDDEN
profoundly moving POIGNANT
sloppy UNKEMPT
wall paintings MURALS
seller of stolen goods FENCE
safe places HAVENS
chess move CASTLE
odds and ends SUNDRIES
keep afloat BUOY
grievance COMPLAINT
be the first to find DISCOVER
navigable waters CHANNEL
look for SEARCH
place of prominence BILLING
rare and wonderful SINGULAR
precise SPECIFIC
musical instrument technique FINGERING
guitar pick PLECTRUM
flat-box musical instrument ZITHER
large snake PYTHON
five-line verse LIMERICK
kid JOSH
public uprising RIOT
city on the Tigris River BAGHDAD
foolish and flighty people AIRHEADS
caused to feel resentment OFFENDED
brief period of time JIFFY
Swedish car VOLVO
Timon in "The Lion King" MEERKAT
volleyball game location BEACH
plodding and tiresome TEDIOUS
give a sharp edge to HONE
part of a bedframe HEADBOARD
deserted shipwreck HULK
ballpark seat BENCH
curved furniture leg CABRIOLE
lecture with a moral HOMILY
intricacy COMPLEXITY
difficult to lift HEAVY
man or woman PERSON
cylinders used to set hair ROLLERS
military man's wear UNIFORM
squirms while in pain WRITHES
contest of speed RACE
evening wear PAJAMAS
item in a compact MIRROR
misrepresent FALSIFY
devastate RUIN
at long last FINALLY
three-toed tree dweller SLOTH
2.54 centimeters INCH
capital of Wisconsin MADISON
flower pollinators BEES
available but not necessary OPTIONAL
large city METROPOLIS
item of food VIAND
one keeping watch SENTINEL
money equal to 100 groschen SCHILLING
hybrid dog LABRADOODLE
large edible mackerel PINTADO
small, slender dagger PONIARD
grapple at close quarters CLINCH
orange with yellow flesh MUSAMBI
pants worn for skiing SALOPETTES
clock worn on the arm WRISTWATCH
purple vegetable EGGPLANT
four-legged reptile LIZARD
"a girl's best friend" DIAMOND
joining in matrimony MARRIAGE
leaf-eating insect GRASSHOPPER
metal that turns green COPPER
given to crying WEEPY
Olive's guy POPEYE
Oregon Trail followers SETTLERS
light touch BRUSH
statement of petition REQUEST
Beatles member John LENNON
"of course" NATURALLY
place for cheap eats BEANERY
true to life NATURAL
beneath the surface UNDERLYING
hole filler PLUG
emergency power source GENERATOR
print, as a magazine PUBLISH
able to walk and chew gum COORDINATED
hotel carrier BELLBOY
bluish-white element GALLIUM
cattle marking BRAND
wide, long road INTERSTATE
legal pettifoggery CHICANERY
stand in want of NEED
Australian PM, 1968-71 GORTON
result of hard work ACHIEVEMENT
express disapproval of REBUKE
malingering sailor MOLLY
unplanned travel DETOUR
school cafeteria CANTEEN
aboriginal bush hut GUNYAH
rocking bed CRADLE
incredible feat STUNT
mechanical device MACHINE
bicycle part HANDLEBARS
popular yogurt brand DANNON
ocean plant SEAWEED
hamburger PATTY
drop out WITHDRAW
scamper away SKEDADDLE
move away quickly SCOOT
put in place INSTALL
dining room furniture CREDENZA
in a daze BEWILDERED
silly behavior FRIVOLITY
singer Tony BENNETT
additional material SUPPLEMENT
trouble TURMOIL
put together CONNECT
machinery science ROBOTICS
come up for air SURFACE
full of life ENERGETIC
event for a special occasion CEREMONY
samurai's weapon SWORD
possessor OWNER
frequent book buyer LIBRARIAN
give in easily ACQUIESCE
resistance OPPOSITION
result of a settlement COMPROMISE
companionship ASSOCIATION
spacious ROOMY
soup served cold GAZPACHO
smallest of the Great Lakes ONTARIO
baby's first word, sometimes MAMA
illegal payment BRIBERY
against the law ILLEGAL
law of nature violator FREAK
window covers CURTAINS
on a bench SEATED
theater employee USHER
rough, grating noise RASP
home on wheels CAMPER
put underground BURY
thick creamy soup BISQUE
jubilant GLEEFUL
special gift DONATIVE
explain and illustrate DEMONSTRATE
talk out of DISSUADE
in a friendly manner CORDIALLY
on lookout duty, maybe ABETTING
not expedient IMPOLITIC
beyond comprehension UNTHINKABLE
expose to intense heat SCORCH
insert new material INTERPOLATE
small room CUBBY
paid attention to OBEYED
painter's support MAULSTICK
individual character TEMPERAMENT
plucky musician HARPIST
like a gopher in winter DORMANT
socially inept GEEKY
end for some businesses LIQUIDATION
artistic category GENRE
run through, as a play REHEARSE
ice-removing tool SCRAPER
shaken photograph POLAROID
philanthropist's benevolence CHARITY
Arctic inhabitant, formerly ESKIMO
camera part VIEWFINDER
teething ring PACIFIER
gain control of CAPTURE
untanned skin PELT
said again ECHOED
put one's foot down STOMP
requiring tact TICKLISH
in need of a shave SCRUFFY
large sailing ship WINDJAMMER
head protection HELMET
acrobatic feat HEADSTAND
calls on a walkie-talkie RADIOS
in the vicinity AROUND
having a big head EGOTISTIC
variety of pine tree LOBLOLLY
cheer up HEARTEN
cantankerous CRABBY
cricket sound CHIRP
one with lots of experience OLDTIMER
temper tantrum SCENE
prologue to alimony, maybe MATRIMONY
stomach woe INDIGESTION
feed on leaves and shoots BROWSE
white gypsum used for carving ALABASTER
neck-swelling ailment MUMPS
unconventional OUTRE
turn blue SADDEN
it's usually X or Y CHROMOSOME
musically pleasing HARMONIOUS
like bonsai trees POTTED
Greek pastry dough FILO
prod GOAD
"Guten Morgen!" greeter GERMAN
big-billed seabird PUFFIN
miniature human HOMUNCULUS
in the green room, maybe SEQUESTERED
touched down ALIT
vulgar LOWBROW
elevated fortification RAMPART
excessive pride HUBRIS
bus schedule TIMETABLE
programming language FORTRAN
slaw vegetable CABBAGE
kitchen servant SCULLION
quantity of paper REAM
booster PROMOTER
well thought of REPUTABLE
mild in character TEMPERATE
it may count on homework NEATNESS
charley horse CRAMP
adulterant IMPURITY
skin protection LOTION
camera lens shield GOBO
resigning from the throne ABDICATION
help desk employee TECHNICIAN
with passion FERVENTLY
region near the Equator DOLDRUMS
it's done with taxes WITHHOLDING
hung loosely DRAPED
far from the longest SHORTEST
people lifters ELEVATORS
overshadow ADUMBRATE
"What?," for example QUESTION
"Night Watch" painter REMBRANDT
Indian prince RAJAH
small cannon HOWITZER
algebra statements EQUATIONS
pooh-pooh SCOFF
eating utensils FLATWARE
neckwear accessory TIEPIN
stove, for example COOKER
at the bottom of the world ANTARCTIC
oral contract's "signature" HANDSHAKE
beet or broccoli VEGGIE
stitched up SEWN
thick, glossy mailing CATALOGUE
gradual ending PHASEOUT
Rodgers' lyricist HAMMERSTEIN
like some adobes CLAYEY
most correct or proper RIGHTEST
motto of Harvard VERITAS
caused an uproar CLAMORED
W-shaped constellation CASSIOPEIA
rotary cutter TABLESAW
ability-based system of rule MERITOCRACY
ringing in the ears TINNITUS
pie-cooling place WINDOWSILL
road with a high speed limit EXPRESSWAY
helmed, as a ship CAPTAINED
like the Goths and Teutons GERMANIC
collect over time AMASS
wielding UTILIZING
unskilled verse writer POETASTER
turn off and back on again RESTART
moderates CENTRISTS
airplane amenities PILLOWS
"Sweet Dreams" singer BEYONCE
humiliating defeat DRUBBING
interior wall PARTITION
predictive ability FORESIGHT
yellow-breasted songbird MEADOWLARK
early MTV VJ Martha QUINN
Italian sausage SALAMI
break into a million pieces SHATTER
capricious notion WHIM
home of little people LILLIPUT
parts of pneumatic tires VALVES
copper engraving technique DRYPOINT
guitar picker Chet ATKINS
busybodies YENTAS
repugnance DISTASTE
Central American country BELIZE
"woodwinds" not made of wood SAXOPHONES
greasy residue GUNK
bone injuries FRACTURES
Annie Lennox's band EURYTHMICS
devastating insult TAKEDOWN
made as small as possible MINIMIZED
hand-propelled load carrier WHEELBARROW
customary ORTHODOX
negatively-charged atom part ELECTRON
knights, bishops, and rooks CHESSMEN
shies away BALKS
fake ducks used by hunters DECOYS
small open compartment CUBBYHOLE
giant retail outlet SUPERSTORE
touch lovingly FONDLE
sender of unwanted emails SPAMMER
puzzle magazine section ANSWERS
move slowly and sinuously SLINK
Zagreb is its capital CROATIA
sketch in light and shade CHIAROSCURO
smoothness SUAVITY
kind of entry KEYLESS
jubilance EXULTATION
attractive FETCHING
engraving method MEZZOTINT
broad smile GRIN
acted silently MIMED
fork out EXPEND
moves like a snake SLITHERS
contentious ADVERSARIAL
in need of rain DROUGHTY
opera star Luciano PAVAROTTI
use of tricky devices GIMMICKRY
Mr. Rogers' sweaters CARDIGANS
swapped BARTERED
bed with wheels ROLLAWAY
in an uncaring manner HEARTLESSLY
of average length MIDSIZED
country singer Randy TRAVIS
furtive people SNEAKS
flower used to make tea GOLDENROD
one of the Chipmunks ALVIN
development of a theorem DERIVATION
record spinners DEEJAYS
sugar-and-almond confection MARZIPAN
impossible to read ILLEGIBLE
getting ready to mail PACKAGING
noblewoman MILADY
prepared steak, in a way CHARGRILLED
baseball star Tony GWYNN
putting a rip in TEARING
lost traction SLID
threw forward PROJECTED
famous people CELEBRITIES
helping with delivery MIDWIFING
short measure INCH
Pele's surname NASCIMENTO
avaricious COVETOUS
northerly Leeward Island ANGUILLA
severe head pain MIGRAINE
derogatory SNIDE
puts off DEFERS
cheerleader's prop POMPOM
cattle workers COWHERDS
place where you can log in CYBERCAFE
actor/director Branagh KENNETH
capital of Venezuela CARACAS
dumbfounding BOGGLING
hitchhikers use them THUMBS
formal accusations INDICTMENTS
Best Picture of 1931 CIMARRON
remove from restraints UNFETTER
underground group SUBCULTURE
slandered DEFAMED
blasphemous PROFANE
stunted ear of corn NUBBIN
removing moisture DEHYDRATING
steals from a store SHOPLIFTS
appropriate CONGRUOUS
rubbing a spot, maybe CLEANING
does the math COMPUTES
like beach property OCEANFRONT
adjectives and adverbs MODIFIERS
character reference TESTIMONIAL
book protector DUSTCOVER
like a monster OGRISH
rousing WAKENING
maker of fancy eggs FABERGE
turning off-course SWERVING
guidance counselors ADVISORS
plunging into water IMMERSING
breathes with difficulty WHEEZES
air cleaner PURIFIER
does some proofreading CORRECTS
they waft through the air ODORS
sickly-looking, maybe GREENISH
worked together COLLUDED
lacking restraint DISSOLUTE
having a generous spirit BIGHEARTED
pitching ace Roger CLEMENS
world's largest airshow site OSHKOSH
official leave of absence FURLOUGH
time away from work VACATION
extended leave SABBATICAL
one unexcused from school TRUANT
sailor's leave of absence LIBERTY
absence without permission HOOKY
absence of government ANARCHY
remote Canadian capital YELLOWKNIFE
large elephant tooth TUSK
wrenching ligament in SPRAINING
with everyone's agreement UNANIMOUSLY
ballet dancer Rudolf NUREYEV
sauce thickener CORNSTARCH
small night bird OWLET
electrician on the set GAFFER
actor's reading material SCRIPT
synchronizing device CLAPBOARD
filming location STUDIO
cosmetics MAKEUP
another shot RETAKE
person behind the camera DIRECTOR
city in Saudi Arabia MEDINA
Jurassic beast STEGOSAUR
attacked brutally SAVAGED
Watergate reporter Carl BERNSTEIN
kind of average MEAN
Achilles' heel WEAKNESS
down-at-the-heel PENURIOUS
hot on the heels of FOLLOWING
heel bone CALCANEUS
cool one's heels WAIT
kick up one's heels FROLIC
a real heel SCOUNDREL
cell division MITOSIS
prison cell dweller CONVICT
cell organelle RIBOSOME
put in a cell INCARCERATE
major cell phone maker SAMSUNG
structure of wax cells HONEYCOMB
bone cell OSTEOBLAST
revolving around the moon CIRCUMLUNAR
obtain by request IMPETRATE
base hit, in slang BINGLE
worker putting hands on face CLOCKMAKER
laptop modeled after bento THINKPAD
a black suit SPADES
historic walled Spanish city AVILA
chest of drawers TALLBOY
stand with shelves WHATNOT
large sofa DAVENPORT
magazine stand CANTERBURY
writing desk SECRETARY
comfortable chair RECLINER
large Italian chest CASSONE
in need of WANTING
inverted UPENDED
clemency MERCY
con man GRIFTER
judge's attire ROBE
12-pence coins SHILLINGS
recorded a TV program, maybe VIDEOTAPED
abnormal thinness EMACIATION
show flashes of brilliance SCINTILLATE
leaves it to somebody else DISINHERITS
travel website TRIPADVISOR
divisions of a company BRANCHES
a disaster, in the main SHIPWRECK
placed into something else INSERTED
velocidad RAPIDEZ
cualidad de no ser flexible RIGIDEZ
integridad, decencia HONRADEZ
almendra o anacardo NUEZ
pérdida de color PALIDEZ
origen RAÍZ
lo que le faltan los niños MADUREZ
elemento químico que apesta AZUFRE
ciudad del sur de España CÁDIZ
diecinueve más uno VEINTE
vecino de China MONGOLIA
de texto o de voz MENSAJE
trasladar, transferir TRANSMITIR
hacer cuestiones PREGUNTAR
región y volcán de Ecuador PICHINCHA
rompecabezas de números SUDOKU
diseñador de zapatos Jimmy CHOO
tenis del "Swoosh" NIKE
pensamientos profundos REFLEXIÓN
persona eficaz en su oficio PROFESIONAL
elemento de clasificación CATEGORÍA
woodchuck GROUNDHOG
wooden container CRATE
wood feature GRAIN
wood flaw KNOTHOLE
wood finish VENEER
wood-eating insects TERMITES
wood preservative CREOSOTE
cold call maker SALESMAN
cold cream, for one EMULSION
cold shoulder SNUB
cold feet TIMIDITY
cold cuts MEAT
kept cold CHILLED
cold turkey SUDDENLY
garden tool SHOVEL
drenches SOPS
like some remedies HOMEOPATHIC
kernel holder STALK
nettling VEXING
rulers in name only FIGUREHEADS
lumber was hewed with this BROADAX
pre-Euro Italian coins LIRE
a critical attack BROADSIDE
a whale of a tail FLUKE
in-vehicle comms app ONSTAR
large quantities BULK
dark, reddish brown MAROON
one's apt to break down here ROADSIDE
fried and steamed dumpling POTSTICKER
sang the praises of EXTOLLED
home of "Merry Wives" WINDSOR
it's famously plain PIKESTAFF
origami practitioner FOLDER
center of activity LOCUS
bisagra del brazo CODO
símbolos de mensaje secreto CÓDIGO
ejemplar filatélico SELLO
hilo de aseo dental SEDA
salida del cohete LANZAMIENTO
pequeña hoguera FOGATA
primero por el final ÚLTIMO
beforehand PREVIOUSLY
provided money for FUNDED
feature of pointillism DOTTINESS
wrapped protectively COCOONED
Australasian bounder WALLABY
time-server CONVICT
terrible Russian ruler IVAN
confront FACE
Nero's activity, supposedly FIDDLING
hit in the head BEANED
Chips Ahoy! maker NABISCO
area within another area SUBSPACE
winter hill denizen TOBOGGANER
stick for jumping around on POGO
motorcycle jumper Evel KNIEVEL
jumping Mexican legume BEAN
figure skating jump WALLEY
horse's failure to jump REFUSAL
jumping marsupial KANGAROO
1st man to "jump the shark" FONZIE
deathlessly IMMORTALLY
what a walk-on actor is LINELESS
contract details TERMS
life's shocks and calamities BLOWS
faltered in progress BOGGED
emotionally unresponsive STOLID
cavorted on horse PRANCED
as without a care FOOLHARDILY
brief excursion FORAY
suspect stories ALIBIS
goods' place of entry CUSTOMHOUSE
social rodent MARMOT
pile of dry grass HAYRICK
get quicker SMARTEN
given to acceptance CREDULOUS
what a politician may accept NOMINATION
accepted custom PRAXIS
accept as a given POSTULATE
accept with reluctance SWALLOW
accept RECEIVE
accept gladly WELCOME
"Mirrorball" band ELBOW
J.K. Rowling pen name GALBRAITH
Iraq's main port BASRA
dark, volcanic rock SCORIA
Japanese soybean appetizer EDAMAME
young residents of the eyrie EAGLETS
process of bugging out FUMIGATION
small and delicate DAINTY
stitching up SUTURING
specifying STIPULATING
a bit of a pig RASHER
completely lacking balance BANKRUPT
Roman ruins in Morocco VOLUBILIS
rid of bacteria STERILIZE
bedding material SATIN
capital of Barbados BRIDGETOWN
like oranges or lemons CITRUSY
Everest conqueror Hillary EDMUND
greets the villain BOOS
defeated with ease STEAMROLLED
censures severely CHASTISES
English tea brand TWININGS
show up COME
unrefined quality CRUDENESS
fan of computers TECHNOPHILE
teeters WOBBLES
shopper's desire SALE
plastic materials POLYMERS
harmony in opinion AGREEMENT
carries out, as laws ENFORCES
from Khartoum, perhaps SUDANESE
in a one-of-a-kind way UNIQUELY
easily approached REACHABLE
museum pieces ARTWORKS
late film critic Gene SISKEL
freed from guilt ABSOLVED
inflammation of the eardrum TYMPANITIS
South African hut village KRAAL
city in central Japan SHIZUOKA
a "leg-end" FOOT
when the show goes on AIRTIME
dog food brand CESAR
"leading" lady USHERETTE
South American shrub QUASSIA
in spite of that NONETHELESS
Gallagher brothers' band OASIS
they have eyes but can't see POTATOES
having many sounds or voices POLYPHONIC
stared with bulging eyes GOGGLED
gymnasts go through them ROUTINES
the fuzz COPS
shone brightly GLOWED
preparing beef, perhaps ROASTING
investors' concerns RISKS
something awe-inspiring MINDBLOWER
Bannister and El Guerrouj MILERS
last name of the Bee Gees GIBB
discount stores OUTLETS
men from Manila FILIPINOS
Oscar winner Sally FIELD
shingle appliers ROOFERS
style of speech LOCUTION
lying habitually MENDACIOUS
"uncommon" person ARISTOCRAT
plundered LOOTED
in a childishly sulky way PETULANTLY
ex-soccer manager Sir Alex FERGUSON
unavoidably INEVITABLY
most irregular PATCHIEST
bird with crimson crown REDPOLL
first footgear BOOTEES
got back in touch RECONNECTED
Oberon and Titania circle it URANUS
2013 Wimbledon winner Marion BARTOLI
picket fence PALING
beginning of a vein RADICLE
where deposits are frozen CRYOBANK
for members of both sexes MIXED
electoral district in Canada RIDING
nipper at the seaside CRAB
of volcanic rock PUMICEOUS
beastly noise LOWING
doles (out) METES
spiced tea CHAI
how some creams are applied TOPICALLY
had a general tendency TRENDED
puts into words VOCALIZES
reached first base SINGLED
sleeping bag closers ZIPPERS
developed very quickly MUSHROOMED
leans toward FAVORS
throw HURL
wedding rings BANDS
winter activity for some HIBERNATION
avoided spam, for example FILTERED
some venomous snakes MOCCASINS
made explicit SPECIFIED
in a meager way SPARSELY
busy supporting actor Ned BEATTY
important rule COMMANDMENT
medical concerns DISEASES
part of schooner's "engine" TOPSAIL
festooning DECORATING
trivial writing SLIPSLOP
unmanned fliers DRONES
Woods who uses irons TIGER
highway convergence feature INTERCHANGE
easy-to-play instruments KAZOOS
more than alert HYPERAWARE
lowers in rank DEMOTES
violating, as the law BREAKING
time capsule starting point BURIAL
how thrill seekers live DANGEROUSLY
large Yellowstone roamers ELKS
ballerina's balancer BARRE
separate into thin layers DELAMINATE
guidebook publisher BERLITZ
guiding signal BEACON
it guides the ship RUDDER
"TV Guide" information AIRDATE
guide in a wrong direction MISDIRECT
one who serves to guide CYNOSURE
Himalayan guide SHERPA
what a seismometer measures EARTHQUAKES
what an altimeter measures HEIGHT
what an ergometer measures WORK
what a photometer measures BRIGHTNESS
what a chronometer measures TIME
what a hygrometer measures HUMIDITY
what a thermometer measures TEMPERATURE
it made ancient Britons blue WOAD
proverbial item in haystack NEEDLE
with gross insensitivity CRASSLY
blend of French and English FRANGLAIS
emulate King Edward VIII ABDICATE
early Packers star Don HUTSON
thin surgical tube CANNULA
relating to the jaw MAXILLARY
divide into three branches TRIFURCATE
in manner of Olive Oyl, say LANKILY
where pages get jackets BOOKBINDERY
expressed vocally VOICED
ships of the desert CAMELS
make of car HOLDEN
slowness TARDINESS
bug spray AEROGARD
public figures IDENTITIES
ostrich-like bird CASSOWARY
get well RECOVER
paperbark, for example MELALEUCA
work harder than OUTHUSTLE
unskillfulness INAPTITUDE
looks searchingly PEERS
Whoppers and Big Macs BURGERS
it catches winds well SAILCLOTH
stopped, due to activity LOGJAMMED
conduct business TRANSACT
stayed in a cabin BUNKED
"The Kiss" painter Gustav KLIMT
Messi and Rooney STRIKERS
miser's trait CHEAPNESS
nanny's responsibility CAREGIVING
makes a two-piece chess move CASTLES
moisten, in a way HUMIDIFY
of a different opinion DISSIDENT
no different ALIKE
distinctly different VARIOUS
group of different things MOTLEY
essentially different DISPARATE
"A Different World" star BONET
indifferent BLASE
Billy Mays hawked it OXICLEAN
hybrid language FRENGLISH
found a "product," maybe CALCULATED
short span of attention SHRIFT
"branch" location NEST
app pricing strategy FREEMIUM
Midwest agribusiness giant CARGILL
like Bronte's "Heights" WUTHERING
William's younger brother HARRY
actress Bonham-Carter HELENA
Bogey's rank COLONEL
better this than never LATE
in a merry manner GAILY
huge MEGA
from ancient NE Africa area NUBIAN
Apollo 13 Commander Jim LOVELL
"world's worst dog" of film MARLEY
setting the rowing pace COXING
sharing care of a child COPARENTING
on one's feet STANDING
what a molehill may become MOUNTAIN
in need of defusing UNEXPLODED
brick-based theme park LEGOLAND
first dog in space LAIKA
like a lazy student's grades IMPROVABLE
sunglasses brand OAKLEY
male turkeys TOMS
cast THROW
downcast SORROWFUL
cast off DISCARD
cast aspersions on DENIGRATE
cast members ACTORS
casting MOLDING
"Castaway" director Robert ZEMECKIS
deepwater Pacific fish ROUGHY
unwanted audience members HECKLERS
brand of spray paint KRYLON
respectful tributes HOMAGES
to an alarming degree FRIGHTFULLY
late state TARDINESS
Rwanda's capital KIGALI
disparagement DETRACTION
pertaining to pepsin, e.g. ENZYMATIC
in a mature way ADULTLY
partner of coulda and woulda SHOULDA
lacking a trail PATHLESS
made noise at the Indy 500 VROOMED
like dice MULTISIDED
large, old cemetery NECROPOLIS
pilots, stewards, et. al. AIRCREW
most impudent CHEEKIEST
large primate, in short ORANG
placing side by side JUXTAPOSING
like oral stories UNPRINTED
having more pizazz FLASHIER
commercial ship MERCHANTMAN
lumberjack on the river LOGROLLER
Al Roker's alma mater SUNY
like tubas and hearts VALVED
New Zealand city TAURANGA
wintergreen fruit TEABERRY
conjecture SURMISE
legal opinion JUDGMENT
mental position VIEWPOINT
emotional attitude SENTIMENT
personal belief PERSUASION
bias SLANT
strong disagreement DISSENT
private school honcho HEADMASTER
elaborate lie INVENTION
Senate official WHIP
search committee member HEADHUNTER
mysterious quality EERINESS
renewed awareness REAWAKENING
Queens neighborhood BAYSIDE
deli workers BUTCHERS
eternal life IMMORTALITY
confiscates TAKES
not in use IDLE
small hardware attachments DONGLES
swimming pool shape, often KIDNEY
fried jalapeno bites POPPERS
gold rush city in Australia BALLARAT
Tex-Mex entrees TACOS
yellow variety of quartz CITRINE
O.K. Corral lawman Earp WYATT
seabirds in the auk family GUILLEMOTS
servile person GROVELER
showed snide satisfaction GLOATED
"Royals" singer LORDE
hits hard PUNCHES
wacky quality SCREWINESS
needing teaching UNTRAINED
frolics PLAYS
act of bringing upon oneself INCURRENCE
The Captain's music partner TENNILLE
drop from general to captain DEMOTE
Captain of kids' TV KANGAROO
starship Enterprise captain PICARD
airline captain's aid AUTOPILOT
bell captain's workplace HOTEL
captain's concern COURSE
publisher's perennials BACKLIST
sports prowess ATHLETICISM
like breaded fish ENCRUSTED
prepare to wash PRETREAT
motorcyclist's back seat PILLION
in a welcoming way INVITINGLY
cloth-making machine user CARDER
urban transit systems METROS
The Beatles, to name a few ENGLISHMEN
modern classroom diagnosis ADHD
feeling the LA-Toyko flight JETLAGGED
popular fast food morsel MCNUGGET
soaring beachside activity PARASAILING
hosts EMCEES
like fudge CHOCOLATEY
lost hope DESPAIRED
works by Verdi or Rossini OPERAS
be situated above OVERLIE
flashing on and off BLINKING
walkway edges CURBSTONES
Matrix hair care line BIOLAGE
vague recipe amount PINCH
paraffin quality WAXINESS
insignificant young royal PRINCELING
artist van Gogh VINCENT
casabas and honeydews MELONS
French president 1981-95 MITTERRAND
providers SUPPLIERS
money back CHANGE
relating to control systems CYBERNETIC
turns red FLUSHES
illustrator Edward GOREY
chess champion Anatoly KARPOV
defeat decisively SLAUGHTER
mischievous tricks KNAVERY
one who plays tricks PRANKSTER
mischievous scamp ROGUE
comic trickster HARLEQUIN
mischievous child URCHIN
mischievous girl MINX
playing practical jokes SKYLARKING
skirt AVOID
odor improver FRESHENER
Indonesian island trio GILI
depression, of sorts CRATER
waited patiently CHILLED
got rid of SHEDDED
"Oh, my!" GOODNESS
pass on, as information RELAY
disease-transmitting fly TSETSE
least wordy PITHIEST
peculator EMBEZZLER
like a political speech PARSABLE
cunning person SLYBOOTS
James Dean's final film GIANT
Calvin's jaded teacher WORMWOOD
marked with little lines SCORED
like a well-groomed slope SKIABLE
dance in Warsaw POLONAISE
loose ties ASCOTS
small streams RILLS
in a comical manner RISIBLY
remote Scottish islands ORKNEYS
risky aerial maneuver NOSEDIVE
English chemist Michael FARADAY
simple lifting devices PULLEYS
dried and salted meat BILTONG
royal retreat in Scotland BALMORAL